Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Review

Last Updated: May, 2024

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Also referred to as the Sedona Hybrid, the Sedona Elite is one of the best soft mattresses in the Brooklyn Bedding product line. Its medium mattress feel strikes a harmonious balance, which makes it a versatile mattress for various sleepers, irrespective of their body weight. Other features that truly set the Sedona Elite apart include the phase change cover, deep contouring and cushioning memory foam layers, and a 14-inch mattress profile, which may benefit sleepers who struggle to get in and out of a low bed.

However, can this Brooklyn Bedding Mattress offer the right amount of support and comfort for you?

In this Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress review, we'll detail the unique design of the Sedona Elite, review its performance, and provide up-to-date information on its pricing to help you make the right purchase decision.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress

What We Like

  • Its soft feel offers pressure relief around the shoulders and hips of side sleepers
  • It boasts low motion transfer, meaning couples are unlikely to feel their partner's movements on their side of the mattress
  • Hybrid design offers strong edge support and excellent pressure relief 

What We Don't Like

  • Lacks enough support for heavyweight sleepers

Overall Thoughts: 

Brooklyn Bedding boasts an extensive line of hybrid beds engineered for a wide range of sleepers based on their body types and sleep positions. The Sedona Elite is among the brand's most popular products, thanks to its balanced medium feel that cushions and contours to the body while offering sturdy overall support. During testing, we found these qualities make the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite particularly well-suited to side sleepers. 

Mattress Design and Performance

There are many other factors you should take into account when looking for a new mattress. For example, how will the mattress handle heat retention? Will it prevent the transfer of body movements and keep you from waking up at night when your partner shifts in bed?

Well, we're here to answer all these questions and many more. 

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress Firmness

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress Firmness

The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite feels like a 5/10 on the firmness scale, meaning it's a medium mattress. The layers of memory foam offer plenty of comfort, while the pocketed coils add necessary support.

When it comes to the mattress feel, the Sedona Elite Mattress boasts a balanced foam feel. The foam layers feel slow-moving, while the coil support system makes the surface feel slightly bouncy and responsive. This allows you to gently sink into your hybrid mattress without feeling like you're stuck in it.

Temperature Regulation

Generally, Brooklyn Bedding mattresses perform exceptionally well when it comes to temperature regulation, and the Sedona Elite Mattress is no exception. Memory foam tends to sleep hot, as it usually retains heat throughout the night. That said, the Sedona Hybrid Mattress features a knit panel cover that boasts advanced cooling yarns, which help maintain a cool sleep surface by transferring excess heat away from the body. Up next is a polyfoam layer engineered to promote maximum airflow than traditional memory foam. This is followed by a gel-infused memory foam layer that further helps transfer heat from the body while cushioning sensitive parts. The high-density layer of Ascension X coils also makes the Sedona Hybrid Mattress more breathable, preventing heat retention.

Motion Isolation

Most of the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses perform exceptionally well when it comes to preventing motion transfer. Its foam layers absorb a great deal of body movements, saving you from unnecessary sleep disruptions when your partner shifts position or wakes up at night. While the springiness offered by the coil support system may lead to some motion transfer, it should be minimal, as the coils are individually wrapped to minimize the spread of motion.

Edge Support

All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses come with reinforced perimeters within the coil system, which help minimize the amount of sinkage that often occurs when one sleeps or sits near the edge of the mattress. That said, each version varies in the level of support it offers, based largely on its design and firmness level. The Sedona Elite, for instance, is among Brooklyn Bedding's plushest models, which means heavyweight sleepers may sink more easily while sleeping or sitting near the edge.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is another strength of Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, owing greatly to their pocketed coil system and foam layers. The foam material at the top surface should allow you to sink in the surface for deep cradling. This helps take some of the painful pressure off vital body parts like your hips and shoulders. Softer mattresses, such as the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite, are usually suited to side sleepers and individuals weighing less than 230 pounds.


A mattress with high responsiveness should have a bouncy and springy feel that makes it easy to switch positions and move around in bed. A low responsive score, on the other hand, means that your bed can make you sink deep into the surface and feel hugged by the layers.

As a medium mattress, the Sedona Elite is slightly softer than a standard medium-firm mattress. Its hybrid design combines the contouring of foam layers with the responsiveness of a pocketed coil system to deliver contouring comfort and zoned support. Side sleepers looking for a supportive and responsive bed that delivers exceptional cooling and pressure relief may find the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress to be a solid choice.

Mattress Safety

The Sedona Elite is designed with safety in mind. For starters, it features CertiPUR-US-certified foam, meaning its inner layers are made without lead, mercury, and other heavy metals. Plus, the foam layers are low in volatile organic compounds, making this mattress a great alternative for sleepers with allergies. However, it's worth noting that you may notice a slight chemical odor when you first unbox your mattress, which is quite common with many bed-in-a-box mattresses.

Performance with Couples

Performance with Couples

When deciding whether a mattress is a great alternative for couples, we take many of the performances mentioned above categories into consideration. We think the Sedona Elite is among the best mattresses for couples, as it boasts sturdy edge support that allows you and your spouse to spread out, it's great at handling motion transfer, and it can regulate the temperature of two individuals at once. This luxury mattress is also responsive enough for sex, which is a plus for active couples.

Sleeping Positions and Body Weight

Remember, different sleep positions and body weights need different levels of support. We tested the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite in all three sleeping positions. Here's how it performed for sleepers of different weight categories.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers also prefer a combination of support and body contouring, but not with the cushioning that side sleepers seek. Back sleeping usually keeps the spine even, so if you're a back sleeper, you simply need a mattress with more firmness and body support, especially around the lumbar region, to prevent you from sinking deep into the mattress layers and misaligning your spine.

Back sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds will probably find the Sedona Elite best suits their needs. It delivers just the perfect amount of cushioning and body support for this sleeping position.

Side Sleepers

Sleeping comfortably and pain-free on your sides comes down to using a mattress with the perfect blend of cushioning and overall body support. A side sleeper's shoulders and hips need to sink into the surface just enough to relieve painful pressure points and align the spine. That's why many side sleepers opt for medium soft to medium mattresses that can combat pressure buildup and offer deep compression support.

Average-weight side sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds will love the ample cushioning offered by the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Hybrid. While many heavyweight side sleepers will also find this luxury mattress pressure-relieving and supportive enough, some might struggle to maintain spinal alignment.

Stomach Sleepers

Since we often carry most of our weight around our torsos, we risk pushing our spines out of alignment when stomach sleeping. This usually happens when one puts more concentrated pressure on the mattress and ends up sinking in further. If you're a stomach sleeper, you may want to opt for a firmer and more supportive bed with enough push-back to help keep your back aligned.

Given the medium feel of the Sedona Elite Hybrid Mattress, it is perhaps an excellent pick for lightweight stomach sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds. It shouldn't feel hard against your body, and it should be supportive enough to prevent you from sinking in too far. However, heavyweight sleepers should opt for a firmer mattress as they're likely to sink in more and strain their lumbar region.

Maximum Body Weight

Like most Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, the Sedona Elite is designed to support up to 950 pounds. This robust weight capacity makes it an ideal pick for a wide range of sleepers, ensuring durability and stability. However, if you want a supportive mattress specially built for plus-size sleepers, you may want to check out Brooklyn Bedding's Titan Plus Mattress.

Which Frame is Best Used with the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Hybrid Mattress?

Since the Sedona Elite is a medium mattress with a thick profile, we recommend using a sturdy bed frame that can hold its structure and weight. Generally, any foundation with slats less than 3 inches apart should work well with the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress. You can also opt for The Frame from Brooklyn Bedding, which boasts a tool-free construction that clicks together in minutes.

Mattress Offers 

If you're looking for luxury comfort with dual-innerspring at a pocket-friendly price, you'll love what the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite has to offer. The mattress is currently on a 25% off Sitewide sale, which allows you to purchase this ultra plush mattress at nearly half its standard price. With only $936.80, you can own the Sedona Hybrid Queen Mattress and enjoy its pressure-relieving, supportive, and cool features.

What's more, Brooklyn Bedding provides a wide variety of sleep bundles that could help complement your mattress purchase. You can find discounted sleep accessories like the Talalay Latex Pillow, Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector, or the Ascension Ultra Adjustable Power Base that may enhance your sleep experience.

Order Policies

Looking to purchase the Sedona Elite Mattress? We'll walk you through Brooklyn Bedding's company policies. It's always wise to go through the FAQs and understand the warranty, sleep trial, and return policies before clicking that “add to cart” button.

Financing Options

Like many online mattress brands, Brooklyn Bedding offers flexible financing options for the Sedona Hybrid through Affirm. You can choose from a 3, 6, or 12 monthly plan with interest rates ranging from 0% to 10-36% APR, depending on your creditworthiness. Another advantage of this financing option is that there are no hidden charges, so you shouldn't worry about having to pay late fees or penalties.

Shipping & Delivery

Free shipping is available via FedEx within the United States. A $250 shipping fee applies to orders to Canada. Shipping is also available to Hawaii and Alaska at a $125 fee per mattress. Mattresses are compressed and rolled in a box for shipping. Once you place an order, the package usually takes about 3 to 4 business days to arrive. The customer is then responsible for the mattress setup.

Night Trials

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite mattresses come with a 120-night trial period that starts the day your mattress is delivered. This window gives shoppers ample time to test their luxurious hybrid mattress and decide whether it's a suitable fit for their weight and preferred sleeping position.


Standard Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, including the Sedona Elite, come with a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. This includes indentations of 1 inch or more, cracking or splitting of the foam, or defects in the foam layer's cell structure. Brooklyn Bedding will then elect whether to either replace your mattress or repair it if they find it has a qualifying defect.


If you're unsatisfied with your mattress, Brooklyn Bedding requires that you use it for at least 30 nights to give your body time to adjust to it. If you still find the mattress to be uncomfortable after this time frame, you can contact Brooklyn Bedding for options. Brooklyn Bedding may offer a mattress topper to help modify the feel and firmness of your mattress or exchange the Sedona Elite for another model. You can also decide to return the mattress for a refund of the purchase price.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Comparisons

Now that you know what the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress is and how it performs, it's wise also to have an idea of how it stacks up to competitor models from other popular mattress brands. Take a look at four of our comparisons below.

Sedona Elite Vs. Signature Hybrid 

Signature Hybrid

Like the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite, the Signature Hybrid comes with pocketed coils and foam layers, offering an ideal combination of comfort and support. However, it boasts a medium-firm feel, which offers a bit more support compared to the Sedona Elite. What's more, it comes in two other firmness levels, making it a great choice for sleepers who'd love to customize.

Another significant difference between these two Brooklyn Bedding mattresses is the cover. Unlike the Signature Hybrid, whose cover is made of TitanFlex Foam, the Sedona Elite features a cooling panel at the top layer. This advanced cooling feature makes the Sedona Elite the best cooling mattress of the two. If you're on a budget, we recommend opting for the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid. Its queen-size mattress currently costs $498.80, while the Sedona Elite of the same mattress size goes for $1,799.30. 

Sedona Elite Vs. PlushBeds Signature Bliss Pillowtop

PlushBeds Signature Bliss Pillowtop

The PlushBeds Signature Bliss Pillowtop is a latex mattress that comes with a pillow top layer to offer excellent pressure relief and temperature regulation. In addition to being hypoallergenic and dust mites resistant, it features GOLS-certified organic latex and GOTS-certified organic cotton, making it a solid choice for eco-conscious shoppers. And unlike the Signature Elite, it comes with multiple firmness levels to suit a wide variety of sleepers. Its 5-zoned, fabric-encased coil system has superior body support and motion suppression than the Signature Hybrid.

Other perks of the PlushBeds Signature Bliss Pillowtop include exceptional pressure relief and a taller profile for individuals who prefer thick mattresses. When it comes to price, the Signature Bliss Pillowtop from PlushBeds is a bit expensive, going for $2,950. However, it's currently on offer, so you have an opportunity to purchase it for about half its standard price. 

Sedona Elite Vs. Molecule Hybrid

Molecule Hybrid

Both the Molecule Hybrid and the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress are hybrid beds that combine foam layers with individually encased coils. They're also available in only one firmness level, with the Molecule Hybrid being a little bit firmer than the Sedona Elite. This makes it an ideal alternative for average-weight sleepers, as it offers exceptional cushioning for the hips and shoulders, minimizing pressure build-up in critical parts.

While both mattresses are great options for couples, we found the Molecule Hybrid to be a better pick of the two, thanks to its adaptive response. When it comes to price, the Molecule Hybrid is a little bit more expensive than the Sedona Elite. It's currently going for $1,899 for the queen-size model. Each purchase also comes with two free pillows, making it worth the investment.

Sedona Elite Vs. Nolah Original Hybrid

Nolah Original Hybrid

Like the Sedona Elite Mattress from Brooklyn Bedding, the Nolah Original has a hybrid construction. It also has a perfect medium feel, offering the best balance between spine-aligning support and cushioning comfort. While both models have unique designs that help regulate temperature and keep sleepers cool during the night, we think strict hot sleepers will really love Nolah's temperature-regulating features. According to the manufacturers, its 100% temperature-neutral AirFoam layer dissipates excess heat 20% faster than traditional memory foam.

This means you can rest assured of sleeping cool all night long, no matter the season. Both models are solid picks for side sleepers. Back sleepers should stick with the Sedona Elite, while combination sleepers could be contented with both. Neither model is the best pick for heavyweight stomach sleepers. The Nolah Original All-foam Hybrid is the most affordable option, coming in at $1,072 for the queen mattress.

Closing Thoughts 

Overall, the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite is a luxurious bed that strikes the perfect balance between pressure relief, comfort, and support. Its medium feel and 14-inch profile make it a viable option for a wide range of sleepers. It boasts a three-layer comfort system, which offers deep body contouring and cushioning that's especially beneficial for strict side sleepers.

Hot sleepers will also find this mattress comfortable, thanks to its numerous cooling features, including the phase change cover, which helps maintain a cool sleep surface. While the Sedona Elite offers limited support to heavyweight stomach and back sleepers, it's a must-have mattress for those who prioritize deep cushioning, motion isolation, body contouring, and a medium feel.

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