Natural Form Mattress Review

Last Updated: May, 2024

Purchasing a new mattress is a vital decision and one that you'll possibly have to live with for years to come. It's also a difficult decision, especially if you're shopping online, and you may really struggle to choose the best brand for your needs. There are hundreds of options to choose from and huge variances in pricing, and if you make the wrong move, you could easily end up spending thousands of dollars on a bed that isn't going to give you the restful sleep you crave.

In this Natural Form Mattress review, we'll take an in-depth look at why Natural Form mattresses are different from the other brands, and why you should consider checking them out.

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Natural Form Mattress - The Company

Natural Form is a well-known mattress company based in Vermont that designs beds suitable for clinical and hospital use. The Natural Form adjustable beds have a unique and reliable self-adjusting air pod system that effectively relieves pressure and pain. By combining their Patented Self Adjusting Technology, commonly known as SAT, with natural, eco-friendly materials, their mattresses have earned numerous accolades, making them the go-to products for most chiropractors all over the USA. Natural form's adjustable beds and sleep systems are available direct-to-consumer via the company's website.

How Do Natural Form Adjustable Beds Work?

Depending on your mattress model, the patented SAT tech in a Natural Form adjustable bed starts with a series of Air Springs or helix-shaped air cylinders positioned deep in your bed. These chambers adjust automatically to deliver more or less support where you need it the most.

They have a valve on the side to help you change the firmness of your mattress to suit your sleeping position. A three-inch foam layer over the cylinders and a wool top cover give you a cool and cozy sleeping surface that stays clean.

Thanks to the SAT technology, Natural Form adjustable beds reduce pressure against your body and conform to your spine for maximum support and comfort. They help treat and provide comfort for most medical conditions, including spinal stenosis, arthritis, back pain, and sleep apnea

Natural Form Mattress Lineup

Refresh Mattress - Best Overall

If you're suffering from chronic back pain and you prefer a slightly thicker bed, you might want to check out the Natural Form Refresh mattress. Featuring more air pods than the Garden mattress, Refresh mattresses deliver even more pressure relief and support, making them a good choice for sleepers who might need extra help managing spine and back issues.

Refresh Mattress

Garden Mattress - Best for Chronic Pain

Unlike most hybrid mattresses, which have coil systems, the Natural Form Garden mattress support layer comprises air chambers. Similar to an air bed, sleeping on a Garden mattress makes you feel as if you're weightless, thus relieving pressure and pain off your main pressure points. It features adjustable firmness controls, which help you choose the best firmness level for your preferred sleeping position. This makes the Natural Form Garden mattress an ideal option for most types of sleepers.

Garden Mattress

Euro Mattress - Best for Heavier Sleepers

What makes up the perfect mattress? For starters, it should be comfortable. Next, it should have cooling features, and finally, it should deliver ample support and pressure relief. The Natural Form Euro mattress boasts all these features and much more to help you sleep better and get the comfort you need. Specially designed for all sleeper types, Euro mattresses are the thickest of all Natural Form mattresses. Overall, this mattress is a solid choice for heavier sleepers who sleep hot.

Euro Mattress

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Natural Form Refresh Mattress Review Breakdown

Now let's take a close look at the Natural Form Refresh mattress. Have you been experiencing sleepless nights, and you're dying to have an ache-free sleep and a pain-free morning? The Natural Form Refresh mattress might be all you need. This bed features 11" of patented, unique, and luxurious layers that work together to enable you to customize your mattress' firmness for optimum comfort and pressure relief.


100% Merino Wool Mattress Cover

100% Merino Wool Mattress Cover

The most outstanding and unique layer in the Refresh mattress is its top cover. Made of 100% Australian Merino wool, it's not only washable, but thick, soft, and all-natural. The cover's natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties give your mattress an effective temperature regulating surface.

On hot nights, your bed will wick away excess body heat and moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable, while you can expect it to provide the necessary warmth during cold nights. Because the cover is removable, you can order a new one anytime you feel like your old cover isn't giving you the comfort you need.

3" CERTIPUR-US, High-Resilience Foam Layer

Following the wool cover is 3 inches of a highly supportive and resilient foam layer. It does an excellent job of keeping your neck, shoulder, hip, and spine aligned, giving you a comfortable and healthy night's sleep. So, even if you're suffering from arthritis or back pain, you'll be able to change positions and move freely around the bed.

It's more responsive than memory foam, meaning you won't feel like your mattress is swallowing you up. This foam layer also conforms to your body shape, ensuring you have a supportive layer to sleep on.

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3" CERTIPUR-US, High-Resilience Foam Layer

3" of Transition Foam

Right underneath the comfort layer comes a 3" layer of transition foam. It's perfectly designed to create a less noticeable transition between the soft comfort layers and the firm support layers. Besides providing resistance against the body, this dynamic support layer relieves pressure on your high-pressure points. This gives you a pain-free night irrespective of your sleeping position.

Patented Pressure-Relief System

The Natural Form mattress features an imposing pressure-relief system. For instance, you can easily adjust the firmness of your side of the bed from a simple mechanical turn of a knob.

Several dozens of adjustable helix air pods loosen or harden to deliver a firmness level that will place less pressure on your pressure points and relieve any mounting stress on them. This feature makes the Natural Form Refresh mattress suitable for couples with different sleeping positions and firmness preferences. And thanks to its hybrid blend foam layer, you can sleep soundly even if your partner frequently tosses and turns in bed.

How Firm is the Natural Form Refresh Mattress?

Unlike other hybrid mattresses on the market, the firmness level of Natural Form Refresh mattresses is fully customizable. They have dual-sided dials, which are easily accessible and require no tools to operate. To change the firmness level of your bed, all you need to do is turn the outer dial to the right for a firmer mattress and further out left for a softer sleeping surface.

It's always wise to start on the Optimum position setting and sleep on your bed for a few nights before making any changes. Generally, Optimum firmness puts your mattress on a scale of 6 out of 10, which conforms to the body shape and weight of most sleepers.

After a few days and nights of sleeping on your new mattress and getting used to its unique features, such as the helix air pods and the top wool cover, start adjusting the air pods to your desired firmness. By turning the knob, you'll instantly feel your mattress firming up or down, depending on the direction you take.

If you prefer the contouring and softness of a memory foam mattress, you can turn the knob further down towards the soft end. The softest setting puts your bed on a firmness scale of 4 out of 10, giving good body contouring and support to the high-pressure points on your hip and shoulder region.

On the other hand, if you're a heavy sleeper or you simply prefer a firmer mattress, dial up the knob and firm up your bed for the best pressure-relieving and body contouring performance. You'll find your mattress as firm as 8 out of 10 on its firmest setting. This setting makes your bed sturdy and supportive enough to reduce sinkage and help you sleep comfortably, irrespective of your preferred sleeping position.

Natural Form is running a flash sale on their mattresses, active May 23, 2024!

Mattress Prices and Sizing

Generally, the price of your Natural Form Refresh mattress depends on the size you need. Natural Form presents up to 10 sizes for its luxurious Refresh mattress to ensure every sleeper has a restful and pain-free night. These include the Split California King, the Split King, and even the Twin XL and Twin sizes.

Expect to pay about $1,649 for the Twin size bed and up to $3,595 for the Cal King. Although these prices are higher than most luxurious mattresses, you can make significant savings if you catch a temporary sale or promotion. For instance, the Queen Natural Form mattress is priced at $3,095 and is currently discounted to $2,595.

You'll also have to pay a standard fee of $249 for shipping. White-glove delivery, which includes in-home installation and set-up, costs $499. With Natural Form, you get two methods of interest-free financing - a conventional loan, which comes with a term ranging from 6-48 months through Affirm, or you can decide to split the payments for 2-12 months through Splitit.

Mattress Performance

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is generally a bed's ability to restrict movement from occurring on one side of the mattress and transferring to the other side. This is often important if you share your bed with your partner and they frequently toss and turn during the night.

Because each side of the Natural Form mattress comes with its own set of air pods and chambers, the motion transfer on the sleeping surface is nearly non-existence. You can rest assured of sleeping all night peacefully without being bothered by the movements of your partner.

Pressure Relief

When purchasing a new mattress, it's always vital to consider pressure relief, as this is what will help your spine achieve the most comfortable alignment. Plus, it will redistribute your body weight, thus helping your mattress to relieve pains and aches that occur due to wider parts of your body applying intensive force to the bed.

A mattress that cradles your body without letting you sink in too deeply strikes a good balance of pressure relief and support for most sleepers. The Natural Form Refresh mattress offers excellent pressure relief due to the top-notch contouring capabilities of its patented pressure-relief system. Plus, the comfort layers mold to your unique shape in a very supportive manner, thus relieving pressure while enhancing good posture.

Temperature Control

If you're a naturally hot sleeper, temperature control is a crucial aspect to consider before settling for a specific mattress. This refers to how well your bed dissipates body heat and promotes airflow to keep the sleeping surface cooler.

The Natural Form Refresh mattress features a thick 100% Australian Merino wool cover which is ideally temperature regulating. There's also maximum airflow through the air chambers to keep you cool during hot nights. Further, wool, a naturally active fiber, automatically reacts to changes in your temperature, helping you sleep comfortably, regardless of the weather condition.

Edge Support

This is the amount of resistance your bed offers around its perimeters. Sturdy mattress sides limit sagging while preventing the feeling that you may roll off due to excess compression. This is crucial to people who like sleeping or sitting on the edge of the mattress, those who sleep with their partners, and heavier sleepers.

The Natural Form Refresh mattress has excellent edge support due to its thicker comfort layers. The dedicated edge reinforcements prevent your bed from readily compressing under your weight. This makes it best suited for sleepers who plan to utilize the perimeter of their beds extensively.

Ease of Movement

Ease of movement simply refers to how easily you can readjust and reposition yourself on your mattress. The Natural Form mattress hugs your body without excessive sinkage, giving you more freedom to shift and change positions in bed with minimal effort.


Off-gassing is the release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) when you unbox a new mattress. This often occurs in mattresses with synthetic foam when they're transported compressed. Although this can be unpleasant, it's rarely harmful. Fortunately, the Natural Form Refresh mattress doesn't release an irritating odor when you unpack it.


For couples, comfort during sex is a crucial consideration when purchasing a new bed. Generally, the edge of support, ease of movement, and pressure relief can all influence how your bed performs for sex. The Natural Form Refresh mattress rates slightly average for sex. Although the close-conforming comfort layers add traction, they may also restrict movement. Plus, the edges are sturdy enough to support your weight and that of your partner, but the bed generally lacks the bounce most couples often enjoy.

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Sleep Style and Body Weight

Thanks to the unique adjustable firmness feature and the dual-sided firmness controls, the Natural Form Refresh mattress is a solid choice for all sleeping types. Although side sleeping is the most popular sleep position, finding the perfect support and contouring can be challenging. Without a bed that's best suited to your comfort needs, you can easily end up with neck, shoulder, back, or hip pain.

If you're a side sleeper, the Natural Form Refresh mattress has patented air pods that can cradle your body to relieve pressure while giving your spine much-needed support. You also have the chance to change the firmness level from a softer to an Optimum setting. If you weigh between 130 pounds and 230 pounds, this Natural Form mattress should be an excellent choice. The comfort layer, along with the patented pressure-relief system, prevents your body from sinking in too deeply.

Stomach sleepers will really enjoy the sturdy support that comes with the foam and the firmer setting. Back sleepers, on the other hand, will truly enjoy the Optimum setting while still benefiting from the 3" of spine-aligning and high-resilience foam

Natural Form is running a flash sale on their mattresses, active May 23, 2024!

Firmness Controls

How to Take Care of Your Natural Form Mattress

One factor that places the Natural Form mattress ahead of its competitors is its removable and washable top cover. Since the cover is made of 100% Merino wool, you can unzip it, throw it into the machine, and wash it with a non-enzyme detergent like Woolite.
You can then put it in the dryer to dry on its own or hang it to dry. A mattress protector can help you protect your investment and extend its useful lifespan.

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Natural Form Refresh mattress is available for purchase via the Natural Form website.

Free Sleep Trial

Natural Form offers a generous sleep trial of 100 nights to allow you to test your new mattress and decide whether it's the right fit for you.


Shipping is free within the contiguous U.S., and Natural Form offers White Glove delivery. Natural Form also offers worldwide shipping. However, if you want to ship outside the U.S, you may have to call the company to discuss pricing and shipping options. If you sleep on the mattress and feel like it's not giving you the comfort and support you need, you can always return it for a 100% refund.


The Natural Form Refresh mattress comes with a 10-year Full Replacement warranty covering problems caused by defective materials and workmanship.

Final Thoughts

Generally, Natural Form adjustable mattresses are a worthwhile investment for sleepers who want to improve their sleep experience or suffer from conditions that cause pain and discomfort while sleeping. The company's patented dual-sided firmness dials will enable you to customize the firmness of your side of the bed, giving you a comfortable and pain-free night.

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  1. We purchased a natural form queen size in Oct 2017. It has been great until about a week ago. My husband’s side has slowly started sinking! It’s like he’s sleeping in a hole. We have his setting on firm. My side is fine.
    What can we do to correct this? Or has something gone wrong with the air pods?
    Debra Wilke

    1. Call the company. They are great! They will ask you to take pictures! They are a great group to work with. My bed is 15 years old and I still love it.

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