How To Restore Memory Foam

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When your memory foam mattress begins to sag it can be an uncomfortable experience. The good news is you are not alone. There are others dealing with a sagging mattress as well. The key is to figure out how to restore your memory foam so you don't end up purchasing a new mattress.

This article will advise you on how to fix a sagging memory foam mattress using several different methods so you can regain the comfort of your memory foam bed. The first thing you'll need to know is what causes foam mattresses to sag.

Reasons Foam Mattresses Begin To Sag

Here are a few things that could be causing your memory foam to feel uncomfortable:

  • Using it too often
  • Mattress is placed on an un-level surface
  • Interior foam has disintegrated due to age
  • Too much moisture
  • Poor foam mattress care

Keep Your Memory Foam From Sagging In The Beginning

Proper memory foam care starts as soon as you purchase your new mattress. Purchase a waterproof memory foam cover and try to avoid getting the foam mattress wet. Regularly flip the mattress so it doesn't get any direct sunlight and avoid frequently washing the memory foam.

Fix A Sagging Memory Foam Mattress

Here are some of the things that can be used to fix your memory foam mattress:

  • A stiff pillow
  • Layer of plywood
  • Mattress topper or mattress pad
  • Mattress helper

Here is the step by step guide to restore a memory foam mattress:

  1. Place the mattress on the floor
  2. Place a pillow under the sagging part of the foam
  3. Install a mattress topper or mattress pad
  4. Add a layer of cardboard or wood underneath
  5. Try a mattress helper

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1. Place The Sagging Mattress On The Floor:

Just lay the memory foam mattress down. It should instantly feel like a new mattress.

2. Place A Pillow Under The Sagging Part Of The Foam Mattress:

For a memory foam mattress that has a dip in the center you can use soft pillows filled with fiber. These small pillows are a great option because you can place them directly in your trouble areas. The pillows under the saggy spots will give you an easier sleep on the even surface.

3. Install A Mattress Topper Or Mattress Pad:

A mattress topper or mattress pad can make a big difference in the comfort of your memory foam. There are many types of mattress pads and mattress toppers to choose from, just pick the one you like. 

There are memory foam mattress toppers, down filled, and fiber filled. If your sagging mattress seems hopeless, there is still a chance to make it more comfortable. In order to fix a sagging memory foam situation you need to get a thick mattress topper. 

The thickness of the mattress topper will allow it to cover the sagging mattress surface and provide your body with the feel of a whole new mattress. A key thing to keep in mind is the purchase of your mattress pad or mattress topper needs to be refundable just in case it's not a good fit.  

They can be expensive, but they're worth the investment. If you're on a budget, try the 2 inch on your sagging mattress. It should work well as long as your memory foam isn't too worn. Be sure to pay attention to your memory foam size when you get ready to fix your sagging mattress.

There should be an option for each memory foam size. If these sizes do not work for your sagging mattress, you might need to go ahead and get a new mattress.

4. Layer Of Plywood Or Cardboard:

A layer of wood under your memory foam should bring back the comfort as long as the wood is decent. Make sure the foundation of your memory foam doesn't flex, otherwise you will continue to have a sagging mattress. If you place the sagging mattress on the floor and it doesn't feel like a new mattress, then you might be in the market for a new mattress.

5. Try A Mattress Helper:

Mattress helpers are costly, but they work well to restore a sagging mattress. Insert the helper directly under the memory foam where the sag is the worst. Your options for purchasing a good helper for your memory foam are slim so it's probably best to purchase the self titled mattress helper brand.


Based on your experience with your memory foam you probably have a good idea which of these methods would work for you. You are also the best judge of whether you need to purchase a new mattress. The methods above are intended to save your memory foam while also saving you a few dollars. Hopefully these methods are able to restore your memory foam and prevent you from buying a new mattress for a while.

7 thoughts on “Quick Tips To Restore Memory Foam”

  1. I appreciate you talking about how a memory foam mattress can start to sag, so now I know how to fix it. My partner and I can’t sleep that well on our coil mattress so we need to change it. We think that getting memory foam will be great for our backs.

    1. Hey Nancy, It’s most likely that there isn’t a hump in the middle, but rather, two low points on either side from where you sleep. If you’re able to flip the bed, that’s the best way to give it a little more life. Unfortunately, sinking is a common problem with all-foam beds. They compress over time and there’s not much you can do if it gets to that point. If you’re not able to flip it, I’d suggest investing in a new mattress topper (at least 2 inches), or getting a new mattress. A hybrid won’t sink like an all-foam bed will. You can check out the Idle Hybrid, it’s what I’m sleeping on currently and it’s great so far!

    1. yes they do and extemely fast within days you find a mountain in the middle of the bed that literllly you cant conquer i can feel it pushing me against it you can only l lay on your side faceing out. ive tried sleeping in the middle but with that hump there you have to sleep diagonally so you dont fell the mountain next to you you can actaully feel that hump mountain and try getting to the middle of the bed literally you have to do the long jump to get close to the middle avoiding that mountain otherwise off you again it pushes you off the foam is so dense trying to move across the bed without the long jump leaves you in a pool of sweat attempting to jump to the middle you cant move across again that mountain is pushing against you it literally repeles you and fights you the edges have no support so now you have the middle hump and the edge sloping down omg complete nightmare. i tested the bed by putting something on the side about a foot away with half an hour whatever i put that far away is right next to me eveything gets pushed to the left and off the bed i have woken up on the floor stuck between my bed and nightstand fighing not to be thrown to the floor which is hard with hardwood floors complete and utter night mare

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