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Last Updated: June, 2024

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If you're searching for a mattress that can support heavy sleepers without sacrificing comfort and durability, you may want to check out the Titan Plus by Brooklyn Bedding. Previously going by the name Titan Firm Hybrid, this mattress combines a durable coil system, foam layers, and a cool-to-the-touch surface to give heavyweight sleepers a supportive, cooling night's rest. 

I tested the Titan Plus mattress using our 2 stage review process to determine whether it measures up as one of the most supportive mattresses for plus-size sleepers. Here's a full review of our experience. 

What We Like

  • Firm feel is ideal for individuals who prefer firm or extra-firm mattresses
  • Hybrid design promotes maximum airflow, which is great for hot sleepers
  • Extra supportive coils offer sturdy edge and lumbar support

What We Don't Like

  • Sleepers who prefer a conforming sleep surface may find the Titan's firmness level to be excessive

Overall Thoughts: 

Designed with substantial support for plus-size sleepers, the Titan Plus Hybrid Mattress pairs two quality foam layers with heavy-duty, premium coils to deliver extra lift and durability. What's more, its adaptive foam layers contour evenly to minimize pain and pressure around the lower back, hips, and shoulders.

An Overview of the Titan Plus Mattress

The Titan Plus from Brooklyn Bedding strikes a perfect balance between overall stability and surface-level contouring. We were pleasantly surprised by how its foam layers cushioned our bodies, evenly distributed our weight, and minimized pressure along the spine while preventing us from sinking deep into the surface. And to make it even better, it's priced lower than most mattresses for heavyweight sleepers, making it an ideal pick for budget shoppers. Eco-conscious sleepers will also be glad to know that the Titan Mattress uses CertiPUR-US certified foams, which means they're more eco-friendly compared to conventional models and are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds). 

So, could this be the firm and supportive mattress you've been looking for? Below, we'll break down the Titan Plus Mattress even further to help you understand how its different materials affect its feel and overall performance. 

Material, Design, and Construction of the Titan Plus Mattress

Now that you have an idea of what the Titan Plus Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is, let's review its construction layer by layer and see how its materials influence how it performs. 

Mattress Cover

BedJet Cloud Sheet

The soft, durable, and fairly breathable cover of the Titan Mattress is quilted with gel memory foam that's not only resistant to body impressions but also helps keep the surface cool at night. For an extra fee, you can choose to add an upgraded cooling panel that's made with Phase Change Material (PCM) fabric. This optional cooling cover draws excess heat away from the body, which helps keep a neutral temperature during warm nights.

Comfort Layers

Underneath the cover lies 2 inches of firm polyfoam. Designed and patented by Brooklyn Bedding, this TitanFlex Foam layer offers good durability and a responsive sleep surface that achieves excellent pressure relief.

Support Layer

The support layer of this firm bed I sees made of up to 900 pocketed coils to offer contouring comfort, long-lasting support, and durability. This 8-inch TitanCore is also good at distributing body weight evenly on the surface and reducing motion transfer. It sits on a.25-inch Flex base layer that reinforces the coil system while adding longevity to the mattress.

Mattress Firmness and Feel

Note that mattress firmness and feel are vital factors to consider when shopping for a new mattress, as they can help you know whether a mattress suits your sleeping position and other preferences. In our experience, the Titan Plus Mattress feels like an 8-9/10. The industry standard for average mattress firmness is 6.5/10, so this suggests the Titan Plus is slightly firmer than average.

While the top layers of foam are quite soft, the mattress got firmer when I pushed in hard. That said, heavyweight sleepers who weigh between 300 and 600 pounds could find that the surface feels a bit softer. If you fall into this category, you will likely press into the surface and feel more pressure relief.

Speaking of mattress feel, the Titan Plus has a balanced hybrid feel. Its topmost layers are responsive and bouncy, making it easy to move around and switch sleep positions on the Titan Plus. At the same time, its coil support system ensures that sleepers don't sink into the mattress and feel stuck. If you love that quicksand feeling of all-foam mattresses, this might not be the bed for you.

Mattress Prices and Sizing

Generally, hybrid mattresses are more expensive than all-foam and innerspring beds due to their combination of supportive coil systems and the conforming comfort of foam layers. Compared to other hybrid mattresses, the Titan Plus by Brooklyn Bedding is affordably priced for a high-quality mattress. Plus, frequent discounts and mattress sales can lower the prices even further. The Titan Plus is available in all six standard sizes, including the split king model.

For the most up-to-date mattress sizing and pricing information for the Titan Plus Hybrid Mattress, check out our summary chart below. Note that these prices reflect the base model without the cooling cover.





38" x 75"


Twin XL

38" x 80"



53" x 75"



60" X 80"



60" x 80"


California King

72" X 80"


Split California King

36" x 82"(2 pcs.)


Mattress Performance

We ran several tests during our 2-stage review process to find out just how well the Titan Plus performs. Read on to learn about its temperature regulation, motion isolation, pressure relief, and much more.

Temperature Regulation

We found the Titan Plus to have excellent cooling features that help sleepers maintain comfortable sleep temperatures, even during hot nights. It includes gel-infused foam that draws excess heat from the body, giving you a cool and refreshing sleep. A pocketed coil support system and the hybrid design increase airflow throughout the mattress, helping the surface stay cool. What's more, you have the option of upgrading your cooling comfort even further with the GlacioTex Cooling Cover for all-night cooling.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation typically refers to your bed's ability to keep you from disturbing your partner when moving in bed. Overall, we thought the Titan Plus isolates motion pretty well. With gel memory foam and 2 inches of firm polyfoam, the Titan Plus does an excellent task of absorbing vibration. While some hybrid beds transfer motion due to their coil support system, the Titan Plus Mattress' pocketed coils can be compressed individually without interfering with the surrounding coils. This helps dampen the vibrations coming from the bouncy coil system. However, if you awaken easily, you may find Titan mattresses slightly too springy to minimize motion transfer as completely as you'd like.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is a crucial feature, especially for individuals with discomfort around their hips, shoulders, necks, and backs. It occurs when the mattress layers adjust to the unique shape of the body and redistributes the force of the weight evenly to prevent pressure buildup around these body parts.

In our tests, the Titan Hybrid Mattress offered moderate pressure relief, especially for heavyweight sleepers like me. Its comfort system features 2 inches of TitanFlex Foam, which offers a responsive sleep surface to help relieve painful pressure points. However, my partner, who is a light sleeper, found the mattress felt slightly firmer than she'd expected. Aside from being a firm mattress, the Titan Plus features a relatively thin comfort layer, meaning its conforming is minimal. So, you shouldn't expect Titan mattresses to hug your body like all-foam mattresses.

Edge Support

Most hybrid mattresses offer sturdy edge support, and the Titan Plus is no exception. A bed with excellent edge support should be stable around its perimeter. If you often roll towards the edge of your bed, stable edge support can be really vital.

Overall, the Titan Plus Mattress offers excellent edge support thanks to its thick coil system and firm foam layers. I felt like I could comfortably sleep close to the edge of the bed without rolling off. As a heavyweight sleeper, I was really glad that my partner and I could use the entire mattress and stretch out.

Ease of Movement

The Titan Plus Mattress’ 2-inch TitanFlex Foam layer limits body sinkage while quickly responding to the rapid changes in pressure to keep you from feeling stuck in the mattress. An 8-inch pocketed coil system adds to this effect thanks to its support and bounce.


The Titan Plus is a durable mattress with strong pocketed coils and high-density foam layers, so it shouldn't form permanent indentations or break down easily. Expect it to last at least 10 years.

Mattress Safety

Generally, mattress safety is crucial, as some mattresses feature harmful chemicals that can affect your overall health and the environment. Some of these toxic chemicals are VOCs, usually emitted from synthetic foam layers. Exposure to these compounds can be dangerous to your health, as it can lead to headaches, dizziness, and even allergic reactions.

Fortunately, this firm mattress features CertiPUR-US certified foams, which means it has undergone rigorous testing and meets certain safety and environmental standards. So, there shouldn't be much off-gassing from this bed when you unbox it. However, if you find this smell unpleasant, we recommend airing out your firm mattress in a well-ventilated room for about 24 hours before use


When active couples seek out the best mattress for sex, they're often concerned about whether it will be bouncy and responsive enough to facilitate ease of movement. The Titan Plus has a better-than-average rating for sex, making it a decent choice.

The pocketed coils in the support system add some bounce to the top surface, making it easy to switch positions during those intimate moments. Plus, these heavy-duty coils promote maximum airflow to dissipate excess heat, keeping the mattress cool and sweat-free. And with the stable edge support, you and your spouse can comfortably use the entire bed.

Sleeping Positions and Body Weight

Different sleepers need different levels of body support from their mattresses, depending on their weight and sleeping position. Here's how it's like to sleep on the Titan Plus Mattress.

Back Sleepers

Most back sleepers sleep comfortably on a moderately firm mattress that can keep their spine aligned. These sleepers need adequate lower back support, meaning a mattress that's just soft enough at the top surface to conform to this section of the body is often ideal. We found that the Titan Plus’ foam layers gently cradled the spine of back sleepers, while its responsive TitanFlex Foam layer and coil support system limited sagging.

When I slept on my back, I felt very comfortable and supported. The supportive coil layer kept my body in a neutral alignment while the comfort system added a touch of pressure point relief.

While many back sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds will be okay with the Titan Plus, some may not experience a good blend of contouring and support. Titan Plus’ feel might be too firm to conform to the shape of their spine.

Side Sleepers

Because their shoulders and hips put more pressure on the surface, side sleepers prefer a softer mattress with notable body contouring that enables their curves to sink into the mattress without sagging. Overall, the firm feel of the Titan Plus might not be ideal for most side sleepers due to limited cradling.

Based on our tests, side sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds may find that this mattress lacks enough give to relieve painful pressure points and promote proper spinal alignment. On the other hand, side sleepers who are over 230 pounds might feel comfortable and supported on this mattress as their shoulders and hips should sink slightly into the foam layers without sagging.

Stomach Sleepers

Most stomach sleepers usually experience a sore back or neck when sleeping on a surface with inadequate support. To avoid straining your back or neck, it's crucial to use a mattress that's firm enough to support your midsection while still providing enough cushioning for comfort.

If you're looking for the best mattress for stomach sleepers, the Titan Plus fits the bill. Its sturdy construction offers strong support to keep your back from sinking deep into the mattress, while the foam layers offer subtle cushioning. When stomach sleeping, the Titan Plus supported my hips and kept my midsection from sinking out of alignment. Plus, I felt no back pain when I slept in this position. However, lightweight stomach sleepers might find that the Titan Plus by Brooklyn Bedding feels a bit too firm for comfort.

Keep in mind that all mattresses have weight limits. So, you also want to ensure that your mattress can support your weight and that of your partner if you often share your bed with your spouse. According to the manufacturers, the Titan Plus can hold up to 1,000 pounds, making it ideal for plus-size individuals.

Trial, Warranty, and Delivery

If you decide to buy the Titan Plus, here are some of the key company policies you should expect from Brooklyn Bedding.


The Titan Plus is available online through the company's website. Brooklyn Bedding also has brick-and-mortar locations across the United States where you can physically shop for your mattress and even test it out before purchasing it.


Brooklyn Bedding offers free shipping on domestic orders within the contiguous United States. Customers in Alaska or Hawaii can coordinate delivery through the company at an extra fee of $125. Shipping is also available to Canada at a $250 fee per mattress.

Mattresses ship via FedEx or UPS. All Titan Plus mattresses arrive compressed in plastic and sealed in a box. Most products ship within 1 to 3 business days of purchase and arrive after 3 to 5 business days.

Once the mattress arrives, you'll need to move it into your room with the help of a partner. You should remove it from the box and the plastic, unroll it, and give it time to decompress.

Additional Services

Brooklyn Bedding doesn't currently offer old mattress removal or White Glove delivery.

Sleep Trial Period

Brooklyn Bedding offers a 120-night trial period on the Titan Plus Mattress and requires shoppers to try out the bed for at least 30 nights before they can initiate a return. After this break-in period, you can contact customer support about potential solutions. If the mattress is too firm or too soft for your body weight, Brooklyn Bedding will offer a free mattress topper to help adjust its feel. If it still isn't right for your needs, you can exchange it or return it for a full refund. There are no restocking or returning fees.


Brooklyn Bedding provides a 10-year limited warranty for the Titan Plus Mattress. This warranty starts from the date of purchase and is non-transferable. If a manufacturing defect impacts the quality of your mattress during this period, Brooklyn Bedding will review your claims to determine whether your mattress is eligible for replacement or repair. Covered factory defects include cracking, premature sagging, and impressions deeper than 1 inch. While there are no warranty claim charges, shoppers may be responsible for shipping fees.

How Does the Titan Plus Compare to Other Sturdy Mattresses?

When shopping for a new mattress, it's always wise to learn about several options and see how your preferred mattress compares to the competition. We took a look at the Big Fig Mattress, which is also created for plus-size individuals.

Here's how the Titan Plus holds up against its competition.

Titan Plus vs Big Fig

Starting with price, the Titan Plus Mattress is a more affordable option, coming in at $1,249 for the queen-size mattress. You'll have to part with about $2,000 to get a Big Fig Mattress of the same size. Both models feature coil support systems and foam layers, which help keep sleepers from overheating at night. However, the Big Fig mattress has more layers with cooling features, making it an ideal pick for hot sleepers. We also noticed the Big Fig Mattress does an excellent task of preventing motion transfer, making it a great choice for couples.

Titan Plus vs Titan Plus Luxe Mattress

Like the Titan Plus Mattress, this Luxe version is specially designed with heavy sleepers in mind. However, it has a more luxurious feel and is softer than the original model to offer more body contouring and plenty of lumbar support. And unlike the standard model, the Titan Plus Luxe boasts an Energex foam layer, which helps ease the body between the support layers and the comfort layer above.

Coming in at $1,599 for the queen-size model, the Titan Plus Luxe is the most expensive mattress of the two. In spite of their countless similarities, these mattresses differ in terms of firmness. We gave the Titan Plus an 8-9/10 on the firmness scale, which is much firmer than average. In contrast, the Luxe model is much softer at around 6/10, making it an ideal pick for light sleepers and average-weight back and stomach sleepers. It also features excellent motion isolation, meaning you won't be disturbed by the tossing and turning of your partner in bed.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the Titan Plus is a strong and durable bed that combines low-gauge pocketed coils with foam layers for a contouring yet resilient mattress feel. Its reinforced perimeter offers excellent edge support, and its breathable design encourages airflow to minimize heat buildup during sleep. We recommend it to anyone looking for a quality hybrid bed with more body cushioning and pressure relief that can handle heavier weight while keeping the surface cool.

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