Lull Mattress Complaints

Last Updated: April, 2023

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Lull is among the major reputable companies in the sleep industry known for manufacturing popular bed-in-a-box mattresses such as the Original Lull Mattress. Like many popular mattress companies, regardless of its reputation, the Lull Company isn't exempted from negative reviews and customer complaints.

In this mattress review, we will look at some of the most common customer complaints against the Lull Mattress. They include poor Customer Service, cause of back pains, and others. We'll take a close look at each complaint, explore possible causes of the issue, and then provide solutions alongside appropriate alternatives based on our 2-stage review process. So, let's jump right into it. 

Lull Mattress Is Too Firm and Uncomfortable

Some customers complained that the Lull Mattress they bought had a hard sleeping surface that was too uncomfortable. One major cause of this problem is personal preference. For instance, stomach sleepers weighing 130 - 180 pounds will sleep just fine on the Lull Mattress surface, unlike heavyweight individuals.

Also, another possible cause of this may be not leaving enough time for the Lull Mattress to adjust to the body. Most Lull Mattresses come with a night sleep trial to enable you to test it before purchasing it. Ideally, you should sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days since this is the least time it takes for your body to adjust to a new mattress.

Lull Mattress is running a sale on their mattresses, active today July 14, 2024!

A perfect Lull Mattress alternative would be the Amerisleep AS2 Mattress.

Amerisleep AS2 Mattress 

Amerisleep AS2 Mattress

Amerisleep is running a sale on their mattresses, active today July 14, 2024!

The Amerisleep AS2 is a great mattress with prices ranging from $1,050 for the twin-size model and $1,900 for the split king size. Unlike the Lull Mattress, Amerisleep is made in such a way that it'll grant you all the benefits a high-quality foam mattress can give without retaining body heat. 

So if the sleep surface of your current Lull Mattress is too firm, then soft all-foam mattresses like this AS2 model will ensure you get more pressure relief wherever you need it—courtesy of its 2-inch open cell Bio-Pur foam layer. What's more, its 3-inch polyfoam transition layer helps keep your body weight evenly distributed while preventing motion transfer between you and your partner. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, Amerisleep AS2 bears an incredible edge support system, thanks to its 7-inch Bio Core. This makes it easy to share the mattress with a co-sleeper, as you can sleep near the mattress edge comfortably.

Amerisleep allows you to try this mattress for 100 nights to decide if it fits your comfort preferences. It also comes with a 20-year limited warranty, which helps boost its lifespan. Shipping is free for this amazing mattress for customers within the contiguous U.S. 

Lux Mattress Has a Defective Bed frame

A customer complained that he bought the Lull Mattress and a compatible bed frame from the same company. However, the bed frame broke almost immediately after he started using it. The company replaced it with another since it was covered under the warranty. The replacement also broke almost immediately after assembly as a result of sitting near the mattress edge. 

The problem could have been the wrong assembly of the bed frame. And like many bed-in-a-box models, you can't pair up Lull Mattresses with a box spring. It's imperative that you check the type of bedframe you're using alongside your Lull Mattress. Also, follow the assembly procedure as described by the manufacturer. If any of these solutions don't work, it could be that the foundation is made of low-quality materials.

A suitable bed frame alternative worth going after is the GhostBed Comfort Bundle. 

GhostBed - The Comfort Bundle

GhostBed - The Comfort Bundle

GhostBed is running a sale on their mattresses, active today July 14, 2024!

Comfort Bundle from GhostBed ranks high in our list of alternatives, given that it's from a reputable company popular for making high-quality mattresses and other sleep products. For just $2,060, you can bet that this comfort Bundle will give you a good night's sleep regardless of your preferred sleeping position. 

To make your investment worthwhile, GhostBed Comfort Bundle comes with 2 free memory foam pillows. Note that these are gel-infused memory foam Ghostpillows designed to provide your neck and head region optimal support. They're also aerated to ensure your body temperature is at the right level for optimal sleep comfort. In addition to the memory foam pillows, the GhostBed Bundle includes a sturdy and stylish bed frame that is super easy to assemble. And with its versatile design, you can rest assured it will excellently complement your bedroom decor.

The GhostBed Comfort Bundle also comes with a set of luxury sheets made of premium Supima Cotton and Tencel. The silky smooth feel of these sheets will ensure you sleep soundly - shielding you from night sweats while keeping you cool the entire night.

Like most mattresses, the GhostBed Comfort Bundle comes with a warranty. Though the company offers a lifetime warranty, it's eligible for the frame only. If you aren't sure whether or not the Comfort Bundle is an ideal pick for your comfort needs, it comes with a 101-night sleep trial. Shipping is also free but to residents within the Contiguous US. If you're a resident in one of these states, expect your Comfort Bundle in 3 to 5 business days from the time you make your order.

Poor Customer Services

Though Lull Sleep has established a rock-solid reputation in the mattress industry, customers still complain about their service delivery. For instance, a customer complained that they tried calling them during their operation hours but was informed they were still asleep. The phone call was to cancel an order due to poor customer service. 

Among Lull Mattress complaints, delayed responses to phone calls and unanswered emails are probably the most common. This is a problem that also stretches to other mattress brands. It could be the difference in regional timelines. Check the regional timeline of the Lull Company and ensure you're making your phone calls during the recommended period. If there's an issue you'd like addressed regarding the purchase of a Lull Mattress online, you can try to reach them out through other platforms and social media handles. 

Among the few companies with impeccable service delivery is Zoma Sleep, and it can be an incredible alternative to Lull customer delivery services.

Zoma Hybrid

Zoma Hybrid

Zoma Hybrid is running a sale on their mattresses, active today July 14, 2024!

Instead of purchasing the Original Lull Mattress with prior knowledge of poor customer service, purchasing the Zoma Hybrid mattress will give you peace of mind, knowing they'll always be there when you need them the most. In fact, adding this Zoma Hybrid Mattress to your sleeping arsenal will do incredible wonders for your overall sleep experience. You won't have any trouble with it, and if any issue arises, their support staff will be sure to attend to your inquiries accordingly.

One of the most amazing things about this hybrid mattress is its affordability. With prices that go as low as $599 for the twin-size model, you can bet that you'll be getting quality for your investment. The mattress size spans from Twin to California King size, ensuring you'll get the ideal model size fitting your needs. 

Unlike other mattresses with similar designs, the Zoma Hybrid possesses unique features that assure unparalleled comfort and support. This mattress's comfort layer features proprietary Triangulex gel memory foam to boost cooling. More importantly, it is zoned in the middle to make the center a bit firmer than the head and foot regions. This helps make the surface more pressure-relieving for side sleepers and supportive for back and stomach sleepers.  To make this comfortable mattress even cozier, it's gel-infused and has air channels that boost its breathability.

Like the Original Lull Mattress, the Zoma Hybrid comes with a warranty and sleep trial. Its 10-year warranty ensures its comfort lasts for a long time, while the 100-night sleep trial period grants you a chance to test the mattress before deciding whether or not it meets your comfort needs.

Lull Mattresses Cause Back Pain

Some customers have also complained about their Lull mattresses causing back pains. For example, a buyer claimed that after trying the Lull Mattress for 2 weeks, he and his spouse started waking up with back pains. He also states that the mattress was so uncomfortable that it took them long to fall asleep. 

Unfortunately, back pain is among the top Lull Mattress Complaints that have gained traction on various platforms on the web. Generally, back pains could be a result of opting for a Lull mattress that is not suitable for customers’ preferred sleeping positions. For instance, the Original Lull Mattress is ideal for medium-sized back and stomach sleepers. So they can be sure of proper spinal alignment and are less likely to develop back pains. If your weight exceeds 180 pounds, you'll likely experience back pain and general discomfort while sleeping.

If you're looking for an alternative replacement for your Lull Mattress, check out the Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress.

Bear Elite Hybrid

Bear Elite Hybrid

Bear Elite Hybrid is running a sale on their mattresses, active today July 14, 2024!

Bear Elite Hybrid is a great mattress that possesses all the bells and whistles required to assure you of a restful slumber. Though Lull Mattress is ideal for individuals seeking a bed with a slight memory foam feel, the Bear Elite Hybrid offers more, as we'll see below in our mattress review. Also, with price tags starting from $1,893 for the twin-size model to $2,762 for a California king-size model, you can rest assured you'll be getting quality for value.

When it comes to alleviating back pain, the copper-infused memory foam layers do an incredible job of contouring your body while relieving painful pressure points. Note that this mattress isn't ideal for stomach sleepers seeking a firmer mattress. But since it's a medium firm mattress, lightweight stomach sleepers weighing 100 - 130 pounds stand to benefit significantly from it. With a cushiony feel similar to a memory foam mattress, side and back combination sleepers will like the level of comfort it delivers.

As for limiting motion transfer from one side of the mattress to the other, Bear Elite excels incredibly. This is thanks to its motion-absorbing memory foam layers and the traction of its Individually wrapped coils. So, you can be sure that neither you nor your partner will disturb each other's slumber when getting in or out of bed or tossing and turning.

You'll be pleased to know that this masterpiece blend of an innerspring and memory foam mattress comes with a lifetime warranty. On top of that, you're granted a 120-night sleep trial to decide if it's right for you. If you don't like it, you can return it for a full refund. The company also offers free shipping to buyers residing in the continental United States.

Lull Mattress Support Doesn't Last 

Another Lull mattress complaint is the lack of lasting support. A customer claimed that 3 months after purchasing the Lull Mattress, its support mechanism had significantly reduced. Though it was a very comfortable mattress initially, she started waking up with shoulder and lower back pains. A possible cause of this support issue could be the manufacturing process or the quality of the materials. 

If you're looking for an alternative, a suitable fit would be the PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress.

PlushBeds - Luxury Bliss

PlushBeds - Luxury Bliss

PlushBeds is running a sale on their mattresses, active today July 14, 2024!

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss is a fantastic mattress that hails from a reputable company and comes with an affordable price tag. This memory foam mattress is available in 7 different sizes ranging from Twin XL, which costs $1,200, to California King size, which costs $1,900. 

Considered by many as one of the best memory foam mattresses fused with latex, PlushBeds Luxury Bliss bears an incredible support system. This is evident in its support and transitional layer, which offer firm support to the entire structure and bouncy feel. On the firmness side, it almost resembles a Lull Mattress feel. With a firmness level of 6.5/10, it ranks high as a suitable latex memory foam mattress ideal for average-weight sleepers weighing 130 - 230 pounds. If you're a heavy sleeper seeking a softer mattress, this model will also be a great choice for you. Note that if you're a back or stomach sleeper falling under this category, it is best you go for the 12” model.

The PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress comes with a 15-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial. It also ships for free but to residents within the continental United States.

Having Problems with Your Lull Mattress?

Though the Lull Mattress Company is known to produce comfortable mattresses, their designs may not be ideal for everyone. If you own a Lull Mattress and it's causing you problems or would like to make inquiries about their Mattresses, you can reach their customer service providers via +1-800-301-5845. Note that their normal operation hours start from 7:30 am to 4 pm, from Monday to Saturday. You can also reach them via their email address at They're also available on X, Facebook, and Instagram, which makes them easily reachable.

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