Dreamcloud Mattress Complaints

Last Updated: April, 2023

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DreamCloud is one of the mattress brands known to manufacture comfortable sleeping surfaces. The brand offers different mattress models which can be either memory or hybrid matressess. During our two stage review process we tried out different models of the brand including the Dreamcloud premier which has nice features such as a cashmere blend cover. However, with good reviews running the internet, you'll also find a few complaints here and there from unsatisfied buyers. Complaints may be about the Dreamcloud mattress construction, Dreamcloud customer service and overall mattress performance. Let's check out some of the complaints and mattress alternatives to consider.

The DreamCloud Classic lacks padding for back sleepers

A recent buyer of the DreamCloud standard complains that the mattress doesn’t have ideal padding for their back - causing them some back pain. As a back sleeper, you’ll require a mattress that is specifically made for back sleepers. This way, your mattress addresses pressure points giving you maximum relief and preventing unnecessary aches. The DreamCloud Standard mattress is quite ideal for side sleepers. However, if you’re looking for a good mattress for back sleepers, consider PlushBeds Organic Bliss Pillowtop.

Organic Bliss Pillowtop

Organic is running a sale on their mattresses, active today June 17, 2024!

If you're searching for a mattress that has unmatched support for the back and lower back, go for Organic Bliss Pillow top by PlushBeds. This mattress is not just luxury at it's finest; it's also a convenient option for a larger crowd. It starts with the customizable firmness. This is a feature that not many mattress brands offer. You can still buy a medium or medium firm mattress or request your preferred firmness depending on your body weight and sleeping position.

The Organic Bliss features a 3 inch plush pillowtop. This pillowtop offers a cozy luxurious soft feel and cushion for your body, helping you not to feel too much firmness while sleeping. Don't worry, the pillowtop has zero effect on the support provided by the other layers.

Speaking of other layers, we love the GOTS certified cotton and wool. It also contains cashmere and silk to top the luxury bit. The Organic Bliss mattress contains GOLS certified latex comfort layers. Natural latex foam is known to be hypoallergenic, chemical-free and a naturally cooling foam good for those who sleep hot. This eco luxury mattress also has a chemical-free wool fire barrier. It's base core is made of sturdy Arprico latex that helps support your lower back and offers restorative sleep.

You can enjoy the Organic Bliss in 7-10 business days after placing an order. It comes as a sleep bundle with sheets, a protector and pillow set. PlushBeds offer a 100 night trial and suggest sleeping on it for over 30 days before making a decision.

DreamCloud mattress has poor edge support

A sleeper talks about the DreamCloud mattress performance saying it's generally a good mattress. However, the user complains that the edges of the mattress are slope-y. Edge support is determined by several layers of a mattress - most importantly the base layer. The edge of a mattress is all about its perimeter and the base holds together the perimeter as well as other layers that lay on top. A sturdy core will prevent the mattress from sloping towards the edge. Other layers like the transitional layer and the top-most layer should also have sturdy edges to prevent the feeling of falling when sleeping on the edge.

If your DreamCloud mattress has poor edge support, consider buying the Spartan Hybrid mattress.

Spartan Hybrid Firm Mattress

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Spartan Hybrid is a good alternative for the Dreamcloud mattress for several reasons but we'll start with the feature that gives the mattress outstanding edge support. The Spartan mattress by Brooklyn Bedding features an 8 inch core, which contains over 1000 individually wrapped coils. The core is also triple-zoned to offer support and pressure point relief. The Ascension coils are responsible for edge reinforcement, making it easy to sit or sleep at the edge of the mattress without sliding or falling over.

Other perks of the Spartan include the fact that it offers customizable firmness. There are three firmness options to choose from; soft, medium and firm. You'll choose the suitable firmness depending on your body weight. This mattress is also popular for the technology called Far Infrared (FIR). Their FIR fabric cover creates energy waves, responsible for enhanced blood circulation and sped up muscle recovery. The Spartan finally has a copper infused foam that offers lasting cooling effect. The copper infusion, CopperFlex™, also makes the mattress anti-microbial meaning no more allergic reactions disrupting your sleep.

DreamCloud is not ideal for heavy ‘side’ sleepers

In one DreamCloud mattress review, a prospect went to a local mattress store to try out one of the Dreamcloud mattresses. He spent about 10-15 minutes on the mattress and wasn't impressed by it. The reviewer says he's a heavy side sleeper and the Dreamcloud mattress he tried wasn't a good fit for those two sleeper types.

Unfortunately, the reviewer didn't mention which model of the Dreamcloud brand he got. As we always tell sleepers, there's no one mattress for all. Different sleepers require different types of mattresses. There's a chance that the Dreamcloud mattress the reviewer tried was of poor quality. But higher chances are that the one Dreamcloud mattress featured at his local store wasn't ideal for side sleepers, heavy sleepers or both. This is why it's good to check the mattress online. You'll be able to see features of the mattress and who it's ideal for as well as browse other models that may be better for your needs.

Side sleepers tend to sleep better on a contouring mattress so that the curves can be captured and well-supported. Heavy sleepers tend to be hot sleepers too and they require a cooling firm mattress to dissipate heat and support their spine and backs. In that case, the Zoma Boost is a good bet!

Zoma Boost

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Side sleepers often sleep comfy on a soft mattress. But soft mattresses aren't ideal for heavy sleepers. Enter Zoma Boost!

The Boost hybrid by Zoma is an outstanding medium firm mattress ideal for side sleepers around 200lbs. This 15 inch thick mattress - for starters - contains non hazardous and fiberglass free foam layers certified by CertiPUR-US, making it safe for sleeping.

Other reputable features include their ultra breathable plush cover made of cooling fabric. Layers into the mattress you'll meet the hyper cooling memory foam that's infused with graphite to help wick away heat and moisture. With these features, you're sure to sleep cool and relaxed.

The feature that steals the show is their individually wrapped coil system with zoned support at the core of the mattress. The coils offer pressure relief, edge support and help increase durability of the mattress. The core, together with Reactiv™ response layer, helps absorb motion and increase responsiveness of the Zoma Boost. This in turn offers undisturbed sleep and advanced body recovery.

The Zoma Boost works with an adjustable base as well as other frames, but we suggest inquiring from the customer support about the ideal base for the mattress. Zoma offers a 100 nights risk free trial and a 10 year warranty with free shipping and returns.

DreamCloud Premier sags in the hip area

In another of the Dreamcloud mattress complaints, a sleeper - who is 180 lbs - says that after a few months of sleeping on the premier rest, the mattress started to develop hip dips. Her partner is of average weight and the mattress initially felt promising.

In hip dip cases, the reasons behind it could range from uneven body weight distribution to sleep preferences to mattress core quality. The DreamCloud Premier is a hybrid mattress meaning its core is made of individually wrapped coils which should ultimately help with support and pressure relief. If these coils are sturdy and of great quality, then we can look at the body weight factor. Normally, our weight distributes unevenly throughout the body. Some have a heavier lower side, from the waist down. In such a case, and depending on the mattress firmness which in this case is medium firm, the mattress may support the upper body much better than the lower body. However, this only happens for sleepers with medium to heavy body weights.

The other reason as mentioned is sleeping positions. If you're 180 lbs and above and are a stomach sleeper, a medium firm bed may not provide the right support for you. Heavy stomach sleepers do well on a firmer mattress for they need extra support on the hips. This prevents hip pain and lower back pain. However, if you notice hip digs and sagging on your new mattress, it's essential to immediately contact the mattress brand.

SleepOvation Mattress

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The SleepOvation is a chiropractor endorsed mattress made in a unique design to enhance support and pressure relief. We shall discuss its two major features; the individually wrapped coils and the 700 mattresses. Its coil system is individually encased to help each coil operate as one. This helps with reponsivenes and motion transfer. If you turn on your side of the bed, only the coils on your side are affected, meaning your partner will stay still. The second upside to wrapped coils is support. Hybrid mattresses offer great support for your body weight but with a bouncy feel for those who like such. The encased coils also enhance breathability of the mattress. But maximum airflow comes from the 700 mattress layer.

They call it 700 mattresses but in real sense it's just one foam cut into 700 pieces. This is their unique support system, designed to support every pressure point individually as well as all 33 bones in the human spinal column. This layer cradles your body and aligns your spine effectively while supporting your hip area. Because of the tiny foam design, the mattress doesn't sink in the hip area. On the contrary, you'll get loads of hip support preventing hip pain.

The 700 mattress design is a cooling technology on its own. In between the foams there are spaces which take mattress airflow to the next level. For hot sleepers and during hot summer nights, this mattress will keep you cool. Last but not least, this mattress design helps distribute body weight feeling firmer and supportive around the shoulders, back and hips.

The DreamCloud mattress is too firm

In a recent Dreamcloud mattress review, a user claims that their Dreamcloud premier rest mattress is too stiff causing lower back pain. But there’s a twist to this complaint. The user says that the mattress loosened up after 3 months and now they enjoy their sleep and the lower back pain has significantly reduced.

Firstly, mattress firmness varies from soft to extra firm. Note that some mattress brand may use different words like plush to supreme to mean the same as soft to extra firm. All these are ideal for different sleepers. That makes mattress firmness a relative opinion. Heavy sleepers should go for firm options and light sleepers and kids should go for softer options.

Secondly, there’s a reason mattress companies offer lengthy night trials such as 100 nights. This is because our bodies - like the mattress - require some time to adjust to the “new environment”. After spending major time in the factory, a mattress may take some time to “relax” and offer its good qualities. Depending on your previous mattress, your body may also take some time to get used to the new mattress, making it seem stiff at first.

However, if the DreamCloud Premier mattress seems too stiff for you, consider taking a mattress with a different firmness level from the same brand, or going for the PlushBeds’ Arctic Bliss.

The Arctic Bliss

The Arctic Bliss is running a sale on their mattresses, active today June 17, 2024!

If you're searching for a cozy and conforming mattress your best is a memory foam mattress. With the Arctic Bliss, you'll enjoy the conformity of its memory foam layers and the plushness of its pillowtop and soft cover. All this, without compromising on support. The Arctic Bliss is one of PlushBeds' luxury hybrid mattresses worth your buck. Being a hybrid mattress, it contains fabric encased coils in its core. This coil system helps the mattress stay breathable and sturdy enough to support your body weight. This mattress comes in two firmness levels; medium and medium firm. If you weigh above 230lbs you may find this mattress slightly softer, but if you're a light sleeper, you'll enjoy the medium Arctic Bliss as perfect. It is good for back and side sleepers, but the plush pillowtop makes it comfortable for average weight stomach sleepers too.

Let's talk about one of its amazing features - cooling layers. Aside from the custom-formulated encased coils that enhance airflow around the mattress, PlushBeds made their memory foam infused with gel particles. To top that off, they made the mattress cover with GOTS certified cotton. Cotton-fabrics help keep you dry by dissipating moisture. All the mentioned features help dissipate heat keeping your body cool and relaxed. The gel infused memory foam and the individually wrapped coils also help with pressure relief and maximum support to keep you from getting back pain and hip pain. If you want a mattress that's free of harmful chemicals, turn to PlushBeds.

Need assistance with your DreamCloud mattress?

Does your DreamCloud mattress fail to meet your sleep needs? First, make sure you test it out for at least 30 days and see if your body will adapt. If not, then you have 365 night trials and the right to request a refund. Incase you've been enjoying your DreamCloud mattress but along the way it gets faulty, then you have a forever warranty to help you get the mattress fixed, replaced or refunded.

If you need assistance with a DreamCloud product, contact their customer service by chatting on the website, calling them on +1(833) 237 3269 or +1 (855) 976 4860 or sending an email to support@dreamcloudsleep.com any day of the week.

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