Where To buy A Cheap Mattress

Do you frequently wake up with joint aches or muscle pain? Then it may be time to throw away the mattress and purchase a new one. Buying the ideal mattress that fits your sleep needs can be overwhelming due to the thousands of options currently in the market, with most of them being quite costly.

If you're on a tight budget and are looking for the best place to purchase a cheap mattress, we've got you covered. In this article we'll list down a few online and physical stores where you can browse for cheap but quality mattresses. We'll also discuss why buying a mattress online is the ideal option for budget buyers. Let's get into it.

Shopping Online for Cheap Mattress Options

We always recommend mattress buyers to make their purchases online because of several reasons that that bring about convenience. However, take note that not all online platforms are legit or offer quality mattresses. Therefore, look our for some reviews on the same.

Pros of Online Shopping

Among the reasons most people prefer purchasing cheap mattresses online are as follows;

Online Purchase is Cheaper

You'll spend less buying a cheaper mattress online compared to traditional brick and mortar stores. Unlike local stores, online spaces allow you to buy directly from the manufacturer at a discounted price. Retail and wholesale mark-ups and showroom fees are some of the expenses online retailers eliminate to sell you a mattress at a lower cost for the same quality as a local store.

For instance, you can find some of the best mattresses sold online for under $1,000. This allows budget shoppers to purchase a quality mattress that suits their needs without breaking the bank. These mattresses also come with warranties and positive reviews similar to higher end mattresses, costing up to $5,000. And remember, coupon codes and discounts are easy to come by online, which further helps lower mattress costs.

Convenient Shopping

Being able to shop from the comfort of your home is what everyone in this era desires. Going from one store to another trying to compare different products and prices can be quite tiresome. When shopping online, all you need to do is browse for products and their reviews in one sitting. Even ordering the product to be delivered in your home is as simple as making a few clicks on your computer. Convenience at its best!

Endless Offers

Speaking of convenience, shopping online comes with various product offers from discounts to cheaper package offers and so forth. Not just during the holidays, like most in-stores do. Some online stores have offers running all year round which makes shopping for mattresses cheaper.

Service Delivery

Most online mattress companies offer full-service delivery and some will even go as far as offering white glove delivery service—which involves replacing the new mattress with your current old one. Though most in-store shops also offer quick delivery, many online retailers also provide quick delivery services these days at no extra charges, a feature quite appealing to budget shoppers.

Cons of Online Mattress Shopping

Though online shopping is the most preferred method by most mattress buyers, it also comes with a few challenges as discussed below;

Return and Refund Problems

While most mattress retailers offer full refunds on returned mattresses, others don’t due to the failure of some customers to stick to company policies. Plus, delays with returns and refunds are common since you can’t just load up your mattress on a truck and return it without informing the retailer prior. And for you to get a refund from retailers that offer sleep trials, you must return the mattress during the trial period window. Otherwise, you’ll be left stuck with a mattress that doesn’t suit your needs and sleep preferences.

Making Uninformed Decision

Exposure to a much wider choice of quality mattresses online may also make it harder to choose the right mattress that suits your sleep comfort. Physical interaction with sales personnel exposes you to expert guidance—which leads you to make the right decision. Generally, without expert guidance, regardless of your in-depth mattress research, you'll have to wait for the mattress to arrive first before testing it out. Fortunately, most online brands offer night trials so you can return your mattress if you need different features.

Online Platforms Offering Affordable Mattresses

Purchasing mattresses online is gradually becoming common, given how cheap they are compared to local stores for the same quality. Online platforms selling affordable mattresses are;


Another option of buying a mattress online is to shop on the sites of third-party retailers and marketplaces such as Amazon. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon is the world’s biggest and most profitable company. It offers a wide range of sleeping products, including individual mattress models from different brick-and-mortar and online brands.

Each bed sold here has a dedicated product page that features construction details, images, prices for each size, customer reviews, and warranty information. In some cases, you may qualify for the original mattress brand’s sleep trial, which usually runs for at least 90 nights. Otherwise, your mattress will be backed by 30 nights, which is Amazon’s standard sleep trial period.

While shopping on Amazon can be convenient, buying directly from the manufacturer provides buyers with better deals on return policies, warranties, and prices.


Unlike many brands, Amerisleep doesn't sell its bedding through third-party partners. The only way to buy any Amerisleep Mattress from Amerisleep is through their website. The company is actually among the leading producers of award-winning mattresses.

Their cheap under $1,000 mattress is the AS3, the AS4 is under $1,500, while the AS5 stands at under $2,000 (but slightly above $1,500).

The company has its offices and showrooms in Phoenix, Arizona. Visiting their Arizona showrooms allows you to try out their mattresses ahead of time. Like most online platforms, Amerisleep offers a 100-day trial period for their mattresses. They also provide full refunds only if the return is within the sleep trial window.

Typically, selling through a third party would make the mattresses more expensive. But selling their incredible high-quality mattresses directly to buyers by cutting out the middle man makes them available at an affordable price.

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Shopping for Cheap Mattresses in a Physical Store

Despite most mattress shoppers' preference to shop online, others still prefer the old-school in-store purchase style. Pros and cons of this type of buying experience include;

Pros of In-Person Mattress Shopping

Though not very popular in today's modern shopping world. Some of the in-store mattress shopping pros include;

Reliability and Assurance

The increased online presence of many mattress retailers has also created numerous opportunities for online scammers to fool shoppers. Though online shopping is enjoyable, in-store shopping requires one to make more effort to find the ideal mattress store that also protects shoppers from making fraudulent transactions. Though you won't get as many reviews for most mattresses as online, face-to-face reviews provide and improve reliability and customer satisfaction.

Return and Refund Policies

Since you're more likely to visit the nearest retail shop selling the best cheap popular mattresses, delivery is relatively fast. That means returning that inexpensive mattress is also relatively easy. Plus, they usually offer generous return policies to make your investment worthwhile. While some stores offer full refunds on returned mattresses, others may exchange them for an option suiting your comfort needs.

You Get to Try a Mattress Before Buying It

In-store shopping allows you to test out a mattress before purchasing it. Generally, mattresses come in different firmness levels, such as softer, medium soft, medium firm, and firmer options. And testing out a mattress first-hand helps you determine which option suits your sleep preference. In-store also enables you to verify if you're purchasing the original mattress. Though online retailers also offer trials, this is excellent for old-school shoppers who prefer the in-store style.

Cons of In-store Mattress Shopping

Like online mattress shopping, the in-store style also has its own disadvantages, and they include;

Shorter Sleep Trials

In-store purchase requires you to test the mattress in the store for approximately 10 - 15 minutes. The short sleep trial period often forces you to make a blind investment, unlike online shopping—which offers extensive sleep trials of up to 120 days to allow your body to adapt to the mattress.

Mattresses are Expensive

Since you're on the hunt for the best cheap mattress made of high quality materials, often, the cheaper online options are a bit expensive in a local store. That's because physical stores must pay their sales staff and showroom fees, among other expenses. So, they have to raise the prices a bit higher to make profits. This is disadvantageous, especially to shoppers who aren't expert negotiators.

Stores That Sell Affordable Mattresses

Regardless of the popularity of online mattress shopping, some of the relevant in-store retailers selling cheap affordable mattresses include;


Walmart sells many bedding and is a subsidiary brand that other mattress companies use to sell their mattresses through. Their in-store mattresses allow their shoppers to compare different mattress side by side with professional guidance.

More importantly, their ample selections of different types of mattresses from other brands come with competitive price points—which aims at combining the convenience of in-store shopping and savings on online retailers.

Though each mattress brand has its own shipping and return policies, Walmart also sets its own in-store pickup policies. Generally, Walmart is among the top in-store mattress shopping stores where you can get cheaper mattresses.

Mattress Firm

Another company that offers first-hand experience testing a mattress before purchasing is Mattress Firm. Over the years, the company has acquired multiple retail stores and is currently considered one of the largest brick and mortar stores in the United States.

The company has many selections from top-rated mattress brands such as Tempur-Pedic and Nectar. The incredible multiple selections feature many cheap mattresses from more than 15 brands. The good thing is that they guarantee sleepers a good night's sleep without spending more than they have to. Common sizes of this company's mattresses include King, Queen, and Twin XL.

With more than 2500 stores scattered all over 49 states in the U.S., visiting one to test out their best cheap mattresses is relatively easy. Though also successful in providing customers easy to use e-commerce experience, it's still an excellent choice for shoppers who like a personal touch, pre-sale testing, and in-person advice.

Buying a Used Mattress Instead

Compared to buying a new cheap mattress, purchasing a used one can help cut down on the mattress cost further. Business Insider indicates a new budget-friendly all foam mattress costs up to $450. An affordable innerspring mattress costs up to $600 while a cheap latex and hybrid mattresses cost up to $1100 and $1200, respectively. If you want to cut the costs of these mattress types even further, consider opting for used mattresses.

Mattresses made of harsh chemicals are known to be among the most significant contributors to landfill overcrowding. But since most budget mattresses nowadays are biodegradable, purchasing a used model helps reduce landfill overcrowding at a budget-friendly cost.

A shorter lifespan is among the primary disadvantages of purchasing a used mattress. For instance, a memory foam mattress made of viscoelastic polyurethane foam tend to wear out faster after sagging.

It's also worth noting that purchasing a used mattress puts you at risk of taking home bed bugs, dust mites, and scabies. These and other sanitation risks may put your sleep health in jeopardy.

Buying a used mattress with signs of sagging, degradation, squeaks, and divots may not be worth the investment. Overall, it's best to buy a new high quality mattress even if it comes at a slightly higher cost than a used one.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Budget Mattress

As previously mentioned, there are many inexpensive mattresses on the market and choosing the right one for your sleep needs might be quite challenging. Fortunately, this section will help you narrow down on a suitable option. Factors to consider before purchasing a budget mattress include;


Comfort is the primary factor to consider when purchasing any mattress. Pressure relief, mattress firmness, and sleeping position are among the primary essentials to consider when seeking comfort.

Sleep Position

On the sleep style side, a medium firm mattress is ideal for side sleepers, while a firmer mattress is excellent for stomach sleepers. If you're a back sleeper, choose a mattress model with an even sleep surface that perfectly contours your body while keeping your spine aligned properly.

Pressure Relief

If pressure relief is among your priorities, medium firm hybrid or memory foam mattresses are your best bet. Also, pick a good mattress that'll adapt to your sleep posture while relieving pressure points around your hips, neck, and shoulders.

Edge Support and Motion Isolation

Sleepers with sleep partners should look for budget mattresses with steady edge support and excellent motion isolation. With minimal motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other, none of the sleep partners will disturb the other's sleep. Remember, the edge support should be steady enough for occasional sitting and even secure to sleep at the mattress' edge.

Health Concerns

If you often experience joint and muscle pain, allergies, sleep deprivation, or any sleep health issue, you should get the best mattress to address that particular issue.

For example, a highly breathable, hypoallergenic mattress shields against allergic attacks while keeping a hot sleeper cool the entire night.

Sleepers with joint pain should look for cheap high quality memory foam mattresses that don't sag easily. Otherwise, a low-quality option will worsen the muscle aches and joint pain—courtesy of premature sags and indentations.

Other Bedding and Accessories

Free pillows, bed sheets, and mattress covers are some of the accessories that come with mattresses. Better still, it's wise to consider purchasing other bedding that don't come for free with the mattress. They include box springs and bed frames, which help extend your mattress' lifespan.

Most of these accessories are usually available at affordable prices during sales and offers on holidays. So, if you want a discounted price on other accessories that don't come for free with the mattress, remember to look out for sales holidays such as President's and Labor Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and others.

Warranty, Sleep Trial, and Shipping

Warranty, sleep trial, and free shipping ensure your mattress purchase is worth the investment. Remember to go for an option with an extensive in-home sleep trial.

As for warranty, the rule of thumb is to pick an option with a warranty period exceeding the mattress' lifespan. Most online retailers offer free shipping. You can take advantage of this and select a brand that provides white glove delivery if you want to dispose of your current mattress.

Final Thoughts

Prices of cheap mattresses are getting more competitive due to the presence of many brands in the market. The upside to this is that customers get high-quality mattresses at a cheaper cost. Due to the gradual growth of online retailing, many mattress manufacturers are moving their products online to get closer to as many customers as possible. If you're still stuck with the dilemma of choosing between online or in-store shopping, online spaces are where you'll get the best high-quality mattresses with incredible deals and discounts.

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