Courtney Floyd

Courtney Floyd

Owner & Lead Product Tester

Courtney is the founder of The Sleep Shop and has been reviewing and writing about mattresses and the sleep industry on various platforms since 2014. Courtney knows a ton about mattresses, having tested dozens of mattresses personally. 

She takes an honest an analytical approach to all reviews, making sure to always talk about the positives, as well as the negatives of each product. Courtney does not believe that there is a single mattress that's best for everyone, but instead believes that a category or type of mattress is best suited for any individual. 

Courtney's extensive knowledge of mattresses and the sleep industry has garnered the Sleep Shop attention from SERTA, Idle Sleep, Waco Magazine, ReST, ECom Chain and other online publications.

Thanks to Courtneys dedication to The Sleep Shop, she's also improved her own sleep habits and those of her family as well. 

She is a Seattle native with a degree from Seattle Pacific University, where she studied marketing and business. 

When she's not busy running The Sleep Shop, Courtney can be found reading, spending time outdoors, or playing with her dog Mocha.

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