BedJet 3 Hands-On Review

Last Updated: June, 2024

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BedJet is an innovative bit of tech that solves a problem we’ve all experienced at one point or another - hot temperatures during the night.

In short, BedJet is a climate-controlling device that fits under your blankets to either cool you down or heat you up as needed - while you sleep.

We tested the BedJet 3 using our 2 stage review process. There are two types of configurations you can buy - single and double.

The BedJet 3 single was our main focus. It is excellent for people who sleep alone, or couples who share the same sleep temperature preferences. Let’s dive into the full review of our experience.

BedJet 3 Review

What We Like

  • It actually works!
  • In-depth, dual zone climate comfort temperature controls
  • Super quiet
  • Fits neatly on the side of the bed or under

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive, especially for couples

Overall Thoughts: 

In short, we LOVED the BedJet, but we didn't love the price. It's the ultimate in bedtime luxury. If you truly struggle with temperature regulation while you sleep, like if you get night sweats or live in a cold area with bad insulation in your home, the BedJet can be a lifesaver if you're willing to shell out the money for it. You can also get the dual zone climate comfort system for different temperature settings depending on the side of the bed you're on.

Our First Thoughts When Testing The BedJet 3

BedJet Under Bed

Setting up the BedJet3 was fairly simple. However, I'd still recommend taking the time to go through the 30-page User Manual to understand how to set up and use the climate-controlling device. The product itself comes in 2 main pieces: the motor and the hose. The hose gets attached to your mattress, creating a highway for warmed or cooled air to enter your bed.

The motor is plugged in and sits underneath your bed.

The BedJet motor itself is incredibly quiet. The only time my device made noise while running was when I switched it to turbo mode (which is mostly just for getting the bed warmed up, not extended use). Otherwise, I barely even noticed the device was on, apart from feeling the temperature difference.

How The BedJet Works

Once you have the BedJet setup, you have the option of either using your own sheets or their cloud sheet if you opted for the add-on.

In short, the cloud sheets are unique in that they are two sheets sewn together, with a small opening for the BedJet hose. This lets air move more efficiently to heat or cool you. With that being said, you can absolutely still use the BedJet with your own sheets. It just might not be as effective overall.

BedJet Cloud Sheet

How it Cools

The BedJet is not actually an AC device. It doesn't cool air, but rather provides room temperature air circulation for climate control in a single zone, or multiple zones.

It's like having the fan on in your room, but still being able to be under the covers. When paired with a cooling mattress,  you can get really great results.

For my partner, night sweats are an issue. When we were testing out the BedJet, I let her put it on the "cool" setting and let it run all night. I personally don't have issues with night sweats, so I slept under another blanket for the test.

The next morning, she said the BedJet kept her cool enough that she was able to stay under the blankets all night. I call that a win!

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How It Heats

Unlike the cool setting, when the BedJet is set to heat, it actually heats the air before pumping it into your bed. We live in Florida, so normally, having a heat setting won't be very necessary, but I could see it being nice in the winter.

Anyway, we did test out the heating functionality of the BedJet so we could include that in the review, and boy does it work! The BetJet 3 can reach temperatures of up to 104 degrees. If you live in a cold area and love to sleep in an oven, the BedJet delivers.

Now, you don't have to sleep in satan's armpit when you have the heat setting on because you can customize your heat and cooling settings!

The BedJet comes with a remote control, but if you opt to use the app instead, you get a ton more options. The most important being more drilled down temperature control and timer options.

The BedJet upgraded their remote with the BedJet3. Now, you have a lot more options other than just "heat," "cool," and "turbo" like you saw with The original BedJet and BetJet2. You can control some, but not all of the functionality of the BedJet3 via the remote. If you want more options, give the app a go.

Pros and Cons of The BedJet

When we review products, we like to purposefully look for things we really like, along with things we didn't. Here are the key pros and cons of the BedJet.


  • Works exactly as advertised
  • The app allows more customizable options
  • Heats and cools quickly - you notice a difference right away
  • Their "cloud sheet" is soft, so you don't sacrifice comfort to get the most out of your BedJet.
  • Super quiet


  • Pricey, especially if you and your partner have different sleep temperature preferences and you need the dual option
  • Needs to be plugged in, so if you don't have an outlet under your bed you're going to have a cable running across your floor

Our Overall Thoughts

BedJet is excellent if you have a need for it. If you don't already have issues with being too hot or too cold while you sleep, it can be a little unnecessary.

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However, my partner does suffer from night sweats, so having an option to go to on summer nights in Florida is fantastic.

The device itself does exactly what the manufacturer says it will do, which can be hard to find nowadays!

This is a premium product, and the components that make up the BedJet reflect this. It's built with top quality materials and has an overall high-quality feel.

If you can get past the understandably high price tag, the BetJet is a solid investment if you have issues with sleeping due to temperature.

After our tests, my partner uses the BedJet nearly every night. I don't find it as necessary. We live in Florida, and for someone who sleeps hot, living in one of the hottest states in the country can make sleeping comfortably a challenge, so having the BedJet to lean on has been incredible for her.

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Closing Thoughts

I would immediately recommend BedJet to anyone who has issues with temperature regulation, but I wouldn't recommend it to the average joe. Sure, it's nice, but it's overkill if you don't already have a problem with temperature regulation.

Now Its Your Turn!

Have you tried BedJet or something similar? Let us know in the comments section below!

7 thoughts on “BedJet Review”

  1. “When paired with a cooling mattress, you can get really great results.” You could also get ‘really great results’ by pairing it with an air conditioner, or filling your mattress with ice. Or pairing it with anything that actually cools, because the BedJet doesn’t.
    You say it ‘works as advertised’. But it doesn’t. It does not cool. It does not have any mechanism to cool.
    You even mention that it doesn’t actually cool, but still say it works as advertised? They advertise using terms like ‘cooling’ and ‘ultra rapid cooling’, yet, it doesn’t cool anything. Pushing room temperature air isn’t cooling.
    How much did they pay you?

    1. It keeps you cool in the same way that a fan keeps you cool while you sleep. The circulating air helps evaporate sweat and makes you feel cooler. You’re correct that it doesn’t have any actual air cooling, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t keep you cooler at night (just like having a fan on!). My partner had night sweats. We’re talking wet, stained sheets being a constant struggle. The BedJet has really helped us!

    2. It does cool. Have you ever stood under or in front of a fan? Did the temperature change? Yes. A fan can also push stagnant (hot) air away from your body, thus lowering the overall temperature. Guess what? That’s a “cooling” effect. I didn’t get paid anything. I actually paid $1000 for 2 bedjets and accessories. Worth it!

  2. The main issue with BedJet is that they do not service the models before BedJet 3, meaning that you are stuck with a piece of junk if it has an error code that won’t clear. Very disappointing for the price.

  3. Help please. I’m confused. When I go to bed I am cold. I tuck myself in well with my covers. Within an hour or more I am drenched with night sweats. Will this bedjet help me?

    1. My partner has the same issues. Believe it or not, they wake up COLD sometimes. It will help, absolutely.

      You can set the bedjet to warm while you’re falling asleep (15 minutes), then after that it can switch to cold to keep you from sweating during the night.

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