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Last Updated: September, 2023

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There are many mattress brands in the market, and Tempur Pedic is among the few known to produce high-end sleep products. Tempur Mattresses is one of their products, and depending on factors like hefty prices, getting an alternative is the next best thing. Generally, Tempur Pedic Mattresses are primarily engineered to relieve pressure, cradle the body and regulate temperature. Fortunately enough, you can get all these benefits from the TempurPedic alternatives outlined in the review below.

 Tempurpedic Mattress Alternatives

Tempurpedic Model and Their Alternatives

Tempurpedic Model

TEMPUR-Cloud® Medium:



TEMPUR-PRO Breeze Hybrid:

TEMPUR-Cloud® Medium Hybrid:

TEMPUR-Pro Adapt:

TEMPUR-Luxe Adapt:

Nolah Original 10" Mattress

Overall Thoughts: 

The Tempur-Cloud® Medium is a memory foam mattress with cooling technology that stems from its "360" soft cover. The cover is splendidly breathable to dissipate body heat away.

The comfort layers comprise pressure relieving memory foam, which offers excellent sleep comfort at night. Generally, this Tempur Pedic mattress is primarily geared toward side and back sleepers. While it provides side sleepers proper spinal alignment, it also offers back sleepers healthy spinal alignment and back pain relief.

Since Tempur-Cloud® Medium is a memory foam mattress, its responsiveness lies on the average side. According to sleep tests, Tempur-Cloud® Medium is slow at springing back to its original form. In some instances with heavy-weight sleepers, it might retain an impression in the foam far longer than expected.

Why Nolah Original 10" is The Best Tempur Pedic alternative for Tempur-Cloud Medium

Nolah Original doesn't combine latex and memory foam. Instead, it uses Nolah AirFoam™. Surprisingly, this material is much better than latex and memory. This is evident in its mimicry of a spectacular body contouring principle similar to a typical memory foam mattress, plus it doesn't trap heat.

Responsiveness and Overall Sleep Comfort

Another selling point making Nolah Original the best Tempur Pedic mattress alternative for Tempur-Cloud® Medium is its world-class sleep comfort. The mattress offers back sleepers maximum body contouring on the lumbar region while relieving tremendous pressure around the shoulders and hips.

Since it's relatively cheaper than the Tempur-Cloud® Medium, sleep partners or co-sleepers will love its top-rated motion isolation. Unlike the typical memory foam responsiveness, Nolah's AirFoam™ offers a unique response to the body as it instantly adapts to your movements. So, repositioning to a particular sleep position is relatively easy.

The sturdy edge support of the mattress also increases the area of its sleep surface, making it ideal for couples. Overall you don't need to worry about rolling off the bed or sliding off during occasional sitting because the mattress's edges bear a solid construction.

Amerisleep AS3 Mattress

Overall Thoughts: 

The Tempur-LuxeBreeze is an all-foam soft Tempur Pedic Mattress made of high-quality materials that offer a hug-like sensation. The mattress has dense memory foam layers that offer a comfort level similar to mattresses with memory foam layers.

Tempur-LuxeBreeze has a cover fitted with a SmartClimate Dual system. The technology gives the cover double the cool-to-the-touch power making it splendidly breathable and much cooler to lie on. Boosted breathability is also evident on the mattress's TEMPUR-CM+ support layer, made of high-quality Tempur material and pocketed coils for efficient airflow.

The base foundation layer is made of well-ventilated Pressure relieving TEMPUR-APR material bearing an ultra-breathable design (the coil support core system). The base layer primarily acts as the mattress's foundation layer supporting the other layers above it.

In What Ways Does Amerisleep As3 Stand Out?

Compared to the Tempur LuxeBreeze Mattress, the Amerisleep is cheaper by approximately $2,000. Like the Tempur-LuxeBreeze, AS3 also lets you enjoy the great premium feel of supportive comfort of sleeping on a gel memory foam mattress and innerspring mattress, respectively.

Like the Tempur-Luxe Breeze mattress, the AS3 is remarkably soft with a firmness scale suitable for side and combo sleepers. The mattress is medium soft to promote proper spinal alignment and cradles the shoulders and hips. However, primarily this mattress is better suited for side sleepers.

Ease of Movement

The responsiveness of the AS3 almost matches that of a pure latex mattress, making movement on the surface relatively easy. The soft, responsive feel of the mattress is pressure relieving, offering excellent, sensational sleep comfort. The Amerisleep As3 has excellent motion isolation. So, you can be sure of minimum to no disturbance from your sleeping partner.

Temperature Control and Responsiveness

The AS3 Mattress boasts a cooling design stemming from its Refresh Cooling Cover, comfort, and support layer. The cover is fitted with technology that converts your sweat to infrared. The open cell Bio-pur foam at the comfort layer offers more breathability than traditional memory foam. Also, thanks to the open-celled organic Bio-Pur foam, this mattress is bouncy, supportive, and super responsive. At the base is the high-density 7" Bio-core foam, which provides structure and support to the entire mattress.

GhostBed 3D Matrix

Overall Thoughts: 

The Tempur Adapt is among the high-end mattresses of the TempurPedic brand offering a top-notch sleep experience. Tempur Adapt Mattress is, in fact, a hybrid mattress with a comfort layer made of conforming memory foam.

Motion Transfer and Firmness

Like most memory foam mattresses, this model has a plusher feel. Plus, the sleep surface is firm enough to increase movement while minimizing motion transfer to a sleeping partner. The same is also visible in the retraction of the support layer of the mattress to limit disturbance arising from your partner's toss and turns.

Pressure Point Relief

Pressure relief is among the Tempur Adapt selling points. That's due to the TEMPUR-ES memory foam layer, which cradles the body to offer excellent relief on the pressure points on areas such as the shoulders, spine, and hips.

Why Choose GhostBed 3D Matrix

So, why should you settle for the GhostBed 3D Matrix?

Affordable Price

It can be challenging to get the cradling comfort of a memory foam mattress and the tremendous support and responsiveness of an innerspring mattress. But at a relaxed price point—compared to the Tempur Adapt Mattress—GhostBed 3D Matrix lets you enjoy the sleep experience of both worlds.

Sleeps Cool and Breathability

As the most sophisticated mattress in the GhostBed collection, GhostBed 3D Matrix is made of high-quality proprietary materials to help hot sleepers stay cool. Thanks to its comfort layer, this mattress has above-average firmness. Some consider 3D Matrix a medium firm mattress. But since firmness is a subjective matter, it usually depends on the sleeper's body weight.

Comfort and Responsiveness

Notably, the 3D Matrix offers an excellent balance between comfort and support, similar to the Tempur Adapt Mattress. Overall the 3D Matrix Mattress offers excellent body contouring to ensure your hips and shoulders don't sink too far into the comfort layer. That's courtesy of its patented ghost bounce layer—made of polyurethane foam—with similar responsiveness to a latex foam mattress. Moreover, the mattress also offers tremendous pressure relief to the pressure points, similarly to the Tempur Adapt Mattress.

Zoma Hybrid Mattress

Overall Thoughts: 

From the name, it's pretty clear that Tempur-Pro Breeze mainly targets hot sleepers. The Tempur-Pro Breeze is one of Tempur Pedic's three cooling mattresses. The mattress construction for this line of Tempur Pedic mattresses is identical in the first 4 layers.

The Support System

Unlike high-density foam, the Tempur-Pro Breeze uses 1000+ pocketed coils to boost support. More importantly, the design leaves enough room for efficient airflow, making the mattress more breathable. Retraction of the coils helps make this mattress responsive which eases movement on the mattress's surface.

Temperature Regulation

The mattress has a SmartClimate dual-layered cover that's cool to the touch and made from a blend of polyester, spandex, and polyethylene. Additionally, the mattress's second layer is made of Phase-change exclusive purecool+™ Tempur material that adapts to body temperature. It melts to release trapped body heat and freezes to maintain a cool sleep environment.

Why Pick Zoma Hybrid Mattress as the Alternative?

Since Tempur Pedic mattresses are pricey, Zoma Hybrid Mattress offers cutting-edge sleep comfort and cooling but at a lower price point. Zoma hybrid has a mattress cover made of AirCloth performance materials. Hot sleepers will like the fabric's ventilation as it's designed to help you stay cool.

Responsiveness and Pressure-Relieving Design

The mattress' transition layer consists of a responsive polyfoam layer that instantly responds to changes in pressure points. This makes the mattress quite exceptional in offering tremendous pressure relief. Moreover, the responsiveness also limits you from sinking too far into the mattress, thanks to the support core below.

Boosted Air Circulation and Bounce

Like the Tempur-ProBreeze, Zoma Hybrid has its support layer coupled with individually wrapped coils which gives the mattress a lift and bounce. Also around the mattress edges is high-density polyfoam and coils, which provides the mattress with sturdy edge support similar to that of the Tempur-ProBreeze.

Puffy Lux Mattress

Overall Thoughts: 

Cooling Technology

Like the Tempur-ProBreeze, the Tempur-Cloud® Medium Hybrid Mattress is designed to keep the mattress's sleeping surface cool. Notably, this mattress has a moderately comforting system that doesn't do much to regulate temperature. However, its softness offers a sink that produces optimal relief on the pressure points for a comfortable sleep.

Further cooling is seen on the mattress's 360 Stretch Mattress Cover. The cover is relatively thin; it doesn't impact the mattress's feel. Tempur-Cloud® Medium Hybrid also features more than 1000 coils in its support layer to boost overall support and air circulation.

Why Opt for Puffy Hybrid Mattress Instead?

What makes puffy Hybrid one of the best Tempur Pedic Mattress alternatives is that it's award-winning. Plus, its popularity stretches far and wide globally.

Pressure Point Relief and Responsiveness

Puffy is a hybrid memory foam bed with pocketed coils to provide a cushion feel and bounce. The mattress also ranks highly as one of the best innerspring mattresses. Courtesy of its excellent pressure relief, it's better suited for side, back, and combination sleepers.

Note that this Tempur Pedic alternative is primarily ideal for side sleepers due to its tremendous relief on the pressure points around the hips and shoulders. Unfortunately, stomach sleepers would find this mattress rather uncomfortable to sleep on because its softness may cause hip and back pain.

Temperature Regulation and Edge Support

Like the Cloud-Luxe Breeze Tempur Pedic mattress, puffy also has splendid cooling capabilities. In fact, unlike a typical all-foam mattress, the Puffy hybrid can sleep much cooler, thanks to its 6" layer of breathable coils. Like the Tempur-Cloud® Medium Hybrid mattress, Puffy also has a support coil system that helps boost breathability and air circulation.

There's not much difference in the edge support of Puffy and the Tempur-Cloud® Medium Hybrid mattress. So casual sitting or sleeping at the edge of the mattress is safe as you won't roll off the bed.

PlushBed Bliss Hybrid Mattress

Overall Thoughts: 

Tempur-Pro Adapt is a Tempur Pedic Mattress designed with recent innovations which offer the supportive feel of an innerspring mattress and the pressure relief of memory foam mattresses.

Great Cooling Construction

Since the Tempur-Pro Adapt is a hybrid mattress, its construction comprises an infusion of the memory foam layer designed to keep the sleep surface cool. That's why it's among the top-rated cooling mattresses in the Tempur Pedic collection for people who typically sleep hot. The cover also helps relieve hot sleepers thanks to its Ultra breathable design, which helps draw heat away from the body.

Pressure Relieving Design

Aside from Cooling, Tempur-Pro Adapt is an excellent pressure-relieving hybrid mattress. This is thanks to its 5cm thick support layer made of TEMPUR-APR™ material that conforms with the body shape to offer utmost comfort to those with back, shoulder, and hip pain. Most importantly, Tempur-Pro Adapt is among the few medium firm mattresses that let you sleep in your preferred sleeping position.

What Makes PlushBeds' Luxury Bliss Stand out?

The luxury Bliss is an excellent Tempur Pedic Mattress alternative for the Tempur-Pro Adapt. Though it's among the high-end mattresses, Luxury Bliss is made of high quality durable eco-friendly materials. Plus, compared to its $1,150 price tag against Tempur-Flex's $2,300, you'll get the mattress at quite a fair deal.

Pressure Relieving

The mattress's construction is designed such that the sleeping surface offers excellent body contouring to relieve pressure on vital points. Like the pocketed coil support cores of most hybrid mattresses, this mattress provides exceptional support to heavier body curves like the hips.

Temperature Regulation

Luxury Bliss's temperature regulation stems from its breathable materials, which ensure temperature neutrality throughout the night. The breathable cotton and the moisture-wicking wool layer help disperse body heat across the mattress's sleep surface. The mattress also has an organic cotton wool cover. And together with the Jooma wool, they add an inch of comfort padding to the mattress.

Support and Responsiveness

Luxury Bliss is a hybrid mattress with more splendid responsiveness than traditional memory foam, arising from its latex comfort layer. The pocketed coils on its support core also retract to give the mattress more bounce. Moreover, the retraction also aids limit any discernable noise the bed may produce. Generally, the materials making up this mattress can quickly spring it back to shape, making movement on the sleep surface easy.

Vaya Mattress

Overall Thoughts: 

Tempur-Luxe Adapt is a Tempur mattress that's available in 2 firmness options. More importantly, the two bears similar construction design with a slight difference in the comfort layer. The firm version has its comfort layer primarily comprising the Original TEMPUR® material. On the other hand, TEMPUR-ES® is the primary material making up the comfort layer of the soft version.

Pressure and Pain Relief

Tempur-Luxe Adapt Mattress mainly targets those seeking pressure and pain relief. Because of theTEMPUR-APR+ support layer, this mattress is suitable for back and side sleepers with hip, joint, and back aches. The pressure-relieving comfort it offers the pressure points stems from 30% conforming support to ensure you're rejuvenated when you wake up.

Why Alternate for Vaya?

An ideal mattress that would make an excellent Tempur Pedic alternative for the Tempur-Luxe Adapt is the Vaya Mattress. Vaya ranks highly among mattress brands selling sleep products at relaxed price points.

Temperature Regulation

Compared to most all-foam mattresses on the market, Vaya uses polyfoam to help hot sleepers sleep cool. More importantly, the polyfoam bears an open cell structure which helps dissipate body heat. Polyester is another material blend in its construction responsible for boosting breathability and air circulation.

Feel, firmness and Comfort

Vaya's top layer is constructed to contour your body like a memory foam mattress. The overall top layer design offers a hug-like sensation with high-level responsiveness that makes movement on the mattress surface relatively easy. According to most customer reviews, Vaya's firmness scale falls between medium and medium soft.

Comparison-wise, the Leesa mattress has the same foam comfort feel as Vaya. But overall, mattress firmness feel depends on your body weight. For Instance, while heavy people may feel that Vaya is a medium soft mattress, lightweight sleepers may rate its firmness as medium firm. Vaya primarily targets combo and side sleepers. However, it also provides exceptional sleep comfort to back and stomach sleepers so long as they don't weigh more than 130 pounds.

Warranty and Trial Period

This Vaya Mattress may come from a relatively new mattress brand. But the good news is that the company offers free shipping for its purchase. Additionally, the mattress comes with a 101-night sleep trial. That gives you enough time to decide whether or not the mattress suits you. A 10-year warranty also comes with the package to ensure the mattress price is worth your investment.

Closing Thoughts

Temper Pedic has garnered significant popularity and has been in the industry longer than some mattress brands. Though Tempur Pedic mattresses have alot to offer, they may only appeal to certain individuals. For instance, sleepers who dislike the feel of memory foam mattresses may not enjoy sleeping on a Tempur mattress. The options in this review are some of the best Tempur Pedic alternatives that guarantee exceptional sleep comfort, similar to Tempur Pedic at a relaxed price point.

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