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Last Updated: June, 2024

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Snoring is a common problem that many people deal with on a daily basis. It can be disruptive and annoying for those around you, as well as for yourself. Snoring may be caused by several factors including sinuses and having allergies. As you find ways to stop the snoring, consider getting yourself an ideal pillow which will also come in handy in alleviating snoring.

Such pillows are made with extra support for the head and neck, and technologies that help you breathe easily during the night. Using our 2-stage review process, we tested 7 great pillows and ranked them in descending order. The best pillow for snoring is the Saatva Pillow which is made with a supportive shredded latex core and with a breathable cotton cover. Learn more about this and other pillows below.

A Quick Glimpse: 7 Best Pillows for Snoring

Saatva Latex Pillow

Saatva Latex Pillow - Best Overall

Saatva is a one-of-a-kind pillow with all the best features one would look for in a pillow. More importantly, it's an incredible choice for those who want to stop snoring.

GhostPillow Faux Down

GhostPillow also has all the necessary features to help you stop snoring while keeping you cool at night during hot summers. It is considered the best breathable pillow.

PlushBed Hotel Chamber Down Pillow

If you want the best anti snoring pillow with a luxurious super plush feel, PlushBed is the right choice.

Puffy Pillow

Puffy Pillow

Those looking to adjust their sleep position and comfort should opt for the Puffy Pillow, which is known to favor combination sleepers.

Amerisleep Dual Comfort Pillow

Amerisleep Dual Comfort Pillow

If you are a victim of frequent neck pain, this comfort pillow will see you sleeping comfortably and waking up energized.

Nolah Cooling Foam Pillow

Nolah's construction comprises AirFoam—a breathable material for a cool night's sleep. Moreover, the material is perforated to give sleepers ideal pressure for a comfortable sleep.

Layla Kapok Pillow

Layla Kapok Pillow

Spinal alignment is essential for a night of healthy, comfortable sleep. So, rest assured this Layla pillow will ensure your spine aligns well with your neck to improve your sleep quality.

Saatva Latex Pillow

What We Like

  • Best for side and back sleepers
  • Breathable cooling cotton cover
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Adjustable feel design

What We Don't Like

  • Unfit for budget shoppers

Overall Thoughts: 

We've been sleeping on the Saatva Latex Pillow for several weeks now, and we can admit that we were really impressed by its performance and unique construction. This pillow ranks among the top high-end anti-snore pillows made of high-quality materials. Its removable cover is woven with organic cotton sateen, known for being moisture-wicking, super soft, and breathable to ensure the sleeper doesn't feel hot while they sleep. Moreover, these anti snore pillow materials are hypoallergenic, making them an excellent fit for those with allergies. The outer cover of the pillow is stuffed with silkier and extra fine Microdenier fiber, which creates a tiny air pocket to dissipate body heat.

During testing, the pillow felt soft and comfortable. The shredded latex stuffing at the core was very responsive and bouncy, and it conformed to our heads and necks without sinking deep into the surface. The stuffing is high-end, breathable Talalay latex, which is more responsive than the Dunlop latex. According to Saatva, this material is the right pillow stuffing recommended by chiropractors for head and neck support. On the other hand, we found the outer layer to be plush and fluffy, which added some extra cushioning and warmth. 

As a lightweight side sleeper, I loved how the pillow gave me enough support and height to prevent neck pain and promote proper spinal alignment. What's more, it cradled my head gently and adapted to my movements as I shifted from one side to the other. I was pleased when I woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed without any stiffness or soreness. 

Overall, we'd recommend this pillow for average-sized back sleepers and side sleepers hunting for a natural, hypoallergenic pillow. It has a 45-night sleep trial period that allows shoppers to return their product for a refund if they're not satisfied with it. Those who keep their pillows receive a 1-year limited warranty. The queen-size high-loft model currently goes for $165.

What We Like

  • Long trial periods
  • Offers tremendous relief
  • Best for athletes
  • Excellent for hot sleepers

What We Don't Like

  • Not ideal for stomach sleepers

Overall Thoughts: 

If you love the feeling of using a down pillow but you're worried about the environmental issues of sleeping on real feathers, you may want to check out the Faux-Down GhostPillow. It hails from the most reputable company, Ghostbed, and the company claims that these pillows can deliver the same luxury and comfort of a traditional down model but with a synthetic filling. During testing, we were curious to see how this pillow would measure up, and we were pleasantly surprised by the results. 

It has a state-of-the-art construction and design that allowed it to conform to the shape of our shoulders, neck, and head without losing its shape. The cover comprises buttery soft velour consisting of 20% polyester and 80% cotton. It was cool to the touch and did an excellent task of neutralizing heat, which kept us cool throughout the night. The cover has a zipper, which makes it easily removable and washable, and we loved how it protected our skin from dust mites and allergens. 

It's super soft and has excellent fluffiness for the premium comfort of a down pillow. More importantly, it's a medium firm anti snore pillow that'll ensure you achieve a good night's sleep. This Faux-Down GhostPillow is also made of microfiber gel fill which allows for efficient airflow but also excellently cooling at the same time. Generally, Its breathability is much more excellent than a typical memory foam pillow since it's not a block of solid memory foam.

Overall, we found the Faux-Down GhostPillow suitable for side and back sleepers as it provided enough support for these positions. While side sleeping, the pillow kept our spine aligned and prevented any shoulder or neck pain. It was also comfortable and cozy when we switched to our back, and we've been waking up more refreshed ever since we started testing the Faux-Down GhostPillow. However, it isn't great for stomach sleepers because stomach sleeping on it doesn't promote proper spinal alignment.

After testing this pillow during our second stage review process, we'd highly recommend it to sleepers in need of a luxurious and comfortable product that's hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. It has a 5-year warranty and a 101-night sleep trial. Shoppers living within the contiguous U.S. get to enjoy a free shipping policy. You can purchase this pillow through GhostBed's official website for $70.

PlushBeds Hotel Chamber Pillow

What We Like

  • Best for back and side Sleeping
  • Great for relieving neck pain
  • Excellent Plush feel
  • Cotton fabric is cool to the touch
  • Excellent pressure relief and cradling around the head and neck

What We Don't Like

  • Not firm enough for some people

Overall Thoughts: 

The PlushBed Hotel Chamber Down Pillow is one of the most luxurious anti-snoring pillows we've ever tested. First things first, the outer part of this PlushBed Pillow comprises smooth 100% organic cotton fabric. The material is cool to the touch making the pillow excellent for dissipating body heat. At the inner core of this anti-snoring pillow are goose feathers, which the manufacturers claim add to the pillow's soft, cozy feel.

Another thing we loved about this pillow was its duck-down medium-fill power — which gave the pillow just enough fluff for premium comfort. Since I'm a fan of pillows with medium-fill power, I really liked what this model had to offer. With its fill power sitting between the soft and firm spot, medium sleepers will enjoy its cozy and top-notch sleep comfort.

For those who may find the pillow not ideally firm to lay their head on while watching tv, consider pairing it up with a wedge pillow. Also, wedge pillows can significantly help reduce obtrusive sleep apnea for back sleepers who'd prefer purchasing this PlushBed Pillow.

We'd recommend the PlushBeds Hotel Chamber Down Pillow to sleepers who like the feeling of resting on a cloud. This luxurious and cozy pillow offered us a hotel-like experience, and we found it suitable for back and side sleeping. Plus, it's reasonably priced, considering its design and top-quality materials. You can purchase this pillow via the company website for $113. Due to sanitary regulations, this pillow isn’t returnable. However, each purchase is backed by a 2-year warranty.

What We Like

  • Hypoallergenic cover
  • It's adjustable
  • Made of toxin-free chemicals
  • Suitable for any sleep position
  • It comes with a 101-night sleep trial

What We Don't Like

  • Pricey for budget shoppers

Overall Thoughts: 

It's worth mentioning that Puffy Pillow is one of the best anti snoring pillows on the market. This pillow hails from a reputable company producing top-performance sleep products. The manufacturers claim that their pillows offer exceptional neck and back support and keep sleepers cool at night. And we have to say, we were not disappointed while testing the Puffy Pillow. The pillow has premium memory foam filling—a CertiPUR-US certified foam. Remember that the filling is shredded memory foam moldable to conform to the head and neck of an average sleeper.

What really amazed us about these pillows was that sleepers could customize them to suit their needs. All we needed to do was unzip the pillow and remove some fill to adjust the loft.

The pillow's cover is Plush and luxurious, plus it's made of a blend of bamboo rayon and polyester. This pillow has undergone numerous tests that ascertain it's best for any sleeper, including those with textile allergies. Overall, this Puffy Pillow comes with sleep trials and a lifetime warranty to ensure it's worth your investment. You can purchase it today for $102 and save up to 15%.

Amerisleep Dual Comfort Pillow

What We Like

  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Excellent comfort
  • Excellent temperature regulation and breathability
  • It is dual sided
  • Great for combination and back sleepers

What We Don't Like

  • Maybe a bit firm for some people

Overall Thoughts: 

Amerisleep Dual Comfort Pillow is among the best choices worth considering. In fact, unlike most memory foam pillows we've slept on, the Amerisleep Pillow's fill consists of eco-friendly memory foam. The memory foam fill features an open-cell structure, which we found ideal for breathability and temperature regulation.

Compared to other companies which use traditional memory foam, Amerisleep uses its sustainable plant-based Bio-pur foam. So, during testing, we didn't expect any off-gassing from this pillow that could have potentially released harmful VOCs like some memory foam pillows.

The Bio-pur foam offered us tremendous cushioning in conjunction with excellent pressure relief. In addition to a good night's sleep, this anti-snoring pillow promoted proper spinal alignment. As a side sleeper, the firm side of the pillow contoured to my neck and head and kept them aligned, while the soft side cradled my head and relieved painful pressure points when I switched to my back. 

Thanks to its tapered edges on all sides, we no longer had to worry about back and neck pain. Overall, this pillow ensured we got the necessary support as we changed sleep positions on all angles. The loft of this anti-snore pillow was low enough to comfort my partner, a heavy-weight combination sleeper.

We'd recommend this pillow to individuals looking for a versatile and comfortable product that can suit any sleeping position. While it isn't eligible for returns or exchanges, it boasts a 10-year warranty, showing the quality and durability of your purchase. The pillow is currently going for $150 for the queen-size model.

Nolah Cooling Foam Pillow

What We Like

  • Fit for hot sleepers
  • Excellent for all sleeping positions
  • Tremendous pressure relief
  • Incredible support in the upper body region

What We Don't Like

  • A bit more pricey than most anti snoring pillows

Overall Thoughts: 

During our second stage review process, we were impressed by Nolah Cooling Foam Pillow’s incredible breathability, as its internal AirFoam filling enabled us to sleep cool at night. More importantly, this AirFoam is perforated to allow for tremendous pressure relief across the pillow—while also ensuring the head and neck region are supported and perfectly cradled.

The pillow's cover is made out of Nolah Outlast Phase-change cotton. The cover is designed with Space foundation certified materials for a more comfortable and cool sleep night. Also, this material is moisture-wicking, a feature that shielded us from night sweats. Moreover, the Space foundation certified materials worked best on this anti-snore pillow for most sleeping positions.

Since this pillow fits any sleep position, you can add more comfort to your sleep by coupling it with a wedge pillow. Back sleepers stand to benefit significantly from this combo as we loved how it opened up our airways and enabled us to breathe efficiently while back sleeping. Preferably, sleepers with sleep apnea should opt for this pillow combination for a restful night's sleep.

The Nolah Cooling Foam Pillow is among the most affordable anti-snoring pillows ever tested. It's currently on offer, going for $77. Each purchase includes a 2-year warranty and a 30-day return policy that allows you to test your pillow and return it if it doesn't meet your expectations.

Layla Kapok Pillow

What We Like

  • Compatible with any sleeping position
  • Offers excellent support for contouring with the head
  • Those who like the fluffy feel of a soft foam
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Five years warranty
  • Excellent temperature regulation

What We Don't Like

  • unfit for those who want a solid memory foam

Overall Thoughts: 

As one of the best anti snore pillows on the market, the Layla Kapok Pillow is available at an incredibly affordable price. Shoppers who like shredded memory foam pillows will love this Layla Pillow. The pillow has Kapok fiber (an airy, soft material with more loft than wool or cotton) and memory foam fill. Since Kapok is harvested from kapok trees, the trees aren't treated with pesticides. So, no need to worry about health conditions from nasty chemicals.

The Kapok and Shredded memory foam makes the pillow feel more plush and dense. Moreover, its average firmness ensures the  head doesn't sink in too deep into the material. Its compatibility with all sleep positions stems from the easily adjustable loft. All we needed to do to customize it was to remove some amount of its filler. 

The first night we tested the Layla Kapok Pillow, we were intrigued by how well it conformed to our neck and head region. What's more, the pillow didn’t flatten out or lose its shape at night, and it had a quick response time when we changed positions. However, we think stomach sleepers might want to opt for a lower loft essential to maintain proper spinal alignment. This will help prevent back pains and poor posture.

We also appreciated how cool the Layla Kapok Pillow stayed during our second stage review process. We didn't experience any sweating or heat buildup, which was a common issue with the previous foam pillows we tested. 

We'd highly recommend this pillow to sleepers who need a soft, cooling, and adjustable product that can suit any sleep style. You can purchase the queen model via Layla's official website for $109. Each product has a 30-night sleep trial period and a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Choosing the right pillow for snoring

There are several things you should keep in mind when choosing the right pillow for snorers as discussed below.

Cooling technology

You're already dealing with snoring through the night, you don't want to also be sweating and feeling suffocated as you sleep. An ideal pillow should have some sort of cooling technology such as gel foam fillers to help dissipate heat and keep you cool through the night. The pillow cover should also be made of breathable knit cover to prevent your nose from being stuffy at night which usually causes snoring.

Hypoallergenic material

A great pillow must be hypoallergenic. The pillow is where we lay our heads and faces for hours straight. Therefore, it should not attract dust, dust mites, and other allergens on its surface. A hypoallergenic pillow will prevent snorers from asthma attacks and allergies.

Firm pillow

A pillow that is too soft will not give your head and neck the support they need. This can cause your airway to collapse which leads to snoring. A firmer pillow will help keep your head and neck in alignment, preventing your airway from collapsing as you sleep.

Pillow Loft

The loft is the height of the pillow, while firmness is about how the pillow feels. A pillow with a higher loft will be fluffier, while a pillow with a lower loft will be flat. It's important to find the right balance of firmness and loft for you, as too much or too little of either can lead to sleep discomfort.

Sleeping position

Deciding on the idealness of a pillow's loft depends on your sleeping position. A back sleeper does not need a high lofted pillow. A side sleeper will need a high loft pillow that occupies the space between the ear and shoulder. The best sleeping position is side sleeping which helps keep the airways open. Keep in mind that while a pillow can have a high loft, its filler materials can affect it by making it shrink when you sleep on it. That said, make sure to test the pillow before buying it if in the store. When you sleep on the pillow, it should align your head, neck and spine to prevent neck pain and shoulder pain. Sleeping on a high loft pillow can also cause acid reflux and airway compression.

Adjustable Fill

An adjustable pillow will allow you to customize the pillow to your needs. You'll be able to remove the fillings inside the pillow as much as needed until the pillow loft is ideal for your sleep needs. This is important because not everyone has the same sleeping style or pillow preference. An adjustable pillow will give you the opportunity to find what works best for you and your snoring habits.

Removable and Washable Cover

Every sleeper - and mostly snorers - needs to sleep on extra clean pillows. While having a hypoallergenic pillow helps big time, you'll still need to clean your pillow regularly because of facial oils and hair oils among other types of dirt and stains. A dirty pillow will affect the breathability of the material and close up your airways causing more snoring. Get a pillow with a removable cover that you can wash and disinfect to keep it clean not just for your airways but also for your skin. Some pillow covers are machine washable, others are hand-washed. Either works as long as they can be washed and dried.

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It goes without saying that pillows are not a permanent remedy for snoring. They may only help you sleep better and reduce snoring. To get to the bottom of your snoring problem, we advise sleepers to visit a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. When your partner starts to snore in their sleep, you can gently nudge them and ask them to change their sleeping position. If the snoring persists, it might be time for you to invest in a different pillow or change the loft of your current pillow.

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