Puffy Lux Mattress Review: Honest Review of Puffy Mattress

Last Updated: June, 2024

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Puffy Lux Mattress Reviews: What We Love & Complaints 

If you love the feeling of a cloud-like, super-plush & cooling mattress, the Puffy Lux Hybrid may just be the bed of your dreams. This mattress is made of a combination of cooling memory foam and pocketed coils, and the end result is a bed that feels squishy on the top, but with the longevity and supportive qualities of a traditional mattress.

Memory foam tends to make you feel warm and stuck, but the Puffy Lux was different. In this mattress review, we'll tell you everything we loved, and a few things we didn't like about the Puffy Lux mattress so you can decide if it's a good fit for you.

Let's get started.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Review

Quick Summary of The Puffy Lux Hybrid:

The Puffy mattress comes in 3 different varieties in their product line, the Puffy Original, the Puffy Lux mattress, and the Puffy Royal. The Puffy Lux mattress and Royal are both hybrids, whereas the Puffy original is all foam. All memory foam beds generally have better isolation of motion, but won't last as long or be as responsive as a hybrid with their pocketed coil center. We got to test the Puffy Lux Hybrid, and here's a quick summary of what we thought about the Puffy Lux mattress.


  • Great support for lower back and joints without feeling stuck
  • Excellent motion isolation for a hybrid mattress
  • Minimal expansion period - comfortable enough to sleep on right out of the box
  • Consistent feel around the whole Puffy Lux mattress, edges included
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Try for 101 nights


  • The cover feels loose against the mattress itself, if you like a tight feeling surface, it may bother you.
  • As with most bed in a box memory foam mattresses, it was awkward getting inside, and they could benefit from including a strap or handles for setup.

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Puffy Mattress Options (Puffy Lux & Others)

As of the time of these mattress reviews, Puffy has three different models you can choose from, all of which are bed in a box style. Each model is priced slightly differently, and has a different feel. While we only tested the Puffy Lux, here's some info on Puffy's various options.

Puffy Original

The Original Puffy mattress is a 10-inch all-foam mattress that's rated as a medium to medium-firm feel. It's the least expensive option, but it's still a great choice if you're looking for a basic all-foam cooling mattress. It's made of three layers of memory foam, with the first layer being a cooling memory foam, the second a climatecomfort memory foam, and the final layer, a firm support layer for the core. Click here for more information about the Puffy Original Mattress. 

Firmness: Medium / Medium Firm (6-7/10)

Construction: 2" cooling memory foam, 2" climatecomfort memory foam, 6" firm support foam

Cover: Polyester blend, anti-stain

Profile Height: 10"

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The Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy Lux

The Puffy Lux is Puffy's most popular mattress and for a good reason. It's a four-layer hybrid mattress featuring extra pressure relief and cooling features. It's a great choice if you like a true medium feel with cooling features built in.

Firmness: True Medium (6/10)

Construction: 2" cooling "cloud" memory foam, 2" body adapting dual cloud memory foam, 2" climate adaption regulation memory foam, 6" of firm support foam & coils

Cover: Cooling polyester blend, anti-stain

Profile Height: 12"

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Puffy Royal

This is Puffy's premium, ultra-soft mattress. It has extra cooling features to further reduce heat retention and provides the most consistent feel out of all of their mattresses.

Firmness: Medium / Medium-Soft (5-6/10)

Construction: 1.5" cooling bead infused memory foam, 2" cooling "cloud" memory foam, 2" climate adaption regulation memory foam comfort layer, 6" of support foam & coils

Cover: Cooling polyester blend, anti-stain

Profile Height: 13.5"

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The Puffy Lux Hybrid Layer Analysis

Now that you know a little bit about everything Puffy offers let's take a closer look at their most popular model and the one we got to test, the Puffy Lux mattress (hybrid).

The Puffy Lux mattress is 12-inch true medium mattress with multiple comfort layers. Most people will find this bed incredibly comfortable unless you're strictly looking for a very soft, or very firm bed. With that being said, here's some information about how the Puffy Lux is constructed.

The top comfort layer of the Puffy Lux mattress is made from a cooling "cloud" + plush contouring foam. This layer is designed to be ultra-plush and allows you to sink into it before the layers underneath start offering support. This layer is made of a cooling foam that helps prevent overheating at night.

The second comfort layer of the Puffy Lux is a plush adapting dual cloud foam which starts supporting your body, but still gives you a semi-plush feel. It's slightly denser than the cooling "cloud" foam above it. These first two layers are comfort layers designed to mimic memory foam, but not have the drawbacks of memory foam.

The next layer of the Puffy Lux is a climate comfort cooling foam layer. This transition layer sits directly above the pocketed coils and acts as an airy transitional layer of foam. A transition layer is essential with hybrid mattresses. The transition layer prevents you from feeling to coils.

The next layer of the Puffy Lux after the transition layer is the pocked coils, which add bounce, longevity, and support to the mattress.

The final layer of the Puffy Lux is a firm core support layer. This layer, combined with the coils and transition layer, gives you support in your back and hips to help pressure relief.

Puffy Mattress sinkage

Puffy Lux Firmness

The Puffy Lux is a true medium. Many mattresses online claim to be a medium, but end up being firmer than you may expect. The first layer of the Puffy Lux allows you to sink almost entirely into it, which gives it a softer initial feel, but the layers following that add the support, which ultimately gives it the medium feel. Most people will find the Puffy Lux mattress incredibly comfortable, except for those who prefer an extra soft or extra firm mattress.

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Profile & Cover of The Puffy Lux Mattress

The Puffy Lux (hybrid version) is a 12" memory foam hybrid mattress. The thickness of this mattress is pretty standard. There are some other mattresses out there that are thicker, and there's some that are thinner.

The cover on the Puffy Lux mattress was cool to the touch, and fit loosely on the mattress. This is great for airflow, but if you like a mattress with a tighter feel, the cover's looseness could bother you.

Puffy Lux Review

Puffy Lux Pressure Relief (Hybrid Version)

Good pressure relief is essential if you want to be comfortable on a mattress, and the layers of this mattress provide just that. The two main things that impact a mattress's ability to relieve pressure are its firmness, and your specific sleep style and weight.

The Puffy Lux mattress is a true medium mattress and did an excellent job relieving pressure. Since the top layer is ultra-soft, you really sink into it. This is great if you sleep on your side and struggle with pressure points on your hips and back.

For back sleepers, you can expect an almost entirely even distribution of weight and excellent pressure relief. The layers help alleviate pain in the lumbar region and shoulders. (
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For stomach sleepers, you may want something a little firmer than the Puffy Lux mattress like the Puffy Royal mattresses.. While it does a good job at relieving pressure, the layers may sink in too much for strict stomach sleepers.

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Puffy Lux Hybrid Motion Transfer

The next thing we looked at with the Puffy Lux mattress was motion transfer and isolation of motion. Motion transfer is exactly what it sounds like -- it's the bed's tendency to transfer the feeling of motion when someone moves on it. Having a mattress with good isolation of motion and minimal motion transfer is important if you're a light sleeper and are easily woken up when your partner gets out of bed or moves around.

Generally speaking, hybrid mattresses tend to have more motion transfer than all-foam beds. All foam beds, just by their design, are able to absorb more shock and isolate motion better. The foam layers take all the shock and absorb it. With that being said, the Puffy Lux mattress surprised us here. It had some of the best motion isolation of any hybrid mattress we've tested. Check out the gif below showing how close you have to get before there's enough motion to knock over a glass.

Puffy Lux Motion Transfer

How Far Do You Sink Into It?

This mattress is one of the softer-topped mattresses we've tested, so you can expect to sink into it quite a bit to relief pressure points. However, since it's a hybrid, you won't feel stuck. Instead, you'll feel the bed contouring to your body to support your curves.

This mattress feels more like you're sleeping "in" the mattress instead of "on" it, but still has great bounce and overall responsiveness.

Puffy Lux Response

Temperature Control Of The Puffy Lux Mattress

Most modern beds have some sort of temperature control built-in, but some brands do a better job than others. Gel infused memory foam is a popular way to get this done, but it's not the only way. Some temperature control features may include a phase change or cooling cover, a design suitable for airflow, or has cooling gel memory foam infused into the bed foam to add a cooling effect.

If you sleep hot, you know the importance of a mattress with cooling features built in. The top 2 layers and the cover of the Puffy Lux are both designed to help keep you cool.

The cover itself is cool to the touch, and if you combine the mattress with cooling sheets, you should be able to keep fairly cool throughout the night. If this bed doesn't actively cool you, at the very least, it won't make you warmer.

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Edge Support of The Puffy Lux Mattress

Edge support is how well a mattress holds weight along the edges. This is important if you sleep on a smaller bed or share a bed with a partner and sleep nearer to the edge. Its less critical on larger beds like a king, or if you sleep alone.

The Puffy Lux performed quite well in terms of support along the edges, which isn't surprising for a hybrid mattress. Since the core is made of coils, you won't feel like you're about to fall off if you sleep near the edge.

Puffy Lux Edge Support

Ease of Movement Of The Puffy Lux Mattress

Some beds make you feel stuck, while others are easy to move around in. All-foam beds are normally harder to move around in than innerspring or hybrid mattresses.

The Puffy Lux mattress was very easy to move around in. Since it has a very responsive hybrid-style design, we were able to change positions in this bed pretty effortlessly.

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Who is The Puffy Lux Hybrid Good For?

The Puffy Lux is a great all-around mattress. It's well built and very comfortable. However, there isn't a single perfect mattress that works for everyone. Here's the type of people that will like the Puffy Lux Hybrid.

  • Back & Side Sleepers - Buy It: This sleeping style matches excellently with the Puffy Lux. Since the mattress is a soft-top with medium support, back and side sleepers will both sink comfortably into it, while still getting adequate support from the denser foam layers and coils underneath. Side sleepers will love this mattress the most. Side sleepers need extra give on the top layer of a mattress, so they'll love how much you sink into this mattress when you sleep on your side. (Click here to check for discounts on the Puffy Lux)
  • People Under 250 Lbs: If you weigh over 250 lbs, the Puffy Lux will likely feel too soft. The heavier you are, the more you sink into a mattress. If you're above 250lbs, you're going to want a slightly firmer mattress. 

  • Couples: Since the Puffy Lux did such a great job with motion isolation, it's a great choice for couples. Even on a smaller size like a full or a queen, you'll get decent motion isolation.

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  • Those Who Want a Cool Mattress: The Puffy Lux Hybrid is designed to be a cooling mattress. It doesn't just have a single cooling feature; the whole mattress is made to keep you cool, especially the gel infused memory foam of the Puffy Royal. The uppermost layers of the mattress are both designed to be cooling, and the coils also provide good airflow. The cover is cool to the touch and loose-fitting enough to allow good ventilation.

  • Back and Neck Pain Sufferers: Since the Puffy Lux did such a great job at relieving pressure points, it's a great choice if you have back or neck pain, especially for side sleepers. The mattress will contour to your body, providing excellent pressure relief for your lower back, hips, and shoulders. 

  • Unsure Buyers: The Puffy Lux bed is great for just about everyone. If you're afraid of buying a mattress online, this is one of the safest options. Puffy offers a great trial and return policy, you can return it any time during their 101 night sleep trial for a full refund. If you're on the fence, the Puffy Lux is a very safe choice. (Click here to check for discounts on the Puffy Lux)

Things To Consider When Shopping For a Mattress Online

If this is your first time shopping for a mattress online, you're not alone if you're feeling overwhelmed. While the Puffy Lux mattress is great, you should still be aware of some of the core things to look for when shopping for a mattress online. Here's what you need to know.

Your Ideal Comfort Preferences

Most people already know what they like in a bed. Some like soft, some like medium, and others like a firm feel. When you're shopping for a bed online, keep your specific comfort preferences in mind. Comfort preferences don't stop at firmness levels either. Comfort preferences can mean anything from cooling features, bounce, mattress size, motion isolation and other things. Since you can't test the comfort of a mattress you buy online first, also make sure you opt to go with a company that values your comfort, and gives a good return policy and warranty on their products. 

If you're the type of person that needs a little extra comfort layer for your body, the Puffy Lux is a great choice. 

Types of Sleepers & Your Body

Back sleepers, stomach sleepers and side sleepers all tend to have different preferences and different forms of pressure relief. Side sleepers likely want a bed with a very soft top so your hips and shoulder can sink in, like the Puffy Lux. Back sleepers tend to like a medium feel, with adequate support with a little give. Strict stomach sleepers are the type that tend to like a firmer mattress, since stomach sleepers can often overextend their spine if the bed is too soft, this is why the Puffy Lux may not be suitable for stomach sleepers. 

Aside from stomach sleepers, hot sleepers often get overlooked as well, and the Puffy Lux can be a great option. Hot sleepers will need a mattress (and likely sheets and a blanket) that works to keep them cool during the night. Hot sleepers are very common, especially in warmer areas. 

Sleepers with medical conditions will also need a bed that fits their needs. If you have a medical condition that affects how you sleep, you should consult with your doctor first before buying a new mattress.

If you have a heavier body type, you should also consider that you may want a firmer mattress, even if you sleep on your side. This type of body sinks more into a mattress than a lightweight body would. You should account for this when you're shopping for a mattress.


When two people sleep in the same bed, those two people need to work together to choose the best bed for them. Not everyone likes the same thing, and when two people decide to get a bed together without talking it out first, one of the two is almost always left with less than ideal comfort, especially if you have sleepers with different styles. If one person sleeps on their side, and one on their stomach, a split king may be the best bed. The one who sleeps on their side can have a soft side, while the stomach sleeper can have the firmer side. If someone suffers from back in the back hips and shoulders, you should talk about pressure relief to relieve pain in the back hips and shoulders.

Sizing, Thickness & Foam Layers

Depending on the size of the mattress you get, your needs could change. For example, a couple on a queen or full mattress will care more about motion isolation and edge support than a single person on a queen or a king. If you're considering upgrading from a queen to a king, be ready to pay a bit more too. The larger the mattress, the more expensive it is, obviously. A mattress should be thought of as an investment in your sleep health though, so if you're looking for a queen or king, either find a company that can finance for you, or save up money for a quality bed.

Closing Thoughts Of This Puffy Lux Mattress Review

The Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress is one of the softest yet supportive mattresses with pressure relief we've tested to date. It quickly became one of our favorites. We hope you got good information from this Puffy Lux mattress review. Stomach sleepers should be wary, but any sleep style other than stomach sleepers will probably love this memory foam bed.

If you're in the market for a high-quality cooling and supportive mattress with great pressure relief, the Puffy mattress is a great all-around choice for everyone but stomach sleepers. Their impressive 101 night sleep trial and option for a full refund gives you peace of mind, especially since you have to buy it online. The memory foam layers (including a gel memory foam) help create a cloud-like feeling, without the downsides you expect from other mattress options on the market. It ships without any shipping fees and is one of the best memory foam mattresses for back sleepers, especially if you struggle with pain in your hips and shoulders.

Are you considering buying the Puffy Lux or already sleep on one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section of the Puffy Lux mattress review below!

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6 thoughts on “Puffy Lux Mattress Review”

  1. The Puffy Lux is two inches thicker than the Puffy, with a softer feel and many of the same features as the Puffy. Both include the same temperature regulating materials and pressure relieving qualities. Both mattresses will support back sleepers but the Puffy Lux will provide even better relief for side sleepers. 

  2. Thanks for the review as we have been looking to upgrade and my husband is a back and side sleeper and I am a side sleeper. We have had a foam topper on our traditional bed and loved it, so the Lux Hybrid appeals to us. Additionally, we both have started to have some issues with joints from years of sports and other activities, so needed something with some support as well and this seems like a really good choice. Your review helped us make a more informed choice.

  3. So I returned a puffy Lux king and I got a full refund because the mattress was a joke. I left an honest review on Puffy Lux website with a one star on 1/28/2021. Now it is February and they never posted my real Review about the experience of sleeping on a puffy. So now I am posting a real Review on Google. At this point I am really not trusting buying online. These websites are fake when it comes to real honest people with real Reviews. And yes I am a real person from the Washington DC area who tried out the mattress that I payed for around $1700. …..I would think twice these days about trusting online buying.

    1. That’s very interesting! The Puffy Lux was actually one of my personal favorite mattresses we’ve tested. Mattress preference is something that’s very personal and what one person finds comfortable, someone else may hate. Regardless, I’m glad Puffy gave you a full refund. If you have something specific you didn’t like about this mattress aside from the firmness (which could understandably be too soft for some people), we’ll be happy to add that info to the cons sections of this review if its something we missed. We’re all about giving unbiased information to help people make the best decision possible.

  4. I have the original puffy mattress, and decided to try dreamcloud, I wish I would have gone with the puffy lux hybrid

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