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Last Updated: May, 2024

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Choosing the right mattress that works best for you can be difficult enough already. When you throw in two very popular, high-quality mattress brands like Puffy Mattress and Purple, it's even more challenging. Both brands have a strong global presence and are incredibly popular among shoppers.

Both Puffy Mattress and Purple design and sell mattresses that offer effective pressure relief. While Puffy Mattress seems to focus more on back pain, Purple likes to dabble in the art of temperature regulation and mattresses that contour to your body shape.

In this Puffy vs Purple mattress comparison review, we’ll compare both side by side as well as cover information about their pricing, sizing, and construction.

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Puffy vs Purple Mattress Comparison



Puffy Original
Puffy Original

Mattress Models

Firmness Levels to Choose From

  • Medium 5 Rating
  • Medium 5 Rating
  • Medium Firm 6 Rating


  • Environmental friendly VPF foam
  • Cooling cloud technology with thermal conductive gel
  • Stain-resistant zip cover that's easily washable
  • Great motion isolation
  • Lifetime warranty to back their products
  • Purple Grid technology featuring open air channels
  • Great at relieving pressure points
  • Hyper elastic grid compresses and springs back when pressure is applied
  • Effective temperature regulation
  • Comfortable cradling effect

Sleep Trial

  • 101 night sleep trial
  • 14 night trial requirement
  • 100 night sleep trial
  • 21 night trial requirement

Comparing Puffy vs Purple mattress shows that the two brands are pretty evenly matched in their price range. They both start around $1,150 and end in the middle to high $2,000 range. Puffy’s most expensive mattress option reaches up to $2,695 whereas Purple ends higher and around $2,990.

Puffy Mattress offers mattresses in medium firmness while Purple offers both medium and medium firm options. Overall, the two brands are pretty similar when it comes to firmness.

Taking a quick look at some of Purple’s standout features, we can already tell these mattresses are premium quality. Purple uses their own Purple Grid technology that moves under pressure to contour around your body shape without it feeling like you’ll sink all the way through the mattress. The open-air design of the mattress allows for easy temperature regulation and isolates motion transfer for those who sleep with a partner.

Puffy Mattress also has some pretty outstanding features as well. The brand uses layers of foam to isolate motion transfer and help with pressure relief. In addition, the Puffy Royal uses SMT technology to help with more targeted support areas. The mattresses also come with a lifetime warranty whereas Purple only offers a 10 year warranty.

With this quick glance in mind, let’s get more in depth in our Puffy vs Purple mattress comparison.

Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress

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Puffy Mattress offers three different hybrid mattress models that all feature pretty top notch technology. To get started, we’ll talk about some of the features that Puffy Mattress offers and how their mattresses compare together.


All three Puffy mattresses are built with medium firmness, though the actual firmness levels do vary slightly from model to model. While the Puffy Original measures 6-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, the Lux is a solid 6 and the Royal is around 5-6. When you look at the height of the Puffy mattresses, it’s easy to see why:

In general, the taller the mattress, the softer it will be. This isn’t necessarily always true, but it seems to hold up pretty well when looking at the options offered by Puffy Mattress.


Puffy uses layers of foam and coils to help provide pressure relief and support to sleepers. All their mattresses use environmentally friendly foaming processes and each layer is designed with a specific purpose in mind.

  • Cooling Foam: This is a layer of memory foam that is infused with thermal regulation gel to help your body better regulate temperature while sleeping.
  • Body Adapting Foam: While this layer is only featured in the Puffy Lux option, it works to contour to your body shape better and relieve pressure from common hot spots. It also provides full support in the Puffy Lux mattress.
  • Climate Comfort: This layer works together with the cooling layer to regulate body temperature and resist large fluctuations. It’s a breathable foam that helps you sleep even on hot nights.
  • Firm Core Support Foam + Coil Base: This is a polyfoam layer that adds to the durability of Puffy mattresses as well as enhance the full body support.

The Puffy Original is constructed with three of the above layers. Standing 10” tall, the mattress is composed of 2” of the cooling foam, 2” of the climate control foam, and then 6” of the support foam. It helps align your spine during sleep and relieves pressure points. This is a great option if you want a basic completely foam mattress that's cooling through the night.

The Puffy Lux mattress features all four layers of foam  and coils and stands 12” tall. Starting with 2” of the cooling foam, it blends in 2” of the body adapting foam, followed by 2” of climate comfort foam, and the final 6” of firm support and coils. The Lux conforms to your body and regulates temperature all night long for a comfortable, supportive mattress that’s great for all seasons. If you have lower back pain or joint pain, the Puffy Lux offers good support without that sinking feeling.

Finally, the Puffy Royal mattress is their softer option and includes an extra layer of temperature regulation foam. Standing 14” tall, this mattress uses 1.5” of an infused bead memory foam. The Royal features two unique layers of foam as well: 2” of a polyfoam that contours to your body and offers strong support and another polyfoam layer with SMT to increase airflow. Of course, there is also the 6” of core support and coils as well as the climate control airflow regulation layer.

While each Puffy mattress varies, all Puffy models come with an easy to zip cover that is stain resistant and super easy to wash.

Puffy is running a sale, active today May 23, 2024! 

Pressure Relief

One of the biggest draws for people looking into Puffy Mattress is the pressure relief that their mattresses offer. Puffy Mattress has a pretty good understanding of how pressure relief mattresses should be built and use multiple foam layers to achieve some impressive results.

Pressure relief is really dependent on the firmness of a mattress and how you sleep. With a solid medium firmness level, Puffy mattresses offer pressure relief for just about any sleeper.

The top layer of their Lux mattress is extra soft to help side sleepers avoid pressure points on their hips and backs. The Original and the Royal are also designed to relieve common pressure points and help spine alignment with their own layers of foam and mattress design.

We will warn stomach sleepers: Puffy Mattress may not be the ideal choice. Puffy mattresses will offer good pressure relief, but you might feel like you sink a little too deep into your Puffy mattress if you’re prone to sleeping solely on your stomach.

Warranty and Policies

Buying anything online can be a little worrisome, but Puffy Mattress has some great policies and a fantastic warranty.

Puffy Mattress offers a free lifetime warranty with all of their mattress models. It covers any defect that may occur to the mattress with regular use, but not anything that is caused by abuse. Any physical flaws, indentations more than 1.5”, or even zipper malfunctions are covered.

With each purchase, Puffy Mattress also provides a 101 sleep night trial. You aren’t eligible for a return until after 14 nights, but if you really don’t like the mattress after the 14th night, you can contact Puffy for a return and refund. They’ll work with you on how to donate the mattress and provide your refund after the mattress has been taken care of.

Puffy is running a sale, active today May 23, 2024! 

Motion Transfer

Having a mattress that isolates motion can make sleeping with a partner much easier. However, some mattresses that are great at isolating motion lose their bounce which is also not ideal.

In general, foam mattresses absorb motion and are much better at reducing motion transfer than regular mattresses.

We found that the Puffy Mattress does pretty well when it comes to motion isolation. When testing the Lux mattress, we set a mug in the center of the bed and applied pressure to the mattress. The mug rested perfectly fine until pressure was applied right next to it.

Overall, Puffy mattresses do really well at isolating motion which is great for situations where one partner moves around often in their sleep. The mattresses even have some bounce to them still so you won’t fall flat and hard.

Who Should Buy Puffy Mattresses?

Sleepers of all types really enjoyed Puffy mattresses, but there are some types of sleepers that may find the mattresses more comfortable. When looking at Puffy Mattress and the offered models, we figured out which sleeper types will feel most relaxed and supported while sleeping.

Back and Side Sleepers

Back and side sleepers will feel the most supported on these mattresses. Especially when looking at the Lux model, the softer top layer is great at relieving common pressure points while still providing plenty of support and comfort. Stomach sleepers may feel like they sink in a little further than they may like, but the mattresses still provide relief and support.

Sleepers Under 250 Pounds

Unfortunately, most mattresses are designed for those who are more lightweight and Puffy Mattress is no exception. The Original and Royal have a stronger support layer and would be better suited for heavier sleepers, but you may want to look at firmer mattresses to guarantee more comfort and support if you weigh over 250 lbs.


Puffy Mattress has a good handle of motion isolation which makes their mattresses a great option for couples. You’ll still have that nice bounce, but you won’t feel every little shift of your partner and may not even notice if your partner rolls over or climbs out of bed entirely.

Puffy is running a sale, active today May 23, 2024! 

Purple Mattress

purple matters

Think the Purple mattress is a good fit for you?

Now let’s take a look at Purple and what they offer. Just like Puffy Mattress, Purple offers three main mattress models you can purchase. They are all fairly similar, but they do have their differences.


The three mattresses by Purple are all around medium firmness. The Original Purple mattress measures a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale while the Hybrid measures 6-7 and the Premier measures 5-6. Since the firmness differs slightly from each mattress, you have a little freedom in choosing how firm you want your mattress to be, though there aren’t options to choose from within each model.

Here’s how tall each mattress model stands:

With the Purple Premier, you do have the option of how thick you want your mattress, and therefore have a little more control over the firmness you end up with. This is unique to the Premier model however and you will not find it on the other two.


All Purple mattresses use Purple Grid technology. This is an open-air polymer grid that allows for better airflow and more flexibility. It’s elastic and moves under pressure to contour to your body shape. Because it’s an open-air grid, the Purple mattress has great temperature regulation and control. The Purple mattress models are also designed to isolate motion transfer and relieve pressure points.

The Purple Original mattress is the shortest model and has a true medium firmness rating of 6. It uses a 2” layer of Purple Grid right on top so you can really feel the benefits of it. The next layer is 3.5” and made of polyfoam for support. The bottom layer is another high-density support layer.

Standing at 11”, the Purple Hybrid also has a firmness of 6 and an extra layer of structure and temperature regulation. With 7.5” of support foam made from pocketed coils, the Hybrid offers great spine support and pressure relief. It also uses a 2” layer of Purple Grid as the first layer followed by a 1” structural layer to improve support. You'll find consistent edge support and we loved the cushioned top. It's super cooling and suitable for all sleepers (whether you're a stomach sleeper, side sleepers or back sleeper).

The Purple Premier allows you to choose between either 3” or 4” of the Purple Grid layer. With the 3” layer, you’ll have a firmness of 6 whereas the 4” layer will measure more of a 5. The 4” layer has better pressure relief, but it will be softer so if you prefer beds that are firmer, it’s better to opt for the 3”.

After the Purple Grid layer of the Purple Premier, you’ll find 1” of transitional support foam and 7.5” of coils to provide pressure relief and support. It works well at isolating motion transfer without losing too much bounce.

Think the Purple mattress is a good fit for you?

Pressure Relief

Thanks to the Purple Grid layer on each of these mattresses, Purple mattresses do a pretty great job at relieving pressure. The Purple mattress will contour around your body and still offer great support without aggravating any pressure areas.

Sleeping on your stomach may be a little difficult on the Purple Premier, but you’ll still find that it does a good job at relieving pressure.

Warranty and Policies

When you can’t go into the store and try out a mattress before purchasing, it’s fine to feel a bit wary. Thankfully, Purple offers a decent warranty and sleep trial so you don’t have to feel like you’re throwing your money out the window just to try a new Purple mattress.

All Purple mattresses come with a 100 night sleep trial. You can return your Purple mattress for a full refund anytime after the 21st night and before the 100th.

What was that about the 21st night? Yes, Purple does require you to try your Purple mattress for at least 21 nights before you’re able to return it in order to make sure you really have given the mattress a good try.

In addition to shipping their mattresses for free within the entire United States, Purple also offers a white-glove service. It comes free with the Purple Premier, but is only a small cost extra for either the Hybrid or the Original. With the white-glove service, the delivery person will carry your Purple mattress into the house, take out your old mattress, and help set up your bed all in one go.

Without the white-glove service, your Purple mattress will be delivered in a tight roll to your doorstep by FedEx.

Purple provides all their mattresses with a 10 year warranty. It won’t cover any excessive and purposeful damage, but if your Purple mattress starts to deteriorate with regular wear and tear or has any indentations 1” or deeper, Purple will take care of it for you.

Motion Transfer

Mattresses that isolate motion transfer are important for relationships where one person tends to shift in their sleep. Unfortunately, we felt that Purple mattresses didn't particularly excel in this area. The mattresses do hold up pretty well from a distance, but as soon as you get too close, motion is transferred easily.

That said, if you sleep alone or have a partner that doesn’t shift too much in their sleep, your Purple mattress will definitely be fine.

However, if you’re sleeping with a partner, expect to feel the movement. It will still be more muted than some mattresses, but perhaps not as isolated as you may prefer.

Who Should Buy Purple Mattresses?

Purple mattresses are made with side and back sleepers in mind more than stomach sleepers. This is pretty common with medium firm mattresses as stomach sleepers tend to prefer firm mattresses. Anything too soft and you’ll feel like you’re sinking too far into the Purple mattress while sleeping on your stomach.

If you sleep on your back or side though, Purple mattresses offer great support. There is quality pressure relief on your hips and shoulders throughout the night and if you sleep on your back, your Purple mattress will help keep your spine better aligned.

Think the Purple mattress is a good fit for you?

Puffy vs Purple Mattress Final Verdict

Both Puffy and Purple offer high quality mattresses that you can count on for a good night's sleep. If you're a side sleeper, go with a Purple mattress. If you're looking for something that's super cooling with great edge support and effective pressure relief, Purple will have you covered too.

If you love a mattress that's more plush, soft (yet still supportive), you'll likely enjoy the Puffy more. The cloud-like feeling that Puffy mattresses give will have you thoroughly enjoying your sleep every night.

Ultimately, with elaborate sleep trials, warranties and return policies, you have nothing to lose by investing in either brands.

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  1. What is the best mattress for a stomach/side sleeper who often is hot during the night. My husband is a back sleeper! Both like med firm.
    Don’t know Purple, Nectar, vs Casper! Or anything else. Want to stay in the average price range with an adjustable king split!
    Would appreciate any suggestions

    1. You may want to check out GhostBed. If you’re looking to upgrade your base, check out that link, they’re having a sale on adjustable bases for split kings. If you’re happy with the base, the Luxe is great for cooling, but it may be a bit soft for your preferences. They have a quiz you can check out here that can help you match with one. They’re fairly affordable for the quality.

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