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Last Updated: July, 2024

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The Nolah 10" Mattress Review

The Nolah Original Mattress is a super affordable bed targeted toward side sleepers. Of course, when we see a mattress as low priced as the Nolah, we had our sleep testers try it out to see if it's worth it. Just because something is cheaper than other alternatives doesn't mean it's any lesser quality. It also doesn't mean it's worth the money, even though it costs less.

If you're considering the Nolah Original Mattress, keep reading this Nolah mattress review to find out what we thought about this bed and whether it's a good fit for you.

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Nolah 10 Mattress

The Nolah Mattress Review Summary:

The Nolah original mattress is an all-foam medium-soft mattress. It's priced very competitively for what you get, but it may not be suitable if you prefer a firmer feel. The Limited edition, which you'll see in these photos, will soon become Nolah's standard mattress and features a cooling Tencel cover. This mattress is one of my personal favorites, and is an amazing alternative to traditional memory foam. In fact, it's the mattress I sleep on every night (and running a mattress website means I get to test a LOT of mattresses, so this is really saying something).


  • The cooling cover and Nolah original mattress air foam helps prevent overheating
  • Excellent pressure relief, especially for side sleepers
  • The best motion isolation of any mattress we've tested
  • Less expensive than comparable models with very little difference in overall quality
  • More responsive than traditional memory foam
  • Relives back pain
  • Lifetime warranty policies on the nolah original and limited
  • Free shipping & returns in the United States


  • The nolah original and limited could be too soft for strict stomach sleepers

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The Nolah Original Mattress vs. Nolah Limited Edition

The Nolah original mattress and the Nolah limited edition mattress are very similar. The Nolah Original has the same overall construction as the limited edition. The biggest difference between the Nolah Original and the Limited Edition is the cover. The Nolah Original mattress has a cover that's made of a breathable materials that's a blend of viscose and polyester. Nolah has had this cover on the Nolah Original mattress for quite some time. When they launched the Limited Edition, they upgraded the cover to be a cooling tencel lyocell cooling. 

This cooling cover on the Limited Editions helps keep you cooling than the Nolah Original 10 will. Nolah plans to make the Limited Edition the new Nolah Original, making it their flagship mattress model. The current Nolah original 10 will soon stop being sold, and the Nolah Original 10 will have the new cover moving forward. So, technically, this limited edition is the nolah original moving forward.

Sleep Positions & Pressure Relief

Nolah markets the Nolah mattresses primarily towards side sleepers, and this mattress reviews going to explain why. Generally speaking, side sleepers tend to prefer a softer mattress like the nolah original. The softer feel helps cradle pressure points and aids in pressure relief. Here's what we thought about the Nolah mattress for different sleep positions.

  • Side Sleepers - Buy It: If you're a side sleeper, the nolah original or limited mattress is for you. There's no doubt about it. More than likely, you prefer a softer feel, and this all foam mattress is exactly that. It's not so soft that you sink in indefinitely, but it's soft enough that your hips and shoulders will sink in enough to align your spine and relieve pressure points. (Click here to check for discounts on the Nolah Mattress) Also see: Best mattress for side sleepers

  • Back Sleepers - Buy It: If you're a back sleeper who prefers a softer feel, this mattress is a great choice. Most back sleepers tend to prefer a soft-medium firmness mattress that has enough give to provide good pressure relief, but won't feel like you're sinking in. Back sleepers will also like the cradling capabilities of the Nolah Mattress while helping them get comfortable and stay that way without keeping too much body heat.

  • Stomach Sleepers - Don't Buy It: If you're a strict stomach sleeper, the mattress will likely be too soft for you. Since it allows your body to sink in before starting to have some resistance, if you sleep on your stomach, this will overextend your spine, causing back and neck pain. That said, consider checking out the SleepOvation review as their mattresses facilitate comfort for stomach sleepers of various body weights.
  • Combo Sleepers - Consider It: If you're comfortable in multiple positions, the Nolah mattress will be right for you if you:
    1. like a softer feel or have joint pain
    2. spend time sleeping on your side and
    3. tend to toss and turn and will benefit from the great motion isolation this bed provides.

Build Quality

Nolah Mattress Build Quality

When you pay a premium for a mattress, you expect high-quality materials. This mattress raised some eyebrows because it's hundreds of dollars cheaper than comparable alternatives.

We were BLOWN AWAY by the quality of this all foam mattress, considering it's super-low price point. The cover is thick and made of a premium cooling material for removing body heat, and the memory foam has just the right amount of pressure relief.

If you have a lower budget and are looking for a mattress that's still built really well, the Nolah mattress is a solid choice. If you're one of the few that don't like it, you have 120 days to send it back for a full refund.

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Foam Layers

With a memory foam bed, the foam layers are very important. Since you don't have springs to provide support, the different layers that make up the mattress are what gives the mattress all of its comfort qualities. Memory foam beds generally start with a high density foam at the bottom, with softer memory foam on the upper layers. Here's all the foam comfort layers and support layers of the 10" Nolah mattress to help with your mattress shopping.

  • Cover - The cover of this mattress is made from a cooling tencel material and it's great for preventing overheating while you sleep. It feels durable and won't rip or tear over time. It's not removable, so you may still need a mattress protector or base layer.

  • 2" Cooling Nolah Original AirFoam - Another reason why this mattress sleeps cool is its comfort layer which is designed to dissipate body heat efficiently. The 2" of cooling Nolah Original AirFoam is also where all of the pressure relief comes from. This Nolah Airfoam comfort layer is made of Nolah's proprietary foam design to contour closely to your body to help support you without making you feel stuck. The Nolah AirFoam comfort layer is a great addition and one of the main reasons we loved this durable mattress.

  • 1" Supportive Foam - The next transition layer is where the support comes into play. This 1" support and comfort layer is stronger and more durable than premium materials such as latex, and it gives you a responsive and supportive feeling. Good transitions to more support layers is critical to comfort.

  • 7" High-Density Base Layer Foam - The 3rd foam layer of this mattress is made of high density foam, which means you won't sink into it. Instead, it gives the mattress the right resistance, so you sink into the first 2 layers and are cradled and supported by the 3rd. 

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Overall Comfort & Pressure Relief

As a side/back combination sleeper, I found this mattress extremely comfortable. In fact, I liked it so much, I made it the main mattress that I sleep on every night. Owning a mattress review site means I get the chance to test out a ton of mattresses, so to choose one as my main mattress should be saying a lot. Nolah mattresses are one of the best, even for the price according to our mattress experts.

I have issues with pressure in my lower back and hips. When I sleep on my side, I generally have to stick a pillow between my legs to keep my spine aligned. I didn't feel the need to do that with this mattress. The bed itself provided enough pressure relief that I was comfortable enough to not need any extra support. 
Overall, sleeping on this mattress granted me excellent comfort the entire night. I woke up feeling energized without any hip or back pain.

If you're concerned about edge support, which is how well a mattress holds weight near the edge, you won't have to worry. The Nolah Mattress has great edge support and will be suitable if you sleep near the edge of the bed. With the edge support this mattress provides, you won't have to worry about feeling like you're going to fall off of the mattress if you sleep near the edge. 

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Firmness and Feel

This mattress is marketed as a medium, but we felt it's slightly more soft than a true 5/10 medium. In most of our mattress reviews, we compare the actual firmness of the mattress vs what it's advertised as. Memory foam and memory foam alternatives can have different densities, which affects the mattresses firmness.

We put this mattress at about a 4/10 on the firmness scale. This means that you can expect a decent amount of give when you first lay down. You'll sink into the first layer, and partially into the second layer of the mattress. The 3rd layer provides extra support, but that doesn't come until about 2-3 inches down. Overall, it's quite soft and is one of my personal favorites because of it.

Nolah Mattress Firmness

Motion Isolation & Motion Transfer

Motion isolation is the mattress's ability to keep motion contained close to the source. If you sleep with a restless partner or someone who has a different sleep schedule than you and gets in and out of bed frequently, minimizing motion transfer though good motion isolation is key.

A mattress that allows for minimal motion transfer across the sleep surface ensures that your sleep partner won't wake you up in the process of getting in and out of bed or when tossing and turning constantly.

The Nolah original and limited are the best. Plain and simple. We've tested A LOT of mattresses since starting The Sleep Shop, and none of them have been able to isolation motion as the Nolah original and limited has.

As you can see in the gif below, there's almost no motion transfer so if you sleep with a partner, you won't disturb each other. However, minimal motion transfer across the surface is likely to make sex on the Nolah original or  limited less bouncy.

Nolah Motion Isolation


When you opt for an all foam mattress as opposed to an innerspring or a hybrid model like the Nolah Evolution 15, you're going to sacrifice some bounce. Whether or not that's good news or bad news is up to personal preference.For being an all foam mattress, the Nolah original and limited still had a little bounce. This means you won't feel stuck or have trouble getting in and out of bed, but don't expect it to feel like a traditional innerspring mattress because it doesn't.


Like any memory foam mattress, Nolah exhibits slightly off gassing. However, since the mattress incorporates Nolah's natural proprietary foam (Airfoam) in its construction, the off-gassing odor is completely harmless as it boasts low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Though the mattress will be ready immediately after setting it up, if you're sensitive to smell, you should wait at least 48 hours for the smell to dissipate completely.

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Who Should Buy a Nolah Bed?

There's a specific group of people that the Nolah mattress will be ideal for. If you fall into some or all of the following categories, give the Nolah original or limited edition a try.

People who don't DON'T sleep on their stomach often

If you sleep on your side or back, you're more than likely going to find the Nolah mattress extremely comfortable. While it's nice that the Nolah original and limited has a long trial period and a great return policy, if you have one of these sleep styles, or a combination of the, this mattress is a very safe choice.

People who prefer a softer feel

The normal original and limited are a medium-soft on the firmness scale, so if you have a personal preference towards that feeling, you'll love how the nolah original and limited mattress feels.

People who are on a budget

Most people are, but if you've been shopping around for a new mattress online, you've seen how expensive they can be. The Nolah original and limited are an affordable option that is able to compete with companies that charge hundreds of dollars more for a similar product.

People who sleep hot

Cooling mattress covers that actually work are hard to come by. If you sleep hot, having a mattress that actively cools you is essential. Hot sleepers who have a bad problem with overheating during the night should consider investing in cooling sheets as well. 

Also, hot sleepers who like softer mattresses that help keep them comfortable while shielding them from overheating should check out our Amerisleep AS5 Review. This Nolah mattress review comprehensively outlines all the bells and whistles the best memory foam mattress comes with that grants various sleepers a good night's sleep.

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Who Should AVOID This Bed

The Nolah Mattress isn't perfect for everyone. Here's a few traits of people who don't end up liking the Nolah Mattress.

People who sleep on their stomach

If you're a strict stomach sleeper, this mattress will likely be too soft for you. You’ll also risk misaligning your spine. If you only sleep on your stomach sometimes and also tend to like a softer feel, you might still like this mattress. It's worth trying if you've liked soft mattresses in the past, but not if you tend to favor firmer beds. 

That said, If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, our GhostBed review has got you covered. You'll love the firmer feel of some of the GhostBed mattresses, such as the GhostBed Original, and how they do a great task of supporting a sleeper's neck and lower back for a pain-free sleep experience. 

People who like bounce

Whether or not you like the feeling of a bouncy mattress is truly up to personal preference. Some people hate bounce, others love it. While this mattress doesn't make you feel stuck, it doesn't have much bounce either. It's good for an all-foam mattress, but if you like bounce, it'll be best to opt for an innerspring or a hybrid mattress, such as the Puffy Royal Mattress instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're still on the fence about whether the Nolah mattress is a good fit for you, here are a few common questions about this mattress and our answers.

What is AirFoam?

Since this material makes up the uppermost layer of the mattress, you're not wrong for wondering what this Nolah original memory foam alternative is all about and whether it lives up to the industry standard. This is a patented memory foam alternative that Nolah claims has 4x the pressure relief and is 300% more durable than traditional memory foam. Also, the Nolah Original and the limited edition models are way cooler than a traditional memory foam mattress since their Airfoam construction doesn't trap heat easily.

Why Is The Nolah So Much Cheaper?

The mattress industry has good profit margins, especially on larger sizes like queen mattress and king mattress. The materials that go into a mattress aren't very complicated, and good sleep is something people are willing to invest in. Nolah saw this and sought to change the narrative. Their products are just as good as other companies out there who charge hundreds of dollars more. The difference is Nolah doesn't price gouge their customers. Instead, they provide a quality-made product at a fair price point and let their reputation for excellence do the rest.

Does Nolah Mattress Offer A Sleep Trial?

Yes, Nolah offers a 120 night sleep trial on the Nolah original and limited. This is essential when you're buying a mattress online. It's not enough to lay on a mattress for a couple seconds in a store. Having a long sleep trial gives your body the chance to adjust to a new mattress so you know if you truly like it.

Where Should I Buy The Nolah Original Mattress or Nolah Signature Mattress?

If you want to avoid paying more than you have to, you should buy the Nolah Original mattress or Nolah Signature Mattress directly from Nolah. Any other vendors like Amazon, won't offer the same shipping/return policies, and may have different warranty information. Buying directly from Nolah also ensures you're getting the best price. Click here to go to Nolah's website.

Should I Get The Nolah Original 10", or the Signature 12"?

There are slight variations between all of these mattress models. Generally speaking, the limited edition of either the Nolah Original 10" or the Nolah Signature will be the best option. They're the same as the non-limited edition version, but with an upgraded mattress cover. The Nolah signature 12" mattress is 2" thicker, and has medium firm feel. It has a firm side and a soft side. If you know you'll like a softer mattress and want to save a bit of money, the Nolah Original Mattress (Limited Edition) will be the best choice.

What Sleeping Positions Are Best For The Nolah Mattress?

By far, the people who think this mattress is the most comfortable are side sleepers. Since the nolah original and limited are a softer mattress, side sleepers love how much pressure relief the mattress provides. The Nolah mattress is also suitable for back sleepers or combo sleepers. The only sleep style that isn't very compatible with the nolah original mattress is stomach sleepers or some combo sleepers. While some stomach sleepers may find this mattress comfortable, for the most part, people who have this sleep position will find the mattress is too soft.

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How Do All Foam Mattresses Vary From Innerspring

Aside from the obvious, an all foam mattress, like the Nolah Signature 12 mattress, will feel a little different than typical traditional memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses tend to exhibit minimal to no motion transfer across the mattress surface, but may not have the best edge support. Foam mattresses also have less bounce and cradle your body better than an innerspring. If you like to feel like you're sleeping on a mattress, rather than on it, foam mattresses may be something you'd end up liking.

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Closing Thoughts

That does it for our Nolah Mattress review. This mattress really impressed us, especially for the price. If you're in the market for a reasonably priced mattress that's made of high quality memory foam like materials, look no further than Nolah original mattress or limited edition.

Side sleepers and back sleepers will love this mattress, but stomach sleepers should approach with a little more caution. If you're unsure whether or not you'll like this mattress, give it a try and if you don't like it, just send it back. 

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You made it to the end! 

Congrats on reading this entire review. We hope you'll consider the Nolah original mattress, especially if you're a side sleeper. As a reward for making it this far, enjoy this photo of my adorable cat Leo exploring. Sweet dreams!

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