SweetNight Dreamy Mattress Review

Last Updated: June, 2024

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Sweetnight Dreamy mattress review

SweetNight Dreamy Mattress series presents luxury mattresses that guarantee ample support and world-class comfort to all body and sleeper types. In the series are two leading Luxury mattresses, namely, the Dreamy Memory Foam Mattress and the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress. These two mattresses are innovative, sturdy, and versatile, with top-rated sleep performance.

Unlike other mattresses, the SweetNight Dreamy series comprises sleek and classic yet very affordable mattresses a budget shopper would be excited about. So, if you're looking to upgrade your sleep experience with a new affordable bed, then read on to find out more about these Sweet Night Mattresses.

Dreamy Gel Memory Foam Mattress

CertiPUR US Certified

Sweetnight mattresses has been tested to meet CertiPUR-US rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability. 

3 Firmness Levels, 1 Mattress

The Dreamy Memory Foam Mattress allows you to choose the firmness that suits you and your sleeping position simply by flipping the mattress.

Cooling Materials

The Sweetnight dreamy mattress is made with gel-infused foam that's designed to keep you significantly cooler than traditional memory foam.

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Like the SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress, this is not only a flippable mattress but also an all foam bed. While the Dreamy Hybrid comes in 3 different firmness levels, the Dreamy Foam comes in 3 firmness levels; medium-soft, medium and firm. To sleep on your desired mattress firmness all you'll need to do is either rotate from medium to medium-soft and vice versa, or flip to the firm side. It also comes in 

Unlike traditional memory foam, Dreamy Foam Mattress has a slow-moving classic memory foam feel. The feel is quick-sand, like cradling your body while keeping you lifted as you sleep. Performance-wise, below is how this mattress's features guarantee you a good night's sleep. 

Construction and Design

Dreamy Gel Memory Foam Firmness Levels

Like most memory foam mattresses, this all foam bed has different layers—including the cover—with separate roles.

The Cover

The thoughtful decoration of this SweetNight Dreamy S1 Mattress bears an incredible swirly design. On top of that, it's a skin-friendly cover ideal for people with sensitive skin and it's made of thick and soft cool-to-the-touch cotton fabric. 

Pressure Relieving Memory Foam Layer

If you like softer mattresses, you'll enjoy the classic feel of this mattress's layer. From the name, it's evident it provides pressure relief. 

The Gel-infused Memory Foam Layer

The layer's gel infusion makes the mattress breathable to transfer heat away from your body. That way, you can sleep at a comfortable neutral temperature.

Generally, the cooling gel foam and the contouring memory foam make up the comfort layers. Aside from helping dissipate body heat, they also assist sleepers in adjusting their sleeping positions.

High density base foam layer

This high density foam layer is responsible for the mattress's support. The layer also offers a bit firmer option for those seeking more support.

The Bottom Knitted Fabric Layer

At the bottom of the SweetNight Dreamy S1 Mattress is the knitted fabric layer that provides breathability. The high density base foam zone, in conjunction with the bottom knitted layer, forms the mattress's support layer. Together, these two layers give the bed different firmness options because of its flippable mechanism

Temperature Regulation

Dreamy Gel Memory Foam Firmness Levels

SweetNight is running a sale on their Dreamy mattress, active June 17, 2024! Use code SLEEPSHOP for an additional discount. 

According to temperature tests by NapLab, the SweetNight Dreamy Memory Foam Bed has slightly above-average heat dissipation around a sleeper's body.

Compared to typical memory foam mattresses, this bed's heat dissipation capabilities are much better, almost similar to the all-foam Nectar mattress. More importantly, the mattress prevents heat concentration on a single spot on the mattress surface. Instead, it spreads across the areas your body has had contact with. 

Note that overweight hot sleepers may not find this mattress very comfortable as they may experience increased retention. However, it's a suitable fit for medium, lightweight sleepers, and others.

Mattress Feel and Firmness

Dreamy Gel Memory Foam Firmness Levels

Since Dreamy Foam is a flippable mattress, it has both the softer and the medium firm side. The firmer side lacks the comfort zone, but it's still primarily suitable for those seeking more support.


Although the Dreamy Foam is an all foam mattress, it has quite an impressive responsiveness. Generally, this stems from the mattress's dense base foam layer and the combined comfort layers. These layers make moving on the bed's surface relatively easy, especially when switching to a different sleeping position. 

According to most sleep tests, the average time most parts of this Sweet Night mattress take to recover is 0.8s. However, the material takes up to 2.1s for a full recovery. This is relatively fast, considering that it's an all foam mattress. Additionally, this memory foam mattress has a slow bounce compared to a latex mattress. 

The memory foam layers of this mattress absorb huge amounts of energy, leaving little amounts for the bounce. Heavyweight sleepers may find the mattress a bit softer, while lightweight sleepers may find it a bit firmer. Also, heavyweight sleepers may get the feeling of being stuck in the mattress. But individuals like light and average weight stomach sleepers may find the bounce more comforting as it won't make them feel stuck in the material. Instead, it offers a soothing cushiony hug-like sensation.

Edge Support

Despite being a memory foam mattress, this Sweet Night Mattress has a pretty solid edge support. Sitting on its sturdy edge feels like sitting on a chair.

The Dreamy S1 solid mattress edge also offers generous real estate on the sleep surface. So, if you have a sleeping partner, there's no point scrambling for the mid-surface of the mattress. You can sleep comfortably even on the mattress edge without fear of rolling off the bed.

Sleeper Types and Body Weight

Sleeping position and body weight are the primary determinants of firmness and feel of a mattress. That's why mattress firmness is often subjective. The Dreamy S1 Mattress is basically ideal for back sleepers. And the medium firm options are excellent for pain-suffering back sleepers. That's because the mattress helps boost healthy sleeping posture.

Stomach sleepers will also enjoy the same comfort level as back sleepers since the mattress helps align the spine and elevate the hips. Lightweight stomach sleepers should expect similar world-class comfort on the three firmness levels. 

Side sleepers will like how pressure-relieving this Dreamy Mattress is—the top comfort layers of the Dreamy S1 offer exceptional comfort, ideal for average weight side sleepers. But Lightweight individuals may find the medium and the medium firm sides discomforting due to solid firmness.

Because of its high-density foam layers, this S1 Mattress should comfortably accommodate heavy sleepers weighing more than 250 pounds. However, the mattress may not be fit for those weighing more than 290 pounds comfort-wise.

Dreamy Hybrid Mattress

SweetNight is running a sale on their Dreamy hybrid mattress, active June 17, 2024! Use code SLEEPSHOP for an additional discount. 

Stomach and back sleepers seeking a highly affordable, cooling mattress with splendid responsiveness and motion isolation should definitely opt for this SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress.

Dreamy Hybrid was launched this year. And compared to other mattresses, Dreamy Hybrid overlooks the brand's added value with its meticulous details, materials, and design. In fact, its overall mattress construction adds more simplicity to daily practical use for a good night's sleep, as outlined in our SweetNight mattress review below.

Construction and Design

Dreamy Hybrid Mattress Construction

Like the SweetNight twilight mattress, the Dreamy Hybrid also uses steel coils and memory foam in its construction. The mattress offers three thickness options; 8, 10 and 12 inches, for ideal balance between comfort and support.

Mattress cover

Though technically not a layer, Dreamy Hybrid has a plush, cool-to-the-touch mattress cover that helps wick away sweat and moisture. More importantly, the cover protects all the layers beneath it.

Comfort cooling gel foam layer 

Immediately at the top beneath the cover is the cooling gel memory foam layer. It also acts as the comfort layer since it offers tremendous pressure relief across the entire mattress aside from its cooling mechanism.

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Pressure-relieving foam layer

The third layer is the pressure-relieving foam. The layer is responsible for pressure absorption, like the comfort layer above it, offering overall better pressure relief. The layer also gives the Dreamy Hybrid mattress excellent motion isolation, similar to the SweetNight Twilight Mattress.

Pocketed coil layer

The fourth layer of this hybrid bed comprises pocketed coils. The pocketed coils help improve the mattress's firmness and overall durability. Additionally, their retraction gives the sleeper a sense of being lifted. The pressure-reliving foam layer, the two layers, provides the mattress with top-notch motion isolation.

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Support layer

The support layer lies at the very bottom of this hybrid bed. Designed with high-density support foam, the layer is pretty excellent at absorbing pressure and weight on the mattress while also supporting the steel coils.

Mattress Performance

Primarily, the performance of a mattress typically lies in the design and structural construction of its layers. The same is also true for the Dreamy Hybrid. Below is an outline of how the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress performs in temperature control, responsiveness, and other areas.

Temperature Control

For temperature regulation, this Dreamy Mattress has an anti-bacterial mite Tencel cover and a cooling gel foam layer. The cover primarily shields you from night sweats through efficient heat dissipation. Also, its surface is porous enough to enhance efficient airflow. 

More importantly, the cover is fitted with dual-core anti-bacterial technology to help fend off mites and bacteria. With its hypoallergenic nature, this Sweet Night Mattress is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. Additionally, the mattress's pocketed coils also add to its overall air circulation and breathability.


Dreamy Hybrid's pocketed coils and pressure-relieving memory foam layer make it an excellent responsive mattress. Because of its top comfort foam layer, the mattress feels slightly doughy. In the same way, a responsive mattress is bouncy, and so is this Sweet Night mattress. However, the responsiveness of this Dreamy Mattress is average to strike a balance between comfort and support through its coil support layer. Moving around on its surface is relatively easy. And because it limits motion transfer, it prevents sleeping partners from disturbing each other with constant tossing and turning. 

Edge Support

If you can count on Dreamy Foam's edge support, then Dreamy Hybrid is also solidly reliable. Given its steel coil reinforcement, its edge support ensures you can sleep or lay comfortably on the mattress's edge—without worrying about rolling or sliding off the mattress. Use of this bed cuts across all ages, and because of its reliable edge Support, senior citizens can effortlessly get on and off the mattress.

Body Weight & Types of Sleepers

The design and construction of this mattress primarily target back and side sleepers. Courtesy of the top foam and the coil support layer, the mattress offers back sleepers excellent pressure relief. It also has zoned firmness where a section of the mattress is medium-soft and the rest is medium-firm and you can rotate the mattress to enjoy your desired firmness level.

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Dreamy Hybrid Mattress Firmness Levels

The top layer of this Sweet Night Mattress offers an incredible sinkage that cradles excellently with the pressure points around a side sleeper's hips and shoulders.

Stomach sleepers may not find this Sweet Night Mattress quite comforting unless they weigh less than 130 pounds. Heavyweight stomach sleepers exceeding 130 may experience problems like spinal misalignment. Plus, it may not keep their hips properly propped up.

Overall, the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid mattress feels firmer for a lightweight sleeper and softer for a heavyweight sleeper. Note that this mattress is only supportive for individuals weighing up to 250 pounds. Body weight exceeding 250 pounds may sink excessively into the material, making movements on the mattress surface difficult.

Should you choose the Dreamy Hybrid or the Dreamy Foam Mattress?

Dreamy Foam and Hybrid are affordable mattresses with price tags below $800. More importantly, their queen size mattress options are available at full retail. Though they have different construction designs, they both have a cooling gel layer, which offers cooling relief to hot sleepers.

Back and side sleepers should find either two mattresses splendidly pressure relieving and supportive, given the design of their foam layers. 

So, why should you pick either option instead of another? Side, back, and lightweight stomach sleepers who like a bouncy mattress should enjoy sleeping on the Dreamy Hybrid. However, individuals who want the classic memory foam feel of an all foam bed should go for the Dreamy Foam Mattress.

If solid support and excellent pressure relief are your top priorities, then the Dreamy Hybrid is the best pick. But if you want a mattress that can comfortably accommodate any sleeper, the flippable Dreamy Foam has got you covered.

SweetNight is running a sale on their Dreamy hybrid mattress, active June 17, 2024! Use code SLEEPSHOP for an additional discount. 

Closing Thoughts

Overall, these SweetNight Dreamy Mattresses are designed to give all types of sleepers a cutting-edge sleep experience depending on your preferences. Aside from the anti-dust mite properties, the mattress foams allow for enough pushback and ergonomic support for any sleeping position. More importantly, the mattress's foams are Certipur US Certified. The certification makes these Sweet Night Mattresses safe for use since they don't emit harmful chemicals or odors.

Generally, compared to most memory foam and hybrid mattresses on the market, these two provide excellent sleep comfort at an affordable price. And given their durable design, you can bet that purchasing your preferred option will be worth your investment.

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