SleepOvation Mattress Review

Last Updated: May, 2024

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The Unbiased SleepOvation Mattress Review

With 700 tiny mattresses packed into one, SleepOvation takes your comfort to a whole other level. In theory, sleeping in 700 small mattresses packed in individual cushion pockets may sound strange and somewhat uncomfortable; nevertheless, the SleepOvation mattress has been confirmed to be the most comfortable mattress yet.

Launched in 2015 to revolutionize the industry, SleepOvation has proven time and time again to be the best mattress company at offering pressure relief, a common issue facing restless sleepers.

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Sleep Ovation Mattress Review

SleepOvation Mattress Review Summary:

In this article, we conduct an in-depth SleepOvation mattress review to understand the reasons why consumers recommend SleepOvation as the best mattress for comfort and personalized pressure relief and support. Keep reading to learn more about its construction, setup process, performance, and other benefits of sleeping on a SleepOvation mattress.


  • Super cooling
  • Responsive
  • Great motion isolation
  • Adapts to different body types


  • Cover is loose and can move around under your sheets
  • Edge support isn't great

SleepOvation is running a flash sale on their award winning mattress, active May 23, 2024!

Chiropractor Endorsed

The SleepOvation mattress is one of the few mattress brands endorsed by Chiropractors.

700 Tiny Mattresses In One

The SleepOvation mattress is exceptionally cooler and more responsive, due to its "700 tiny mattress" design.

Allergy Friendly

The washable zip-off cover is easy to keep clean and free of dust and other common allergens. 

Why SleepOvation is Just What You Need:

Minimal motion transfer: Like the Nolah Mattress, the SleepOvation mattress offers great motion isolation. Cushion Pocket technology allows your side of the bed to remain completely stable as your partner wakes up at night. This will make sure that you are not disturbed during sleep despite various bathroom breaks and runs that you or your partner may take at night.

Cooler sleeping experience
: SleepOvation’s cooling technology has made it possible for you to experience a cooler and sweat-free sleep experience. The cushion pocket technology allows air circulation in-between the pockets, ensuring that excess heat is dissipated from the mattress. Despite having 700 mini mattresses jammed together, numerous air pathways between them prevent too much heat retention. In addition to the cooling system in between memory foam, the breathable cover plays a part in keeping you cool as you sleep.

Great support: The SleepOvation mattress facilitates comfort for customers of various body weights and sleep preferences. It can support up to 300 pounds. The mattresses accommodate different body types and distribute weight across the sleeping surface, providing comfort and much-needed support. Body weight distribution helps in relieving back pain, hip pain, and overall restless sleep. This makes the SleepOvation bed a solid choice for sleepers who struggle with restless leg syndrome and back pain while sleeping. Weight distribution relieves body strain which in turn improves spinal alignment. For this reason, most chiropractors and pro athletes recommend SleepOvation as the go-to source for maximum pressure relief.

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Why it May Not Work for You:

If you are in search of a bargain deal: The SleepOvation mattress price is generally high. The recent price range falls between $1000 to $2000. This amount might be too much if you are restrained by a tight budget.

Despite the SleepOvation mattress' hefty cost, its purchasing price is rightfully justified by the spine support and general comfort offered. That said, if you are in the market for a low-cost mattress, SleepOvation will not fit a small budget. Instead, go for affordably priced models such as the GhostBed mattresses. The GhostBed Review features high-quality memory foam mattresses that are suitable for various sleeping positions. You can go through it to find out whether this brand is a good fit for your needs.

If you prefer a relatively soft mattress:
Everyone has their own definition of comfort in regards to sleeping. Generally, SleepOvation was developed to facilitate back pain relief, supported by the Cushion Pocket technology which adds to its firmness. If you require a light mattress that is also similar to the common foam mattress, SleepOvation might not give you the plush comfort and support you need. So, for a softer sensation that makes you feel like you're sleeping "in" the surface, our Amerisleep Mattress Review might have just the right soft mattress for you.

SleepOvation Mattress Construction: What is it Made of?

Inside the 1" washable cover composed of elastane and polyester, you'll find 700 small mattresses combined into one 12" mattress. These 700 mini mattresses make up the topmost mattress section. It comprises 3-inch foam packed into individual fabric pockets, measuring 2 1/4W x 2 1/4Lx 3"H. These cushion pockets are connected to their own pocket spring in every 2.25 square inches.

The mattress features 8-inch tall spring coils made from 0.78 high carbon steel, which form its bottom layer and offer a solid foundation to the entire bed. They also facilitate movability and ease of compression. Every individual cushion pocket spring unit evenly distributes body weight which makes the mattress perfect for utmost spine support. After years of hunching and poor posture, the SleepOvation mattress is what you just need to facilitate spine alignment and a whole night's restful sleep.

SleepOvation contains a removable quilted fire cap that operates as an internally fitted mattress pad. This removable quilted fire cap allows you to interact directly with the mattress and also elevates its comfortability. So, if you purchase a SleepOvation mattress, you won't have to look for an external mattress pad.

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Sleep Ovation Mattress Cover
SleepOvation Removable Mattress Cover

First Look at SleepOvation: What to Expect

In a span of 7-14 days after purchase, the sleepOvation will be delivered to your desired location. It arrives in a box compacted to the address. Since it is quite hefty, the mattress is accompanied by a back saver box with wheels fitted at the bottom, which facilitates movement to its setting area.

Once you settle the mattress at the preferred location, remove it from the box. After that, begin removing the plastic which will then facilitate its expansion. After a day or two, it will have fully expanded to its full size. As the mattress production integrates CertiPUR Certified foams, your SleepOvation mattress might release gases as you unbox it. These fumes should disperse rapidly. If you feel affected by the fumes, open the windows in the room or store the mattress in a properly ventilated room. That said, you might want to also check out the PlushBeds Mattress Review for an organic mattress that's low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and doesn't contain toxic chemicals.

SleepOvation is running a flash sale on their award winning mattress, active May 23, 2024!


SleepOvation is rated at 6 on a 0- 10 firmness scale. According to the scale, 0 represents the least firmness and 10 is the most firm. Scoring 6 on this scale means that the SleepOvation mattress falls in between firm and somewhat soft (medium-firm), making it ideal for accommodating various sleep positions. If you're not sure which firmness level will work best for you, a flippable mattress might be all you need. Go over our Layla Mattress Review to know everything we loved about the Layla Hybrid. 

SleepOvation Mattress Firmness


The technology behind the SleepOvation hybrid mattress has been transformative to the company. These 700 individual tiny mattresses create an experience that could not be previously accomplished by any other mattress company.

By offering relief from back pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain, the SleepOvation mattress has redefined comfortable sleep. Its breathable mattress cover and numerous air pathways have also improved sleep through heat dissipation and cooling.

The soft bouncy feel facilitated by the numerous pocketed coils also makes the sleepOvation mattress perfect for sexual activities. What's more, its individually pocketed coils have facilitated comfortable back sleeping and side sleeping by offering individualized support. As you adjust your sleeping positions, these coils adjust to your needs and body type.

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SleepOvation Motion Isolation
SleepOvation Responsive
SleepOvation Bounce


SleepOvation Mattress comes with a removable zipped mattress cover which can be occasionally washed as needed. You can also vacuum it regularly in between the tiny mattresses to remove germs and dirt. Vacuuming also provides allergy relief. Plus, the mattress pad facilitates air channels that improve airflow, thus enhancing fabric pocket cleanliness.

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SleepOvation Mattress Cover With Zipper


SleepOvation offers a 10-year warranty that protects the owner against any defects on the mattress. Most companies do not offer long-term warranties such as SleepOvation which in itself is a plus. This warranty shows that the manufacturer stands behind the product, so you can rest assured you're purchasing a top-quality and long-lasting mattress.

The warranty covers visible indentation greater than 1 inch, permanent damage on the springs, and memory foam during shipping, delivery, or basic handling at home. The zipper and seams assembly is also covered in this warranty.

Mattress replacement retains the original warranty without an extension. The warranty is only given to original purchase buyers and not third parties. It does not cover indentations that do not measure 1 inch, regular softening of the mattress, stains, tears, burns, and any other visible damages.

SleepOvation is running a flash sale on their award winning mattress, active May 23, 2024!

100-night Trial

If a 10- year- warranty is not enough, the manufacturer goes further to offer a 100 free night trial on the mattress. This 3 month trial period offers plenty of time for buyers to experience SleepOvation mattress without any risks. If you end up not liking your mattress, SleepOvation provides free returns. However, customers can not return their mattress until they test the mattress for at least 30 days.

Customers are not charged for returns apart from those in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada which require an additional $100 fee. Sleep trials can be nullified if you sell the mattress to a third party or if the mattress is moved from the country of original purchase. For a medium firm mattress with a generous sleep trial period and a forever warranty, check out our Puffy Mattress Review.


SleepOvation can solely be found on the SleepOvation website. The mattresses are not sold on e-commerce sites such as Amazon or any other online company. They are exclusively ordered and delivered by the company. Simply reach out to the company through their website and order your brand new SleepOvation mattress.


SleepOvation is shipped to all 50 states in America for free but orders from Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada require a $180 shipping fee. The company uses UPS Ground for deliveries. The mattresses arrive between 1 and 2 weeks from the date of order placement. However, they do not offer old mattress removal services.

Edge Support

Despite its superior features, the SleepOvation mattress does not offer good edge support while sitting. This makes it difficult to sit on the edge of the bed. Nevertheless; this should not stop you from sleeping on the sleepOvation bed since its performance is not compromised.

SleepOvation Edge Support

Comparison to Purple Hybrid

It is natural to be curious as to how one mattress compares to others when buying a new mattress. It is important to affirm your buying decision with a comprehensive comparison review. For that reason, we took a close look at the comparison between SleepOvation and Purple Hybrid mattress which is a similar competitor.

Both SleepOvation and Purple are hybrid mattresses. They both offer free shipping and a 10-year warranty. Both mattresses are suitable for hot sleepers with purple's ventilated grid system and interior coil layer which stabilizes your body temperature at night and SleepOvation’s pocket cushion technology that accommodates air channels for proper ventilation of the mattress and heat dissipation. Purple also offers good edge support, facilitating sitting or sleeping on edges which SleepOvation does not.

SleepOvation is higher than Purple standing at 12 inches, while Purple stands at 11 inches. SleepOvation mattress is also most suitable for side and back sleepers, unlike Purple which despite offering support for side and back sleepers, doesn't give them the comfort they need.

Overall Summary

Side Sleepers 5/5

Side sleepers will enjoy how the mini mattresses adjust to their sleep position and distribute their weight on each individual column, reducing pressure on their shoulders and hips. They will also enjoy how the soft top mattress makes them comfortable as they adjust their sleep position. A similar mattress with exceptional pressure relief for side sleepers is the Lytton Comfort Plush Mattress.

Back sleepers 5/5

Back sleepers enjoy the stable lumbar support by the  SleepOvation mattress. The pocket columns also help keep the spine neutral by distributing the weight on each individual cushion pocket spring creating the perfect balance. The soft feel will be facilitated by the cover and firmness will be maintained by the spring coils. Check out our Puffy Lux Mattress Review for another supportive and pressure-relieving alternative for back sleepers.

Stomach sleepers 4/5

Stomach sleepers will appreciate the firmness of the SleepOvation mattress. They will also appreciate its ability to maintain a neutral spine courtesy of the pocket columns.

Couples 5/5

Motion isolation features will guarantee that couples will enjoy their sleep with minimal disturbance. The tiny mattresses in the sleepOvation will ensure minimal motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other.

Closing Thoughts

We confidently recommend the SleepOvation mattress due to its unique ability to relieve back pain and correct posture. The ability to adjust to any body type to provide support is a remarkable experience. Its special cooling technology that promotes airflow in between the pocketed coils makes sleeping hot a thing of the past.

SleepOvation is perfect for back sleepers and side sleepers which makes it ideal for the larger demographic. Its motion isolation features also make it very attractive to couples who share beds and wake up on different schedules.

SleepOvation mattress has combined all the best features considered while purchasing a new mattress thus setting it apart from the competition. Overall, based on our extensive SleepOvation mattress review, Its design has proven to be the most ideal mattress for support and a good night's sleep.

SleepOvation is running a flash sale on their award winning mattress, active May 23, 2024!

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