Nolah Bamboo Sheets Review

Last Updated: July, 2024

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The sheets you put on your mattress can significantly impact how well you sleep. You want something that will not only suit your personal preferences but also fit well with your situation.

Important factors to consider when purchasing new sheets include the weave, fabric, cost, and ease of care. It's also crucial that the fitted sheet's pocket depth and set size are compatible with your mattress. Our Nolah Mattress Review has everything you need to know about the Nolah Mattress, a perfect mattress for your Nolah bamboo sheets.

Are you in the market for some five-star luxury hotel-quality sheets? The Nolah bamboo sheets may be the product you're looking for.

There's so much to love about these sheets. For starters, they're made of a lightweight, ultra-soft, and breathable bamboo viscose material, which does a great job of wicking away excess moisture. This helps keep you dry and comfortably cool during the night. Moreover, bamboo has antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, meaning your sheets will remain fresh and clean for much longer.

However, is Nolah's silky, soft feel right for you? Our Nolah Bamboo Sheets review will examine the construction and materials of the Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set, not to mention important details about size, price, and more.

Nolah Bamboo Sheets

Nolah is running a sale on their sheets, active July 14, 2024!

Nolah Bamboo Sheets Review Breakdown

The Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set is highly likely to appeal to many shoppers, including hot sleepers and persons with sensitive skin. This is largely due to its high-quality fabric and top-notch construction.

The bamboo-derived viscose material used to make Nolah Bamboo Bed Sheets is soft and durable, meaning you won't have to choose between longevity and comfort. The ultra-soft fabric is also breathable and boasts moisture-wicking properties, making this set a viable choice for individuals who sleep hot.

While Nolah sells their sheets in several dimensions, they're currently only available in classic white. However, if color isn't a deal breaker, you'll be glad to know that this fitted sheet boasts a 16-inch pocket depth that can fit most standard-size beds and high-profile models.

Overall, the Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set is a worthwhile option for sleepers willing to pay a bit extra for a soft, organic sheet that can help them sleep cool and dry.

To know whether it's the right set for your sleep position and body type, you must keenly look at a wide range of factors.

The first crucial step is understanding how Nolah Bamboo Sheets are constructed and how their unique design influences their performance. Potential customers must decide whether the cost, sizing, and color options work for their budget and mattress. It's also worth looking at Nolah's sleep trial and shipping policies, as these differ from other bamboo sheets.

Materials and Construction

The Nolah Bamboo Sheet Sets are made of 100% viscose derived from Bamboo. Fabrics derived from bamboo are well-known for their soft, silky feel and these bamboo sheets are no exception.

They feel silky and comfortable against the sleeper's skin, while the sateen weave gives the pillowcases and sheets a luxurious sheen. Unlike percale sheets, which generally feel crisp due to their percale weaves, Nolah Bamboo Sheets feel sleek and satin-like and drape closely over the body.

Nolah Bamboo Sheets

Nolah is running a sale on their sheets, active July 14, 2024!

The viscose material is also breathable and moisture-wicking, facilitating maximum airflow through the fabric. These features enable the sheets to draw excess warmth away from the body as you sleep, making them well-suited for those who tend to run hot at night. However, the Nolah Bamboo Sheets may not be warm enough for sleepers in cold climates.

Nolah Bamboo Sheets

Nolah is running a sale on their sheets, active July 14, 2024!

Aside from their exceptionally soft feel and temperature regulation feature, Nolah sheets hold up well with normal use and multiple washings.

Prices and Sizing

Generally, Bamboo sheets come in a wide range of sizes and price points. While the Nolah Bamboo Sheet Sets fall at the higher end of this range, their top quality backs up the hefty price tag.

You can buy these sheets in seven sizes: Split King, California King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, and Twin. The Twin and Twin XL sets are available in three-piece packages with a fitted sheet, pillowcase, and one flat sheet.

The California King, King, Queen, and Full sets come with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The Split King set, on the other hand, has one flat sheet, two fitted sheets, and two pillowcases.

Nolah Bamboo Sheets Sizes and Prices


Split King


California King








Twin XL




Color, Design, and Pattern

Currently, the Nolah Bamboo Sheet Sets come in classic white. The fabric's sateen weave gives the color a slight sheen. The stitching and material are in solid white; hence your sheets should complement a wide range of decors. This special weave is also what gives sateen sheets that buttery smooth, silky finish. Our best sateen sheets review has some of the top-rated sateen sheets in the market and everything we love about them.

Care and Cleaning

Remember, care instructions vary greatly between different bed sheets, so it's crucial to follow the guidelines specific to your Nolah Sheets to ensure you don't ruin them.

Washing the Nolah Bamboo Sheet Sets is quite simple and doesn't need any special treatment or handling. These sheets are machine-washable, so you can toss them in your home machine and wash them with like colors. However, Nolah advises against adding bleach or fabric softener as they could damage the fabric.

Tumble dry your sheet sets at medium heat to help preserve their strength. Remember to remove the sheets promptly from the dryer, as most bamboo sheet sets tend to wrinkle. You can also consider line-drying your sheets to avoid wrinkles.

You can typically extend your sheet's useful lifespan by following manufacturer care instructions. However, most sheet sets will last much longer if you wash them in warm or cold water, use the gentle cycle, and avoid bleach. For a comprehensive guide on how to take care of your sheets, our how often should you wash your sheets post has tried and tested steps to help you maintain a healthy sleep environment.

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

Here's what you should expect when you buy the Nolah Bamboo Sheets:


The Nolah Bamboo Bed Sheets are available directly from the company on the Nolah website. Unfortunately, these bed sheets aren't available at third-party retail shops.


Free shipping is available for buyers living in the contiguous U.S. additional shipping charges may apply if you're living in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada. Canadian shoppers may also have to pay taxes upon delivery.

Most orders usually arrive within one to two business days, depending on location. Once you place your order, it receives a FedEx tracking number immediately after it leaves the company's warehouse in San Antonio. You'll receive your bed sheets in a small package with carrying cases that you can use for storage.

Return Policy

Nolah Bamboo Bed Sheets come with a 30-day return window. Shoppers can buy a return shipping label from their preferred carrier or work with the company's customer service team to receive a discounted shipping label directly from Nolah.

You must request the return via email. Qualified returns are usually eligible for a full refund.


Nolah Bamboo Bed Sheets are backed by a lengthy 10-year limited warranty. While this impressive warranty covers manufacturer defects, it won't protect your sheets against ripped seams, stains, burns, wrinkles, or normal wear and tear.

How to Choose the Best Bed Sheets for Your Mattress

Because there are countless bed sheet brands and models on the market, it's crucial to know what really matters before getting yourself a new sheet set.

What to Consider When Buying a New Sheet

The first step in getting the perfect sheets for your needs is knowing how to sort out the vital deets from the buzz. Some bedding companies often use confusing or trumped-up marketing language to differentiate their brand and market themselves.

While some of these brands are truly worth the expense, you can focus on certain factors to avoid inflated prices and overhyped features. They include:


Material is a central factor influencing your sheet's performance, look, and price. All fabrics have their own merits and demerits and can be manufactured to a wide range of quality standards. Choosing a material that best suits your needs goes a long way in helping shoppers find an ideal sheet set.

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There are various ways to evaluate how a sheet feels. One crucial factor is softness, as some weaves and materials will feel plusher. Bed sheets can be very smooth or have more coarseness. Certain fabrics come with a lightweight and crisp feel, and others, such as linen, have a bit more heft.


You want to set your budget and use it as a guidepost to help you filter your options. Generally, the range of bed sheet prices is enormous. While there are solid values at various price points, you're sure to receive the best return on investment, especially if you can pay slightly more for durable, top-quality sheets.


This refers to how a piece of fabric is woven into a bed sheet or pillowcase. The same base material has a different appearance and feel depending on how it is woven (like with sateen or percale weave). This usually matters more for certain types of bedding materials like cotton.


Breathable bed sheets promote cooling. They absorb excess moisture from your body and allow maximum airflow through the fabric. This process, commonly known as moisture-wicking, can help sleepers stay cool even during hot nights

Design, Color, and Pattern

While most sleepers focus on how bed sheets feel and perform, it is also crucial to think about how your sheets look, especially if you've got a knack for interior decorating. Bed sheets can come with a shiny, matte, or more understated finish.

Their tendency to wrinkle and how they drape over your bed affect appearance. Some sheets are also sold in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Thread Count

This refers to the total number of horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch of fabric. A higher thread count often means a more dense, durable, and quality sheet.

Mattress Height

Taller-than-average mattresses need deep pocket sheets. Typically this means any bed taller than 12 to 13 inches. Always measure your bed to ensure your new sheet sets properly fit.

Ease of Care

You should wash your sheets frequently to keep them fresh. However, some materials need very delicate handling to help keep them in good condition. In most cases, washing your sheets with cold water and drying them on low-heat settings can prevent damage.


While most sheets won't last forever, a top-quality sheet should hold strong for at least three to five years, even with regular use. A lower-quality sheet set will be prone to losing its softness, developing holes, or fading in color.

Who Should Buy the Nolah Bamboo Sheets?

There are multiple benefits to sleeping on a bamboo sheet, but some shoppers are better suited than others to Nolah Bamboo Sheet Sets. Hot sleepers and those living in warm or humid climates will benefit from bamboo's moisture-wicking and thermo-regulating properties. And since Nolah Bamboo Sheets are light, they retain less moisture and humidity than heavier fabrics.

Eco-conscious sleepers should pay close attention to the certifications of the sheets they buy. Certain bamboo sheet sets are more eco-friendly than others and some bedding companies, such as Nolah, take extra safety measures to ensure the safety of their employees and the environment

Nolah Bamboo Sheets

Nolah is running a sale on their sheets, active July 14, 2024!

Nolah sheets are naturally hypoallergenic, making them ideal for sleepers with allergies or sensitive skin. However, if you want all-natural sheets, you may want to consider cotton, silk, or linen sheets. Viscose is usually considered semi-synthetic due to the processing methods used.

While Nolah's Bamboo Sheet Set is relatively easy to care for and maintain, given that it is machine washable, there are still measures you should take to maintain your sheets. If you don't like your bed sheets to wrinkle, you may want to buy Nolah Bamboo Sheets or consider microfiber or cotton-blend sheets that are more wrinkle-resistant.

If you prefer warm, cozy bedding accessories or live in cold climates, you may consider jersey or flannel sheets instead. While Nolah sheet sets are thermo-regulating, they're still more lightweight than some shoppers may prefer.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that you should consider when it comes to buying a set of nice, high-quality bamboo sheets. Generally, Nolah Bamboo Sheets are hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, and have a very comfortable sleep surface. They're silky-soft and regulate your body temperature naturally, making them the best cooling sheets for all sleepers.

Whether you have allergies, want the best sheet for your mattress, or simply want to try out one of the smoothest and most sustainable bed sheets in the market today, Nolah Bamboo Sheets are your holy grail.

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