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Last Updated: February, 2023

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Amerisleep AS5 Review & Ratings

Amerisleep is a brand that's been around for a while and has a reputation for putting out top quality sleep products. We got the chance to test their softest and most luxurious mattress from their lineup: the Amerisleep AS5 hybrid.

In this mattress review, we'll go over everything we loved about this mattress and touch on a few things that could be improved. No mattress is perfect, but there's definitely a specific demographic that will LOVE this mattress and others who will likely hate it. If you're curious to see where you fit in, keep reading.

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Amerisleep AS5 Review

Quick Summary:

The Amerisleep AS5 mattress is a medium-soft mattress that comes in either an all-foam or a foam hybrid. The all-foam version will have better motion isolation, whereas the foam hybrid will be springier and likely last a bit longer. This mattress is softer than most other mattresses on the market, so make sure you like a softer feel if you're considering the Amerisleep AS5 mattress.


  • Keeps you cool while you sleep
  • Soft yet supportive eco friendly memory foam
  • Durable cover
  • Great customer service
  • 20-year warranty, double the standard 10 years
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Support along the edge could be improved
  • Could be too soft for stomach sleepers and/or people over 250lbs

All Amerisleep Mattress Models

While the Amerisleep AS5 mattress is Amerisleep's softest and most expensive mattress in their current lineup, they do have a few other options for you to consider.

The current mattresses available from Amerisleep are the 
AS1, AS2AS3, AS4, and AS5. As the numbers go up, the firmness level of the mattress and the memory foam goes down. This means the AS1 is their firmest memory mattress, and the Amerisleep AS5 mattress is their softest memory foam mattress. The AS2AS3 and the Amerisleep AS5 mattress are all available in hybrid and memory foam; the AS1 and AS4 are only available in all-foam/memory foam.

If you're a strict stomach sleeper, the
AS1 or AS2 will be a better fit for you than the Amerisleep AS5 mattress. While the Amerisleep AS5 mattress offers great support for back and side sleepers, the amount it sinks in may overextend your neck and back if you sleep on your stomach.

Construction / Layers

What makes each Amerisleep mattress unique is the construction and layers. The AS5 hybrid foam mattress has four core layers that make up the mattress. These layers each have a purpose.

The layers of this mattress will vary depending on if you get the memory foam variety or the foam hybrid. For the purpose of this mattress review, we tested the hybrid so the layers we talk about here are all layers of the hybrid style mattress.

  • Cover: Not technically a layer, the ultra-breathable cover on the Amerisleep AS5 foam hybrid mattress is aerated to help prevent overheating. It's a great added bonus to a mattress that's already designed to help cool you at night.

  • Layer 1 - Open Cell BioPur Foam: This initial comfort layers a plant based open cell structure memory foam that's ultra-plush but is still designed to cool you throughout the night and feel liked your body is contoured. It's also eco friendly. This layer contours to your body to help with pressure relief and gives the bed its responsive "bounce back" feeling. This layer is the reason the Amerisleep AS5 mattress is so soft but doesn't make you feel stuck.

  • Layer 2 - Active Flex Memory Foam: This layer continues adding additional softness to the mattress and is also eco friendly. It's slightly denser than the BioPur which helps you stop sinking into the bed. Its the first true support layer.

  • Layer 3 - Pocked Coils: On the hybrid models specifically, the next layer is the pocketed coils. These coils do a lot for the feel of the mattress. They give it a more traditional bounce you're probably used to and help extend the bed's life. With these coils, you won't ever have to worry about sinkage over time. Since the coils support everything above them, they prevent the bed from developing low points after years of use like other low-priced memory foam beds.

  • Layer 4 - Transitional Support Foam: The final layer of the Amerisleep AS5 mattress is a transitional support memory foam that adds to the mattress's structural integrity. This layer makes the bed more durable and resilient, ultimately extending the life of the mattress.
AmeriSleep AS5 Hybrid Layers

Amerisleep is currently running an awesome deal! Get $300 off the Amerisleep AS5 mattress if you buy today!

Amerisleep is currently running an awesome deal! Get $300 off the Amerisleep AS5 mattress if you buy today!

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Firmness / Sinkage

Firmness is the #1 comfort factor that makes or breaks a mattress for someone. Most people already have a preference in mind. Some people like a hard mattress that feels more like you're sleeping "on" it, while others prefer the softer sensation of a mattress that feels like you're sleeping "in" it.

The Amerisleep AS5 hybrid would definitely be considered a soft mattress. While it's rated as a medium-soft, it's one of the softest we've tested thus far. When you lay on the mattress, there's a noticeable amount of give as the mattress conforms to your body. However, once you move or get out of bed, the mattress pops back into place quickly. For a bed with so much give on the top layer, the responsiveness was impressive. If you don't like a soft feel, you may want to opt for one of their medium firm models instead.

If you're in search of a soft mattress that doesn't sacrifice durability and support, the AS5 is a solid choice.

If you have a queen size or full size bed and sleep with a partner, you may notice that your partners sinkage has an affect on you. While this mattress is soft and comfortable, on a queen size or smaller, you'll have to keep a bit of distance between yourself and your partner to not feel the impact of them laying near you.

Amerisleep AS5 Firmness

Motion Transfer & Motion Isolation

Motion isolation and motion transfer go hand in hand. Motion transfer and motion isolation refer to a mattress's ability to keep motion close to the source. The AS5 has great motion isolation, especially for a hybrid mattress. Traditionally, in beds with a pocked-coil core, you're still able to feel when your partner gets in and out of bed. That wasn't the case with the AS5.

Amerisleep managed to create a mattress that's not only soft yet supportive but one that's also responsive with great motion isolation. These characteristics don't normally go together, so hats off to Amerisleep for making it work.

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AmeriSleep AS5. Motion Isolation

Amerisleep is currently running an awesome deal! Get $300 off the Amerisleep AS5 mattress if you buy today!

Edge Support

Amerisleep AS5 Edge Support

If you sleep on a small size bed, especially with a partner, support along the edge is critical. A bed with bad edge support will feel like you're about to fall off of it if you sleep near the edge.

Unfortunately, the edge support of the AS5 left a lot to be desired. If you're within an inch or two of the edge, it does feel like you could fall off if you're not careful.

If you sleep alone or have a King size mattress or split king, this is a non-issue. However, if you sleep on a queen or a full with a partner, the lack of edge support may be a good reason to upgrade to a larger bed or go with an option with better support along the edges, such as the Lytton Comfort Plush Mattress.

Cooling Features

Being in the mattress industry, it sometimes feels like every new mattress made in the past couple of years is a "cooling" mattress. It's an industry buzz word. Not all "cooling" mattresses actually cool you.

Amerisleep is one of those companies that's been around as long as they have because they have great products that don't aim to deceive consumers.

The AS5 hybrid is a mattress that actually helps keep you cool. If you combine this mattress with cooling sheets and blankets, you're going to cut down on night sweats a significant amount.

The cover of the AS5 is the first step towards a cooler night's sleep. It's aerated and ultra-breathable. The cover is also cool to the touch, but this will likely be masked when you put sheets on the bed, so it's a moot point. This is why just having a cooling cover isn't enough.

Amerisleep is currently running an awesome deal! Get $300 off the Amerisleep AS5 mattress if you buy today!

AmeriSleep AS5 Cover

In addition to the cover, the first layer of the mattress is also designed to help keep you cool. It's an open-cell bio core Bio-Pur memory foam that's made to keep you cooler than traditional memory foam. Traditional memory foam is known to be hot because you sink into it then feel stuck, all while the memory foam is radiating your own body heat back at you.

The Bio-Pur memory foam combats both of these issues by providing extra spring to help the mattress bounce back to avoid you feeling stuck while also helping disperse body heat instead of holding onto it and reflecting it back at you.

Mattress Sizes

If you have a queen size frame, a king, twin or other size, you can rest easy *pun* knowing this mattress will fit your frame.

The Amerisleep AS5 and the AS5 hybrid come in a variety of sizes ranging from a twin to a split king. The Queen size mattress is right in the middle of all of the different sizing options available.

Sleep Style Analysis

The position you sleep in is a HUGE factor when it comes to whether or not you'll like a certain type of mattress and if you can get the right amount of support. While the AS5 hybrid is overall a very comfortable mattress, it's definitely a better fit for some sleep styles than others. Many Amerisleep mattresses are only suited for certain types of sleepers, and the layers of the AS5 mean there's a right and a wrong person for this bed. Here's our take: 

Strict Stomach Sleepers - Don't Buy:

If you're a strict stomach sleeper, you're going to need a much firmer mattress than the AS5. Since the AS5 is the softest mattress currently available from Amerisleep, you'd be much happier going for one of their firmer models like the AS1, AS2, or AS3. You can also go through our Puffy Royal Review for a hybrid model that offers notable pressure relief and body cushioning while still being responsive.

Back Sleepers - Consider It:

If you're a back sleeper and like a softer mattress, the AS5 could be a great fit. However, if you like a firmer feel, you may want to go for some of their other models. The AS5 hybrid is great at pressure relief in pressure points around your hips and shoulders if you sleep on your back, but it sinks in a decent amount, which some people may not like. (Click here to check for discounts on the Amerisleep AS5)

Side Sleepers & Combination Sleepers - Buy It:

If you sleep on your side or tend to change positions while you sleep, the AS5 is a great fit. The ultra-plush pressure-relieving memory foam is a great fit for side sleepers who need extra pressure relief in their hips and shoulders. You'll find the AS5 hybrid does a great job of cradling your body without making you feel stuck while relieving pressure points. Overall, side sleepers will like this mattress the best. (Click here to check for discounts on the Amerisleep AS5)

Amerisleep is currently running an awesome deal! Get $300 off the Amerisleep AS5 mattress if you buy today!

Amerisleep AS5 corner view

Who is the AS5 Right For?

The Amerisleep AS5 foam hybrid mattress is a great fit for anyone who can appreciate a soft yet supportive mattress. If you fall into any of the following categories, give the AS5 a try (you get free no-hassle returns if you end up not liking it)

People who sleep on their side or have issues with joint pain

If you're the type of person that's always in pain, especially around areas like your hips, the AS5 foam hybrid will help get you some relief. Since its soft, it allows your body to sink in and cradles the areas that would otherwise experience pressure. (Click here to check for discounts on the Amerisleep AS5)

People who sleep hot

While there's only so much a mattress alone can do, the AS5 foam hybrid is a great step in the right direction for hot sleepers. The cover is cooling, and the first and second layers of the bed are also designed to help prevent overheating. If you combine this mattress with a set of cooling sheets, you're going to stay much cooler at night.

People who like a softer mattress

As we've mentioned a few times in this mattress review, the AS5 foam hybrid is one of the softest mattress options we've tested so far. Even though you sink into the bed, it still provides great overall pressure relief and responsiveness. If your personal preference is a soft mattress, but you're worried about it not being supportive enough, the AS5 foam hybrid will be a pleasant surprise. (Click here to check for discounts on the Amerisleep AS5)

People have a king-size bed frame or sleep alone

Since the edge support on this mattress isn't the greatest, if you either have a king-size bed or sleep alone, you won't have to deal with one of the only downsides we had with this mattress.

Amerisleep is currently running an awesome deal! Get $300 off the Amerisleep AS5 mattress if you buy today!

Trial, Warranty & Customer Service

One could argue that a mattress is only as good as it's warranty. Without a solid warranty behind a purchase as large as a new mattress, there's a lot of potential hesitation.

Amerisleep goes above and beyond the industry standard with both their trial and warranty. The standard is a 30 day trial with a warranty of 10 years. How does a 20 year warranty and a 100 night sleep trial sound in comparison?

Amerisleep blows this out of the water with a very competitive 100 night sleep trial, 20-year warranty, free shipping, and free returns for a full refund.

All of this combined with their reputation for great customer service should give you peace of mind when considering buying a mattress online from Amerisleep.

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Closing Thoughts

Buying a mattress online can be scary, even if you can get a full refund and a 20 year warranty if you don't like it. There's understandable hesitation when you're making such a big purchase, and you can't test the mattress before you buy it.

With solid research, you should feel comfortable buying from a company like Amerisleep. All of their sleep products are premium quality; the only thing you would need to worry about is personal comfort preferences as to what you want it to feel like.

If you know you like a softer mattress, the AS5 foam hybrid is a great choice. If you're unsure or think you'd like something firmer, check out some of the other models they offer.

Amerisleep is currently running an awesome deal! Get $300 off the Amerisleep AS5 mattress if you buy today!

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  1. Good Morning Courtney,

    I am a disabled veteran that has hip and back injuries from combat. I have had trouble finding the right mattress thus far. I have had the Helix Sunset, and based on another recommendation; I currently have a LuuF mattress. They are both firmer than I would like. I saw some reviews for the Amerisleep AS5 hybrid mattress. You mentioned that this is one of the softest that you have tested. Is this still the case? I appreciate any feedback you might have or another recommendation that you might have as well. I am open to any brand, just looking for the right mattress.


    Patrick Wempe
    Arkadelphia, Arkansas

    1. You will love the Amerisleep AS5 hybrid mattress Patrick (if you haven’t bought one already :). My husband and I both have shoulder and hip issues so we really need a soft mattress but also a supportive one and this one is both. We’ve been sleeping on it for just over a month and we both love it! Good luck!

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