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Last Updated: June, 2024

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Mattresses for heavy people come in different types, and there's usually a mattress that's more suitable for each body type. For a bed to be effective and provide comfort, factors like the thickness and firmness, mattress materials used, and density play a big role.

Those who weigh around 230 pounds, may find a mattress with medium firmness to provide firm support, hence would be the most comfortable option. On the other hand, if you weigh above 250lbs you may need a firmer mattress to support you.  

According to our tests, the best mattress for heavy people is the Titan Plus Luxe and is best paired with a durable bed base to increase support. It's a medium hybrid mattress with a coil support core. This means a mattress for heavy people is built tough, but still has enough soft support.

Therefore, if you are looking for a comfy mattress for heavy people, keep reading and you'll hopefully render us matchmakers!

7 Best Mattresses For Heavy People

Titan Mattress

Titan Plus Luxe

The Titan Plus Luxe strikes a perfect balance between stability and surface-level contouring. Its multiple foam layers cushion the body and minimize pressure along the spine, while its sturdy coil system offers excellent body support for heavyweight sleepers.

Puffy Royal Small

Puffy Royal

The Puffy Royal is a sturdy, thick mattress that’s suitable for even the heaviest sleepers. It’s thicker and denser than most other mattresses on the market while still offering an overall plush, luxurious feel.

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Small

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss

A great mattress for heavyweight side sleepers, the PlushBed's Luxury Bliss medium-firm will give you a good night's sleep.

Amerisleep AS2 - Small

Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid

This is a great firm mattress for heavy sleepers who love the feeling of memory foam but don't like to feel stuck. It's the second firmest mattress Amerisleep offers and is designed for comfort.

Helix Plus

Helix Plus

The Helix Plus is specially designed to support heavy people with an enhanced supportive coil system, an ultra-dense high-density foam, and a proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam. Its GlacioTex Cooling Cover also makes it an ideal pick for hot sleepers, as it pulls heat away from the body, ensuring a cool night's sleep.

Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic Small

Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic:

Keetsa has designed a great eco-friendly mattress that comes with multiple firmness options. This mattress for heavy people is supportive and comfortable while also working to relieve pressure points.

Zoma Hybrid - Small

Zoma Hybrid

The Zoma Hybrid mattress is a great affordable, middle-ground option. It's not overly firm, but it's not too soft that you feel stuck or like you might fall off the edge if you sleep too close.

Titan Mattress

What We Like

  • Optional cooling panel promotes temperature regulation on the surface
  • Gel-infused foam prevents overheating
  • Medium firm design offers balanced contouring and support

What We Don't Like

  • May not offer enough cushioning for side sleepers

Overall Thoughts: 

Few hybrid mattresses achieve the true medium firm mattress feel, as well as the Titan Plus Luxe, a luxury mattress designed with a sturdy coil support system and adaptive foam layers. While you'll notice deep contouring and cushioning as the body settles into the comfort layers, each layer is progressively denser, so excessive sinkage shouldn't be a problem for most heavyweight sleepers.

The Brooklyn Bedding Titan Plus Luxe starts with a quilted memory foam layer that gives the surface a plush feel. This layer is also gel-infused to draw heat away from the body. Next is the TitanFlex layer, a proprietary material engineered to combine the responsiveness of latex with the adaptability of polyfoam. A transitional layer made of Energex polyfoam prevents sleepers from sinking deep into the surface. It also cushions between the coil support core and the comfort system. 

The support core features an 8-inch pocketed coil system that offers above-average support. These coils rest on a layer of high-density polyfoam. For the cover, you have two options: standard and cooling, both made from polyester. The cooling option is infused with PCM (phase change material) engineered to dissipate heat from the body. 

The Titan Plus Luxe's price point falls below average compared to average hybrid mattress models, and shipping is free to the contiguous United States. Shoppers will receive a generous sleep trial period with their purchase that spans 120 nights, giving them enough time to test their new mattress and decide whether or not it's right for them. If you keep your Titan Plus Luxe, you'll qualify for a 10-year warranty against structural defects.

Puffy Royal

What We Like

  • Breathable covers and gel-infused memory foam prevent overheating
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • High-density foam for above-average durability
  • Strong edge support

What We Don't Like

  • This bed option is a bit expensive

Overall Thoughts: 

Buoyant yet supportive, the Puffy Royal is one of the best hybrid mattresses (with innerspring), that gives plus sized people the comfort they yearn for while maintaining healthy spinal alignment and weight distribution. It comes with extra tall pocketed coils, that offer adequate support to heavier weights and combating sagging. The top layer of the bed is specially designed to cradle sensitive joints and reduce body impression, making it one of the best mattress for heavy people.

Unlike most mattresses for heavy people, Puffy's elements address the unique needs of plus size sleepers, including top-quality memory foam, which adjusts more quickly to movement. Like other memory foam mattresses, this luxury mattress for heavy people combines pocketed coils with layers of foam to counter your body and offer pressure relief. In addition to cradling your body, these individually wrapped coils provide extra edge support, meaning your mattress' sides won't compress. It's also topped with a comfort layer, which helps you sleep cooler if you're a hot sleeper.

As the best luxury mattress for heavy people, Puffy Royal combines one layer of gel-infused foam and six layers of high-density foam for maximum support, so your bed won't dig or sag. Puffy Royal's topper features advanced thermogel cooling technology, which actively cools hot sleepers down by pulling heat away from your body.

The memory foam and the comfort layers create a balance of responsiveness and body-conforming, making the Puffy Royal the perfect mattress for heavy people. This leads to above-average pressure relief, meaning plus sized sleepers won't sink too deep into the mattress. The bed isolates much better because of its deep comfort layers, making it a good option for heavyweight co-sleepers. Best of all, Puffy Royal comes with free shipping and a 101-nights trial.

Construction and Design

The Puffy Loyal mattress for heavy people has a thin and breathable cover. Around the loyal bed, we find a patented stain-resistant cloud cover. It's hypoallergenic and feels soft.

Right under the cover comes the second layer. This cooling layer provides a deep sinkage for hot sleepers, allowing your body to rest into the mattress, irrespective of your sleeping position.

Thanks to the third layer, a sleeper can enjoy a cushioning, contouring sensation. This mattress for heavy people has a slow response to pressure accentuating the sinking feeling created by the comfortability layer. Although it doesn't come with a medium firm mattress feel, its zoned polyfoam also provides targeted support to prevent pressure from building up in the lower back.

The pressure relief layer is firm and has a quick response to pressure. It's also armed with superior technology that makes it resistant to humidity and temperature. This ensures that a sleeper enjoys cool nights during the summer and warm sleep time during cold days.

Additionally, this layer absorbs motion to reduce sleep time disruptions. This means that even a sensitive sleeper, looking for the best mattress for heavy people, can hardly notice when a partner gets out of bed or changes their sleeping positions.

The fifth layer is transitional, credit to section Cloud Technology. It eases a sleeper down onto coil support. The coil system provides an extra bounce making this mattress for heavy people comfortable for lovebirds during sex.

As for its weight limit, the Puffy Royal Hybrid bed can hold 350lbs on each side of the mattress. That's a total of 700lbs on the mattress. In case you need more, you can purchase their foundation which holds 1000lbs+ to provide excellent support.

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PlushBeds Luxury Bliss

What We Like

  • Doesn't sink like memory foam
  • Ideal for hot sleepers 
  • Very responsive to movement
  • Pressure relief for side sleeping

What We Don't Like

  • Does have some motion transfer 

Overall Thoughts: 

The Plushbeds Luxury Bliss supportive mattress is excellent for people that want the benefits of a latex mattress, but need extra support too. Because it's made of Dunlop latex, it has more than enough support. Right away, we could tell that this wasn't like your average memory foam mattress. In fact, it's pretty far from it. The latex foam is much denser, although you still have plenty of cushion.

While it's comfortable, we love that you won't feel like you're sinking into the mattress. So, if you get frustrated with the intense contouring of a cooling gel memory foam hybrid mattresses, you'll love how this feels. Regardless of your mattress firmness, PlushBeds It's excellent for keeping your back supported, no matter what sleeping position you prefer sleeping in. Heavier people will love how this mattress feels, although it might be a bit on the firm side for smaller people. Another benefit of this type of latex is that although it's much denser than other materials, it's still very responsive. If you switch sleeping positions throughout the night, it's a huge bonus. 

Like most latex mattresses, it doesn't have heat retention properties, hence sleeps cool. This makes the mattress an excellent pick for hot sleepers and heavy side sleepers too. This mattress is eco-friendly and made with natural and organic materials, making it an amazing organic mattress for heavy sleepers. Overall, the bed comes with certifications from three reputable agencies: USDA, GOLS, and GOTS.

Construction and Design

This mattress for heavy people covers is made from organic cotton. It's stretched, allowing it to provide a softer feel. Underneath the surface, there is a layer made of Joma wool. It provides plushness and wicking moisture while acting as a fire barrier.

The comfort layers occupy a thickness of about 3 inches made from organic Dunlop latex, durable with a springier feel. This provides some sinking and moderates conforming.

Lastly, we find the support layer, which consists of 8-inch coils. These coils are encased in fabric, allowing them to move autonomously and provide support without transferring movement between rings.

The weight limit for this quality mattress varies with firmness option. PlushBeds Luxury Bliss comes in two firmness levels for sleepers to choose from. The medium mattress and the medium firm options. Both mattresses have a weight limit of up to 275lbs. If not enough, you can purchase their base which can support more weight of maximum 750lbs.

Amerisleep AS2

What We Like

  • 100 night trial
  • Very strong mattress that prevents you from feeling stuck
  • Eliminates pressure for most sleep positions

What We Don't Like

  • Not that good for heavy side sleepers

Overall Thoughts: 

Looking for something firm and study? This supportive mattress is it. It's made with memory foam, but it avoids making you feel stuck or can't move as quickly as regular memory foam mattresses. With the added layer of poly foam, the bed stands at a thickness of 12 inches tall and is the second firmest mattress in the Amerisleep mattress line.

The firmness level is routinely rated around 7 or 8 out of 10, so you can expect this mattress to stay firm under you and not let you sink too far due to the supportive poly foam.

Because this supportive mattress is so firm, we don't recommend it as much for side sleepers as compared to back or stomach sleepers. Side sleepers aside, we found this mattress firmness to effectively alleviate pressure points and keep us from feeling uncomfortable.

Although this mattress is often considered the best mattress for heavy sleepers, side sleepers will find there is a bit more pressure on their hips and shoulders than when they sleep on their back, but it's not uncomfortable.

This mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, so you can confidently give it a try. It's certainly in a higher price range, enough you may want to think about it before purchasing, but the sleep trial allows you to test it out and see just how well you sleep before committing, even at the higher price point.  

Construction and Design

The Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid mattress is cased in a cover made from blended cotton and polyester. The fabric is also breathable and very soft, which ensures that the surface-level temperature is regulated.

The second layer is made from plant-based oils rather than petrochemicals used mainly in foam production. For this reason, this material has a low carbon footprint. Additionally, this material has an open cell structure that enhances consistent airflow.

For this reason, this material has a low carbon footprint. Additionally, this material has an open cell structure that enhances consistent airflow. 

Third, in line comes a 1-inch layer that adds extra stability to the Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid mattress. It supports a sleeper's back with stability and strength, as well as cradling the shoulders, head, and hips.

This layer is not uniform in its feel. There are five zones which include head, shoulders, hips, knees, and lower leg. These zones are built to offer less or more cushioning to various parts of the body.

Let's talk about weight limit. The Amerisleep AS2 hybrid mattress can handle 300 lbs on each side - a total of 600lbs. It also has a Platform bed frame holding up to 750lbs to support heavier weights.

Helix Plus (1)

What We Like

  • Coil system offers dynamic support to the midsection
  • Plush top surface offers excellent body cushioning
  • Firm feel with a balance of body contouring and support

What We Don't Like

  • May not be ideal for sleepers who prefer a softer, more adaptive surface

Overall Thoughts: 

Many mattresses offer back pain relief, but the Helix Plus is among the only available models that are specially designed with this purpose in mind. Its 13-inch profile and pocketed coils offer enhanced support for the midsection while reinforcing the hips and gently cradling the head. The result is a bed that maintains an even surface, minimizing body aches in the process.

The Helix Plus features a memory foam comfort layer that offers an ultra-conforming feel and contours closely to the body to alleviate painful pressure points. A polyfoam layer below serves as a buffer between the support core and the body while offering targeted pressure relief and keeping heavy people from sinking deep into the surface. 

Beneath this lies a Helix Dynamic Foam layer that provides body contouring and comfort while promoting proper spinal alignment. The TitanCore steel coils in the support core are specially engineered for heavyweight sleepers, minimizing motion transfer and offering sturdier support. A DuraDense Foam layer offers additional stability and durability. 

In addition to its low price tag, the Helix Plus qualifies for free shipping throughout the 5o states. It comes with a 100-night sleep trial and sleepers who keep their beds receive a 15-year warranty covering splits, cracks, and manufacturing defects.

Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic

What We Like

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic materials
  • Naturally bacteria and mold resistant
  • Has a 12 year warranty

What We Don't Like

  • No sleep trial for such an expensive mattress

Overall Thoughts: 

The best mattress for heavy sleepers should also be environmentally friendly, and that's what you'll get with Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic. Keetsa uses non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials to build its firm mattress. They use their BioFoam technology to design the top comfort layer and their Comfort Foam technology to construct the polyfoam beneath it. We love how both foam layers work together to relieve pressure, even for side sleepers. You have the option between a 5 inch or 6-inch comfort layer.

We all know that the mattress cover is rather critical too. The good thing is that the surface on this Keetsa mattress is made with hemp and is naturally mold resistant. The hemp cover will also fight the growth and spread of bacteria, wick moisture away, and provide increased airflow through the mattress to help you remain cool during the night.

Keetsa reinforces their mattress edges with an extra casing so you won't easily fall over the edge. The mattress will hold you up even when you're right on the edge of it. If you're prone to end up on the edge of the bed, this mattress will certainly keep you from feeling like you're about to fall off.

Construction and Design

Keetsa Tea Leaf classic is crafted with invention, integrity, and meticulous attention to the slightest details using unmatched quality materials. The first layer is smooth, soft, and durable for safe contact with skin. The second layer is made from cotton fabric to ensure fire safety.

Then comes a memory foam that conforms comfortably with your body temperature and shape. It's backed with another three layers of responsive foam, which diffuse pressure points. That's not all; this mattress is armed with a supportive layer that enhances the mattress's durability.

The last layer comes with individually wrapped-up coils that guarantee stability by separating motion and weight. These individually wrapped coils also provide confirmed breathability to reduce heat concentration at the core of the mattress. 

While the company hasn't specified limits for weight, they do have a bed frame that can support up to 2000lbs, helping a heavier sleeper lie comfortably.

Zoma Hybrid

What We Like

  • An affordable mattress option
  • Very good weight support through the whole mattress
  • Provides extra relief around the hips and shoulders

What We Don't Like

  • Can make stomach sleepers feel a little stuck

Overall Thoughts: 

Zoma is US-based and builds mattresses designed for athletes and those who have physically demanding work. We love how they make their mattresses with several different types of foam as well as pocketed coils. The three types of foam help provide comfort without lacking firmness and provide a breathable mattress and cover for hot nights.

The Zoma Hybrid mattress provides support over the entire bed, which distributes weight well. Even when we were on edge, we didn't feel like we would fall off. It remains firm to the ends of the mattress, which is quite rare for mattresses.

This mattress is a 6 out of 10 for firmness, making it neither the softest nor the firmest mattress on this list. Technically, anything that scores at least a six is considered medium firmness, so you can be sure this mattress isn't soft. You won't feel like you sink through to the bottom, but still, pressure relieves.

Construction and Design

Upon unboxing this medium firm mattress, we have the cover layer made with AirCloth performance material. The material is flexible and ventilated to keep you cool and cozy all night long. Your comfort is guaranteed with a kick-back and relax factor, thanks to a zoned memory foam layer. Like all memory foams, this layer has a slow response to pressure and contours snuggly on your body.

With this in mind, we move down to the transition layer made up of polyurethane. The material is springy and buoyant, ensuring that a sleeper doesn't sink too deep into the mattress.

A Zoma Hybrid mattress comes with springy coils that lift a sleeper and adapt to movements. However, the rings are wrapped up to limit bounces adequately and absorb motion transfer, resulting in sleep time disturbances. Edges around the coils are backed up with an ultra-sturdy and high-density Polyfoam layer. This edge support gives this medium firm mattress a spacious feeling as you can use the entire surface area without collapsing.

The Zoma Hybrid has a remarkable weight limit of 800lbs for its queen size mattress. This means that plus sized couples of fairly 400lbs each can lie comfortably and have a great night's sleep. For further options, they do have a base for 143lbs which can add some support and comfort to your whole bed system.

Types of Mattress That Are Good Fit for Heavy People

Mattresses are available in different types of hybrid, airbed, innerspring, latex, and memory foam layers. Though each category shares consistent features, performance ratings, and price ranges, there are still some notable differences.

Memory Foam

For heavy sleepers and side sleepers, a foam mattress is firmer and can support the whole body. It also doesn't sag too much due to the heavy weight. It contains polyfoam and/or memory foam with a supportive core of high-density polyfoam. Foam beds tend to conform more closely and relieve pressure on your body parts better than other mattress types. They may be soft or very firm.

One advantage of foam is that it contours and helps with pressure relief on your shoulders, back, and hips. This is due to the ability of the material to respond to pressure at a slow rate.

It's also ideal for side sleepers and lightweight back sleepers, especially those looking for back pain or pressure relief. One setback with the memory foam is that it can absorb and trap body heat, and therefore, it isn't recommended if you sleep hot at night. Go for a modified version instead with one of the best cooling mattress properties or phase change material options, like gel memory foam infusions which promote the best cooling mattress properties and temperature regulation. 

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If you opt for one of the best memory foam mattress options, make sure you go for a firmer option. Even if it's durably built, heavier stomach sleepers will sink more into the best memory foam mattress. Going for a firmer feel is an excellent way to make sure you have the most support.


A hybrid mattress has benefits similar to an innerspring mattress. They are constructed with layers of memory foam and latex layer and both coils and layers of foam for optimal comfort. The latex material provides additional bounce, and they also have steel coils that create space inside a mattress to promote ventilation and airflow. They are designed to cushion and conform to your body for a supportive and responsive feel.

The coils also provide support, bounce, and a balanced feel when you sleep, especially heavy people. The thicker coils models are the best for heavy sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds since they provide the best stability.  


Latex can either be synthetic, blended, or natural. It makes the best mattress for heavy sleepers and is durable. They aren't quite the same as foam mattresses but are still a good option, especially if you are a heavy sleeper.

Compared to a foam mattress, latex ones don't deteriorate and lose shape fast, providing better support. Being strong and durable mattress material due to the latex, latex beds have a lifespan of around eight years.

The mattresses have a medium to medium-firm feel allowing you to sleep on your back or in multiple positions comfortably. Latex is also naturally cooling and a great choice if you sweat a lot at night, no matter your sleep position. The latex provides gentle cushioning and doesn't sink due to excess weight making it ideal for heavy sleepers who need extra support and pressure relief.


Made up of three parts, the foundation, the support core, and the comfort layer, innerspring mattresses are among the top stable beds. Though they don't conform to your body very closely, they have a sturdy interior construction made of interior coils to provide support.

This makes them the most appropriate mattresses for heavier people. Compared to foam which sinks under body weight, innerspring mattresses are much firmer.


Airbeds are designed for customizable comfort, allowing you to adjust your comfort preferences from night to night. They have adjustable air chambers in their support cores which would enable a sleeper to either add or release air from the chambers, changing the firmness of the mattress. An airbed mattress can either contain latex, foam, and/or memory foam and latex comfort layers.

Features to Keep in Mind When Choosing

Get a Solid Bed Base

Most mattresses cannot withstand some weight levels, making them not the ideal mattress for heavy people. This is where bed frames come to save the day. You can purchase mattresses with lower body weight limits together with bed frames that have higher weight limits. In fact, we always advise heavy sleepers to purchase every mattress with a bed frame. A good bed frame is the most important factor when it comes to buying a mattress for plus sized people, because it helps support your weight, extend mattress durability, keep the sleeper safe from back aches, and hold the mattress in place.

Mattress Type

Memory foam or all-polyfoam mattress is an excellent option if you're looking for a mattress that offers closer body-conforming and more pressure relief. A latex bed is excellent for contouring, and an airbed is a good alternative if you want a mattress with adjustable firmness levels. Hybrids and innerspring are great for more support and stability.


Mattresses with a medium to high thickness provide better support for heavy people. Shorter mattresses tend to bring an uncomfortable sinking feeling due to sagging. Most beds with a mattress thickness of 12 inches often have a soft to medium feel due to extra padding layers but may not be supportive enough.


If you weigh more than 230 pounds, go for medium-firm to extra firm mattresses which offer the best contouring and support. Softer beds are ideal for people that are less heavy but tend to sink if you are heavy. Stomach sleepers will generally like a firmer mattress, while side and back sleepers will like a softer one in general.


For heavier sleepers, the weight limit of your mattress is a top priority. If you are a couple, then remember to keep in mind your total weight. In this case, innerspring mattresses are often the way to go. They can give ample support and provide pressure relief for couples. Their coils are more robust and more durable. On the other hand, foam mattresses might not be up to par. Foam mattresses are often great for one person but don't provide enough support for two heavy people.

You might want to try out a bed that allows you to customize its firmness and more. This works best in cases where both you and your partner have varying preferences when you sleep.

Sleeping Positions

When choosing a mattress, your body weight is essential; however, you need to consider the sleep position you gravitate towards while asleep. This is because your body weight is disrupted in different positions and requires dissimilar comfort and support considerations. 

1. Side sleeping

Pressure relief is vital if you are a side sleeper as your entire body weight presses into the mattress along a thinner surface area. Ideally, as a heavyweight, a firmer bed is a perfect fit as their weight doesn't bottom out on softer mattresses. 

 2. Back sleeping

Back sleepers have preferences that tend to be all over the map. Some prefer a firmer bed, while others find it rather uncomfortable, especially those with pain points. Look for a balance that cradles your shape while supporting your spine alignment and lumbar as a back sleeper.

3.  Stomach sleeping

As a heavyweight, avoid sleeping on your stomach as mattresses that are not firm enough can leave your hips dipped inside the mattress, making it difficult for the spine to remain aligned. If you carry much of your weight in your abdomen and hips, steer towards a firmer bed.

4. Combination sleeping

Restless sleepers have trouble committing to the same sleeping position and actively flip around at night. If you fall in this category, consider beds aimed at versatility.

Edge Support

Edge support is essential, especially if you sleep with a partner. Edge support is the mattress's ability to hold weight along the edges. If you have a smaller bed or like to sleep near the edge, having adequate edge support is a critical factor you should consider when shopping for a new mattress.

Why Not Just Get A Mattress Topper?

Mattress toppers are great, but when you're a heavyweight person, they can't fix all the problems you have when it comes to comfort. Mattress toppers generally add a comfort layer, but don't do much for added support. If you're struggling with back pain and need extra support, it's best to invest in a new mattress, but if you just want a little more comfort, a mattress topper may be a good thing to consider as well. Heavier sleepers can get a pillow top, memory foam, or any other material. Pillow top is excellent for soft comfort; foam is more for contouring.

Should You Pay More For a Mattress Because You Weigh More?

The short answer to this question is yes, but it's not a cut-and-dry conclusion. If you're deciding between a $250 mattress and those that cost $1,000 or more, you're going to have a better experience with the $1,000 mattress. With that said, once you get into this price range, mattresses tend to be very sturdy and well made.

Being a heavyweight person doesn't mean you need the most prominent and toughest mattress out there, but you should undoubtedly be shopping in the mid-high price range to ensure your mattress is high enough quality.

Lower quality mattresses, especially all-foam mattresses, won't stand the test of time for heavier sleepers in the same way they would for someone who weighs a bit less.

Heavier sleepers may think they have to always pay more to get good enough quality, but this isn't the case all of the time. Just because a mattress costs more doesn't mean it's going to be of higher quality.

How Can I Judge Mattress Quality?

The best way to judge the quality of a mattress before you're able to sleep on it yourself is to do your research. Most bed-in-a-box style mattresses that get delivered to your door can keep their prices low because they don't have showrooms. The money they save on overhead, they pass down to their customers.

However, this means you don't get to try before you buy. In this situation, the only thing you can do is research the mattress to see if it's a good fit for your needs, weight, and sleep style.  

You should read reviews, watch videos and read everything you can about the mattress you intend to purchase.

Once you're confident that the mattress for heavy people will be a good fit, you should also double-check to make sure the company you're buying from has free shipping and returns and also offers a trial period. Most companies will let you test the mattress for 30 days or more. This gives heavier sleepers the chance to see the actual quality of the bed before they commit to buying.


The good news is, people with heavier body types can still get a good and comfortable mattress. There's no reason to settle for a bed that doesn't give enough support. Don't put up with common mattress problems such as sagging, flattening, or softening. Each mattress has a unique firmness, thickness, and material composition, making it comfortable for heavyweight individuals.  

These are not just a matter of comfort; they could eventually cause you back problems or more health issues as they don't provide enough support.

Just remember to check the firmness, thickness, materials used, and the types designed to support heavy people.

If you are heavier than average body weight, besides checking out the best mattresses for heavy people, consider a bed with sturdy bed frames like those made from hardwood or metal. Let our buying tips guide you, and choose any of these top mattresses in the market - you won't be disappointed!

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