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Best Mattress For Heavy People: Best Made Mattresses

Last Updated: June, 2021

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Mattresses come in different types, and there's generally a mattress that's most suitable for each body type. However, for a mattress to be effective and provide comfort, factors like the thickness and firmness, the materials used, and density are critical. 

For people who weigh more than 230 pounds, a mattress with a medium firmness provides strong support and is the most comfortable option.
Heavy people that are bigger than the average sleeper need a lot of support to sleep comfortably. 

However, most beds cannot withstand the weight since they are not built to meet their needs which makes it difficult to find the best mattress. We narrowed down a list of popular mattresses for heavy people and tested them to see they lived up to their claims.

According to our tests, the best mattress for heavy people is the Ghostbed Flex. It's a medium hybrid mattress with a coil support core. This means the mattress is built tough, but still has enough soft support for heavier people.

7 Best Mattresses For Heavy People

Ghostbed Flex - Small

GhostBed Flex

This 13in hybrid mattress has 7 layers that combine soft , supportive foam and durable innersprings. It has reinforced edge support, and when paired with GhostBeds best selling adjustable base, it's an ideal pick for heavyset individuals.

Idle Talalay Latex

Idle Talalay Latex Hybrid

This best mattress for heavy people is made to be super comfortable with ample support. It's comfortable in any sleeping position and has really good ventilation so you don't feel too hot.

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Small

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss

A great mattress for heavy people who side sleepers, the PlushBeds Luxury Bliss medium-firm is ideal for bigger people.

Amerisleep AS2 - Small

Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid

This is a great firm mattress for heavy sleepers who love the feeling of memory foam but don't like to feel stuck. It's the second firmest mattress Amerisleep offers and is designed for comfort

Purple Hybrid Small

Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid offers a few different firmness and thickness levels. It's a great hybrid option for those who want something of more medium firmness that's still perfect for heavyweight sleepers.

Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic Small

Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic:

Keetsa has designed a great eco-friendly mattress that comes with multiple firmness options. The mattress for heavy people is supportive and comfortable while also working to relieve pressure.

Zoma Hybrid - Small

Zoma Hybrid

The Zoma Hybrid mattress is a great affordable, middle-ground option. It's not overly firm, but it's not too soft that you feel stuck or like you might fall off the edge if you sleep too close.


What We Like

  • Hybrid mattress which combines the soft support of foam, with the durability of an innerspring
  • Cooling cover help dissipate heat while you sleep
  • Enhanced edge support
  • 25 year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • 101 night trial
  • Family owned business

What We Don't Like

  • It's a medium mattress, so if you're heavyweight and like a firmer feel, you may not like it

Overall Thoughts: 

Ghostbed is a family owned business that was created when the owner was recovering from multiple spinal surgeries and needed a comfortable mattress to ease his pain. He couldn't find anything on the market that helped, so he created his own mattress brand. 

Now, Ghostbed is one of the fastest growing mattress companies in the US, offering a wide range of mattresses and bases for a variety of consumers. 

The Ghostbed Flex is a hybrid mattress that happens to be a great fit for heavyweight sleepers. Since it's a hybrid, the innersprings help provide extra support and durability. This means the mattress isn't only comfortable, you can expect it to last longer than most alternatives. 

In fact, Ghostbed backs their products with a generous 25 year warranty, and offers a 101 night trial period on their products. 

The Ghostbed Flex is a medium firmness mattress and is best paired with one of their adjustable bases (which is currently on sale!). If you're looking for a mattress that will help ease pain and last a while, check out the Ghostbed Flex.

Idle Talalay Latex

What We Like

  • Extra-firm for more support, but doesn't feel stiff 
  • Option to choose flippable firmness on either side 
  • The cover allows plenty of ventilation
  •  Great for relieving back pain, even for side sleepers
  • Lifetime warranty

What We Don't Like

  • Might be too firm for some people
  •  Comes in at a higher price range

Overall Thoughts: 

This mattress provides the support heavier people need to get that perfect medium-firm feel. As an added bonus, the latex construction gives plenty of support, but there's just enough bounce to make it easy to get up and move around whenever you need to . You can choose either the medium or luxury firm option, although your size and weight really determine how comfortable you'll find it. We've found that the medium firm mattress has a little too much give for heavier folks.

If you want a good supportive feel that doesn't sink too much and leave body impressions, we recommend the firm mattress. Whether you are a side sleeper, or a stomach sleeper, or a combination of them, it's comfortable all around. 

However, if there's one area where it really rises above the rest, it's for side sleepers. If you do try out the firm version, you'll be surprised at how comfortable it is, even for people above 230 pounds. 

While we did include two different Idle latex mattresses in our reviews, they have some differences between the two. We've found that one of the most noticeable differences is in the firmness. The Idle Talalay latex hybrid mattress is definitely firmer than the other mattress, the Dunlop. Because of that, the Talalay mattress is probably the best choice for heavier people that really struggle finding the mattress that provides enough support from the support layer. 

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PlushBeds Luxury Bliss

What We Like

  • Doesn't sink like memory foam
  • Ideal for hot sleepers 
  • Very responsive to movement
  • Pressure relief for side sleeping

What We Don't Like

  • Does have some motion transfer 

Overall Thoughts: 

The Plushbeds Luxury Bliss mattress is great for people that want the benefits of a latex mattress, but need extra support too. Because it's made of Dunlop latex, it has more than enough support. Right away we could tell that this wasn't like your average memory foam mattress. In fact, it's pretty far from it. The latex is much denser, although you still have plenty of cushion. 

We love that while it's comfortable, you won't feel like you're sinking into the mattress. So if you get frustrated with the intense contouring of gel memory foam, you'll love how this feels. It's great for keeping your back supported, no matter what sleeping position you prefer sleeping in. Heavier people will love the way this mattress feels, although it might be a bit on the firm side for smaller people. Another benefit of this type of latex is that although it's much denser than other materials, it's still very responsive. If you switch sleeping positions throughout the night, it's a huge bonus.  

Like most latex foam mattresses, it doesn't hold onto heat, and tends to fall on the cooler side. That makes this mattress a great pick for hot sleepers too. This mattress is eco friendly, and made with organic materials. All in all, the mattress comes with certifications from three reputable agencies: USDA, GOLS, and GOTS.

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Amerisleep AS2

What We Like

  • 100 night sleep trial
  • Very firm mattress that prevents you from feeling stuck
  • Eliminates pressure for most sleep positions

What We Don't Like

  • Not as good for side sleepers

Overall Thoughts: 

Looking for something firm and study? This mattress is it. It's made with memory foam, but avoids making you feel like you're stuck or can't move as easily as regular memory foam mattresses. With the added layer of poly foam, the mattress stands 12 inches tall and is the second firmest mattress in the Amerisleep mattress line.

The firmness level is routinely rated around 7 or 8 out of 10, so you can expect this mattress to stay firm under you and not let you sink too far due to the supportive poly foam. 

Because this mattress is so firm, we don't recommend it as much for side sleepers as compared to back or stomach sleepers. We found this mattress to be effective at alleviating pressure points and keeping us from feeling uncomfortable.

Side sleepers will find there is a bit more pressure on their hips and shoulders than when they sleep on their back, but it's not uncomfortable.

This mattress comes with a 100 night sleep trial so you can confidently give it a try. It's certainly  in a higher price range, enough you may want to think about it before purchasing, but the sleep trial allows you to test it out and see just how well you sleep before committing, even at the higher price point. 

Purple Hybrid

What We Like

  • Choose from three thickness levels
  • Multiple thickness and firmness levels
  • Prevents overheating and helps regulate body temperature

What We Don't Like

  • Heavy weight stomach sleepers may feel like they sink in too far

Overall Thoughts: 

The Purple Hybrid mattresses are all made with a hyper-elastic polymer material. It's built with a grid pattern that bends and conforms easily to alleviate pressure and reduce friction. The Purple offers their Hybrid mattress with three thickness of their polymer: 2 inches, 3 inches, or 4 inches. As can be expected, the thicker the polymer, the softer the feeling. If you're looking for a firmer mattress, you should definitely choose the 2 inch over the 4 inch.

We love that this is another memory foam mattress that doesn't make you feel stuck. You'll definitely feel more like you're floating on it, rather than sinking in.

This mattress also helps with temperature regulation throughout the night and keeps you from overheating.

In general, the Purple Hybrid mattresses had firmness levels varying between 5 to 7 on a scale out of 10. The 4 inch polymer scored a 5 for firmness, the 3 inch scored 6.5, and the 2 inch scored a 7. This mattress is less firm than Amerisleep, but it does offer more choices and a sleep trial so you can decide which mattress is best for you.

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Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic

What We Like

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic materials
  • Naturally bacteria and mold resistant
  • Has a 12 year warranty

What We Don't Like

  • No sleep trial for such an expensive mattress

Overall Thoughts: 

Keetsa uses non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials to build their firm mattress. They use their own BioFoam technology to design the top comfort layer and their Comfort Foam technology to build the polyfoam beneath it. We love how both foam layers work together to relieve pressure points even for side sleepers. You have the option between a 5 inch or 6 inch comfort layer. 

We all know that the mattress cover is rather important too. The good thing is that the cover on this Keetsa mattress is made with hemp and naturally mold resistant. The hemp cover will also fight the growth and spread of bacteria, wick moisture away, and provide an increased airflow through the mattress to help you remain cool during the night.

Keetsa reinforces their mattress edges with extra casing so you won't easily fall over the edge. The mattress will hold you up even when you're right on the edge of it. If you're prone to ending up on the edge of the mattress this mattress will certainly keep you from feeling like you're about to fall off.

Zoma Hybrid

What We Like

  • An affordable mattress option
  • Very good weight support through the whole mattress
  • Provides extra relief around the hips and shoulders

What We Don't Like

  • Can make stomach sleepers feel a little stuck

Overall Thoughts: 

Zoma is US-based and builds mattresses designed for athletes and those who have physically demanding work. We love how they make their mattresses with several different types of foam as well as pocketed coils. The three types of foam help provide comfort without lacking firmness as well as providing a breathable mattress and cover for hot nights.

The Zoma Hybrid mattress provides support over the entire mattress, which means it distributes weight really well. Even when we were on the edge, we didn't feel like we were going to fall off. It remains firm all the way to the ends of the mattress which is quite rare for mattresses.

This mattress is a 6 out of 10 for firmness, making it neither to softest nor the firmest mattress on this list. Technically, anything that scores at least a 6 is considered medium firmness, so you can be sure this mattress isn't soft. You won't feel like you sink through to the bottom but still pressure relieving.

Types of Mattress That Are Good Fit for Heavy People

Mattresses are available in different types of hybrid, airbed, innerspring, latex and memory foam. Though each category shares consistent features, performance ratings, and price ranges, there are still some notable differences.

Memory Foam

For heavy sleepers, a foam mattress is firmer and can support the whole body. It also doesn't sag too much due to the heavy weight. It contains polyfoam and/or memory foam with a supportive core of high-density polyfoam. Foam beds tend to conform more closely and relieve any pressure on your body parts better than other mattress types. They may be soft or very firm.

One advantage of foam is that it contours and helps with pressure relief in pressure points in your shoulders, back, and hips. This is due to the ability of the material to respond to pressure at a slow rate. 

It's also ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers, especially those looking for back pain or pressure relief. One setback with the memory foam is that it can absorb and trap body heat and therefore, it isn't recommended if you sleep hot at night. Go for a modified version instead with cooling mattress properties or phase change material options, like gel memory foam infusions which promote better cooling mattress properties and temperature regulation.

If you do opt for one of the best memory foam mattress options, make sure you go for a firmer option. Heavier people will sink more into the best memory foam mattress, even if its durably built. Going for a firmer feel is a good way to make sure you have the most support.


Hybrid mattresses have benefits similar to innerspring mattresses. They are constructed with layers of memory foam and latex layer as well as both coils and layers of foam for optimal comfort. The latex material provides additional bounce and they also have steel coils that create space inside a mattress to promote ventilation and airflow. They are designed to cushion and conform to your body for a supportive and responsive feel.

The coils also provide support, bounce and a balanced feel when you sleep, especially if you are a heavy sleeper. The models that have thicker coils are the best for heavy sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds, since they provide the best stability. 


Latex can either be synthetic, blended, and natural and are durable mattresses that can be used by heavy people. They aren't quite the same as foam mattresses but are still a good option, especially if you are a heavy sleeper.

Compared to foam mattresses, latex mattresses don't deteriorate and lose shape fast, providing better support. Being strong and durable material due to the latex, latex beds have a lifespan of around eight years.

The mattresses have a medium to medium-firm feel allowing you to comfortably sleep on your back or in multiple positions. Latex is also naturally cooling and a great choice if you sweat a lot at night no matter your sleep position. The latex provides gentle cushioning and doesn't sink due to excess weight making it ideal for heavy sleepers who need extra support and pressure relief.


Made up of three parts, the foundation, the support core and the comfort layer, innerspring mattresses are among some of the top stable mattresses. Though they don't conform to your body very closely, they have a sturdy interior construction made of interior coils to provide support. 
This makes them the most appropriate mattresses for heavier people. Compared to foam which sinks under body weight, innerspring mattresses are much firmer.


Airbeds are designed for customizable comfort, allowing you to adjust your comfort preferences from night to night. They have adjustable air chambers in their support cores which allow a sleeper to either add or release air from the chambers, changing the firmness of the mattress. An airbed mattress can either contain latex, foam, and/or memory foam latex comfort layers. 

Features to Keep in Mind When Choosing

Mattress Type

A memory foam or all-polyfoam mattress is a great option if you're looking for a mattress that offers closer body-conforming and more pressure relief. A latex bed is great for contouring and an airbed a good alternative if you want a mattress with adjustable firmness levels. Hybrids and innersprings are great for more support and stability.


Mattresses with a medium to high thickness provide better support for heavy people. Shorter mattresses tend to bring an uncomfortable sinking feeling due to sagging. Most beds that are thicker than 12 inches usually have a soft to medium feel due to extra padding layers but may not be supportive enough.


If you weigh more than 230 pounds, go for medium-firm to extra firm mattresses which offer the best contouring and support. Softer beds are ideal for people that are less heavy but tend to sink if you are heavy. Stomach sleepers will generally like a firmer mattress, while side and back sleepers will like a softer one in general.


For heavier people, the weight limit of your mattress is a top priority. If you are a couple, then remember to keep in mind your total weight. In this case, innerspring mattresses are often the way to go. They can give ample support and provide pressure relief for couples. Their coils are stronger and more durable. On the other hand, foam mattresses might not be up to par. Foam mattresses are often great for one person but doesn't provide enough support for two heavy people.

You might want to try out a bed that allows you to customize its firmness and more. This works best in cases where both you and your partner have varying preferences when you sleep.

Edge Support

Edge support is important, especially if you sleep with a partner. Edge support is the mattresses ability to hold weight along the edges. If you have a smaller mattress, or like to sleep near the edge, having adequate edge support is a critical factor you should consider when shopping for a new mattress.

Why Not Just Get A Mattress Topper?

Mattress toppers are great, but when you're a heavyweight person, they can't fix all the problems you have when it comes to comfort. Mattress toppers generally add a comfort layer, but don't do much for added support. If you're struggling with back pain and need extra support, it's best to invest in a new mattress, but if you just want a little more comfort, a mattress topper may actually be a good thing to consider as well. You can get pillow top, memory foam, or any other material. Pillow top is great for soft comfort, foam is more for contouring.

Should You Pay More For a Mattress Because You Weigh More?

The short answer to this question is yes, but it's not a cut and dry conclusion. If you're deciding between a $250 mattress and once that costs $1,000 or more, you're going to have a much better experience with the $1,000 mattress. With that said, once you get into this price range, mattresses tend to be very sturdy and well made. 

Being a heavyweight person doesn't mean you need the biggest and baddest mattress out there, but you should certainly be shopping in the mid-high price range to ensure your mattress is high enough quality. 

Lower quality mattresses, especially all-foam mattresses won't stand the test of time for a heavier sleepers in the same way they would for someone who weighs a bit less. 

Heavier sleepers may think they have to always pay more to get good enough quality, but this isn't the case all of the time. Just because a mattress costs more, doesn't mean it's going to be higher quality. 

How Can I Judge Mattress Quality?

The best way to judge the quality of a mattress before you're able to sleep on it yourself is to do your research. Most bed-in-a-box style mattresses that get delivered to your door are able to keep their prices low because they don't have showrooms. The money they save on overhead, they pass down to their customers. 

However, this means you don't get to try before you buy. The only thing you can do in this situation is to research the mattress to see if it's a good fit for your needs, weight, and sleep style. 

You should read reviews, watch videos and read everything you can about the mattress you intend to purchase. 

Once you're confident that the mattress will be a good fit, you should also double check to make sure the company you're buying from has free shipping and returns, and also offers a trial period. Most companies will let you test the mattress for 30 days or more. This gives you the chance to see the real quality of the mattress before you commit to buying.


The good news is, people with heavier body types can still get a good and comfortable mattress. There's no reason to settle for a bed that doesn't give enough support. Don't put up with common mattress problems such as sagging, flattening or softening. These are not just a matter of comfort, they could eventually cause you back problems or more health issues as they don't provide enough support.
Just remember t check the firmness, thickness, materials used and the types that are designed to support heavy people.

If you are heavier than average body weight, apart from checking out the best mattresses for heavy people, also consider a bed with sturdy bed frames like those made from hardwood or metal. Let our buying tips guide you and choose any one of these top mattresses in the market - you won't be disappointed!

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