Ghost Pillow Review (Gel Memory Foam)

Last Updated: May, 2024

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Ghost Pillow Review: Is It Right For You?

With everyone focusing on getting the best mattress or bed frame, we sometimes forget the importance of a great pillow.

Just like an old mattress can lead to bad sleep, having an old or uncomfortable pillow can have a negative impact on your sleep.

We've tested and reviewed the Ghost Pillow so you have a better idea of what to expect, and can decide whether or not this pillow is a good fit for your sleep style. 

In this Ghost pillow review, you’ll find a complete list of features and benefits, the construction of the Ghost Pillow, and how we rated it based on different sleeping positions. You’ll have all the information you need and more to make purchase you feel comfortable about.

Ghost Pillow Review

Quick Summary:

The Ghost Pillow comes in a variety of styles ranging from shredded memory foam, to down alternative and solid memory foam. In this review, were going to focus on the solid memory foam variation.


  • Not too firm yet doesn't sink in too much
  • Cool to the touch, thanks to its aerated gel memory foam
  • Good ventilation
  • Washable pillow cover
  • Ecofriendly and CertiPUR-US certified
  • Versatile and great for a range of sleeping positions
  • Provides ample support for neck pain
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Higher price point
  • It may be too thick for some stomach sleepers

Ghost Pillow Features and Benefits

Before you commit to buying the Ghost Pillow, check out everything that makes this pillow unique compared to similarly priced alternatives.

Cooling Technology

As mentioned above, the Ghost Pillow uses cooling technology to draw heat away from your body and help prevent overheating during all seasons. The Ghost Pillow uses phase change memory foam built with different layers such as cooling gel and open air memory foam pockets.

With the technology and cooling layers of this pillow, you’ll have excellent temperature regulation, which is something you don't see many similarly priced pillows. For those who tend to sleep hot during the night or overheat easily, this pillow can help alleviate some of those problems. 

As most of your body heat comes from your head, having a pillow designed to combat overheating can be great in reducing body temperature throughout the night without making you too cold.


The Ghost Pillow is medium firmness and offers great support. GhostBed scores it about a 5 out of 10 in terms of firmness. It'll definitely support your neck and shoulders, but it isn’t so firm that you’ll be uncomfortable.

This level of firmness is great for side and back sleepers, but might not be suitable for stomach sleepers.

One Size Fits All

While many other brands provide their pillows in different size options, the Ghost Pillow is only available in one size. This isn’t necessarily a benefit, but it certainly isn’t a drawback as some people might be quick to believe.

This gel memory foam pillow is a great size for all sleepers. It measures 16 inches by 23 inches, which is slightly smaller than a standard queen pillow.

Ghost Pillow Sizing

Washable With A Removable Cover

Pillows get dirty after after too much use and it can be unsanitary if you can't give it a wash. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about washing your memory foam pillow.

This gel memory foam pillow has a removable, easy to wash cover so you can use your pillow even without a case. The moisture wicking fabric of the cover can gather dirt over time, but it’s easy to clean. The double stitched seams can withstand quite a bit of abuse and the zipper is easy to get undone. Whether you’re zipping the pillow up or preparing to wash the cover, the zipper slides easily back and forth, but will also stay well zipped when not in use.

Use of Gel Foam

Memory foam is known for trapping heat, yet many sleepers appreciate the support and feel of memory foam. With the use of gel memory foam, the Ghost Pillow provides a supportive surface that doesn’t trap heat and can actually facilitate body cooling. 

The gel in the memory foam pillow remains at a neutral room temperature, allowing your body heat to seep through the pillow and dissipated instead of getting trapped in your body.

The pillow also uses airflow pockets to help encourage cooling. Called Cool Burst technology, the pillow will release a little burst of air when compressed. Kids may enjoy pressing down on the pillow to feel light puffs of air, whereas you will enjoy the support and the cooling feature it provides. 

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Pillow Materials and Construction

The build and materials used in a pillow can be a make or break for some. No one wants a pillow that has traces of harmful chemicals or uses potentially hazardous materials during the production. After all, your face will be against it for many hours each night and waking up with the sniffles from something you’ve inhaled in your sleep is far from ideal.

Thankfully, GhostBed uses breathable materials that allow for good airflow while still being easy to clean. The aerated gel memory foam is cooler than most fabrics and materials without using harmful chemicals. The aerated gel layer also has enough support to provide adequate pressure relief during the night, supporting you at all times even after years of use.

The cover of the pillow is made from 97% premium polyester and 3% spandex. It has a nice soft feel to it and a performance quality that won’t make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cheaply made or low quality product. Even the fabric cover is cool to the touch and enhances the cooling features of the Ghost Pillow. 


After opening the Ghost Pillow, it is likely you will notice the pillow off-gassing. Know that this is actually pretty typical with most memory foam and latex pillows. If you let the pillow air in a well ventilated area for a few hours or even overnight, the off-gassing smell will dissipate.

Once your pillow has finished off-gassing and been left to itself, it should have a faint lavender scent. The natural lavender oils are added to give a calming effect and help get rid of that factory smell a little sooner. The scent won’t stick around long, perhaps a week or too, but if you really like it, it is possible to lightly spray the pillow with lavender even now and then yourself. 


With a 5.5 inch profile, the Ghost Pillow has a fairly standard height. It is built a little smaller than standard pillows, but it’s not likely that you’ll notice it. It's close to typical queen size pillow measurements.


You won't find any hazardous materials in your pillow since all GhostBed products are certified CertiPUR-US. If you're concerned about mercury, phthalates, lead, formaldehyde or other harmful heavy metals that are common in other pillows, you can have peace of mind laying on your Ghostpillow.

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Besides harmful metals, you can rest easy knowing the pillow is also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. If you suffer from allergies, are asthmatic or prone to eczema flare ups, this pillow can help with reducing triggers.

Price and Warranty

If you're looking for something cheaply made and budget friendly, the Ghost Pillow might not be it since their focus is definitely on comfort and quality. Your average pillow will be much cheaper than the Ghost Pillow so the purchase is a bit of an investment. However, weighing up the pros and cons, we find it to be worth the investment.

The pillow ships for free in all of the 48 lower states, so additional shipping costs aren't a concern. It also has a free 101 night sleep trial so you can test it out to make sure it's a good investment for your sleep health. If you decide to send it back, you’ll get a refund, but you do have to wait at least 30 days before doing so.

The Ghost Pillow has a 5 year warranty which is pretty long as far as warranties for pillows go. The warranty will take care of any design flaws or deterioration so long as the cause isn’t abuse. Seeing as most pillows last anywhere between 1 to 3 years, the 5 year warranty should be plenty of time to cover any potential problems that arise. If you're unsure about what might be covered under the warranty, make sure you check with GhostBed directly, as warranty information could change over time.

Sleeping Positions Analysis

If you’re prone to sleeping in a certain position, then determining how flexible this pillow is could be important for you. We tested various sleep positions to determine which types of sleepers would feel the most comfortable.

In general, gel memory foam pillows are ideal for the back sleeper and side sleeper, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be used by other types of sleepers. You may not find this pillow as comfortable if you're a stomach sleeper than you might if you were a back sleeper.

Back Sleepers

The Ghost Pillow is definitely comfortable and supportive for back sleepers. The standard height it provides will support your spine during the night, keeping your spine aligned and your neck well protected.

Side Sleepers

If you're a side sleeper, you'll also likely find this pillow comfortable. It supports and aligns your neck during the night. It holds its shape and wont over compress, but is responsive enough to change it's shape when you change positions during the night.

Stomach Sleepers

If you're a stomach sleeper, however, you may prefer a thinner pillow. The pillow can have too high of a loft for some sleepers and if this is the case, you may wake up with neck pain if you're a strict stomach sleeper. Heavier people will compress the pillow more, making it more suitable if you're a stomach sleeper, but if you're lightweight, you'll want something thinnner.

From our experience, we would say that the Ghost Pillow is great for all types of sleepers, but may be more comfortable for some than others. If you aren’t sure about the 5.5 inch loft, measure one of your current pillows and see how it compares to get a better idea. If it’s too much different, then the Ghost Pillow may not be the most ideal.

About GhostBed

GhostBed is a family owned business that has 18 years of experience creating sleep products such as mattresses and pillows. They're known for creating quality products that are all made and designed in the United States. The Ghost Pillow, in particular, is a popular gel memory foam pillow that uses GhostBed’s innovative technology. 

GhostBed stands behind their products, offering some of the most competitive warranties and return policies on all of their products. 

Ghost Bed is running a flash sale on their pillows, active May 23, 2024!

Closing Thoughts

The importance of your pillow should not be overlooked. Not everyone recognizes how big of a role their pillow plays in being able to get a good night’s rest. After purchasing a quality pillow though, you’ll never forget again.

Everybody loves the Ghost Pillow for its unique aerated gel memory foam that's cool to the touch and doesn't trap heat. No matter the season, it will accommodate heat transfer at all times of the year. It's also very versatile as it does accommodate a large range of sleeping needs. If you invest in the Ghost Pillow, you’ll be hard pressed to regret your choice.

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