Full vs Queen Mattress

Full vs Queen Mattress

After a long day of hustle, nothing feels better than coming home to a comfortable bed and mattress. Even when feeling unwell, a good nap does it for you. Sleep must be considered essential for both kids and adults, for resting and for good health.

Unfortunately, many people don't put much thought into what kind of mattress they purchase. Some want to buy the most expensive ones or the cheapest ones without looking at other important factors such as mattress size.

There are several types of mattresses that one can choose from. In this article, we’ll look into full size mattresses and queen mattresses. What are the differences between these two and which one is ideal for you. To take it a step further, we shall also analyze several factors to consider when purchasing a mattress.

What is a Full Mattress?

Also referred to as a double mattress, the full size is a 54 by 75-inch mattress. This is relatively small for most people. However, it depends on your mattress needs. Don't confuse it with the twin mattress. The latter is 16 inches shorter in width as compared to the full mattress. While twin and full beds have a lot in common, each size is unique and comes with its own pros and cons. So, always check the twin vs full bed comparison carefully to know the difference between these two mattress sizes before making a purchase decision.


If you’re considering buying a full mattress, here are a few pros to keep in mind:

  • They're suitable for kids
  • If you sleep with your small pet or doll, you’ll both fit perfectly
  • With a small bedroom or house, a full mattress will fit without trouble
  • In case your budget is on the lower side, buying this mattress will save you some change (you may also be interested in the best mattresses under $1000)
  • It’s perfect for campus students
  • It’s lighter hence easier to move around by yourself


Here are a few cons that you should also take note:

  • People taller than 6ft won’t fit in a full size bed
  • If you sleep with your partner, sibling or roommate, you may end up being very uncomfortable
  • You can’t grow with it. Once a kid grows up, you’ll need to invest in a new mattress

What is a Queen Mattress?

Unlike a full size mattress, the Queen mattress is relatively large with a 60 by 80 inch dimension. However, a queen size mattress is smaller than the king, which is 76 by 80 inches. Luckily, most families are content with the queen size. Our king vs queen mattress guide talks about the major difference between these two popular mattress sizes in great detail.


  • Queen mattresses are suitable for larger rooms.
  • These mattresses are also ideal for couples.
  • If you toss and turn when sleeping, a queen mattress would be your best choice.
  • If you opt to sleep with your pet or pets, you won't have to fight for space.
  • Due to its size, this mattress enhances your room design, making it look sophisticated.
  • Individuals as tall as 7ft can comfortably fit in a queen size bed.
  • It's easy to accessorize queen beds.


If you compare a queen to a full mattress, there's not really any cons. You can say that the queen is expensive than a full mattress, but with its great features, it becomes a necessity and not just a luxury. However, if you're able to spare more coins, then it's advisable to go for a king mattress instead. Couples with different sleep preferences may want to opt for a split king mattress. If you're asking yourself, what is a split king bed, it's simply 2 twin XL-size mattresses on a standard king-size bed frame.

Other notable cons may include:

  • A queen mattress is larger, hence heavier making it harder to move it around.
  • Because of its extensive nature, a queen mattress won't fit in a small bedroom.

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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Mattress Size

When it comes to buying a mattress that lasts longer and is comfortable in terms of memory foam and other materials, don’t look at mattress size. Such factors all depend on the brand you’re purchasing from. A queen mattress from one brand may be of lower quality than one from a different brand. Therefore, as you select mattress sizes, ensure to buy from a brand with a good mattress reputation.

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But when it comes to the size of the mattress, you can consider the following factors.

1. Body Size

As earlier mentioned, the size of your body matters dearly when purchasing a mattress. Are you short or tall, big or small? A full size mattress is ideal for anyone below 6ft tall. It is also ideal for smaller bodies, hence suitable for kids.

A queen mattress has additional inches in its length as compared to the full one. This means that anyone above 6ft tall will have to rest their feet on air. Unfortunately, those who are 6ft tall won’t be able to sleep as comfortably either.

In terms of body size, it’ll depend if you’re sleeping alone or have some company.

2. Sleeping Arrangement

A full size bed is only 54 inches in width. In most cases, two people wouldn’t fit in this mattress size, unless they both have really tiny bodies, or are kids. If you’re sleeping with a big pet or a fellow adult, consider buying a queen size mattress.

3. Cost

While your budget comes into play, it shouldn't be a significant factor when purchasing mattresses unless we're discussing different brands. It is arguably more important to sleep in a bed that suits your body size than a mattress that suits your wallet.

4. The Size of Your Bedroom

If you're moving into a new house, it's easy to select a home with larger rooms to have the queen beds. However, if you're stuck with a small space, then the full size bed is your only option. The idea is to set aside some room for accessories and for walking as well.

Accessories to consider include table stands. If you want a table stand on each side of the bed, then ensure your bed size leaves room for both. Also consider the distance between your closet and your bed, your wall and your bed, and finally your door and your bed. Make sure there’s at least 2ft space in width for walking around without knocking things or hurting yourself.

You may also have a huge bedroom and plan to put two full beds for your kids. Just make sure you leave ample space around each bed for their items.

5. Your Sleeping Style

Not everyone has the same sleeping style. Some sleep on one side the whole night, while others like to roll around the bed. If you’re the latter, then a queen size will give you all the freedom to travel around your bed without worrying about falling to the floor.

If you do not spread yourself on the bed or roll around all night, then a full mattress will be enough for you.

Before You Purchase a Mattress

When purchasing a mattress, don't rush to jump on discounts and massive offers. Take your time to analyze each model, size, material and other features. Remember that your home or personal needs are more important than what the dealer is trying to convince you. The right approach is to first shop for mattresses in stores and online, then test their quality out by sitting on the mattress for a few minutes. You can browse the dealer's website for reviews and testimonials.

Make sure you measure your bed correctly so that you can buy the correct mattress. Ask about the dealer’s return policy and make sure that they provide a warranty as well. 

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  1. It’s nice to know that queen mattresses work well in bigger spaces. For our home’s master bedroom, my mother wants to find a new bed. Since the space is large, I will advise her to get queen-size beds.

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