What is a Split King Mattress

Modern advancements in the sleep industry are relentlessly coming up with new ways to offer you better sleep, and a Split King Bed is one of those advancements. In case you're wondering, what is a split king mattress, it's simply two separate Twin XL mattresses on a king size bed frame . The Split concept is more similar to an ordinary king size mattress except that it offers each sleeper a more customized sleep comfort.

In this article, we will explore King vs Split King mattress and compare the California King model to the Split King as well. We'll also explore the pros and cons of Split Kings and ideal accessories that will help you sleep better on a Split King Mattress.

What's the Difference Between a King and Split King Size Mattress

Though the traditional King and the Split King beds may seem different, their dimensions are similar. Both beds measure 80 X 76 inches, but the traditional king model differs from Split Kings because of the split gap between the two Twin XL Mattresses in a Split King Bed. Notably, each half of the king and the Split King Mattresses measures 80 X 38 inches.

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Split King Vs California King Mattress

Typically the width of a mattress is much more important than its length. And this is one of the factors that make Split Kings ideal for sleepers seeking individualized sleep space. If you're 6 feet tall and over, then mattress length will matter greatly, so a Cal King Mattress is your best bet.

Generally, the dimensions of a California King Mattress are 72 X 84 inches. And like a standard king mattress, California king is ideal for large bedrooms measuring at least 12 X 12 feet. Like the regular Split Kings, a Split California king mattress is also a perfect choice for couples or co-sleepers with different sleeping preferences. Moreover, this type of mattress is excellently compatible with an adjustable bed.

You can also opt for a Split Cal King Mattress to enjoy a California King Mattress length combined with a Split King concept. Overall, Both California king and Split King Mattresses have gaps in between to offer sleepers customized sleeping needs.

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Advantages of Split King Mattresses

Advantages to expect from a Split King Mattress are as follows;

Reduced Motion Transfer

Unlike the standard king size mattress, with a Split King Size model, there's no need to worry about sleep disturbances from your sleep partner. So, if your sleep partner is a restless sleeper; you can be sure of zero motion transfer to your side since you sleep on separate mattresses.

Ideal for Sleep Partners with Different Sleep Needs

Couples and co-sleepers with different sleep needs will find Split King Mattresses super cozy. In case you like sleeping with a blanket, or your partner who typically sleeps hot can't sleep well, then the separate mattresses of a Split King Bed will help customize your sleep preference. A memory foam mattress would be a suitable fit for you, while your partner would be better off with a cooling mattress—probably a latex model. In one bed, you can have two Twin XL Mattresses of different types.

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You Can Choose Your Own Preferred Mattress Firmness

If your sleeping position is different from your partner— for instance, if you're a stomach sleeper and your spouse is a side sleeper— a Split King mattress is your go-to choice. Among the perks of a Split King Bed is to help you choose different firmness fitting your sleep styles.

In fact, most mattress manufacturer's nowadays let you adjust the firmness level of your Split mattress. Unlike before, when mattress brands used to create reversible mattresses with different densities on each side, most brands currently allow their customers to make orders with custom materials for their Split King Beds on each half.

Easy Adjustment and Replacement

The two mattresses of a Split King bed are easily replaceable, unlike traditional King. For instance, if you don't like the comfort of your side of the bed, you can always replace that separate mattress with one that meets your sleeping needs.

Overall, Split kings are beloved because of the large size and space they offer sleepers. Though ordinary King Mattresses are the largest commonly preferred beds in American bedrooms, Split King's size and luxurious feel makes it excellent for hotels. So, if your bedroom measures at least 12 X 12 feet, you can upgrade it with a Split King Bed.

Disadvantages of Split King Size Bed

The drawbacks of a Split King mattress include the following;

More Pricier Than a Regular King Mattress

Though these mattresses may have the same dimension, they differ in cost. Compared to regular king mattresses, Split kings are usually on the pricier side mainly due to the unique features they come with. Though there may be a few Split Kings with price ranges similar to some regular King Mattresses, expect to pay more for a Split King Adjustable Bed.

Limits One Sleeper from Using the Entire Split Bed Surface

The two separate mattresses of a Split King bed have a gap between them. This gap makes it quite uncomfortable to toss from one side of the mattress surface to the other in case your partner isn't using the other Twin mattress.

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Complicated Assembly

Since a Split King Bed features two Twin mattresses, each with a sleeper's preferred comfort, the difference can come down to different bed frames. And this may also include a Split king adjustable base. So setting up the Split king unit may be a challenging task that requires thorough research first.

Types of Bed Frames and Foundation Suitable for a Split King Bed

Aside from the benefits of the mattress itself, pairing it up with a suitable foundation or bed frame can significantly help boost sleep comfort. Types of bed frames that will guarantee this are;

Metal Bed Frames

Metal bed frames are the most preferred frames because of the solid support they offer your mattress. So, for your Split King mattress, a metal Split King foundation is a suitable fit. The perks of using a metal bed frame are to boost your Split Mattress's lifespan and prevent sagging. However, it would be best to use it alongside a box spring to give your mattress proper support.

Adjustable Bed

These bed frames are also known as adjustable bed bases. Like any other adjustable bed, a Split King is also movable to help you adjust your feet and head elevation. In case you enjoy relaxing on your bed while, say, watching TV, an adjustable bed base is a perfect accessory for the task. Also, If you or your sleep partner has issues like chronic back pain or sleep apnea, these Split King Bed frames would greatly help relieve such conditions. A good recommendation for a high-quality adjustable bed frame is GhostBed.

Box Springs

Box springs are traditional bed bases that offer good support to your mattress. Apart from support, it also adds height to the mattress. These bed bases are made of sturdy materials, namely wood and metal. However, metal models are built to last longer and are much quieter than wooden ones.

Like all other ordinary box springs, a Split King foundation box spring doesn't have actual springs. But still, it grants your bed some bounce. Both wooden and metal box spring foundations would make a spectacular upgrade to your Split King Mattress.

Why you Also Need to Invest in an Adjustable Base for your Split King Mattress

If you desire an adjustable bed frame for your Split King Mattress, you'll have to go for a Split King size bed frame. This will help you and your partner to customize each other's sleep comfort further. Benefits of such bed frames include;

Helping Reduce Leg Swelling

Abnormal fluid flow or fluid buildup into the lower region of your body in areas such as your feet, thighs, legs, and ankles is what commonly causes leg swelling. The condition is also known as edema and usually affects people with leg infections, blood clot, and generally, overweight individuals. So, use an adjustable bed frame to raise the lower part of your bed such that your legs are above your heart, which should facilitate efficient blood flow to relieve the swelling pain.

Helps Curb Acid reflux, Snoring, and Sleep Apnea

Sleep interruptions are common among individuals suffering from acid reflux and sleep apnea. In fact, snoring is among the common underlying symptoms of sleep apnea. And one way to curb it is to elevate your mattress' head area—in this case, using a Split King adjustable bed frame. Lying on your bed in a reclining position at an angle of 33-45 degrees also helps combat acid reflux by easing your digestive tract. Generally, you don't have to worry about interfering with your sleep partner's comfort.

Movement Ease for Individuals With Mobility Problems

If you have mobility issues, then a Split King adjustable bed base is the suitable foundation for your Split bed. Such adjustable bed frames can help ease your movement by customizing their position. This benefits people with mobility conditions like paralysis and limb limitations. Other mobility conditions patients who stand to benefit from a Split King adjustable bed include those with muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy.

Sheet Sizes for a Split King Bed

A Split King mattress bears a unique construction. This means they have specially designed sets of sheets.

The sheets' design also differs depending on the construction of the Split King Mattress. For instance, Split-top King sheets are designed for Split King adjustable beds. Interestingly, these king-size sheets Split at the head side into two Twin-size sheets. This allows for free movement of the adjustable bed frame on either side of the bed without pulling off the sheet.

However, you can still use a pair of Twin XL fitted sheets. Advisably, it's best to purchase a set, or two sets of Twin XL fitted sheets. A set usually contains two sheets, each one for each Twin XL mattress.

Depending on the type or the brand of bed sheets you choose, some come off the mattress easily after making the bed. So, it's crucial to go for a sheet with deep pockets or elastic bands to ensure the Twin XL fitted sheets fit securely around the surface of the entire bed.

Final Thoughts

Split King mattresses may not be as popular as the standard King beds. But the exquisite comfort level they deliver is bound to skyrocket their demand. Aside from your bedroom dimensions, before purchasing a split king mattress, you should also consider factors such as price, sleep trials, and sleeping position. Armored with these crucial factors and others, you can bet that your Split King mattress purchase will be worth the investment.

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