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Last Updated: June, 2024

For taller sleepers, a California King mattress might beat a standard King mattress. You get to enjoy more leg space to stretch out in. It does come with a narrower width, which makes it great for couples who love to lay closer together for a snuggle. Finding a comfortable mattress can be tough enough, but shopping for a best california king bed is that much more challenging.
We tested the most popular ones in the market and here are our top picks that we recommend you try out.

According to our tests, the best California King mattress is the Amerisleep AS5. This hybrid mattress is built to last. It's plush yet supportive, and excels at keeping you cool throughout the night.

6 Best California King Mattresses

Amerisleep AS5

If you're on the hunt for a soft California King size mattress, the Amerisleep AS5 might be all you need. As one of Amerisleep's softest models, it features a super-soft, high-responsive transition foam that makes it easy to climb in and out of your bed and switch sleep positions during the night.

Puffy Lux Hybrid

The Puffy Lux Hybird mattress is amazingly soft and supportive. This mattress is made to help you sink into the mattress for the best night’s sleep possible. 

Diamond Mattress Faith Hybrid

Diamond Mattress Faith Hybrid

This mattress takes the pressure off so you sleep pain free. We found it especially ideal for hot sleepers. 

Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream

Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream

This Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream mattress has a delightfully plush feel. It contours to your body and cradles. 

12” Cool Bliss Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

12” Cool Bliss Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Side sleepers will love this mattress, in fact this is one the best mattress for side sleepers. It helps align your spine while you sleep. 

The Luff Plush Multi-Sleeper

The Luff Plush Multi-Sleeper

Enjoy sleeping in any position with this Luff Plush Multi-Sleeper. It’s very effective at keeping you cool too.

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Amerisleep AS5

What We Like

  • Pressure-relieving plant-based memory foam
  • Active-Flex and memory foam for maximum plushness
  • Minimal sinkage thanks to the bed's responsiveness

What We Don't Like

  • Only available in a soft firmness level, which can be too plush for the needs of most stomach and back sleepers

Overall Thoughts: 

Amerisleep's AS5 comes with a proprietary memory foam known as Bio-Pur, which is highly responsive and can quickly recover whenever you move around the bed, adding some motion isolation. It's highly supportive thanks to its medium-firm density, which relieves pressure and assists with spinal alignment. For taller sleepers or couples with chronic back pain, the California King size AS5 Hybrid is a solid choice.

Aside from being remarkably responsive, the Bio-Pur foam is well ventilated and breathable, leaving sleepers cool all night long. It's also well known for offering more than enough motion isolation, thus preventing sleep disruptions for couples and tall sleepers. But since the underlying layer of ActiveFlex memory foam has more bounce, there's more motion transfer on the AS5 Hybrid model than the AS4.

The AS5 boasts a 7-inch comfort system that features three layers that play a vital role in generating significant pressure relief. For instance, the memory foam layers conform deeply to smooth out pressure points, while the ActiveFlex foam protects your body from sinking out of line. Not to mention its zoned polyfoam that's tailored to match up to five different sections of your body.

With the AS5 Hybrid, you get a 100-night sleep trial, free shipping and returns, and a 20-year warranty.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

What We Like

  • Designed to work for all types of sleepers
  • It’s very cooling, helping you have a relaxing night sleep
  • Great for couples, since it doesn’t transfer motion

What We Don't Like

  • You do sink a little more into this mattress, so it’s not for you if you need a firmer night’s sleep

Overall Thoughts: 

We were looking for a truly soft california king mattress that we could really just sink into, this is the best mattress for that. The Puffy Lux sure didn’t disappoint. This mattress was great to lie on with the Puffy Original added layer of comfort, not to mention the internal foam layers and coils that keep you supported throughout the night.

These layers will keep you comfortable and help relieve some of your pain and pressure points. No matter what kind of sleeper you are, this is a great mattress option.

This mattress doesn’t feel too hot either, unlike other foam options and it's one of the best memory foam style beds out there. We slept on this mattress comfortably and felt cool throughout the night. The support of this foam is meant to relieve the pressure on your hips and spine, cradling your body well. This is because the Puffy Lux is made with four foam layers that provide different benefits.
First, there’s the cover.

This cover will help air flow easily off of the mattress. Then there’s the comfort layer of 2 inches of gel memory foam, which includes microbeads that trap less heat and let you sink into the mattress. Don’t forget about the contour layer with another 2 inches of memory foam, along with the transition layer of a firmer poly foam and coils that will prevent you from sinking too far. All in all, this will give you lots of support and comfort all through the night.

Puffy also has a great selection of mattress toppers, sheets, pillows, foundations and more so you can bundle and get everything you need in one place.

This mattress is currently $300 off and comes with $455 Worth of accessories FREE!

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Diamond Mattress Faith Hybrid

What We Like

  • Special layer and cover actively cools while sleeping
  • Much better edge support
  • Coils and foam combination provides a balance of support and contouring
  • 20 year warranty

What We Don't Like

  • Support seems to diminish slightly over time

Overall Thoughts: 

This Diamond california king mattress has some of the best edge support of the mattresses we’ve tested. Since it has a hybrid construction that merges the qualities of memory foam with inner spring, you get the best of both worlds. While you can choose between three different firmness levels of support (plush, medium firm, and firm), they all feel like a good representation of the firmness level.

What really stood out to us was how cool this mattress sleeps. Yes, ‘it sleeps cool’ is a common claim for hybrid mattresses. Unfortunately, the foam in most mattresses still retains a lot of heat. While a lot of other mattresses use a special layer of foam to create a cooling feel, the Diamond mattress has a special cover to do that. The Faith mattress does have a special layer to regulate temperature, but the CoolTouch cover is what really takes the cake.

When it comes to motion isolation, this mattress impressed us. We couldn’t feel any motion transfer throughout the night. That said, it’s still responsive enough to roll over when you need to. Here’s another thing we really liked: the edge support. Nobody likes feeling like they’re about to roll off the bed, and that was a non-issue.

This mattress is also backed by a 20 year warranty, which is about twice the industry average.

Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream

What We Like

  • Ideal for people that want a soft but supportive mattress
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Best support along hips and shoulders

What We Don't Like

  • May sink too much for larger people

Overall Thoughts: 

If you love a soft, plush california king mattress, you’ll want to check out the Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of support you can feel. We found that the support is a lot more noticeable around the hips and shoulders, which is a refreshing balance. Some soft mattresses sink too much, which can really negate the support they should have. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with this mattress. It has wrapped coils in between layers of memory foam. It felt like there was some push back, in a good way.

You definitely get a cradling feeling, and the foam starts contouring to your body pretty quickly too. While memory foam mattresses are known to have good motion isolation, we found that this one does even better than most. Considering that it’s a hybrid mattress and not just a memory foam mattress, that’s pretty impressive. You could try (and try hard) to get motion to transfer across the mattress, but the other side still won’t move.

It’s not the coolest mattress of those we tested, but it still kept a fairly neutral temperature throughout the night. The coils let plenty of air through, which also helps keep too much heat from building up. Another nice thing about the coil and foam combination is that there’s better support. 

12” Cool Bliss Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

What We Like

  • Stays very cool and dry all night
  • Comfortably keeps your back and spine aligned
  • Ideal for hot sleepers and side sleepers

What We Don't Like

  • Less edge support than the other mattresses

Overall Thoughts: 

As far as sleep positions go, this Cool Bliss california king mattress was one of the best we tested for side sleepers. If you like to switch up sleep positions though, don’t worry. Even when moving to the back or stomach sleeping positions there’s an even amount of support. Another nice thing is that it doesn’t seem to sink or sag, even when you’re sitting in bed.

We were definitely fans of the latex material. Since it’s combined with foam, you get the contour of memory foam, with the support and responsiveness of latex. It gives you the feel of being held on cushions, without sinking in. A bonus for people that really struggle with back pain is the different foundations you can choose from, to tailor your support.

As you might guess from the name, this mattress is designed to keep you cool, even if you’re a really hot sleeper. The foam has a special gel inside that keeps body heat away, and moving out of the mattress.

We realized that keeping cool is one of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep. Beyond the gel infused foam, there’s also a special cooling cover. This was one of the more impressive parts, since it was obviously cooling the mattress and wicking away moisture. 

The Luff Plush Multi-Sleeper

What We Like

  • Supports all pressure points equally
  • Has better lumbar support than other mattresses
  • Responsive foam contours, while making it easy to move

What We Don't Like

  • Fairly heavy to move (best for two people to set up)

Overall Thoughts: 

Choosing a mattress when you’re part of a couple is certainly harder than choosing one for just yourself. The idea is that you get proper support no matter what position you sleep in, with a ton of cooling layers. Even if you’re not a hot sleeper, if your partner is, it’s important to have a mattress that keeps you both from burning up. Naturally, that was one of the things we had to check out.

The Luff california king mattress does a great job of staying cool, which was a relief. The other nice thing is that there are separate layers that provide targeted support to all the different pressure points. It does still have a higher firmness level and feel than your typical plush mattress, but we chalk that up to the targeted support. That makes it ideal for couples that can’t choose between a firm and soft mattress.

We noticed the contouring feel pretty much right away, which is a signature trait of any memory foam mattress. Unlike other foam mattresses that stay ‘contoured’ for a while even after you move, this mattress adapts quickly. It’s also easy to move around or switch positions without the feeling of getting stuck. While we’d say it’s best for side and back sleepers, it was still comfortable enough to roll on your stomach too.

Factors to Consider For Larger Mattresses

Level of Support

A lot of times, the firmness level you prefer is just up to what you like, and the best mattress for you is up to your personal preferences. However, you should also consider your primary sleeping position. People that sleep on their backs and stomach usually do best with firmer mattresses, because they provide more support. If you like to sleep mostly on your side, try a softer mattress. 

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Type and Material

The material of your California King size bed has a big impact on how it feels, and how it moves with you, especially with things like bed frames that move. Memory foam contours, but on its own, it can feel a bit like it’s sinking. Hybrid mattresses often combine memory foam or latex with coils. They give you the cushion of foam, with the support a coil mattress delivers.

Spring or coil mattresses are often also called innerspring mattresses. They’re one of the most typical types of mattress, and they’ve been around much longer too. Innersprings are much firmer, but also somewhat bouncy.

Latex mattresses provide more support than an all foam mattress, but not as much as an innerspring. Some mattresses have latex in upper layers for comfort, or lower layers for support. It’s more responsive than foam, but still contour to your body, and allow enough bounce to move.


If you sleep cool, temperature may not be your top concern when looking for the best mattress for you. If you’re a hot sleeper though, a cool cal king mattress is essential to good sleep. Foam mattresses tend to trap more heat. If you’re a hot sleeper, but like the feel of foam, a hybrid mattress stays cooler than foam only.

Innerspring mattresses provide more ventilation, but hybrid mattresses with coils add a cooling effect. Some mattresses also have cooling gel, or special layers to dissipate body heat.

Cushion and Contour

Memory foam is one of those materials known for contouring to your body. While it gives you a nice cradling feel, some people feel it sinks too much. Keep in mind how much of a contouring feel you want. A mattress that contours a lot can help many people get a better sleep, but some people find it harder to move around. 

Sleep Trial

A mattress isn't a small investment. Having a solid sleep trial is essential for peace of mind. Just because we say a mattress is comfortable,  you may not feel the same way. The standard is a 90 night sleep trial, with some companies offering much longer sleep trials. Idle, for example offers an 18 month (500+ night sleep trial). Companies that are this confident in their products should catch your eye. A California king size mattress is a big bed, and the longer the trial, the more comfortable you should feel buying a California king size mattress online.


Depending on what kind of sleeper you are, you’ll gravitate to different mattresses. The best California King size bed is ideal for you if you enjoy a bit of extra length compared to a standard King mattress or enjoy sleeping closer to your partner, thanks to its narrower width. The basics of finding a good mattress still applies: ensure it’s the right amount of firmness level that you enjoy and choose the right materials.

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