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Last Updated: July, 2024

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A good mattress is essential when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling rested for your day. However, it isn’t so simple to just buy any mattress. Everyone is different and you need to find the right mattress to meet your preferences. While some people sleep best on a soft, cushiony mattress, others need a more firm, supportive mattress.

For instance, younger adults may prefer softer mattresses to conform to their unique body shape, whereas older adults may opt for firmer models that support their spine and joints. However, according to a survey done by Ecosa, most sleepers prefer firm mattresses over softer models. If you fall into this category and you'd like something firmer, we've got some options for you.

In the search for commendable extra firm mattresses, we went ahead and conducted our 2-stage review process on 6 different mattresses that had claims of having an extra firm feel. According to our tests, the best extra firm mattress is the Amerisleep AS1. This all foam mattress is rated to last for decades, while providing the firmest feel of any of the high quality mattresses Amerisleep has to offer.

6 Best Extra Firm Mattresses (Reviews)

Amerisleep AS1

Based on our 2 stage review process, this mattress is great for alleviating pressure and tested 9/10 on the firmness scale, making it the best overall choice for an extra firm mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm

The Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm is an ideal pick for sleepers who absolutely need overall body support but also love a touch of cushioning for painful pressure points. Its flippable design also makes it an excellent alternative for those uncertain about the exact firmness level they prefer.

Diamond Brighton (Firm)

Diamond Brighton (Firm)

This Diamond Brighton mattress gives you a perfect firm feel and support with hybrid materials. You’ll love the impressive pressure relief of this mattress.

Plush Beds All Natural Latex Mattress (Extra Firm)

PlushBeds All Natural Latex Mattress

This is the ideal mattress for people that wish ‘firm’ went a bit farther. The cover is soft, but there’s a ton of support.

Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream

Keetsa Plus

If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll love how cool this Keetsa Plus mattress feels. It’s effective and soothing for back pain too.

Sleep EZ Natural Latex Mattress (Extra Firm)

Sleep EZ Natural Latex Mattress

If you want a extra firm mattress, but don’t want the coil innersprings or chemicals from foam, this might just be the one for you. You can also adjust the firmness of your mattress, making it ideal for anyone.

Amerisleep AS1

What We Like

  • Eco-friendly; made without toxins
  • Open cell design helps you sleep cool
  • Bio core base gives durable support that will last decades
  • Great motion isolation
  • 20 year warranty

What We Don't Like

  • It's an all foam mattress, so it won't have the bounce you may be used to if you sleep on a hybrid or innerspring

Overall Thoughts: 

Of our extensive testing, the Amerisleep AS1 our favorite extra firm mattress and one of the longest lasting mattresses too. This 10 in all foam mattress is engineered to provide long-lasting comfort and appeal to the group of consumers who prefer a firmer feel.

Amerisleep is a large, well known that backs their mattresses with an impressive 20 year warranty. While this mattress is made 100% of foam without a coil layer, the AS1 won't sag over time like other lower quality memory foam mattresses.

Amerisleep has a variety of mattress models, but the AS1 is the firmest. The design of the mattress is simplistic, but delivers excellent firm comfort. I found the cover to be ultra breathable which helps prevent overheating. The comfort layer is made of Amerisleeps Bio-Pur foam that slept cooler than a traditional memory foam and didn't leave me feeling stuck. Additionally, it promotes healthier sleep, as it is CertiPUR-US certified, low in volatile organic compounds, and resistant to mold, dust mites, and mildew.

The firmness of this non-toxic and fiberglass-free mattress comes from the ultra-durable support layer. This layer helps ensure the mattress won't sag over time. It's backed by a risk-free 100-night sleep trial and an impressive 20 year warranty, so if anything doesn't meet Amerisleep's high standards during that time, you're not left with a sub-par mattress. Shoppers who don't love their mattress after the first 30 nights can also get a fast and full refund.

Budget shoppers will be glad to know that the Amerisleep AS1 is one of the best affordable extra firm mattresses. Their queen bed costs $899, and the split king model is about $500 more. 

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Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm

What We Like

  • Flippable design with extra firm and firm feels
  • Soft cotton-microfiber cover
  • Its firm support improves lumbar support and reduces spinal stress
  • Optional cooling panel promotes temperature regulation

What We Don't Like

  • Might be too firm for side sleepers

Brooklyn Bedding is running a flash sale on this mattress, active July 14, 2024!

Overall Thoughts: 

Looking for an extra firm mattress with durable materials that can offer strong support, excellent temperature control, and minimal sinkage? You may want to check out the Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm Mattress. This dual-sided mattress is available in two firmness levels specially designed for the preferences and needs of individuals over 230 pounds. Because of its foam layers, the surface doesn’t feel too rigid. It created a perfect balance of pressure relief and support.

The extra-firm side of this Brooklyn Bedding Mattress features a comfort system made of a .75-inch quilted polyfoam layer that offered us a firm surface feel. While sleeping on the mattress, I felt enough cushioning without sinking into the bed. Unlike the extra-firm surface, the firm side has more give, thanks to its slightly thicker layer of quilted foam, supported by a 2-inch layer of Supreme Response Comfort Foam.

Each side of the mattress features a 7-inch high-density base foam which resists deep compression. Manufacturers made this mattress using CertiPUR-US certified foam materials. This means that they are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and more eco-friendly than conventional foams.

This extra-firm mattress is available in all standard sizes and a wide range of custom options. Its $768 to $1,449 price range makes it an excellent pick for budget shoppers looking for a supportive mattress. The Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm includes free ground shipping to the contiguous United States, and it's backed by a 10-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial. If you aren't satisfied with your mattress during this trial period, you'll have to wait for 30 days before processing your return. A $99 return fee is needed for all mattress returns.

Diamond Brighton (Firm)

What We Like

  • Combines spring structure with firm memory foam
  • Excellent warranty and guarantees
  • Perfect for any sleeping position (back, stomach and side sleepers)

What We Don't Like

  • Might sag over time

Overall Thoughts: 

When we tried out this mattress, we were pleasantly surprised at the firmness beneath the soft topper. It’s made with a hybrid design, and materials. There’s plenty to love about this mattress, especially if you’re a combination sleeper.

As a back sleeper, this mattress offered me great cushioning and my partner who’s a stomach sleeper could testify the same. However, the manufacturers claim that it’s also good for side sleepers as it maintains equal firmness and support. For lightweight sleepers, or very young kids, this mattress may feel like you’re sleeping on a rock and will probably give you morning back pain. Therefore, strictly use it if you weigh 250 pounds and above.

Lower back support is one of the areas the mattress really excels in. We were looking for a mattress that takes the strain off pressure-sensitive areas, and especially in the hips and back. It’s firm enough that you can really feel the support, but not too firm to prevent you from comfortably moving around the bed.

The Diamond Brighton mattress still has the feeling of structure you get with an innerspring mattress, plus the cradling of memory foam.

While it’s always hard to make the move to a new mattress, this should be a pretty easy choice. First, it’s clearly made of high quality materials. Next, it costs between $899 to $1,799 depending on the size you want, meaning you won't have to break the bank to enjoy the luxurious feel and eco-friendly features this bed has to offer. 

The manufacturers offer a five year warranty on this mattress, while the CertiPUR-US memory foam and materials are guaranteed for up to ten years.

Plush Beds All Natural Latex Mattress (Extra Firm)

What We Like

  • Soft cover gives a cushy feel 
  • Seems to bounce back for support 
  • Doesn’t sink like memory foam
  • Good shoulder and neck support & pressure relief
  • Great customer service

What We Don't Like

  • Not as firm on edge support
  • Too firm for side sleepers

Overall Thoughts: 

Having a mattress that helps you sleep better is great. It’s even better when it’s eco friendly, chemical free, and helps keep allergies at bay. That’s exactly what we got with this mattress. While it may feel like it conforms a little more than your typical ‘extra firm’ mattress, it did deliver great spine support and zero aches after testing it for several nights.

I love how the mattress has plenty of bounce, so I didn’t feel stuck whenever I turned or tried to get out of bed. We realized that while Plushbeds memory foam is definitely responsive, it’s much denser than we expected.

One of the best things when testing this mattress was how the latex worked to even out the memory foam feel. When testing out firm mattresses made of memory foam, we felt like we were sinking more often than not. That didn’t happen with the PlushBeds mattress. There is some body contouring, but it’s just the right amount. It feels like the latex keeps you from sinking, while the memory foam eases pressure points.

We also noticed that the latex seems to push back when there’s body weight on it. That adds plenty of support to keep the shoulders, neck and spine aligned, which is ideal for people with frequent back and joint pain as well as pressure. The wool cover is nice and soft to the skin.

In essence, we got an almost plush feel from the cover alone, while the foam layers of the mattress kept the back and pressure points positioned for great sleep. Eco-friendly shoppers will also be glad to know that this organic cotton cover is GOTS-certified, GREENGUARD GOLD certified, and hypoallergenic. The Plushbeds team assure buyers that the mattress was grown sustainably without any toxic chemicals and engineered for luxurious comfort and health.

The PlushBeds All Natural Latex Mattress costs $1,599 for a twin and about $700 more for a queen model. If you need a fairly extra firm mattress to support your back, but like the idea of a plush mattress, you’ll want to invest in this mattress. It feels like a gentle firmness, which is a nice change from other brands. It comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 30-day break-in period that allows you to return the mattress for a full refund should you decide the PlushBeds Mattress doesn't suit your needs. Shoppers who keep their organic mattresses receive an industry-leading lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Keetsa Plus

What We Like

  • Supportive foam layers ease back pain and pressure points
  • Pillow top upper layer gives a plush, but supported feel 
  • Excellent price point and warranty
  • Supportive but still one of the extra firm mattresses
  • 90 day sleep trial period
  • Great for back pain and pressure relief

What We Don't Like

  • Memory foam mattress smell lasts a little longer
  •  Too firm for side sleepers

Overall Thoughts: 

It can be difficult to find the best extra firm mattress for couples that helps with back pain, and keeps you cool at night. Naturally, that was one reason we had to test out the Keetsa Plus mattress. If you’re a really hot sleeper like me, you know how hard it is to find a mattress that actually ‘sleeps cool’ while offering other great features as well. The brand offers a 90 day trial period which is more than enough to test the bed. Of course, we were also interested in checking out a mattress that performs like latex, but without actually containing any latex - surprise surprise.

Of the firm mattresses we tried out, Keetsa seems to have the most range for people of different heights, weights, and body types. It had a nice balance, which comes from the individually wrapped coils and sturdy foam layers. My partner and I felt plenty of support while sleeping, and the edge support was fairly good too.The upper layer is pillowy, so you don’t lose the plush feel. Underneath, you can definitely tell there’s built up support. We felt like it was a good combination, and makes for a good compromise between partners that can’t decide between an extra firm mattress and a soft pillow top style.

It’s certified eco friendly too, which we felt good about, considering how much waste can come from mattress manufacturing. You’ll love that it comes with a 12 year warranty. Overall, the mattress is available in five standard sizes, with the twin model going at $690 and the queen-size model costing about $990. While the mattress comes with a lengthy sleep trial period, you'll have to sleep on it for 3o days before deciding whether or not it works for you and before qualifying for a refund.

Sleep EZ Natural Latex Mattress (Extra Firm)

What We Like

  • Made from 100% natural latex material
  • Has several layers that can be adjusted
  • Hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial properties
  • Coils extend the life of the bed
  • One of the best extra firm mattress options for all sleep styles

What We Don't Like

  • Requires more assembly that most other best extra firm mattress options

Overall Thoughts: 

When it comes to firm mattresses, you may feel like you have to choose only one of the available firmness options  for decades and hope it consistently provides you with what you need. But just like anything else, over time there can be different circumstances and different needs. This makes it harder to guarantee that what you need now will be what you need down the road. Manufacturers of the Sleep EZ’s Natural Latex bed say that it allows you to get the most out of your investment over the years. You get to adjust your mattress’s firmness through a multi-layer design.

Rather than just one layer of memory foam or coils, this mattress is made up of several different layers, including 100% natural organic latex, which is one of my favorite things about it. We love how these layers have different levels of firmness, allowing us to switch them around to get a firmer or softer feel to fit our needs.

Natural latex is my personal favorite as it’s naturally hypoallergenic. I tested this mattress during allergy season and surprisingly slept well throughout the night. It also has no harmful chemicals and if you like eco-friendly products, this is for you. Natural latex offers a cool sleep great for hot sleepers. 

Additionally, I enjoyed the motion isolation offered by this mattress. As my partner moved, I could barely feel the movement on my side.

This company offers free shipping in the US, a 90-day risk-free sleep trial period, and between ten and twenty years of warranty protection. While their queen mattress costs about $2,000, their quality materials, free pillow sets, and free mattress protector make it worth the investment. They also have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, making them a very trusted company. If you don't absolutely love how your mattress performs, you can return it before the trial period ends and get your money back. Just remember that a $99 fee is needed to cover the shipping charges. 

How to Choose an Extra Firm Mattress

To help you choose the best extra firm mattress, here are some important things to keep in mind, aside from just mattress firmness scale.

Firmness Scale

Most firm mattresses are rated on a scale from one to ten to identify how firm the mattress is. One is the softest, plushiest option, while seven and eight are viewed as firm. For an extra firm mattress, you want to look for something that would be a nine or ten on this scale.


Materials used to construct firm mattresses are crucial in determining both how firm it will be and how long it will maintain that level of firmness. Memory foam layers are a great material for plush or medium firm mattresses, but is not as ideal for firm mattresses. With extra-firm mattresses, you want as little memory foam as possible. Instead, you want to go with a mattress that relies on coil innersprings to provide the shape and support of your mattress instead of memory foam. When going for the best firm option, you can expect to pay a bit more since the best firm and medium firm beds are made of premium materials.

Latex can also be a good option for those who do want some kind of topper on the innersprings inside your mattress. There are also latex foam mattresses that can be extremely firm or medium firm, but is it important to make sure you pay attention to the specifications of the mattress to make sure it will be firm enough for your needs.


If you have tried firm or medium firm mattress options, but you are not getting the results you are looking for, you may not be factoring in your body weight. If you are over 130 pounds in weight, firm mattresses may not be ideal to support you. Your body has specific needs.

Heavier people may need firm mattresses, instead of medium firm, to make up for the lack of your mattresses ability to maintain more body weight. If you're worried about your weight and how it works with a new bed, opt for a hybrid with coils as one of the at least three comfort layers. A good mattress should have a core support layer, a mid section support layer, and a top layer. Each of the three comfort layers helps create the overall firmness level you need in a premium mattress. Also check for a warranty, in case the mattress sags over time due to your body weight. 

Sleeping Position & Different Sleepers

It is important to remember that the firmness of your mattress you require relates heavily to your sleeping position. Firm and extra firm mattresses are best for those who sleep on their stomachs or backs, protecting the natural alignment of your spine. For side sleepers, firm or extra firm mattresses are not recommended. Stomach sleepers need the firmest, but if you're one of those back and stomach sleepers, rather than just a stomach sleeper, a medium firm option may do just fine.

Some back sleepers love a firm mattress, other back sleepers and stomach sleepers don't. If you can, try out some mattresses in a store to determine your firmness preference. Buying a mattress in store will cost way more than buying online. However, different sleepers need to figure out what type of mattress they like. 

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Side sleepers generally like something plush. Side sleepers won't like a firm mattress most of the time. These types of sleepers need a surface that provides more plush comfort, and a firm mattress isn't appealing for that reason.

Strict stomach sleepers need the best firm mattress types, some that might even feel like the plank mattress with a coil layer creating the hardest firmness level. Memory foam mattress options won't be firm enough, so if you're stomach sleeper, don't go with a memory foam mattress because a memory foam mattress will sink in more than you'd like. Different body types also have different needs.


Sagging is a problem for any mattress, but it can ruin a firm mattress and hurt your back if you're one of the stomach sleepers. That is because sagging ruins your mattress’s ability to provide a straight surface to support your spine’s natural alignment, no matter the firmness level.

Because that is the biggest reason to have a mattress this firm, you really need to look for a mattress that will resist sagging as much as possible. This is not only important for the middle, but for the edges as well.

A firm mattress is less susceptible to sag, but it isn't impervious to it. Make sure you're investing in a bed that either has coils in the core to support it, or one thats made of entirely high quality materials like latex. The coils do a great job at preventing sag, but if you get a hybrid, latex, high quality mattress, this three factor combination sill virtually eliminate your issue with sagging, regardless of the firmness level.


When buying a firm mattress, thickness is a great indicator on just how firm it will be. This is because the thicker mattresses on the market include some sort of extra padding to make your mattress softer and more comfortable to lay on.

Even firm mattresses can end up with additional padding in the design. To help truly get the best mattress, you want to look for a mattress that has little to no top padding. Thinner spring mattresses help to indicate that there isn’t any extra unwanted padding. Looking at the internal makeup of any potential mattresses to make sure you are getting what you want. Spring mattresses will have more bounce, but can still be firm.


While it does not directly impact your bed, you need to consider your pillows that will be used with it. If you are interested in using an extra-firm mattress, you need to make sure your pillows are not going to impact the purpose of this kind of mattress.
For example, extra firm mattresses serve to provide as little disruption to your spine’s natural alignment as possible. If you are laying on your stomach or back, but your pillows are very high, it can cause severe neck discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firm vs extra firm: Whats the difference?

Medium is the most popular type of bed, but some companies make beds specifically more on the firm side for people who need firmer support in a new mattress. A super firm mattress takes firmness to another level. Generally, a firm mattress won't have much give, but it'll have a plush top layer. An extra-firm mattress won't be as soft on top. Instead, it'll be firm throughout.

Can a firm mattress help with back pain?

The best mattress to help with back pain depends on your specific body type and sleep style. For heavier back sleepers, an extra firm mattress can absolutely provide the extra firm support that will help relieve back pain. With that said, a lightweight person, or someone who sleeps on their side won't find a new bed that's extra firm to be very beneficial for relieving back pain.

Should I get foam mattress, latex or a hybrid?

Generally speaking, latex mattresses are the firmest by default, but do a good job at minimizing motion transfer (meaning they have good motion isolation). However, foam and hybrids can be made very firm as well while still having good motion isolation. If you have a bigger budget for a new bed, latex is the best overall option if you're looking for a bed with firm support, great build quality, and one that will last longer than a traditional mattress.

Can I still use a mattress topper on a firm mattress?

Mattress toppers are normally used to add a comfort layer to an aging mattress, or one that doesn't have the firmness level or support you're looking for, or to help with motion isolation. If you buy the right bed to begin with, you won't need a mattress topper. A firm topper can still be added to an existing mattress to give it more comfort though. You may even want to go for cooling mattress toppers, especially for memory foam mattresses because memory foam mattresses tend to be hotter. You'll need a cooling panel if you get night sweats, a cooling panel is either a cooling top layer, or cooling sheets and blankets.

Is firm still comfortable?

Many people hear "firm" and think you're sleeping on a rock with no motion isolation or edge support, but that's not the case. Even the firmest bed will still have some give and support, as well as a comfort layer or various foam mattress layers. Back sleepers, stomach sleepers and heavyset combination sleepers are generally the type of people that find a firm option more comfortable. When you're shopping for a new mattress, look for individually wrapped coils, at least a 10 year warranty, and keep in mind that most companies will let you return what you don't like.

I like firm, my partner likes soft, what can we do?

If you and your sleep partner disagree on the mattress firmness scale thats right for your body, you can try a split king bed, and get different firmness levels to fit the sleepers style (good for combination sleepers) and your body while still providing good edge support so the bed feels natural. A split king is two twin beds on a single frame, and allows for a more customized sleep setup. You can also get a bed with a long trial period. By opting for a bed with a longer trial period, you get time to decide if it's really a good fit or not. You can also add a comfort layer on an existing mattress that only on half of the bed if needed.

Will my bed frame work with a very firm mattress?

If you're worried about your bed frame with a firmer bed, don't. An ultra firm bed works with any bed frame, and can even be easier to secure than a soft foam mattress. A firm bed has less sag and can be supported with less resistance. 

What warranty should I look for?

A lifetime warranty is great, but the industry standard is 10 year, along with a decent trial period. A 10 year warranty gives you plenty of time to break in the mattress and have time to return it if anything goes wrong in that 10 year time trial period. Whether the comfort layer starts to sag, or something else about the mattress isn't good, a solid 10 year warranty is a good baseline for a bed.


It can be hard enough finding the right bed with just basic firmness. The challenge is made even harder when you need something extra firm. Despite how hard it was, we still managed to find these extra firm bed to meet the mark so start from our curated list and you’ll be on the right track!

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