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Last Updated: June, 2021

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You can buy a great mattress, but the best mattress in the world might not help you if you don’t have a bed frame that it will fit in. The best adjustable bed frame will let you customize your comfort each night. You can fight issues like snoring, back pain, and even acid reflux by adjusting the angle of your mattress—all you need to do is pick out your adjustable bed.

According to our tests, the best adjustable bed frame is the GhostBed Split king bundle deal. It's has premium features, such as USB charging ports and smart features and is FREE with a mattress purchase from GhostBed. Read on to find out our thoughts from testing the best high end adjustable beds on the market and what you need to look out for.

7 Best Adjustable Bed Frames (Full, Queen & King)

GhostBed Split King - Small

GhostBed Split King Adjustable Bed Combo Set

If you're looking for a new adjustable bed base, you'll love that you can get this premium adjustable base AND a new mattress for the price of just the base. This combo is on sale June 20, 2021 for 40% off! This deal won't last long.

Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Premium Small

Idle Sleep Adjustable Bed Premium

Adjust your head and your feet with this Idle Sleep mattress. Oh, and charge your devices too for when you work in bed thanks to the USB ports on either side of the adjustable bed.

Haven Adjustable Base Premium Small

Haven Adjustable Base Premium

If you’re looking for a comfortable base that makes you feel relaxed and that provides you with a good night’s sleep, you really can’t go wrong with Haven. Adjust your head, your feet, and feel that back pain go away with ease.

Puffy Adjustable Base Small

Puffy Adjustable Bed Frame

A great base that comes with both head and foot incline abilities, massage options, LED under bed lighting, and USB plugs to make charging your phone or other devices at night that much easier.

Layla Adjustable Base Small

Layla Adjustable Base

A base with advanced technology that can help combat snoring, connect to smart home devices, and dual head and foot incline abilities.

LUCID L300 Bed Base Small

LUCID L300 Bed Base

You'll love how versatile this Lucid bed is. Choose from a 0-45 degree foot incline or 0-60 degree head incline to suit your sleeping preference.

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base Small

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base 

Talk about a bed base that goes above and beyond. You'll love the USB ports as well as the massage feature that comes with this Classic Brands bed base.

GhostBed Split King

What We Like

  • The Ghostbed adjustable base combo comes bundled with a mattress of your choice
  • Premium adjustable bed features such a massages, presets, USB ports and under bed lighting
  •  Backed by a 20 year warranty
  • Excellent overall quality for an adjustable frame

What We Don't Like

  • The bundle deal is only available for split king (click here to buy just the adjustable base in any size) 

Overall Thoughts: 

There really aren't enough great things we can say about GhostBed as a company, and this deal in particular. If you're looking for an adjustable frame, but might also consider the need to update your mattress as well, this bundle has you covered. Their mattresses are flexible yet durable, making them a great choice for an adjustable bed base. They're also incredibly affordable for the quality of mattress you get. Similar quality beds (like Tempurpedic) cost literally 4x as much. With the GhostBed adjustable base, you're not paying for top-tier brand recognition, you're paying for a premium-made product. GhostBed also has an awesome financing plan that allows you to take advantage of this deal, with interest rates as low as 0%!

The Ghostbed adjustable base itself comes packed with premium adjustable bed features, making it feel like it's worth twice as much as they're charging for it. This adjustable base doesn't just move up and down, it gives you dual head and foot massages, has multiple presets, USB ports on both sides, under bed lighting and unlimited feet positions. These adjustable bed features are what we normally see in adjustable bases that cost a lot more, without even taking into consideration that you also get a new mattress thrown in as well. 

If you like the sound of this Ghostbed adjustable base deal but aren't sure you'll like the GhostBed mattress, take a look at all the different mattress models they have available, and any of them can be bundled alongside the base. Your options range from the affordable basic GhostBed classic, all the way to the premium level 3D matrix model which uses a patented technology that uses a Thermal conductive gel polymer to adjust to your individual needs. 

Opting for a split king adjustable bed base not only gives you a premium sleep experience, it can help with asthma and snoring.

Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Premium

What We Like

  • You have two USB chargers on both sides of the adjustable frame
  • All of the positions are programmable, so it’s not hard to find the perfect position again
  • You can adjust both the head and the feet positions
  • Zero gravity position for pressure relief

What We Don't Like

  • It may be difficult to sleep with a partner if you don’t sleep in the same angle

Overall Thoughts: 

You can’t go wrong with the Idle Sleep Adjustable Frame, which is made to customize every part of your sleeping experience—and with programmed settings too! You can easily save your settings into this luxurious adjustable bed frame so that sleeping is easier and leisure time is easier too, since you can get a wireless remote control and two integrated USB charging ports in this adjustable bed frame too.

We found that this adjustable mattress base made it simple to relax in bed, especially if we wanted to sit up in bed with a laptop, or for those of us who need to sleep at a little bit of an angle. And of course, we tried this with the people who snore in our group—at the right angle, we got rid of snoring without a problem.

Speaking of the right angle, it’s possible to adjust that angle using your wireless remote, so you can incline your head from 0 to 60 degrees and your feet from 0 to 45 degrees while you sleep at night or when you relax during the day. Since this adjustable bed frame remembers your positions, you only need to push a button to get it back into the right position to help you sleep properly. If you don’t know what position is best for you, the Idle Sleep Adjustable Base provides you with a few preset options like Anti-Snore, TV position, and Zero Gravity position to relieve pressure on your body. Zero gravity mode takes pressure off of your joints to help relieve pain.

We tested out this base alone and with two people, and found that it was great if you have a partner too. The only issue is that if you don’t sleep at the same angle, you might have an issue, although you do both have USB ports on your side of the bed.

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Haven Adjustable Base Premium

What We Like

  • Perfect for dealing with back pain on adjustable beds
  • The base really is easy to put together and to adjust
  • It's more affordable than other adjustable beds

What We Don't Like

  • You do not have any preset positions in this mattress

Overall Thoughts: 

Just like the Idle Sleep base, this Haven Adjustable Base allows you to adjust both your head and your feet: 0 to 60 degrees at your head and 0 to 45 degrees at your feet. It’s never been easier to adjust the position of your body to fit specifically you, especially since you can control your comfort with just the remote in your hands. Just fit your base into any adjustable bed frame, program in your favorite settings, and get to sleep.

We liked how easy it was to program in settings, and how customizable this base was. Of course, it was nice that with this premium base, you also have two integrated USB charging ports. All you have to do is take the base out of the box and in five minutes, you’ll be ready to relax. This is because this base only has a few parts to it, with a hinged adjustable bed frame that will fold open easily. Put the legs on and add a couple of pieces and you’ll be done.

You don’t have any pre-programmed positions though, so when you get your base, you will need to figure out what you like on your own. Test out the various angles to see what feels best and how one sleeping position might be great for reading or anti-snoring. Since it takes so little time to set up this mattress, you’ll have tons of time to figure out your settings on your own.

We personally found that with just a few small adjustments, back pain was a thing of the past. Sleep comfortably and without snoring too at just a slight angle, which we thought was a great thing for people who are dealing with acid reflux as well.

Puffy Adjustable Base

What We Like

  • Incredibly easy set up that requires minimal skills
  • Easy to use features all operated with a battery powered remote
  • Comes in both single base and split king base to suit you and your partner’s needs
  • Tall enough for storage space underneath

What We Don't Like

  • During the 10 year warranty, if anything happens to your base, you are responsible for any shipping, transportation, and labor costs

Overall Thoughts: 

Puffy is a fairly well known mattress brand that has a variety of bed options available on the market today, and they're also known for their adjustable beds. Just like all of their products, their adjustable base is made to last with a durable metal adjustable bed frame. The adjustable bed frame is easy to adjust for both leg and head height and has massage options available at just the click of a button.
This best adjustable bed frame is offered with a 101 night sleep trial which can help ease your worries if you’ve never used an adjustable bed frame before. The base also has a 10 year warranty so if something happens to your base during use, you can rely on Puffy’s warranty. It comes in almost any bed size and works with any open cavity bed mattress.

If you already purchased a mattress and are looking for an adjustable bed after, don’t worry. We found this adjustable base works with any latex, memory foam, innerspring mattresses, or hybrid adjustable beds so long as it is designed to fit an adjustable base. If you aren’t sure whether or not your mattress is able to be used with an adjustable base, you can call the store you purchased your mattress from or try checking the tags on it.
We love how the wireless remote makes adjusting this bed super easy. It’s battery powered so we did have to worry about remembering to charge it. The good news is, once you find a mattress position that you like, you probably won’t be adjusting the bed every single night.
If you’re worried about the mattress moving while adjusting the bed or using the massage feature, don’t be. There’s a metal retainer bar on the bottom of the mattress platform that keeps the mattress securely in place while being used. It will make sure the mattress doesn’t slide around while you’re busy adjusting the bed whether you are on it or not.

One of our favorite things about the Puffy adjustable base is that it’s super easy to set up. It comes delivered right to your doorstep and all you have to do is unpack it, attach the motor, plug it in, screw in the legs, turn it over, and start it up! It is really incredibly easy and doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge which means that just about anyone can set it up alone as long as you have the strength to turn the bed over and pick up the box.

If you sleep with a partner, the Puffy adjustable base is also available in a split option. This allows for you to each customize a sleeping position without disturbing the other. You may need a special mattress so it will stay comfortably on the base, but Puffy offers many split adjustable beds that are compatible with their split base that you can easily purchase.

Layla Adjustable Base

What We Like

  • Comes as either a regular adjustable base or the Adjustable Plus base for added features and different pricing options
  • The remote can save up to three of your favorite preset positions
  • Comes equipped with an anti-snoring position and button on the remote

What We Don't Like

  • All Layla products are only available online so you can’t go to the store first to check out the base

Overall Thoughts: 

Layla is one of the most popular mattress brands and their best adjustable bed frame certainly lives up to its reputation. This adjustable base has common features such as USB ports, massage functions, and dual incline abilities, but it also has more unique features such as the ability to connect to smart home devices and special preset positions to help alleviate spinal pain.

This adjustable base is adjusted with a battery powered remote that can store up to three of your favorite positions. You can easily select one instead of having to adjust the bed little by little each time. If you choose to connect your base to your smart home device such as Alexa or Google Home, you can even ask it to make the adjustments for you.

Layla offers two versions of their adjustable base. The first one is equipped with their basic features and abilities. If you opt for the second option, the Adjustable Plus one, the base comes with all the basic features plus some more special ones. 
We love how the Plus base comes with a built in massage function with three intensity levels and the ability to shut off automatically. It also has an anti-snore feature on the remote that, when pressed, raises the head position of you or your partner (whoever the guilty party is) 10 degrees to help open up airflow. 

The Adjustable Plus base also has special wall-gliding technology. This helps ensure that the mattress and base will remain the same distance from the wall even when you adjust the head and foot positions. 

Both models have under bed lighting around the bottom edge of the adjustable beds, unlike most adjustable beds. In our opinion, the under bed lights weren't so bright that we couldn't sleep, but they do provide enough light that whenever we needed to get up at night, we didn't have to stumble around the room blindly.

LUCID L300 Bed Base

What We Like

  • This bed frame has a head incline of 0-60 degrees and a foot incline of 0-45 degrees, making it appropriate and comfortable for almost every sleeping position
  • Has 4 built in USB ports so you can charge your devices easily from bed
  • Unlike other adjustable bed frames, you can use your own mattress so long as your mattress can easily bend 90 degrees, which most memory foam adjustable beds are capable of

What We Don't Like

  • No adjustable height function which means it is not suited for those who’s chronic pain makes it difficult to get out of bed

Overall Thoughts: 

The LUCID L300 is one of Amazon’s best selling bed frames and with its adjustable design and affordable price. When we tested it, it really was no wonder why it's so popular with customers. Although the adjustable bed frame has motors, a power cord, two 9-volt batteries (in case of a power shortage) and a control box, all of the electrical workings are seamlessly designed to be hidden under the adjustable bed frame.

This makes the controls still accessible in the unlikely case that you ever need to fix something or put in batteries in a power outage, however, the adjustable bed frame will appear no different from a normal, non-adjustable bed base. 
The adjustable bed frame’s design is simple and classic with the edges of the adjustable bed frame covered with a neutral charcoal gray colored polyester covering to prevent any injuries if you hit the edge of your bed. The adjustable bed frame itself stands on steel foundational legs, rather than adjustable legs.

We love how the LUCID L300 adjustable bed frame also has some low profile mattress footer hooks to prevent the mattress from sliding off when the foot of the bed is adjusted to face downwards. A unique added feature that we also love is the added USB ports - 4 in total, 2 on each side of the bed, so you don’t have to worry about charging your devices even though the bed has to be plugged into one of your wall sockets.  

One of the main reasons this LUCID L300 adjustable bed frame is so popular on Amazon is because it is so easy to put together. The L300 bed base comes already put together meaning all you need to do is attach the legs and the footer hooks, all of which can be done in 5 minutes, no tools necessary. Although the adjustable bed frame is on the lighter side, especially considering all of the electrical parts stored internally, you will definitely need a second person to help flip over the bed base safely.  

The best thing we love about most adjustable beds like LUCID? How versatile it is. With a head (or top of the bed) incline of 0-60 degrees and a foot (or end of the bed) incline of 0-45 degrees, we could completely customize the adjustable bed frame to suit our specific sleeping habits.

Side sleepers may enjoy keeping the bed flat or slightly raising the head which will help to align your spin and open your airway as you sleep. Those with lower back pain may find it beneficial to slightly raise the feet end and leave the upper body portion of the bed flat. The adjustable beds frame will adjust quietly so as not to fully disturb you and wake you up if you need to adjust it while you are laying in bed. 

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Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

What We Like

  • Unlike most adjustable beds where you have to manually adjust the height of the head and foot ends every time to get it right, the Classic Brands comfort adjustable bed frame allows you to preset your adjustments in the wireless remote
  • The adjustable beds leg heights make this bed accessible for just about everyone, no matter your sleep style, your height or lifestyle
  • With a head elevation of 65 degrees and a foot elevation of 50 degrees, this adjustable beds frame is one of the more adjustable models available on the market at this price point, making it an ideal option for those who have very specific adjusting requirements

What We Don't Like

  • Although this adjustable beds frame does have a massage feature, the massage is so light that many reviewers have actually reported that they can barely feel it at all, which may be disappointing

Overall Thoughts: 

We love the Classic Brands comfort upholstered adjustable bed base since it is customizable in just about every way you could think of. Though every adjustable bed can be adjusted up and down, what “adjustable” generally means is that you will have to manually adjust it every time, attempting to get the right degree that you find comfortable. This may make you less likely to adjust the bed since you don’t want to lose the position you have found that you like.

With the Classic Brands comfort adjustable bed, you can actually override the four preset positions with a position that you prefer. This way, you can save your favorite positions and easily navigate between them. This is what makes this bed ideal for those who often find themselves watching tv or reading upright and then sleepily wanting to flatten the bed for the night, without struggling to find the right position. 

Another smart design that Classic Brands added to this adjustable bed model was the adjustable legs. This bed frame actually comes with 6 different leg heights so you can adjust the height of your bed. We love this feature since this makes this bed frame an accessible option for everyone, even those who have trouble getting out of bed to do chronic pain or mobility issues of any kind. 

This bed frame for adjustable beds is truly built with longevity in mind. It provides a strong support for any mattress and can hold up to 1000 pounds. As with any adjustable bed frame, the Classic Brands comfort mattress base is ideal for every type of sleeper. Whether you sleep on your back, side, stomach or experience any sort of sleeping aches and pains, you will be able to adjust the bed to accommodate your needs.

The added details such as the two USB ports and the light massage feature really take this adjustable beds features above and beyond, especially considering the affordable price point. However, do note that on this bed frame, the USB ports are on the right side which may be inconvenient for those who share a bed or have their bed with the right side to the wall)

What To Know When Shopping For Adjustable Bed Frames

Before you buy an adjustable bed frame, there are some things you need to consider when looking at the best adjustable beds.

Mattress Compatibility

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the mattress you are using and whether or not it will be compatible with the beds frame. If you are getting a new mattress, make sure you are getting something that can work with your adjustable bed frame. Not all adjustable beds and bed frames are compatible.

Movement Range You Need

Not all the adjustable bed bases will be able to move the same amount as the beds. Some adjustable beds frames will be able to move two or three inches, while others can move 50 or more inches. Look at the range for both the top and the bottom of your bed. The best adjustable bed frame will allow you to enjoy a higher range for greater customization.

How Much Assembly Is Required

We know that unless you do it for a living, you probably do not want something with a lot of assembly required, and adjustable bases are no different. The more assembly, the more stress, irritation, and things that can go wrong. Look for adjustable bed frames that keep it simple and avoid making you build the thing yourself. Easy to use adjustable bases are sometimes more expensive, but worth the extra money, especially if they can be just as easily disassembled. 

Warranty And Shipping Information

Warranties are a must, with the longer adjustable bed warranties being preferable. This is because you are more likely to have issues with an adjustable bed frame than you would for a regular bed frame, just because of the fact that it moves. With more working parts, more things can go wrong. So protect your investment and get something with a long warranty.

Zero Gravity Preset Options

Not all adjustable beds have a zero gravity mode pre-programmed, but most of them can get into that position manually with adjustable head and foot articulation. The Zero gravity mode removes all pressure points to simulate what it might feel like floating in space, hence the name zero gravity. If you struggle with consistent back, shoulder or neck pain, opting for a base with an easy to use zero gravity mode is a must if you want to improve your sleep quality. Zero gravity can also help reduce snoring and restlessness.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Adjustable Beds

While you may already be sold on buying your new adjustable bed frame, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of making the switch, and deciding whether you need a basic adjustable bed or one with different adjustable bed features.

Less Pain And More Restful Sleep

People who invest in adjustable bed frames are less likely to experience pain in their upper and lower body with sleeping on adjustable mattresses than those sleeping on a standard mattress bed frame. This is because you can better adjust the bed's position to your needs, rather than the typical one- size- fits- all mentality. That means you can make slight or large adjustments to your bed, and change it during the night or on different days depending on what your body is needing in the moment. The best adjustable bed base will have a wide range of motion, and many adjustable beds will even save your presets in your upper body and lower body for ease of use and pain relief, including a zero gravity setting.

Less Snoring & Improvements With Sleep Apnea

Raising your head and creating more of an angle while sleeping has been proven to reduce and even eliminate snoring, while improving the symptoms of more serious issues like sleep apnea as well. An adjustable bed frame will elevate your head and allow you to control the level of elevation, making it easier to get the right angle to open your airways. If you have sleep apnea, know that an adjustable base isn't a cure, but it can help alongside other treatments.

More Customization

If you feel like you are constantly trying to add more to your flat bed to make it work for you, or you and your partner cannot agree on how to sleep, you need customization. With split designs, you and your partner can control your own sides, making it easy for each of you to get the bed positioned as you need it. On many models, you can also set buttons to move to a position that you program. You can also use these bed frames with almost any mattress.

Potentially More Noise

Because of the movement of the adjustable beds, there is going to be more noise from them. From manual adjustments to remote controls, there is going to be noise whenever you adjust it. However, most of the motorized adjustable beds are much quieter than you might assume. And the noise stops once you stop the adjustments.

Higher Upfront Cost

With everything you are getting with an adjustable bed frame, you will end up paying more than for a basic bed frame. If you are on a very tight budget, this may need to be something you save up for for a while. But nearly all those who have switched to adjustable beds say the adjustable beds worth the extra money.

Do You Need White Glove Delivery?

If you're looking for adjustable frames that have all the features you need, like massage features, a zero gravity position mode and more, you're going to spending a decent amount of money. It's often not that much more money to opt for white glove delivery. This means someone will come to your home and help you set up your new bed frame and get rid of your old mattress if needed.

If you're looking for a larger size, like a split king, white glove delivery can be even more valuable. Split king mattresses and frames are heavy, cumbersome, and may be tricky to set up. By opting for white glove delivery, you make the process much easier. 

Some memory foam mattresses are very heavy, and high quality frames, especially ones that have extra features like zero gravity mode, head and foot articulation, and other features need to be set up properly. Check with the company you end up buying from to see if they offer white glove deliver for split king or California king size mattresses and frames.

Do All Bed Work With An Adjustable Bed Base?

The short answer is no. While most beds will work just fine with adjustable bed bases, some older style mattresses, specifically older innerspring mattresses may not fit how you'd expect. The mattress needs to be durable and flexible to properly work with an adjustable base.

Make sure the adjustable bed models you're considering fit your mattress as well. If you have a less common size mattress, like a California king or Twin XL, make sure the base you're getting is that same size as well.

If you have a more common size, like a queen adjustable bed, almost all adjustable bases will be come in this size and be suitable.

Closing Thoughts

Adjustable beds can be a fantastic investment for those who need to change and adjust their nighttime sleeping positions. With so much control over how you are positioned, and the ability to use almost any mattress, the best adjustable bed will definitely be a solid investment for your health and sleep. This list is our thoughts on the best adjustable beds that don't cost a fortune, just make sure you pair them with an adjustable mattress as well, since adjustable bases don't work with all types of mattresses.

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  1. It is good to know that adjustable beds have split designs where you can control the different sides. My wife has different sleeping needs than me, and our current bed is rather uncomfortable for me. I’ll talk to my wife about the possibility of getting an adjustable bed so we can both sleep well.

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