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Last Updated: June, 2024

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With a solid reputation that's been built since its inception in 2014, Bear has indeed established an unwavering trust among many buyers. This is because of the high-quality mattresses the company produces. While some mattresses in the mattress industry appeal to many people, Bear mattresses primarily target athletes and individuals with active lifestyles. Like other companies, Bear manufactures many mattresses but in this Bear review, I'm going to focus on the Bear Original Mattress.

After carrying out our 2 stage review process, I took note of a few great features that the Bear mattress holds. Some of the key feature I'm going to touch on include pressure relief, edge support, cooling, and how different sleeping positions on the mattress impact your comfort among others.

Without further ado, let's dive into the details of my personal experience with this amazing 10-inch all-foam mattress.

What We Like

  • Has Celliant infused cover that converts body heat to infrared and the graphite cooling gel memory foam layers make this Bear Original Mattress ideal for hot sleepers
  • Responsive comfort foam layer adjusts accordingly to different sleeping positions for utmost comfort
  • high-density foam at the base of the mattress provides support and ensures overall durability
  • Soft cushiony contouring memory foam layers provide excellent pain and pressure relief 

What We Don't Like

  • Memory foam construction makes this all-foam mattress unfit for sleepers seeking a mattress with a bouncy innerspring feel

Overall Thoughts:

Among the stand-out features we appreciate about this mattress is its Celliant Cooling Cover which did an incredible job of keeping us cool and sweat-free the entire night. Moreover, its pressure-relieving capabilities alongside its awesome support make it an incredible option for individuals who constantly battle with painful pressure points and back aches.

An Overview of the Bear Original Mattress

Among the factors that make Bear so popular in the mattress industry is its manufacture of affordable comfy and high-quality mattresses. Aside from the Bear Original Mattress, other high-quality models include; the Bear Elite and the Bear Star Hybrid Mattress.

When the Original Bear Mattress was launched, it became very popular thanks to its excellent pressure relief, and cooling feature. Further tests also revealed the mattress to boost muscle recovery making it ideal for athletes who need to improve their sleep quality.

A distinct feature that sets it apart from other memory foam mattresses is its Celliant Cover. Aside from keeping you cool, it helps improve blood flow in the body. Eco-conscious sleepers will be glad to know that this all-foam mattress is made of eco-friendly materials. For instance its foams are CertiPUR-US Certified, meaning it's free of heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In general, the certification ensures the mattress passes strict standards of emissions, durability, and performance. Suppose you're asthmatic or prone to allergic attacks this mattress will make an excellent hygienic addition to your sleeping arsenal.

Material Design and Construction of the Bear Original Mattress

Bear Mattress Material and Design

When I first set my eyes on this Original Bear Mattress, we loved the aesthetics of its design. Like other memory mattresses, this one also has different layers that I'm going to explore from top to bottom.

Celliant Infused Cover

At the very top layer of this Bear Mattress is the Celliant Cover. According to studies, the Celliant fabric woven in this cover allows for efficient blood flow boosting overall sleep health. Hot sleepers will like the cooling performance of this mattress' cover. This cover ensures the mattress keeps you much cooler than traditional memory foam mattresses, making it an ideal pick for those residing in hot regions or gearing up for an upcoming summer season. If you decide to settle for this mattress, you'll have to part with an additional $200 for the Celliant Cover.

Comfort Layers

Like some popular memory foam mattresses, this all-foam mattress has two layers in its comfort zone. The top comfort layer is thick soft pressure relieving memory foam. The layer allows you to sink into the comfort surface of the mattress. As a gel-infused memory foam layer, this section also aids with further cooling.

The next comfort layer is a firmer responsive transition foam. The layer helps maintain proper lumbar support. While asleep this layer makes it easier for you to transition from one sleeping position to another without disturbing your partner.

Support Layer

At the very bottom of this Bear Mattress is the support layer. The layer is made of high-density Poly Foam that offers structural support and helps maintain optimal spinal alignment.

Firmness and Feel

Firmness and Feel

We rated the Bear Original Mattress at 6.5/10 on our firmness scale. Despite this industry firmness level, its doubly poly foam construction produced an incredibly supportive firm feel.

With my 230-pound weight, I sank into the surface slightly. So if you weigh 130 - 250 pounds, you're likely to sink slightly on its surface but you can rest assured that you'll be positioned more on the surface than sink deep into the mattress.





39" x 75"


Twin XL

39" x 80"



54" x 75"



60" x 80"



76" x 80"


California King

72" x 84"


Split King

38" x 80"


Mattress Performance 

In this part of the bear mattress review, we're going to take a deep dive into the performance of the mattress to give you an idea of what it would feel like to sleep on this Bear Mattress. Below is how the mattress performed.

Temperature Regulation

Many memory foam beds are widely known to sleep hot. However, this Original Bear Mattress is one of the few models in the market with a foam design that sleeps cooler than an ordinary memory foam mattress. In fact, the mattress boasts several features designed to maintain your body temperature just at the right level for comfortable slumber. As a hot sleeper, the graphite gel memory foam in conjunction with the optional Celliant Cover kept me cool the entire night while also shielding me against night sweats.

Pressure Relief

Bear Original Mattress is renowned for its unparalleled ability to alleviate painful pressure pressure points granting you a comfortable slumber all night. On the pressure relief side, I loved how the response transition foam provided targeted support in different areas of my body to relieve pressure points. Ultimately, this makes this all-foam bed ideal for sleepers looking for a mattress that provides targeted pressure relief. The layer significantly reduced the feeling of sinking too deep into the surface. Moreover, I appreciated how the responsive layer of this Bear Mattress provided my partner and me a customized level of comfort that addressed our individual needs for alleviating pain.

Our tests and further research showed the high-density support foam at the base not only acts as a sturdy foundation but also enhances pressure relief. The layer provided our body with deep support which kept our spine properly aligned. We strongly recommend the Bear Original Mattress if you often experience backaches upon waking up every morning.

Motion Isolation

Like many all-foam mattresses, this Bear model did well when my partner and I tested it for motion transfer. We frequently toss and turn in our sleep and fortunately, this Bear Mattress exceeded our expectations. As we got in and out of bed, we noticed that we didn't disturb each other. Even while tossing and turning in our sleep, the limited motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other ensured we didn't disturb each other and when we woke up in the morning, we were all feeling fully rested and rejuvenated. I highly recommend the Bear Original Mattress to couples plagued with disturbances caused by tossing and turning during their sleep.

Edge Support

Typically, hybrid mattresses excel quite well in the edge support department because of the inner coil reinforcement in the mattress edges. I expected this Bear Mattress to have slightly above-average edge support. Despite my 230-pound weight, the edge support was strong enough to grant me the right level of support I needed to sit comfortably. When my partner and I slept near the edges, the comfort and support levels were almost similar to sleeping near the center. With excellent edge support for a memory foam mattress, we'd recommend this Bear Mattress to individuals with mobility issues.


Bear Original isn't your typical ordinary mattress given its sophisticated design and high-end price tag. This mattress is made of high-quality materials that ensure it will last for years to come. Since it's an all-foam mattress, don't expect its life span to be similar to a latex or a hybrid mattress. The good news is that it comes with a warranty —which we'll touch on later—that ensures it will provide you with an excellent blend of support and comfort for several nights.

Off Gassing

The mattress is made of CertiPUR-US Certified Mattress and therefore volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ozone depleters won't be a problem. Like some all-foam mattresses, Bear Original doesn't release any off-gassing unboxing it. So If you're seeking an eco-friendly bed, then this Bear Mattress is an excellent go-to option.


When looking for the best mattress for sex, responsiveness is a primary factor to make it easy to move around the mattress effortlessly. Though this mattress holds exquisite responsiveness, there are those partners that may feel stuck in its top comfort layer. Thankfully, the bounce from the firmer transition layer helps counteract this making this Bear mattress an ideal option for individuals seeking a responsive memory foam mattress.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Bear had this Original model designed to accommodate as many sleeping positions as possible. We tested it for different sleeping positions and here's the outcome;

Back Sleepers 

When my partner and I tested the mattress for back sleeping, we noticed immense comfort alongside plenty of support. Even better, it didn't exert excess pressure on our backs. Average-weight back sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds are better off with this mattress. Lightweight back sleepers weighing under 130 pounds also stand to benefit significantly. Overall, what makes this Bear Mattress good for back sleepers is its excellent balance of conforming and support. Though it's also ideal for heavyweight individuals (240 - 300 pounds), heavier sleepers (over 300 pounds) won't get much support from the mattress given its 10" profile.

Side Sleepers

Relief of pressure points is the primary benefit side sleepers stand to enjoy from this Bear Mattress. When I tested it for side sleeping my 230-pound weight prevented me from experiencing the great pressure relief I expected on my shoulders and hips. So I wouldn't recommend this mattress to heavyweight sleepers weighing over 230 pounds in need of a pressure-relieving mattress. Evidently, heavyweight side sleepers will have to look elsewhere. Generally, it's a better fit for average-weight side sleepers weighing 130 - 200 pounds and lightweights slightly below 130 pounds.

Stomach Sleepers 

As I was testing it for stomach sleeping, I noticed my knees bowing out of the mattress surface. I also noticed some strain on my back which could potentially lead to back pains or spinal misalignment for average-weight stomach sleepers (130 - 230 pounds). If you fall into this category, then a firmer mattress will be the ideal choice. Ideally, the only individuals under this category who stand to enjoy the incredible comfort this Bear Mattress has to offer are lightweight stomach sleepers weighing 100 - 130 pounds.

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping

Other three elements we loved about this Bear mattress are the free trial, warranty, and shipping policies. In case you're gearing up to purchase this bed, this is what you should expect under these three factors.

Sleep Trial

The mattress comes with a 120 risk-free night sleep trial—beginning the day it's delivered to your doorstep. The company recommends sleepers to try out this Bear mattress for at least 30 days to enable their body to adjust to its support and feel. If you feel unsatisfied with its performance after the break-in period, you need to call Bear customer care to arrange for a pick-up and full refund. 


Bear Original Mattresses are among the few high quality beds that come with a lifetime warranty. However, this lifetime warranty is only eligible to the original owner of the Bear Mattress from a recognized authorized retailer. Note that the lifetime warranty is limited to 1.5-inch sagging or more. Damages arising from improper handling of the mattress or pairing it with an incompatible bed base shall not be covered.


Bear Mattresses ship for free within the continental United States. After making the purchase, expect the mattress to arrive at your doorstep via FedEx between 4 and 7 business days. In addition, the Bear Mattress company offers white glove delivery at a one-time fee of $150. This involves taking your old mattress and replacing it with a new mattress. Remember, the fee includes the entire setup of the mattress including its bed base if it comes with one.

Bear Original Vs Elite Hybrid

Bear Original Vs Elite Hybrid

Though from the same company, Bear Original and Elite Hybrid mattresses have multiple distinct differences. In this part of the Bear Original vs Elite Hybrid comparison, we are going to explore some of these distinct features in great detail.

Construction Material Differences

As already pointed out above, the Bear Original Mattress is an all-foam model made of multiple memory foam layers and high-density support foam. This design ensures this Bear Original provides you with a cozy and contouring feel. Elite Bear Hybrid on the other hand, combines the support of individually wrapped coils and the comfort of memory foam. The hybrid construction offers enhanced breathability ensuring incredible cooling, targeted support, and spectacular responsiveness.

Responsiveness and support

Bear Original's all-foam construction provides excellent pressure relief and support. The mattress contours to your body providing excellent relief to painful pressure points while the support core ensures proper spinal alignment. Wrapped coils and memory foam construction of the Bear Elite Hybrid offer targeted and enhanced support. In fact, the individually wrapped coils respond to your movements ensuring a more buoyant feel and better motion isolation.

Cooling Technology

The cooling mechanism of the Bear Original includes a graphite gel memory foam in conjunction with the Celliant Cooling Cover—ensuring you don't sweat or overheat during the night. On the other hand, the Bear Elite Hybrid takes cooling a step further courtesy of its individually wrapped coils that enhance airflow and help keep the sleep surface cooler.

Overall the features of the Bear Original and Elite Hybrid suit different sleepers. If the Bear Original doesn't appeal to your comfort needs, then the Elite Hybrid is an excellent alternative. If none of these two mattresses fit your comfort preference, then viable alternatives the Bear company offers worth checking out include the Bear Pro and Bear Star Hybrid Mattress.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, the Bear Original is an incredible all foam bed with a spectacular body contouring mechanism and medium firm feel that helps relieve pressure points. Also, thanks to its multiple cooling features, those who sleep hot can rest assured of a cool and sweat-free night during the summer seasons. The mattress provided me with a nice balance of comfort and support. However, the edge support didn't match my expectations, so you may want to opt for a hybrid model that can allow you to utilize the entire space of your mattress.

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