Mattress Recalls: What To Do Next

Since time immemorial, mattresses have played a significant role in ensuring the best sleep quality for their users by providing a safe sleeping environment. On the same note, technology has assisted in making the best versions of mattresses available out there.

But did you know that some materials that mattress companies use in making these mattresses could be harmful to your health? A good example is fiberglass. That's why government bodies like the Consumer Products Safety Commission ensure all mattresses are up to the mandatory federal flammability standards, as outlined in this article.

What's a Product Recall

A mattress, in this case, is a product. But what's a product recall in general? Well, it's a piece of information to help customers whether or not they are using harmful products. 

Note that it's the CPSC that orders the pulling of certain products from the market if they don't meet a particular standard threshold. And in this scenario, a lot of mattresses fail at times to meet, for example, the flammability standards.

Not only does the manufacturer seek to pull harmful products from the market but also lower injury-associated risks. Notably, recall information usually goes hand in hand with; 

  • Upgrades and repairs of defective products
  • Removal of defective products from the market
  • Inform consumers of additional instructions and flaws in the product.

Remember, mattresses can be recalled for many reasons. In most cases, it's due to the bed not meeting flammability standards. This ensures consumers can have peace of mind.

Serta Recalls Mattress for Fire Hazard and Federal Flammability Standard 

According to an announcement by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, among the recent recalls are Serta's.  The recall involves Serta Perfect Sleeper® Mattresses. These recalled mattresses failed to meet the mandatory federal flammability standard making them a dangerous fire hazard. 

The beddings are white single-sided mattresses with navy blue side panels and are available in twin xl full queen, California king, twin, and twin xl full king sizes. 

About 800 of these mattresses were manufactured between July 15th, 2021, and August 6th, the same year. The prototype id of the mattresses is L1. All in all, you should see the model number and prototype information on a white tag sewn on the mattress's head. 

What to do

So the next time you're shopping for a mattress, be sure to check the tag sewn into the head of the mattress. Once you've noticed that you're using a recalled mattress from Serta, stop immediately and contact Serta to verify if the mattress has received a recall notice. Remember you can contact Serta toll-free. Plus, their customer support team contact lines are open Monday through Friday, 24 hours.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission requires companies of recalled mattresses to offer consumers free replacement mattress, including free delivery. Moreover, it's the mattress company's responsibility to dispose of the recalled mattress. Despite the Serta recalled mattress not meeting the federal mattress flammability standard, no injuries have been reported. 

Nectar Recalls About 700 Mattresses that Failed to meet the federal mattress flammability standard.

Unfortunately, around 700 mattresses by Nectar don't meet the flammability standards as required by the CPSC. The good news is there haven't been any reported cases of injuries. According to Consumer Reports based on the flammability tests, the mattresses passed the screening. But much later, is when the recalled mattresses were produced. 

Recall Information

Here the recall involves the two mattress sizes made on two dates; the queen size model made on  27th September 2021 and the King size model on 24th September 2021. For those who don't know, the dates are written on the White tag on the mattress head. These mattresses have a white top mattress cover with a purple sash and black side panels alongside Nectar logo-marked foot. 

Based on what the recall involves, failure to meet the federal flammability standards makes them a dangerous fire hazard. is the official platform through which the mattress was sold in September 2021 for about $1,300 to $1,600. 

What to do

Like Serta, once you've noticed the recall alert, stop using the recalled mattresses immediately. Then contact Nectar for a free replacement mattress, including free delivery and a free mattress cover. 

Their line is open Monday through Friday 24 hours. Also, they'll remove and dispose of the recalled mattress and hand you a full refund. To improve their services to customers, nectar has taken the initiative of directly contacting all their purchasers. 

Recall Alert on Dream Crib Mattress for Toddlers

The Dream has recalled a staggering amount of 23,400 mattresses due to failure to meet the federal standards for mattress flammability. Like recalled mattresses, this one also poses a fire hazard risk. 

About the Recall

The recall revolves around the foam and spring mattresses for toddler beds and cribs. Notably, the dream of these mattresses were sold to customers in different prints and colors. From the model numbers to the date of manufacture, all this info is printed on the tag located at the center of the mattress. 

What to do 

Immediately you notice and have confirmed that the dream mattress your toddler kid sleeps on has been recalled, discontinue its use. Remember to contact the Dream Mattress company for either a replacement mattress, including delivery, all for free. Alternatively, you can also ask for a refund.

Similar to the two previous brands, there have not been any reported injuries associated with Dream On Me mattresses. In case you go for a replacement instead of a refund, they'll also give you a free mattress cover. 

Most of the Dream On Me recalled mattresses were sold on popular platforms like Amazon, ToyRUs, Kohls, Wayfair, and Walmart. That was through January to December of 2016, when they were going for $40-$90. 

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, mattress product recalls are super important and can help you avoid fire risks in time. That's why the CPSC advises you to stop using the recalled mattresses immediately. Then proceed to contact the mattress company.

Most mattress companies' support team communication lines are open 24 hours, Monday through Friday. There are many popular brands of premier mattresses out there. And so you should be careful about the mattress you intend to buy. Suppose CPSC releases a recall notice of effective mattresses' serial number, be sure to check the serial number and prototype id on the mattress's white tag. 

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