Novaform Mattress Review

Last Updated: May, 2024

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Novaform sells an extensive line of affordable memory foam mattresses, toppers, and pillows, with mattresses varying in firmness level, height, and construction. The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus is one of the company's coolest mattresses. With a medium-firm feel, this memory foam mattress is specially designed to appeal to many types of sleepers on a budget.

Novaform offers several other all-foam mattress models like their SoFresh Responsive Foam Mattress and the Serafina Pearl Cool Mattress among others. The ComfortGrande Plus, which we’ll focus on in this Novaform Mattress review, has a mid-range price point and cooling properties that set it apart from other Novaform models.

To better understand how this memory foam mattress stacks up, we’ve covered details ranging from construction to performance, sizing, shipping, and much more. Read on to find out if the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress is the right memory foam bed for you.


The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress offers top-quality performance and excellent cooling at an affordable price point. It has thick comfort layers, and a medium-firm feel that balances body support and cushioning for individuals with back pain. 


  • Maximum body support from extra thick design
  • Gel infusions designed to regulate temperature
  • Foam layers provide excellent motion isolation and pressure relief
  • Above-average support for an all-foam mattress


  • Inadequate support for most stomach and back sleepers 

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Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress Overview

The ComfortGrande Plus is a popular cooling mattress alternative among hot sleepers, and for a good reason. It’s a top-quality all-foam mattress that’s cool, supportive, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

While all-foam mattresses are notorious for trapping body heat, the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus outperforms many competing models currently in the market. It stays cooler than average foam mattresses, thanks to its breathable fabric cover and cooling gel infused into its layers. And as we’ll discuss below, it comes with proprietary EVENcor GelPlus foam, a perfect alternative to memory foam that helps reduce heat retention on the sleep surface.

Overall, there’s a lot to love about the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Memory Foam Mattress. However, your sleep preferences will determine if this bed is a perfect match for you.

Materials and Construction

What exactly is this 14-inch Novaform Mattress made of? Let’s pop the hood on the ComfortGrande Plus and closely examine what’s inside. We’ll explore each layer and reveal how different materials influence mattress feel and performance. 


Novaform comfortgrande plus mattress review - cover

 Novaform ComfortGrande is running a flash sale on their award winning mattress, active May 23, 2024!

The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress features a cool-to-the-touch quilted cover that’s soft and breathable. This cover is made of AdaptiCool fabric which helps wick excess moisture and heat away to keep you cool and dry. 

Comfort Layer

The ComfortGrande Plus features 3 inches of its proprietary EVENcor GelPlus memory foam in its top comfort layer. Unlike traditional memory foam, this material is engineered to be more breathable and responsive. 

The gel infusions help maintain a consistent temperature by drawing excess heat away from the mattress. Aside from regulating temperature to keep hot sleepers cool, this proprietary layer also hugs the sleeper’s body and cushions painful pressure points around the shoulders, back, and hips. 

Beneath this proprietary foam is a 3-inch layer of air channel foam. This layer comes in a ridge-like design engineered to enhance breathability by promoting maximum airflow throughout the mattress. In addition, these ridges help minimize pressure points by lifting your lower back and keeping your spine from sinking deep into the surface. 

Support Layer

Finally, an 8-inch layer of high-density polyfoam gives your mattress its structure. This sturdy support core also offers a durable base, helping maintain proper spinal alignment. 

Novaform Mattress Feel and Firmness

Now, let’s take a look at Novaform’s feel and firmness. These two elements have a significant influence on whether the ComfortGrande Plus will suit your sleep style and body type. 

How Firm Is the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress?

One of the vital factors that goes into purchasing a new bed is its firmness level. On our firmness scale, this Novaform Mattress comes in at a 6/10. This means it's slightly softer than the industry standard for medium-firm mattresses.

The gel-infused memory foam top layer is very soft, but as you push further into the mattress, you get more firmness from the transition and the sturdy support core. Combined, these layers give the ComfortGrande Plus a medium-firm feel, which exhibits a perfect balance of comfort and overall support. 

Keep in mind that firmness is subjective. Heavier folks may think the ComfortGrande Plus feels a bit firmer since they sink into the layers and feel more of the high-density support core underneath. 

What Does the Novaform Mattress Feel Like?

The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress comes with a classic memory foam feel. It provides exceptional pressure relief, and it contours to the body. But since it doesn’t have a coil system, it’s a bit hard to move around and change positions on top of the ComfortGrande Plus. Some sleepers may sink deep into the soft top layers and feel stuck. 

This gel memory foam mattress works pretty well for most average weight (130 - 230 pounds) side and back sleepers, providing the necessary lumbar support and pressure relief. However, since it’s a bit softer than the industry standard medium-firm mattress, it’s not ideal for average-weight stomach sleepers. These individuals need a supportive sleep surface that can help prevent their midsection from sinking out of alignment.

Due to its thick foam comfort system and soft feel, the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus isn’t an ideal choice for heavyweight back sleepers. In this sleep position, these folks will need more lumbar support. 

Heavyweight side sleepers won’t get the support and pressure relief they need on Novaform mattresses. Most individuals in this category will likely compress the soft comfort layers and feel the sturdy polyfoam on the bottom layer.

We also don’t recommend this Novaform Mattress for heavier stomach sleepers. This mattress is too soft to support their hips and promote proper spinal alignment. 

Overall, this memory foam bed works well for lightweight individuals. These sleepers won’t compress the top foam layers too much, meaning they’ll get the support and comfort they need, irrespective of their sleep position. 

Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress Sizing

The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus is a budget-friendly mattress available in five standard sizes. Budget shoppers will also be glad to know that Costco often offers discounts on these mattresses, which significantly lowers their sticker price. However, Novaform doesn’t offer twin XL models on ComfortGrande Plus Mattresses. 

Since the mattress is taller than the average bed, it may need deep-pocket fitted sheets. While it is somewhat heavier than other memory foam beds, it comes with strong handles on each side, allowing you to move it more easily. 

Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress Performance Ratings

Novaform comfortgrande plus mattress review - performance

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While it's always wise to examine a bed’s feel and firmness level when hunting for a new mattress, we can’t ignore the other crucial performance features. Here’s how the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress ranks when it comes to pressure relief, edge support, motion isolation, and more. 

Pressure Relief

Generally, pressure relief in your mattress allows you to sink into the surface proportionately for proper spinal alignment. The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress conforms closely to your body's unique shape, ensuring your head, shoulders, neck, and back are evenly supported. 

This is highly beneficial for side sleepers, as Novaform’s thick foam layers cushion the hips and shoulders while the transition layer keeps these parts from sinking deep into the mattress. 

If you weigh less than 230 pounds, you’ll likely find that this bed delivers the perfect amount of pressure relief, offering enough support to give you an even sleep surface. While heavyweight sleepers and strict stomach sleepers should still feel supported, they may be better off with a firmer mattress that can keep their abdomen from sinking in. 

Temperature Control

Many mattresses come with materials that encourage maximum airflow through the entire bed. Some also have features that enable them to wick moisture away from your body to keep you cool. 

The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress is wrapped in a quilted cover made of AdaptiCool fabric. This material feels cool to the touch and is designed to wick moisture away, keeping you both dry and cool. The gel-infused comfort layer and the air channel foam are specially designed to promote airflow and help regulate temperature all night long. As a result, this Novaform Mattress offers better temperature regulation than other foam mattresses on the market. 

However, the foam layers underneath the cover might trap heat, preventing some sleepers who tend to sleep hot from cooling down sufficiently. Remember, heat retention might also be a significant concern for heavyweight sleepers who sink deep into the surface, as this can restrict airflow throughout the body. 

Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Performance for Couples

If you share your mattress with your spouse, there are a few other things you might want to check out before buying a mattress. In this section, we’ll look at motion isolation, edge support, and how well this bed works for sex, all of which are vital factors in a bed’s performance for couples. 

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation refers to how well your bed can prevent movement from shifting from one section to another. All-foam mattresses are usually preferred by couples and co-sleepers who want to reduce sleep disturbances. 

The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus offers top-notch motion thanks to its 3 inches of contouring gel memory foam. Its 6-inch comfort system is also designed to keep you from disturbing your partner when changing sleeping positions. However, if you’re a lightweight sleeper with a partner prone to rigorous tossing and turning, you could notice some vibrations on the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Memory Foam Mattress.

Edge Support 

Like most all-foam beds on the market, the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress offers below-average edge support, as it lacks a resilient perimeter. Plus, it comes with a thick comfort system that compresses greatly under pressure.

You might find that the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus considerably sinks at the edges, especially when you’re getting in and out of the mattress. If you’re a heavyweight sleeper, you may want to avoid sleeping near the perimeter of the mattress, as you may feel like you’re rolling off the mattress. The lack of reinforced edges also minimizes the amount of usable space for couples. 


The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus is conducive for sex. While it doesn’t offer as much bounce as an innerspring or hybrid mattress would, its medium firm rating and convoluted polyfoam keep sleepers from sinking deep into the surface or feeling restricted by the bed. What’s more, the gel-infused memory foam provides traction, making it much easier to keep certain sex positions. 

The mattress is also virtually silent, thanks to its all-foam construction, which allows for more discreet activity. That said, the ComfortGrande Plus lacks sturdy edge support, limiting the amount of usable space for couples. Some partners may also find the mattress to be too uncomfortably hot.

Ease of Movement

The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus has an average rating when it comes to ease of movement. Generally, memory foam tends to restrict movement, as it allows users to sink deep into the surface and takes time to return to its shape once pressure is removed. 

The ComfortGrande Plus features 3 inches of gel-infused memory foam, which can make it hard to change sleep positions as needed. This material may also make you feel trapped in your mattress.

If you frequently switch sleep positions, you may be better off with an innerspring, hybrid, or latex bed, as their materials are more responsive than memory foam models. 


As an all-foam bed, the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus lacks coils and durable materials like latex. However, its 8-inch high-density polyfoam support core is designed to add durability to the mattress. So, you should expect your gel memory foam mattress to last 10 to 15 years.


Generally, off-gassing is expected with memory foam mattresses, and the ComfortGrande Plus is no exception. Since the mattress is made of three foam layers and is compressed and vacuum-sealed before shipping, there’s an initial smell when you first unbox the mattress. However, unpleasant odors should disappear in a matter of days. If you want to accelerate the process, consider placing your mattress in a well-ventilated room for approximately 3 days before using it. 

Off-gassing is usually caused by VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These are considered harmless, especially since the ComfortGrande Plus is CertiPUR-US certified. This means your mattress is low in VOCs and doesn’t contain heavy metals, formaldehyde, or harmful chemicals. 

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Sleeping Positions and Body Weight

To determine whether or not a new mattress is a good fit, it’s crucial to consider its performance in different sleep positions. In this section, we’ll discuss how the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress works for different sleepers of different body weights.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping causes your hips and shoulders to press deep into your sleep surface, potentially causing pressure buildup. The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress’ all-foam construction offers exceptional body support for side sleepers of various weight groups. 

It features air channel foam and gel-infused memory foam that’s soft enough to cushion sharp pressure points, while its 8-inch high-density polyfoam gently supports the hips to promote spinal alignment. 

The ComfortGrande Plus is particularly beneficial for sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds as they tend to sink into the surface more than lightweight sleepers. If you weigh less than 130 pounds, you may want to opt for a softer mattress for deeper contouring. As a medium-firm mattress, this bed may feel too soft for a side sleeper weighing over 230 pounds. 

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers usually keep a neutral posture when they sleep, but they still benefit from a contouring bed. The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress balances the full body support of polyfoam with foam's contouring. This helps align the spine while cushioning the lumbar region for maximum pressure relief. This is especially beneficial for sleepers under 130 pounds.

Average-weight sleepers should also find this mattress adequate. If you fall in this category, the ComfortGrande Plus should cushion your upper body while preventing excessive sagging. However, heavyweight sleepers over 230 pounds may not receive enough support on this mattress despite its 8-inch high-density support core. These individuals exert more pressure on their sleep surface and may find that their hips sink deep into the mattress, causing pressure buildup around the lower back region.

Stomach Sleepers

Most stomach sleepers prefer a firm mattress that keeps their hips and abdomen from sinking deep into the bed. 

Although the Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattress is medium firm, it provides plenty of support for most stomach sleepers. The gel memory foam layers cushion the upper body as the polyfoam layer prevents you from sinking in too deeply. However, stomach sleepers over 130 pounds may need a firmer mattress that can help them maintain healthy spinal alignment.

Novaform Mattress Company Policies

It’s always wise to read the fine print before investing in a new mattress. Here’s everything you need to know about Novaform’s warranty, sleep trial period, availability, and return policy. 


Novaform Mattresses aren’t sold through the company website. Instead, shoppers can find Novaform products both in-store and online through Costco. You can also buy the ComfortGrande Plus through third-party sellers on Amazon. 


Costco ships Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattresses using doorstep delivery. These mattresses are typically delivered within 5 business days. They arrive compressed and rolled in a box. 

Customers can remove the mattress from the box, unroll it, gently remove the plastic, and then lay it on their base or bed frame. Leave your new mattress to breathe in a ventilated room for about three days to dissipate unwanted odors. 

Additional Services

Costco doesn’t currently offer White Glove delivery for ComfortGrande Plus Mattresses. This means that shoppers have to set up their new beds and assemble any frames they buy. However, they do offer old mattress removal services for an extra fee.

Sleep Trial

All Novaform ComfortGrande Plus beds qualify for Costco’s general return policy, allowing you to return your new bed for a full refund if unsatisfied. If you bought the mattress through a third-party online retailer, you can take it to a Costco warehouse or coordinate your return through their website. 


Novaform offers a 20-year limited, non-prorated warranty to all Novaform ComfortGrande Plus Mattresses bought through an authorized seller. The warranty protects against visible sagging and impressions deeper than 1.5 inches. However, it doesn’t extend to normal wear and tear or softening of the foams. 

Closing Thoughts

The Novaform ComfortGrande Plus is among the top-scoring mattresses sold at Costco. Its medium-firm feel works quite well for every sleep position, and thanks to its 6-inch comfort foam layer, it has enough cushion for most sleepers. 

This mattress is especially responsive and cool for an all-foam bed, and its combination of spinal alignment and pressure relief properties is beneficial for individuals with aches and pains. However, heavyweight sleepers and stomach sleepers might want to opt for a hybrid mattress due to the need for more targeted pressure relief and greater support. 

 Novaform Comfort Grande is running a flash sale on their award winning mattress, active May 23, 2024!

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