Are Hybrid Mattresses A Good Choice For Back Pain Suffers?

Are hybrid mattresses good for back pain

Shopping for a mattress online is confusing. There's no doubt about it. 

Sleeping on a bad mattress, or choosing the wrong mattress for your body can have drastic consequences.

Did you know that inadequate sleep can harm your overall health and make you more prone to serious medical conditions, like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease?

Shopping for a mattress isn't a low-stakes game.  

Back pain can be one of the leading indicators of an old or sub-par mattress. 

Traditional wisdom tells us that if you have back pain, you should go for the firmest mattress possible...but this isn't always the case. In fact, there's 0 research supporting this argument. 

Enter -- The hybrid mattress. 

If you're looking for a good mattress for back pain, a hybrid mattress is a great choice. A hybrid mattress is good for back pain because it combines multiple materials to create an end product that has virtually no weaknesses.

As of right now, one of the best hybrid mattresses we've tested is the SleepOvation Mattress. Check out it's unique, 700 mattresses in one, design here.

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What Is A Hybrid Mattress & Why Should I Consider One if I Have Back Pain?

As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress is a mattress that's made of various materials in different layers to give you a combination of benefits. 

Memory foam was developed by NASA in the 1970s and quickly became popular for use in mattresses. Well, it's not the 1970s anymore, and mattresses have evolved significantly. 

Memory foam became an instant hit because it cradled your body, provided excellent motion isolation and creates a soft, yet supportive sleep surface. 

However, what memory foam DOESN'T do is last long, or adequately support your back and spine. It also traps your body heat in and tends to get very, very hot.

Memory foam (or variations of it) make for a great top layer of a mattress, but it's not a great material by itself for an entire mattress.

If you have an all-foam mattress now, you're probably familiar with the foam sag. Over time, all-foam mattresses will permanently compress in the area you sleep on. This leaves ditches in your mattress and takes away from the benefits of the foam. 

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Memory Foam Hybrid Mattresses

The best way to combat the foam sag is by integrating coils into the core of the bed. This is the general concept behind most hybrid mattresses

The coil core of a hybrid mattress not only helps extend the life of your mattress. It also provides extra support for your neck and spine, a critical factor for preventing back pain.

When people ask me if a hybrid mattress can help with back pain, my answer is almost always yes. However, not all hybrid mattresses are the same. 

If you struggle with back pain, and it's one of the driving factors for your motivation in buying a new mattress, check out a medium-firm hybrid mattress and always make sure you buy from a company that stands behind their products. 

We suggest the GhostBed Flex.This innovative mattress helps keep you cool and along with the coil-core combined with gel foam, provides extra life and support to your mattress. 

Idle also has the most aggressive trial and return period for ANY mattress company out there. You can try out the mattress for 18 months, and return it if you end up not liking it. They also offer a lifetime warranty so you know they stand behind their products. 

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