Lucid vs Zinus: Which Is The Better Memory Foam Mattress?

Last Updated: July, 2024

Memory foam mattresses have come a long way from their original debut. Lucid and Zinus are two mattress brands making a big name for themselves as some of the best foam mattresses out there. With two great choices, you may have trouble figuring out which is better, and which is right for you. We’ve gone through the details of both in our mattress reviews, so you can make an informed choice. 

According to our tests, when it comes to Lucid vs. Zinus, Lucid excels at overall support, whereal Lucid does a better job at cooling and keeping odors and bacteria off of your mattress, but keep reading to find out more details about these two memory foam mattresses.

A Quick Look at Lucid & Zinus's Top Mattresses

Lucid 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

Lucid 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

This Lucid memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. It’s ideal for side sleepers, and any other position too. It has great overall support and uses individually wrapped coils, paired with memory foam. 

Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Mattress

Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Mattress

This mattress is mostly geared towards hot sleepers. It's a memory foam mattress that's infused with a cooling gel. This mattress is green tea memory foam is also great for keeping bacteria and odors away.

Lucid vs. Zinus Mattress: Comparison Review

Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Mattress

What We Like

  • Stays cool much better than other foam mattresses
  • Naturally repels odor and bacteria
  • Has a firm enough feel with plush top layer

What We Don't Like

  • Must be inflated within 72 hours to reach full height

Overall Thoughts: 

This Zinus mattress is one of the top picks for hot sleepers anywhere. Most foam mattresses have a pretty big problem with how they retain heat. In particular, most memory foam mattresses seem to retain every single bit of body heat, and then keep holding onto it. The foam is infused with a special comfort gel. Not only does it provide that cradling feeling that you love, but it also helps keep you feeling cool throughout the whole night.

High density foam makes up the base layer, which provides a foundation of support for the rest of the mattress. You don’t need a box spring or any specific kind of bed frame to appreciate the balanced, medium firm support of a Zinus mattress. People that wake with sore joints will love the way the mattress handles pressure points. There’s enough support on the rest of your body (back and spine especially), to minimize the weight on tender pressure points.

The Zinus mattress has a slightly softer feel than many ‘medium firm’ mattresses, although for couples that’s usually a huge bonus. Of course, the upper layer gives a nice, cozy feel to balance out the firmness. It’s hypoallergenic, so people with allergies and sensitivities to certain materials can sleep easy too.

Since the gel foam is infused with green tea, you get the benefit of natural odor and bacteria resistance. That’s a bonus for any mattress, especially one that lasts as long as this one does.

Don’t worry about a long setup before you can use it. This bed in a box expands to the proper size surprisingly quickly, although it’s best to let it air out for a day or so. Just make sure you get it to the room you’re setting it up in first. Once you open the plastic the mattress starts expanding immediately.

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Lucid 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

What We Like

  • Great for hot sleepers
  • A little sinkage to conform to shape, but a lot of support
  • Delivers good motion isolation

What We Don't Like

  • Warranty not available everywhere

Overall Thoughts: 

The Lucid mattress really excels when it comes to blending the firmness of support with the cradling feel of memory foam. It’s not made like your typical comfort foam mattress. Rather than using different layers of foam (with different densities) it has coils inside. Of course, the coils are all individually wrapped, which means motion doesn’t transfer across the bed. The other benefit of the wrapped coils is that the mattress can provide more dynamic support to your back and spine. Since each coil moves differently with the pressure put on it, you can switch to any sleeping position and stay just as comfortable.

The memory foam and latex blend is what you’ll really notice right off the bat. It’s an ideal medium firm but there’s just enough plush feeling from the top layers to keep even lighter sleepers happy. A lot of people look at their mattress to relieve their back pain, but this mattress is great for people with chronic leg pain too.

Latex is a great material for keeping mattresses cool, and hot sleepers will love the mix in this hybrid mattress. The individual coils also add to the cooling effect, which can be a huge relief for people that find themselves burning up in the middle of the night.

The motion isolation is great for people that wake up with the slightest movement or noise. If you have a partner getting up in the night, or pets hopping into bed once you’re asleep, this mattress is a lifesaver. You might think coils automatically equal bounce, but with this mattress, that isn’t the case at all. It’s just great support coupled with motion isolation that you’ll love.

There’s just enough sinking to let the mattress conform to your body. It’s not too much, but coupled with the support underneath, it’s a ‘Goldilocks’ kind of balance. You get the benefit of the cradling feeling from a regular memory foam mattress, with the support and cooler feel of a traditional coil and spring mattress.

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Lucid Mattress Features

The Lucid mattress features special support for back pain, particularly around the hips and lower back. It’s made with three different layers to provide a balance of softness and support. The foam is infused with gel, which helps keep the mattress cool during the night. It reaches 10” in height, and has a medium firm, slightly plush feel.

Lucid mattresses have good edge support, which prevents a sloping feeling. This mattress is especially good for side sleepers, although it relieves pressure for a variety of sleeping positions differently. The fabric cover is breathable, and helps get rid of moisture. There’s very little, if any movement transfer with the Lucid mattress, making it ideal for couples. 

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Zinus Mattress Features

Zinus mattresses have an affordable price point, and give a good value. It has a great feel for side sleepers especially, with medium firm support. The base foam layer is thick, at 5” which gives additional support to the upper layers. A middle layer is designed to sooth pressure points, while the upper layer provides a soft, cradling feeling. Contouring to forms is one of the Zinus mattress’s real strengths.

The foam is infused with green tea extract. The extract repels odors and bacteria, and gives the mattress a naturally fresh scent. The cover is a Jacquard knit fabric that has a soft, somewhat stretchy feel to it. 

General Comparison

Heat Retention

Because foam mattresses often trap heat, it’s important to find one that doesn’t. Both Zinus and Lucid are better than your typical foam mattress at staying cool. While Zinus stays fairly cool, Lucid mattresses have cooling beads, which makes them more effective. 


Both mattresses are labeled medium firm, or medium plush. They do feel similar in terms of firmness, although the Lucid mattress is slightly firmer. Heavy sleepers are well supported by both mattresses, although edge support does differ. The Lucid mattress has firmer edges and therefore better edge support.

Meanwhile, the Zinus tends to have a rolling feeling. Light sleepers may prefer the Zinus, simply because the firmness won’t be too intense for them. 

Sleeping Position

Side sleepers tend to like the Lucid mattress better for the support they get. Because the Lucid is firmer, it’s also preferred by stomach sleepers. While the Zinus mattress is good for side sleepers too, it’s also good for different sleeping positions. Back sleepers tend to prefer the Zinus mattress, as do people that change their sleeping position frequently.

Materials and Construction

The Lucid mattress has an especially sturdy, thick base layer to provide additional support. The upper layers feature gel infused foam, for comfort and cooling qualities. The middle layer has an open cell structure, which relieves pressure points, and gives extra ventilation to the mattress.

The Zinus mattress has a dense base layer which adds support and durability. The top layer is designed with special foam that cradles your body and eases tension on pressure points. The middle layer is foam with an egg carton-like construction which helps keep the mattress cool, and adds ventilation. 

Movement Isolation

Both the Zinus and Lucid mattresses do well with isolating movement. While most memory foam mattresses transfer little motion, some do have a bit of bounce that you can feel across the bed. Neither one of the mattresses has much bounce, so there’s very little movement transfer. The Lucid and Zinus mattresses are on par with one another with their movement isolation. 


Which is better, Zinus or Lucid? It’s probably better to say they’re both better, at different things. Depending on what kind of sleeper you are, you’ll favor one over the other. Lucid mattresses are firmer, while Zinus mattresses suit a wider variety of sleeping positions. Both mattresses give great value, so it can be hard to decide in your mattress comparisons. Just remember, if there’s a trial period, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a try to make sure they’re right for you.

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