Nectar mattress complaints

Last Updated: April, 2023

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Nectar Sleep is a mattress brand known for selling quality mattresses and bedding variety. On their official site, you can purchase mattresses; foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses. You will also get pillows, bed sheets, bed frames and so much more.

For years, Nectar's mattresses have provided different sleepers with a comfortable and supportive sleep surface. Unfortunately, during our 2 stage review process, we discovered that while some sleepers enjoy using their Nectar mattresses, others have experienced the opposite. In this Nectar mattress complaints analysis, we shall look at the common complaints by users, from Nectar mattress construction issues to customer service and more. We'll also suggest some Nectar mattress alternatives for those searching for a new mattress.

1. Delay in delivery and package loss

In a recent nectar mattress review, a buyer complains about delay in delivery after placing an order for a nectar mattress. On their website, Nectar offers 1 to 2 business days to ship their product within the US. The complainant says that 9 days later, he still didn’t have his Nectar mattress or any resolution from the company. Considering the high prices of mattresses, we understand how frustrating it can be to have your order lost in shipping or delayed. It can be even more frustrating if you had already gotten rid of your previous sleeping surface. This is why we advise mattress buyers to have a backup bed while making a purchase or only get rid of a current bed once the new one arrives. Unfortunately, sometimes the company that’s shipping the orders may the one at fault and not really the mattress brand  - as in this Nectar mattress case. However, mattress companies should figure out a way to curb such issues with haste to avoid inconveniencing sleepers.

The Natural Bliss by PlushBeds

The Natural Bliss by PlushBeds

Plushbeds is running a sale on their mattresses, active today May 23, 2024!

If you're searching for a worthy replacement of a Nectar bed, one of the good mattress options is The Natural Bliss by PlushBeds. This is especially ideal for those who prefer all foam mattresses and natural mattresses. PlushBeds prides itself with commendable after-sale services. Their customer service department (which you can reach through the number 1-888-758-7423) is quick to respond and solve any situations at hand. They deliver their mattresses for free within 7 to 9 businesses days in the contiguous United States. The Natural Bliss comes with a lifetime warranty giving you more confidence in the quality of mattress you'll be getting. To add some icing, this mattress comes as a sleep bundle with luxury sheet set, a cooling protector essential to keep your mattress free of spills and finally two luxury pillows.

Onto its amazing features, The Natural Bliss is your ideal vegan mattress. It's made of all foam layers comprising an organic cotton cover certified by GOTS, natural latex certified by GOLS, a Class 1 certified Talalay latex and a support base layer made of Arpico Latex. Latex is popularly known to dissipate body heat and keep you cool through the night. The dense foam layer offers maximum pressure relief and great support at the edge. This mattress is deal for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. With 100 nights of trial and moneyback guarantee, you won't go wrong with this mattress. The Natural Bliss comes in a variety of sizes, from Twin to Split California king and firmness options of medium and medium firm. Depending on your preferred height, you can get either the 8 inch, 10 inch or 12 inch mattress.

2. Nectar Mattress is Denting

This complaint was an interesting one with a two-part issue. The buyer complains about the Nectar memory foam mattress denting three years later. Looking back at the Nectar mattress website, they offer Forever warranty on their mattresses. Warranties mean that a user has a right to request for a different mattress, fixing of the current mattress (if possible) or a full refund. However, in this particular case, the mattress user claims that Nectar rejected their warranty claim due to baby formula spilling on the mattress. To address the elephant in the room, yes, spills may void your warranty. Depending on how much product is spilled, it can generally affect the durability of the mattress. It’s because of this, we always advise sleepers to use waterproof mattress protectors. Additionally, make sure you read the warranty policy or inquire from the mattress company before purchasing so that you can take care of your mattress accordingly.

This, however, doesn’t mean that in this particular case, the spill made the bed denty. It may have also been low durability of the mattress. Other popular reasons include using a mattress that doesn’t support your body weight or using your mattress on a poor quality bed frame. When it comes to bed frames, also inquire from the mattress brand which frame is ideal for the mattress you’re purchasing. If possible, buy a sleep bundle that includes a frame.

If your Nectar mattress is denting, consider purchasing the Nolah Evolution Comfort+.

Nolah Evolution Comfort+

Nolah Evolution Comfort+

Nolah is running a sale on their mattresses, active today May 23, 2024!

One of Nolah's highly demanded mattress is the Evo Comfort+ which from its name you can definitely expect maximum comfort when sleeping on the mattress. Nolah is known for making some high quality mattresses that can stand weight even with heavy sleepers. Unlike the Nectar hybrid, the Comfort+ is exclusively made for heavy sleepers, to give them support while offering comfort. This support extends to the edges of the mattress so that edge sleepers don't dent the mattress from that end. Nolah's Evo Comfort+ comes with a luxurious high-thermal conductivity Euro foam topper which is highly responsible for the cozy comfort and heat dissipation. It helps the sleeper feel comfy instead of feeling like they're sleeping on a stone.

Thanks to their deluxe 8-inch individually wrapped coils, your mattress will have a good support core, air flow and targeted back support giving you pressure relief. The cotton latex cover of the mattress helps with body cooling. The mattress also has a heat escape gusset on the border to prevent heat from getting trapped in the mattress. Hot sleepers will definitely enjoy this mattress.

Aside from its premium features, when you buy the Nolah Evo Comfort+ you'll get two free pillows and a massive discount if you buy their adjustable base or their platform base. They offer 120 nights trial, free shipping to the USA and a Lifetime warranty. To protect your mattress from spills and stains that may affect the warranty, buy the Nolah Glacio Tex Cooling Mattress Protector which is waterproof and hypoallergenic.

3. Nectar Premier has Poor Edge Support

I once bought a mattress with poor edge support, so when I’d turn in bed and end up close to the edge, I’d feel like falling over to the floor. This is actually dangerous and I could have easily gotten hurt if I fell. This is why the support is very essential in a mattress. Unfortunately, a Nectar mattress buyer complains about Nectar mattresses having mushy edges. Aside from those that sleep close to the edge of the bed, lack of support affects also those who dress while sitting on the bed. If you often sit on the edge of the bed while dressing or wearing shoes, you can easily slide off. 

A good mattress option is the Molecule hybrid mattress.

Molecule Hybrid Mattress

Molecule Hybrid Mattress

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The Molecule hybrid is a great alternative for the nectar premier mattress when it comes to edge support. It has individually wrapped coil system that customizes comfort, support the edges and enhance pressure relief. The edge feels safe for sleeping and sitting.

Other features we love about the molecule hybrid include its advanced cover, which is extra plush and infused with MOLECULE shield™ treatment. This treatment help protect your mattress from intense foul smells. It also prevents bacteria that cause stains, leaving your sleeping surface smelling clean and fresh.

Unlike the traditional memory foam mattress the Molecule hybrid features the Molecular flo and Airtec layers that enhance airflow creating a cooling environment. Rest well without heat disruption in the night. With the Molecule hybrid you get 100 night free trial, limited lifetime warranty and free shipping and returns.

4. Nectar Mattress Causes Back pain

In another nectar mattress review, a user claims that after a year or so, their Nectar memory foam mattress started causing them back pain. The foam started losing shape towards the edge, making it uncomfortable for the sleeper. 

Buying a mattress isn’t an easy task as many may think. You need to consider so many features and your own preferences too. For example, if you prefer to sleep on your side, you’ll need a different mattress from someone who sleeps on their stomach or back. Make sure the mattress you purchase supports your body type and sleeping habits, else, you end up with issues like back pain after a while. Back pain can also root from other issues like your sitting style while at your office desk, age, and other factors. Conduct some research on your lifestyle to be sure that it’s your mattress causing back pain.

A good mattress to consider is the Amerisleep AS2.

Amerisleep AS2

Amerisleep AS2

Amerisleep is running a sale on their mattresses, active today May 23, 2024!

The AS2 is truly a mattress you don't want to miss out on. It has advanced features good for your body and sleep experience. It's also arguably one of the best mattresses for back pain and a good alternative for the nectar mattress.

The AS2 is a medium firm mattress which facilitates healthy spinal alignment. It is 12 inch high and best for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. The AS2 comes with a heat-wicking cover that has scientifically engineered fabric which helps refresh and keeps you cool. This Refresh cover also helps increase blood circulation.

The Amerisleep mattress consists of a plant-based BioPur memory foam which also aids in cooling. Hot sleepers will definitely enjoy sleeping on this mattress. To top this feature is their Hive technology which is made for targeted support. Your pressure points will relax as you sleep and help prevent back pain, neck pain and hip pain. The base for AS2 is a sturdy foam that prevents the mattress from sinking when you lie on it and from sagging faster overtime. It also alleviates pressure points.

The AS2 is an eco-friendly and non toxic mattress that comes with a 100 night trial and 20 year warranty. The best thing about Amerisleep is the free delivery and easy returns.

5. Bad for side sleepers with existing back pain

Another complaint addresses back pain but specifically for side sleepers. The Nectar user says that the mattress was uncomfortable, increasing his back pain. 

If you already suffer from back pain, make sure to first see a doctor and get diagnosed. We have some good mattresses for sciatica and back pain. The new GhostBed massage mattress would also be ideal for those looking for extra comfort and relaxation while sleeping. 

Additionally, those with back pain should consider using an adjustable frame to enhance pressure relief and back support. You should consider changing your sleeping position too - if it helps.

GhostBed Massage Mattress

GhostBed Massage Mattress

GhostBed is running a sale on their mattresses, active today May 23, 2024!

If you have existing back pain, what you need is a mattress that alleviates pressure, gives you relief and comfort so that you sleep comfy. However, keep in mind that your body weight and sleeping position must be supported by the mattress you choose. The GhostBed Massage mattress is a medium firm feel mattress that targets five zones of pressure; neck, back, hip, glutes and thighs.

To start off, let's look at the massage feature. The massage mattress is dual sided, meaning that each side of the bed has a separate massage unit. You can enjoy the massage without disrupting your partner. It has the Ghost massage therapy as a comfort layer that conducts the massaging. There's a remote to control the massage speed and duration from the comfort of your bed.

Getting a nice massage may help keep your muscles relaxed and back pain at bay. Just like the Nectar mattress, this massage bed has temperature regulation features. From the Ghost ice fabric on the cover to the gel infused memory foam layer, those who sleep hot will stay cool all night.

In Conclusion

Remember that Nectar mattress offers 365 night trials and a lifelong warranty. Therefore, as long as you haven't damaged your mattress, you'll be able to return for a refund. Delivery is free around the US, but a shipping fee may be charged to those outside the USA. However, returns are free to everyone regardless of your location.

If you're experiencing issues with your nectar mattress, reach out to their sleep specialists via their number +1 (855) 205-5905 or live chat on their website.

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