Puffy mattress complaints

Last Updated: April, 2023

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When listing good mattress companies, Puffy mattresses would definitely make the list. Some of the things that make us love Puffy hybrid mattresses, include their variety of model options, the cooling cloud foam layer that dissipates body heat, and their lifetime warranty. Most Puffy mattresses come as a sleep bundle where you get free mattress protector, free Puffy pillows and a sheet set.

However, like any other mattress, Puffy has received its fair share of complaints. While running our 2 stage review process, we were met with several reviews from Puffy mattress users that didn't favor the brand's reputation. Let's delve into each complaint as we offer you some great replacement mattress options.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress Loses its Ability to Hold its shape Quickly

A buyer complains that his Puffy Lux mattress loses its ability to conform quite fast. He says that the mattress lost shape and caused back pain to him and his wife. Unfortunately, the reviewer didn't specify the duration it took before their Puffy mattress started losing foam.

One explanation for such an outcome is obviously poor quality of a mattress. However, a mattress can decrease durability when used wrongly. The Puffy Lux mattress works well with any type of bed frame. But, if your bed frame is faulty or worn out, it can damage your mattress. The Puffy Lux mattress has a medium plush firmness. This means that it's only ideal for light weight to average weight sleepers. If this couple in the review weighed more than 140 pounds - or worse, are of heavy weight - sleeping on a medium plush mattress would easily wear off the mattress.

Check out The Luxury Bliss medium-firm mattress as a replacement mattress for Puffy.

The Luxury Bliss By PlushBeds

The Luxury Bliss By PlushBeds

Luxury Bliss is running a sale on their mattresses, active today July 14, 2024!

PlushBeds is our go to mattress when in need of durable mattresses. We highly recommend the PlushBeds Luxury Bliss mattress as a Puffy replacement.

The PB hybrid latex mattress, also known as the luxury bliss, ticks luxury to a whole different level. First of all, it's an eco-friendly mattress - as all other PB mattresses. It's made of certified natural latex, cotton, and wool. Organic latex has several benefits. One benefit is its hypoallergenic nature. Latex doesn't trap dust, or any other allergens. If you suffer from such allergic reactions, this is your bed. Latex is also naturally cooling so hot sleepers will definitely love this one. Latex foam is soft and conforms to your body, leaving you cuddled in comfort.

Another luxury feature which actually adds to its durability is the premium fabric and case coil system. The coils are individually wrapped to maximize motion isolation, increase edge support, offer body support and increase the durability of the mattress. The base layer is a very sturdy foam that helps with spinal alignment and contributes to the durability of the mattress as well.

 The Puffy Cloud Mattress is too Firm

In a recent Puffy mattress review, a Puffy mattress sleeper complains about the mattress being, "too hard to sleep on it gives me lower back and leg pain".

The Puffy Cloud mattress is a medium firm rating 6 on the firmness scale. Many confuse the medium and medium firm mattresses. Occasionally (and correctly), the medium should be listed as medium plush to create a distinction with the medium firm mattresses - which Puffy does.

Medium firm mattresses are slightly hard to give a blend of plushness and a firm feel offering maximum support to average weight sleepers. Light weight sleepers will find this firmness feel to be very hard on their backs. Hence, they should go for a medium plush or ultra plush mattress.

If you're searching for a softer mattress, go for Amerisleep AS3.

Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3 is running a sale on their mattresses, active today July 14, 2024!

If you find the Puffy mattress to be too firm for your liking, consider going for the Amerisleep AS3 mattress. The AS3 is a medium feel mattress. This means that it's closer to plush and further from firm. It's good for slippers away below 100 lbs. It comes in 12 inches of thickness and has three layers that contribute to its overall greatness.

This Amerisleep best seller has impeccable cooling technology called plant-based Bio-Pur. If you sleep hot this mattress is a good choice for you. The AS3 also boasts of balanced comfort and targeted support. Sleeping on this mattress will offer you pressure relief through the night. Their HIVE technology is responsible for maximum airflow which also helps hot sleepers stay cool and breathe easy as they sleep. If you're not a hybrid mattress fan, you can choose the AS3 all form option which will offer you as much cooling, comfort, support and pressure relief.

Puffy Royal Mattress Causes Back Pain

One complaint about the Puffy Royal mattress is that it causes back pain. The user slept on it for a little over a month and experienced a lot of back pain with slight knee pain.

The Puffy Royal is an ultra plush dual cloud foam mattress. Ultra plush simply means it's super soft it feels like sleeping on clouds. It's possible that the reviewer isn't a light weight sleeper. Any sleeper with weight above 100 lbs would suffer while sleeping on an ultra plush mattress like the Puffy Royal mattress. While the presence of memory foam helps the mattress conform to your body, being soft will make you sink and curve your spinal cord.

A good mattress for average weight sleepers is the SleepOvation mattress.

SleepOvation Mattress

SleepOvation Mattress

SleepOvation is running a sale on their mattresses, active today July 14, 2024!

Here is why we choose the SleepOvation mattress for back pain relief - 700 individual foam pieces. This technology will help you and your partner experience maximum pressure relief on each side of the bed. The SleepOvation mattress contains a sturdy base and a core coil system made of individually wrapped coils. 

Together, these layers help with spinal alignment. When your spine is well aligned, your step issues such as back pain and hip pain. Due to its foam technology, the mattress is ideal for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers of average weight.

This SleepOvation mattress technology also enhances cooling and breathability, responsiveness, motion isolation and body cushioning. SleepOvation is made in the US and comes with a 100 nights trial, free shipping and a 10 year warranty.

Puffy Mattress has Poor Edge Support

Edge support is an essential mattress feature for sleepers who especially sleep on the edge of their mattress or sit on the mattress edge when dressing. Such a sleeper is our Puffy mattress reviewer who complains that the Puffy mattress lacks edge support. Without specifying which Puffy model, they go ahead to say how the mattress is floppy and slippery on its edges.

A good mattress with impeccable edge support is the Molecule hybrid.

Molecule hybrid mattress

Molecule hybrid mattress

Molecule Hybrid is running a sale on their mattresses, active today July 14, 2024!

If you're looking for a mattress brand that takes the edge support feature as seriously as life, check out Molecule. Their mattresses offer award-winning edge support, so much that you can fit or sleep on the edge as comfortably as the center of the mattress. Our top choice for Puffy replacement is the Molecule Hybrid mattress. To enhance edge support, the company built this mattress with their trademark MOLECULEedge coil system. Together with the AirTEC form you are assured of full support on your pressure points.

Other amazing features of the Molecule hybrid include a plush quilted top infused with their MOLECULEshield treatment. The extra plushness offers luxury feel and comfort while the treatment prevents odor and bacteria. Aside from enjoying cleaner sleep, this mattress contains a layer of MOLECULARflo+ which is better than traditional memory foam and enhances durability of the mattress alongside the individually wrapped coil system. The mattress comes with 100 night risk free trial, financing option, two free pillows and free shipping and returns.

Puffy Has Slow Delivery Service

In one of the Puffy mattress complaints, a buyer narrates how they ordered a Puffy mattress to be delivered to their new location after relocating. Puffy customer service was responsive but the delayed delivery issue still went unsolved. The issue was with the courier company, FedEx, which delayed the delivery for over a week. While Puffy mattresses are dispatched on time, if their courier service has delay issues, they should find a way to resolve the issue at hand.

If you'd like to receive your mattress on time, consider buying from Brooklyn Bedding.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe

Brooklyn is running a sale on their mattresses, active today July 14, 2024!

Brooklyn bedding is a highly reputable mattress company that offers several high quality mattress models. We love Brooklyn bedding’s customer service because they are quick to respond and quick to resolve an issue. They truly understand that the quality of customer support is as crucial as that of the products themselves. They ship mattresses within 3 to 5 business days. Therefore, you can definitely consider this brand as a Puffy replacement.

A best seller you can choose from Brooklyn bedding is their aurora mattress. This hybrid mattress comes in three firmness options; soft, medium, and firm. Remember to choose the firmness level that's right for your body weight. Aurora mattress also has a variety of sizes: from twin to split California king. Additionally, they offer a short queen and two RV versions for the RV campers. You can also select the option for adding a cloud pillow to your bed for maximum comfort.

The Brooklyn bedding aurora lux mattress comes with 120 night trial and available financing. Its top features include a GlacioTex cooling cover for dissipating heat, zone Ascension coils for pressure relief and a copper infused foam with microbial benefits.

Are you Facing Issues with Your Puffy Mattress?

Puffy offers a 101 night sleep trial to buyers of a new Puffy mattress, and encourages them to sleep on it for at least 30 days before conclusively judging the mattress. In case you meet an issue or defect with the mattress, you can reach out to their customer service representatives. You'll have the option to chat with an expert live on the Puffy website, reach them through their social media accounts or fill in a contact form describing your issue. On the same contacts page, you'll find frequently asked questions about Puffy mattresses that can help guide you.

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