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Last Updated: May, 2024

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If you're looking for an innerspring mattress that offers a perfect blend of body support, responsiveness, and temperature regulation, you might want to check out the Saatva Classic Mattress. With two height options and three firmness levels, this remarkable hybrid bed adapts to the sleeper's body type and preferred sleep position. Plus, it features a naturally organic cotton cover that promotes breathability and freshness.

However, while everything sounds perfect on paper, is the Saatva Classic truly the right bed for you? That's what we're going to find out (and much more) in our Saatva Mattress review. To put this luxury bed to the test, we're going to assess its performance and even compare it to competitor models to help you decide whether or not it's a solid choice for your needs.

Saatva Classic Mattress

What We Like

  • Available in three mattress firmness levels for every sleeping position
  • Patented Lumbar Zone Technology offers additional support where you need it the most
  • Naturally breathable, hypoallergenic organic cotton cover offers exceptional temperature regulation
  • Plush Euro pillow top cradles the body to relieve pressure points

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't isolate motion pretty well

Overall Thoughts: 

The Saatva Classic Mattress is a true innerspring bed that perfectly combines two coil layers with a thin layer of foam to boost pressure relief. It comes in two height options and three firmness levels, meaning it can support most sleepers who love the bounciness, support, and responsiveness of innerspring mattresses. Plus, you have a limited lifetime warranty and up to 365 days to try out your mattress and return it for a refund if it's not suitable for your body type and preferred sleep position.

Mattress Design and Performance

Mattress Design and Performance

Before making up your mind about the Saatva Mattress, there are numerous vital factors to consider. We put this innerspring mattress through several tests to assess its temperature control, motion isolation, edge support, and more. Here's how it performed.

Mattress Firmness

Generally, Saatva mattress firmness and feel will tell you much about your preferred mattress. In particular, these two factors will significantly influence whether or not your mattress will be a perfect fit for your preferred sleeping positions and other unique preferences.

The Saatva Classic comes in three firmness levels. We reviewed the luxury firm model and it felt like a 7/10 on our firmness scale, which is a bit firmer than the industry standard. While its pillow top layer is soft, the two coil layers are on the firmer side of the scale. Combined, they make this bed feel firmer than average. Those who prefer more pressure relief may want to opt for the softer version.

It's worth noting that mattress firmness is subjective. So, depending on your personal preferences and body weight, you might find this bed feels a touch softer or firmer.

Thanks to its coil support system, the Saatva Classic is bouncy and responsive. While it boasts a classic innerspring feel, its tufted pillow top layer delivers some plush cushioning. When I slept on it, I didn't sink deep into the surface. I felt like I was resting on top of the bed rather than inside it.

Temperature Regulation

Hybrid beds tend to be more breathable compared to all-foam versions, and the same holds for the Saatva Classic Mattress. This innerspring bed should help most individuals who tend to sleep hot at night stay cool and comfortable. All three firmness options feature Euro-top layers with polyfoam and fiber. These materials are more breathable than traditional memory foam mattress. What's more, the cotton cover pulls excess heat away from the body for a cool night's sleep.

Unlike other hybrid mattresses, which use thick memory foam layers in their comfort system, the Saatva Classic’s comfort system is made of individually wrapped coils, which promote maximum airflow. While all Saatva Classic mattresses help relieve heat buildup, the plush soft model has more conforming that is likely to cause more heat retention.

Motion Isolation

All three firmness levels of the Saatva Classic have above-average motion isolation than most innerspring beds on the market. However, the plush soft model excels the most when it comes to isolating motion.

These mattresses boast Euro-top layers with multiple polyfoam layers that help absorb motion, minimizing the vibrations that travel from one section of the bed to another. Plus, the pocketed coils move independently, meaning very little transfer occurs. However, sensitive sleepers may experience some motion transfer, as the coil layers give the surface some bounce, which may contribute to motion transfer.

Edge Support

While most hybrid mattresses have sturdy edges, the Saatva Classic's perimeter is exceptionally supportive. A firm foam encasement wraps around the edges, minimizing edge sagging when you sit or sleep near the perimeter. Because the Saatva Classic's edge is reinforced, most individuals should feel secure enough to use the entire mattress surface without fear of rolling off. Due to its softer mattress feel, the edges of the plush soft version may not feel as sturdy and secure as the firm or luxury firm model of the mattress. Additionally, heavyweight sleepers may experience more sinkage around the perimeter than lighter sleepers.

Pressure Relief

Like many hybrid mattresses, the Saatva Classic's contouring can help relieve sleepers’ painful pressure points. The Euro-top layer cushions the mattress, while the pocketed coil layer offers deeper contouring. This helps relieve pressure from the sleeper's wider and heavier body parts by evenly distributing their weight on the surface.

All three Saatva firmness options are ideal for preventing pressure buildup. However, the amount of pressure relief that you'll experience will vary depending on your weight and preferred sleep position. For instance, if you're a light sleeper, you'll get the best balance of body contouring and overall body support from the plush soft model.


Memory foam mattresses usually have a low response to pressure compared to innerspring models, such as the Saatva Classic, which tend to have a higher response. We loved how this mattress made it very easy to change sleep positions and shift our bodies. This makes the Saatva Classic a good mattress for sex and a solid choice for combination sleepers who often switch from one position to the other during the night.

Mattress Safety

Saatva has built a strong reputation as an online mattress brand that's committed to safety and sustainability. Some of the certifications that their Saatva Classic model has include:

  • CertiPUR-US - Shows that the memory foam layer used in your mattress are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and free from toxic chemicals, including flame retardants, heavy metals, and ozone depleters.
  • GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold - Shows that Saatva Classic mattresses meet the most stringent emission standards.
  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) - Shows that your mattress has at least 95% certified raw organic mattress materials and lacks harmful chemicals and emissions. '

Performance with Couples

Performance with Couples

When testing the best mattresses for couples, we often look at vital factors like motion transfer, edge support, temperature regulation, and responsiveness. The Saatva Classic excels in all these categories. Its sturdy edge support comfortably accommodates two people and the excellent motion isolation keeps sleepers from feeling their partner's movements. What's more, it's responsive enough for sex and its unique design should keep both of you cool at night.

Sleeping Position and Body Weight

Let's now look at how different sleepers fare on the Saatva Classic, depending on their body type and primary sleep position.

Back Sleepers

While the three firmness levels of the Saatva Classic can give most back sleepers the even body support they deserve, the balance of overall support and body cushioning a sleeper experiences will vary depending primarily on their weight. Remember, an overly firm mattress could feel hard, leading to pressure buildup around the sleeper's hip region, while an overly soft mattress may allow the midsection to sink deeply, putting a strain on the spine.

Since Saatva's softer and luxury firm models have sturdy support systems and plush cushioning foams, we think they may be a great choice for back sleepers weighing under 130 pounds. Back sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds may also find the luxury firm version most comfortable. Lastly, heavyweight individuals weighing over 230 pounds will likely find the firm version to have the best combination of firmness, support, and contouring.

Side Sleepers

Each of the firmness levels of the Saatva Classic Mattress may work well for side sleepers in different weight groups. The plush soft, luxury firm, and firm models of the mattress all have similar comfort systems that feature a Euro-style pillow top with sewn-in cushioning. The luxury firm and the plush soft models have a 1.25-inch soft polyfoam layer, whereas the firm version features a 1.5-inch firm polyfoam layer that contours to the body more deeply to relieve painful pressure points around the hips and shoulders.

How each firmness option performs for side sleepers varies depending on the individual's weight. For instance, we consider the plush soft version best suited for side sleepers under 130 pounds. While the luxury firm should support side sleepers from all weight categories, it may be most suitable for individuals weighing between 130 and 230 pounds. Lastly, the firmer version should be a perfect fit for most heavyweight side sleepers weighing over 230 pounds.

Stomach Sleepers

Since we tend to carry much of our weight around our bellies and hips, stomach sleeping usually needs enough body support to keep the midsection from sagging into the surface. Although sleeping on an overly soft mattress could cause spinal misalignment, stomach sleepers usually need some body cushioning.

All the three firmness levels of the Saatva Classic Mattress have excellent cushioning, thanks to their Euro-top layers. A polyfoam layer softens the surface, while a zoned support system bolsters the overall body support for the sleepers’ midsection. However, each model of the Saatva Classic may be more suitable for some weight categories than others, due to their difference in firmness. For instance, lightweight stomach sleepers may find the plush soft version a solid pick for their body weight. The firmer version, on the other hand, offers the firmer feel and robust support heavyweight sleepers need for a good night's sleep.

Maximum Body Weight

According to the manufacturers, the Saatva Classic Mattress is uniquely designed to offer comfort and support to sleepers weighing up to 300 pounds. If you're a heavier sleeper weighing more than 300 pounds, Saatva manufactures other mattresses, such as the Saatva HD, that are engineered to support heavy folks. Always ensure you opt for a mattress that suits your body weight and individual needs and offers the right support for restorative sleep.

Which Frame is Best Used with the Saatva Classic Mattress?

Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Classic is compatible with most bed frames and mattress foundations, including Saatva's models, such as the Santorini Bed Frame and the Sturdy Mattress Foundation. While you can also use Saatva mattresses with adjustable bases, especially if you want to customize your sleep position, make sure that your Saatva Classic bed is the 11.5-inch model, as it is the only Classic version compatible with adjustable bases. Box springs are also good alternatives, as they're less expensive and deliver adequate body support for most sleepers. However, Saatva mattresses don't work best on box springs. Instead, they need solid platform bed frames and foundations, which serve the same purpose as box springs, but use solid and durable slat systems to support your mattress.

Mattress Offers

Known as America's best-selling online luxury innerspring bed, the Saatva Classic Mattress delivers dreamy comfort, hotel-level luxury, and sturdy support - all at an affordable price point. Plus, it comes with numerous offers, making it a solid pick for shoppers looking for a high-quality bouncy mattress without breaking the bank. The 11.5-inch queen-size model is currently on Leap Year Sale, going for $1,696. What's more, Saatva provides some fantastic sleep bundles to help sleepers enhance their overall sleep experience. For instance, you can include the Sateen sheet set or the High Loft Saatva Latex pillows with your purchase and save up to $40.

Order Policies

If you decide to buy the Saatva Classic Mattress, it's wise to go through the FAQs on the website and understand the company policies before making a purchase decision. Here's a quick rundown:

Financing Options

Like most online mattresses, you can finance your Saatva Latex Foam Mattress purchase with Affirm, a financing option that allows eligible shoppers to pay for their mattresses over time in fixed installments. Shoppers can choose a 6, 12, 18, or even a 24-month plan, with rates that range from 0% APR - 30% APR, depending on their credit score and eligibility.

Shipping & Delivery

The Saatva Classic Mattress ships to parts of Canada and locations around the contiguous United States. Free White Glove delivery services are also available to customers in the U.S. A team brings in your mattress, takes it to your bedroom, and unboxes it, before setting it up. The White Glove delivery service also includes old mattress removal at no additional charge. Since the mattresses are usually assembled after the client places an order, the shipping and arrival dates may vary.

Night Trials

A 365-night sleep trial period allows shoppers to try out their new mattress in their homes. Unlike most online mattresses, the Saatva Classic doesn't have a break-in period, so customers can return their beds at any time for a full refund.


The Saatva Classic comes with a non-transferable lifetime warranty. This means it's only valid for original owners who bought their Saatva mattresses from authorized retailers. There's also a Fairness Replacement Option that acts as a remedy for faulty beds. This alternative allows shoppers to keep their original mattresses and receive a new one at a reduced rate.


If you're not happy with your Saatva Classic Mattress, you can return it for a refund so long as you're within the trial period. Saatva will arrange to pick up your mattress and deduct a $99 transportation fee from the refund.

Saatva Classic Mattress Comparisons

Now that you have an idea of what the Saatva Classic can do, let's see how it stacks up to the competition.

Saatva Classic Mattress Vs Saatva HD Mattress

Saatva HD Mattress

Like the Saatva Classic, the Saatva HD is a hybrid innerspring mattress, meaning it uses a coil-on-coil system and it doesn't come with as many memory foam layers. While it's specially designed for heavier individuals, it's only available in one firmness level and height option. When it comes to price, the Saatva HD is more expensive than the Saatva Classic. So, if you're a heavyweight sleeper on a budget, you may be better off with the firm version of the Saatva Classic. Both mattresses feature a breathable, naturally anti-mold cover and a coil system, making them an excellent choice for hot sleepers. However, the Saatva Classic will appeal to the widest range of sleepers, as it comes in three firmness options.

Saatva Classic Mattress vs Zoma Hybrid Mattress

Zoma Hybrid Mattress

Although both the Saatva Classic and the Zoma Hybrid are hybrid mattresses, the Zoma Hybrid combines foam layers and a coil system, whereas the Saatva Classic Mattress has a coil-on-coil design. Plus, the Zoma Hybrid Mattress specifically targets athletes and active individuals, while the Saatva Classic bed caters to various sleeping needs. Neither mattress sleeps hot, but the Zoma Hybrid is better at cooling, as it features gel-infused foam and its coil support system leaves more room for airflow. Overall, if you love a modern hybrid mattress that's designed with active sleepers in mind, the Zoma Hybrid Medium-firm Mattress might be a better fit.

Saatva Classic Mattress Vs Brooklyn Bedding Ecosleep Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Ecosleep Mattress

As a hybrid mattress, the Brooklyn Bedding Ecosleep also combines foam and innerspring layers for improved mobility and responsiveness. However, it offers better pressure relief around the hips and shoulders and boasts more of a hybrid mattress feel with a bounce at the base and cushion on top. Plus, the Brooklyn Bedding Ecosleep has a more uniform feel, whereas the Saatva Classic comes with a zoned design for additional support around the middle part of the bed. That said, if you're on a budget and you prioritize balanced support, you may want to opt for the Brooklyn Bedding Ecosleep Mattress. On the other hand, if you prefer luxury comfort and cooling, consider the Saatva Classic.

Saatva Classic Mattress Vs Nolah Natural 11 Mattress

Nolah Natural 11 Mattress

Unlike the Saatva Classic Mattress, the Nolah Natural 11 is an all-foam bed engineered for deep pressure relief. Its foam construction cradles the body and offers a soft, comfortable feel. This makes it a perfect alternative for side sleepers who love a cradling sensation. Even though the Nolah Natural 11 sleeps cooler than many all-foam mattresses, the Saatva Classic is the safer bet as its coil-on-coil design promotes maximum airflow. If you're into hybrid mattresses with foam layers and coils, we recommend the Saatva Classic Mattress. However, if you prefer an all-foam feel and prioritize pressure relief, you may want to opt for the Nolah Natural 11 Mattress.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the Saatva Classic stands out as an embodiment of comfort and craftsmanship. Recognized by Good Morning America as the best mattress in 2023, this luxury mattress lives up to its accolades. Its dual-coil design ensures proper body support where you need it the most while its customizable firmness caters to every sleeping position and style. If you love the responsive feel of innerspring mattresses combined with the plush feel of memory foam that cradles you to slumberland, the Saatva Classic might be the mattress for you.

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