What Size Is an RV Mattress? All Available Options

What Size Is an RV Mattress?What Size Is an RV Mattress?
Recreational vehicles, or RVs, typically come with mattresses already in their sleeping areas. These beds are often thin, overly firm, and otherwise uncomfortable. That's why most RV owners decide to upgrade their RV mattresses to customize their experience and make their RV feel like home.

Generally, the layout of your RV will determine how much space you'll have for a mattress. Some feature big spaces for a bedroom while others come with pop-up spaces or bunks that need a smaller mattress.

As you look for a new replacement mattress for your RV, you need to know that traveling in RVs shifts priorities. While you may look for luxurious and high-profile beds for your home, your RV may need a simpler construction and a lower profile. In this article, we've highlighted the standard RV mattress sizes, types, and some FAQs that can help you settle for the perfect mattress size for your RV.

RV Mattress Sizes

Shopping for the best RV mattress needs similar considerations to searching for other mattresses. You need a bed that provides proper body contouring and support, regulates your body temperature, and suits your preferred sleeping position to ensure you stay comfortable throughout your entire trip. However, some additional challenges, notably the size constraints, come with choosing an RV bed.

Although most standard mattress sizes and RV mattress sizes have similar names, they differ in dimensions. For instance, a standard queen mattress used in homes isn't the same as a queen RV mattress. With numerous RV mattresses available in different sizes, it's wise to familiarize yourself with these dimensions so that you can buy the right fit.

Eager to bring the comfort and convenience of home on your cross-country road trips? Have a look at the camper mattress size chart below to know some of the common dimensions you can choose from.

RV Twin Size Mattress

If you're looking for an RV mattress that can conform to compact sleep spaces, the RV twin-size mattress might be all you need. Measuring approximately 28 by 75 inches, twin mattresses can be used as RV bunk beds or disguised as chairs for seating.

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Truck Size Mattress

Just as the name suggests, truck-size beds are often used in cabs of semi-trucks. Measuring between 42 inches by 80 inches and 35 inches by 79 inches, the Truck size mattress is perfect for tall individuals. Although you can still choose twin-sized mattresses for your truck based on space, you'll be better off with a truck-size mattress if you're taller than the average.

Bunk Size Mattress

Amongst the many different RV bed sizes available, Bunk size mattresses present the most viable options to choose from when going on a road trip. This family-friendly bed measures from 28" by 75" to about 35" to 80".

Three Quarter Size Mattress

If you don't have enough space for full-size mattresses, you should consider purchasing the three-quarter size mattress. Ideal for smaller RVs, this bed measures 48" by 75", which is big enough to accommodate two kids.

RV Full or Double Size Bed

RV full-size or Double mattresses measure about 53 inches by 75 inches. They're an inch smaller than the standard full-size mattress used in homes. Couples and friends who'll be sharing a bed will find the RV full or Double size mattress more comfortable and pressure-relieving.

Short Queen Size Mattress

Measuring between 60 inches by 74 inches and 60 inches by 75 inches, the Short Queen size mattress can accommodate both you and your partner without taking up too much space on your RV. It's approximately 5 inches shorter than a standard queen-size mattress.

Queen Size Mattress

The RV Queen mattress size is one of the most commonly used beds in camping trucks and vans. It comes with three different dimensions; a short queen RV bed measuring about 60" x 75", a three-quarter queen bed measuring 48" x 75", and a standard queen measuring 60" x 80".

RV King Size Mattress

This RV mattress size is specially designed to offer durability and comfort to tall sleepers. If you're extremely tall and looking to share your mattress with your partner, you should consider checking out the RV King mattress. Its dimensions are between 72" x 75" and 72" x 80".

Comparison of Different RV Bed Sizes

When your recreational vehicle becomes your home away from home while on vacations and road trips, finding a bed that will deliver a good night's sleep and leaves you and your friends and family feeling refreshed is a necessity. While sleeping in your RV might not be one of the most memorable moments, sleeping well is vital since sleep deprivation impacts driving.

Because space is limited in RVs, every inch matters, so you want to ensure that you get a product that will help you benefit the most from your sleep. Some RV mattress sizes are good for families and couples while others are only suitable for individuals. Prioritizing your needs is important while deciding on the mattress size for your RV.

We've discussed different RV mattress sizes below so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

RV Twin Mattress

RV Twin beds are one of the most common mattress sizes as they're small enough to fit virtually any RV, travel trailer, and motorhome. RV Twin beds are 28" wide x 75" long, meaning they're 7 inches thinner than standard Twin size mattresses. You can also go for RV Twin XL beds, which are 28" wide by 80" long and 10" narrower than standard Twin XL mattresses.

Twin mattresses usually come in two sizes. You can choose either the bigger or smaller version depending on the available space in your camper. You also have the option of placing them as bunk beds or side by side.

Truck Mattress

These mattresses have their name since they were originally made for semi-truck cabins. However, they're still fairly common in recreational vehicles.

Truck mattresses are about 35-42" wide by 79-80" long. They're taller and wider than RV Twin beds, making them a solid choice if you're taller or simply looking for more room to spread out. Either way, truck mattresses are still compact, so no need to worry about losing too much space if you choose them over RV Twin beds.

Bunk Mattress

Bunk mattresses are often used in family-friendly RVs and are ideal if you're camping with multiple people. They're compact and fairly thin for less weight. They also come in various sizes ranging from 28-35" wide to 75-80" long to fit many types of RV bunk beds.

Note that, with such a wide range, you need to measure the bunk beds in your RV and the dimensions of the bunk mattress you're interested in to ensure they're compatible. Otherwise, you might end up with a mattress that's either too big or too small for your sleeping area.

Three Quarter Mattress

The three-quarter bed size is just as it sounds, 75% of the width of a regular queen mattress. It measures roughly 48 x 75 inches. Unlike the 60-inch wide standard queen bed, three-quarter mattresses are perfect for oddly shaped or narrow RVs and can comfortably fit two young children.

RV Full or Double Size Mattress

Also known as RV double mattresses, RV Full beds measure 53 inches by 75 inches. These beds are one inch slimmer than regular full-size mattresses to enable them to fit better in narrow sleeping areas. RV Full mattresses work best for single sleepers, though they can get too cramped for taller sleepers and couples.

Short Queen Mattress

Short Queen mattresses are literally queen mattresses that are shorter than the standard queen. Standing at 75 inches long and 60 inches wide, this RV mattress is 5 inches shorter than the regular Queen bed. They're ideal for smaller motorhomes where space is limited and can help you save some room while still being large enough to accommodate two adults and up to three children.

RV Queen Mattress

While Short Queen RV mattress sizes are often used by RV owners than RV Queens, you might find that your RV is big enough to hold an RV Queen bed. These mattresses are the same size as standard queen beds: 60 inches by 80 inches. They give couples ideal space for movement while still offering them the chance to snuggle if camp nights get cold.

RV King Mattress

If your RV has the space, then this mattress is the best option for a big family. The King RV bed is another mattress size designed to offer durability and comfort to tall sleepers. Their dimensions are 72 inches wide x 80 inches long and are an inch narrower when compared to the standard King mattress.

Besides being a viable option for couples who're 6 feet tall or more, they can fit up to four young children.

RV Mattress Types

Once you've decided on the mattress size, it's time to look at the various mattress types before making a purchase decision. As earlier mentioned, campers and RVs normally come with foam beds, which are about 5 inches thick and are not as luxurious as your home mattresses. Fortunately, you have the option of replacing these foam mattresses with other comfortable models.

Memory Foam Mattress

If you frequently use your RV mattress and need something long-lasting and supportive, consider purchasing a memory foam mattress. Besides conforming to your body's curves, memory foam beds are great at relieving pain and pressure points.

One issue with memory foam, however, is that most memory foam beds can get quite hot and uncomfortable. So, if you're planning to camp in hot and humid areas and your RV doesn't feature an AC, consider buying a gel-infused memory foam mattress as it is more breathable.

Memory foam beds can cost between $400 to $1000, depending on the brand and size you choose. If you don't want to purchase a new mattress, consider a gel memory foam mattress topper. These covers are less expensive and can help you improve the feel of your mattress. However, they're not as long-lasting as a regular mattress would.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are increasingly gaining a formidable reputation among most RV campers, thanks to their eco-friendly nature. They don't contain chemicals and are resistant to mildew and dust mites.

Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam beds since latex relieves pressure effectively and contours to your curves. But, unlike memory foam, a latex mattress won't be nearly as hot or uncomfortably cradling. They're a bit more expensive than memory foam, coming at a price point of between $900 and $1500. If you're searching for a weightless and durable bed that's responsive to movement, this hypoallergenic RV mattress should be among your preferred picks.

Innerspring Mattress

If you're like other campers who believe that comfort overrides long-term durability, you should definitely try out innerspring mattresses. They're a traditional type of mattress. They come with a coil support layer that offers lots of support, bounce, and breathability.

Unlike memory foam beds, RV innerspring mattresses can last longer in hot regions than in a cold environment. If you're camping in a humid environment, moisture in the air can cause the steel coils to rust.

Most innerspring beds usually come with pillow-top comfort layers, which help cushion your body from the springs. Not to mention, they're inexpensive and can help you keep your traveling budget in check, especially when taking your recreational vehicle on an impromptu cross-country road trip.

Air Mattress

Although the weight of most RV mattresses depends on its cushioning and how it's conducted, the RV Air bed exists on a whole new level. They're extremely lightweight and quite inexpensive.

What's more, they allow you to adjust the firmness level on your side of the bed, making them perfect for couples with different firmness preferences. However, RV Air mattresses aren't a durable choice for campers looking for a mattress that'd serve them for a long time. A tiny leak can easily damage your mattress. So, only opt for them if you're going to be on the road once in a while.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses feature pocketed coil support systems and about 2-inch memory foam or latex layer. They're bouncy, durable, and supportive. Purchasing a hybrid mattress is a good idea, especially if you like foam beds, but don't enjoy how hot foam mattresses can get.

You can now have peace of mind knowing that your bed will wick away body heat, thus keeping you cool and comfortable during hot nights. Because hybrid mattresses come with complex construction, they can be quite expensive costing up to $2000 and as low as $1200.

Closing Thoughts

Rving is a great way of getting out and seeing the world. However, having an uncomfortable mattress can give you sleepless nights, thus putting a real dumper on your road trip. To choose an RV mattress, there are unique mattress shopping factors you need to consider.

Qualities like temperature regulation and pressure relief are vital for campers who're traveling and staying in warmer climatic regions. If you'll be sleeping with your partner, you'll want to go for an RV mattress that has motion and noise isolation features. Focusing on these factors, including mattress size and how the mattress performs will help you pick a high-quality bed that best suits your RV lifestyle.


Can you use a standard mattress in your RV?

This depends on the size of the sleeping area in your RV. Most regular bed sizes are longer and wider than RV mattresses, but some RVs can also accommodate standard beds. Make sure you measure the bed platform in your RV to determine whether or not a regular mattress will fit in that space. Remember, a few inches of difference is enough to make your trip either cozy or uncomfortable.

How thick are RV mattresses?

RV beds are typically low profile, usually about 5-6 inches thick. This is because thin mattresses are lightweight, hence easily transportable. Plus, too thick of a mattress can make it hard to sit upright while on your bed and you might only end up bonking your head.

How can you make your RV bed more comfortable?

RV mattresses tend to be uncomfortable because of their thin profile but they don't have to be. You can make your mattress comfortable by either padding its bottom or replacing it with a new and advanced one.

You can also use additional comforters, such as high-quality sheets, pillows, and blankets to meet your preferences and needs. If your RV has a built-in mattress that can't be easily removed, you can use a mattress topper over it for extra support and comfort.

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