Zoma Mattress Review: Zoma Hybrid, Start & Boost

Last Updated: April, 2023

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Zoma is a Phoenix-based bedding company that aims to make quality sleep products available to athletes at a price they can afford. They currently sell pillows, bed frames, sheets, and three mattress models.

Zoma's flagship model, the Zoma Start Sports Mattress, is a 10-inch all-foam model with a medium feel. The company also offers the Zoma Boost, which is the thickest and most expensive bed in the line, and the Zoma Hybrid, a mattress specifically designed to relieve pain and stay cool all night.

Our comprehensive breakdown of the Zoma mattresses includes details on their construction, sizing, and performance. We'll highlight how their firmness levels perform and make recommendations depending on sleep position and body weight. Read on to find out which Zoma Mattress model fits your unique needs perfectly.

Zoma Hybrid Mattress

Zoma mattress review - Zoma Hybrid Mattress

The Zoma Hybrid is an affordable hybrid mattress with a responsive layer that lightly cushions the sleeper's body without excessive body hugging. Its cooling gel memory foam ensures your mattress wicks away excess warmth and sleeps cool all night.

What We Like

  • Thick foam layers cradle the sleeper's body for excellent pressure relief
  • Foam absorbs body movements to prevent motion transfer
  • Individually pocketed coils enhance whole-body contouring and support

What We Don't Like

  • Stomach sleepers weighing over 130 pounds may need a firmer mattress to promote spinal alignment

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Zoma Hybrid Mattress Review Breakdown

If you're in the market for hybrid beds but have a limited budget, the Zoma Hybrid is an ideal option. It's constructed with three layers, including polyfoam, memory foam, and a supportive coil base. With a foam construction, the Zoma Hybrid offers moderate body contouring and excellent pressure relief. It boasts a medium-firm rating that offers full-body support for a wide variety of sleepers.

Zoma's polyester-spandex blend cover is light and breathable, which enables it to wick away excess moisture and body heat for a cooling feel. It features a two-layer comfort system. At the top, you'll find a 2-inch gel-infused memory foam layer designed to help keep hot sleepers cool while cradling the body for a good night's sleep. This layer is also zoned to provide targeted pressure relief and promote proper spinal alignment.

Beneath the memory foam layer is a 2-inch layer of Zoma's proprietary Reactiv polyfoam which acts as the transition layer. Since it's more buoyant and springier than memory foam, it enhances Zoma's contouring property while keeping sleepers from sinking deep into the coil base.

The coils used in the Zoma Sports Mattress are individually wrapped, so they respond to body movements and provide support while minimizing motion transfer. They also give your mattress a springy feel and promote maximum air circulation. Sturdy polyfoam encases the support core's perimeter, increasing the amount of edge support your bed provides and ensuring you can comfortably sleep or sit near the edge of the mattress.

The foam layers used to construct the Zoma Hybrid are CertiPUR-US certified, so your bed is low in volatile organic compounds and free of a number of toxic chemicals. Standing at 12 inches thick, this mattress might require deep pocket fitted sheets, especially if you're using a thick mattress topper or pad.

Mattress Performance

We ran the Zoma Sports Mattress through a gauntlet of tests regarding pressure relief, motion isolation, temperature regulation, edge support, and durability. Here's how it fared.

Temperature Regulation

For hot sleepers and individuals living in warm climates, the Zoma Hybrid regulates body temperature and helps keep users cool. Its breathable polyester-spandex blend cover wicks away excess moisture and heat, which benefits individuals who sweat throughout the night.

While memory foam is notorious for trapping heat, the Zoma Hybrid uses a gel-infused memory foam layer to help draw excess heat from your body and keep it from building up in your mattress. What's more, Zoma's coil base adds plenty of airflow throughout your sleep surface, helping dissipate any heat.

This is generally one of the main advantages of using a hybrid mattress. Combining a coil support system and foam layers maximizes benefits like pressure relief while reducing common drawbacks such as heat retention.

Pressure Relief

zoma mattress review - Zoma Hybrid Mattress Pressure relief

The Zoma Hybrid offers strong pressure relief compared to most hybrid mattresses. Memory foam is usually highly rated for its pressure-relieving capabilities, as it reacts to weight and heat to closely conform to the sleeper's unique body shape. The top layer of the Zoma Hybrid includes memory foam which cradles the body, and cushions parts like the hips and shoulders, where pressure is highly likely to build up.

And since the coils are individually encased, they evenly distribute body weight and respond independently to pressure. Plus, Zoma's medium firmness level enables it to contour moderately to the curves of most sleepers and minimize tension and pressure. However, if you're a strict stomach or back sleeper, this hybrid mattress might not offer the perfect balance between support and contouring.

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Motion Isolation

With 2 inches of gel memory foam and latex-like polyfoam, the Zoma Sports Mattress isolates motion pretty well, which is crucial for couples and co-sleepers. It's worth noting that this bed has pocketed coils that add bounce to the surface for ease of movement, so it won't prevent motion transfer as well as an all-foam model might.

However, it offers excellent motion isolation for a hybrid mattress. Mixing memory foam and polyfoam in the comfort layer helps absorb motion. That said, if you awaken easily at night, you may want to opt for a hybrid mattress with a thicker comfort system or an all-foam bed, such as the flagship Zoma Mattress.

Edge Support

Edge-to-edge pocketed coils in the Zoma Hybrid Mattress result in sturdy edge support. Plus, firm polyfoam encases the support layer to stabilize the edge, preventing sagging over time.

Generally, hybrid mattresses boast better edge support than memory foam versions, as the coil support system can be reinforced. And since the Zoma Hybrid is medium firm, you shouldn't sink deep into the foam layers, which prevents deep impressions.

Sturdy edge support gives couples and co-sleepers more usable sleeping space as they can comfortably spread out on the surface rather than crowding at the center of the bed. Those who often sleep or sit near the edge of their mattresses should feel well supported.


The Zoma Hybrid has an above-average rating when it comes to sex. Generally, many couples prefer hybrid mattresses for how well they can facilitate movement, and the Zoma Hybrid is no exception.

Its 7-inch pocketed coil core adds bounce to the surface, making it easy to change positions and styles as needed during sex. Plus, they promote maximum airflow, which helps to dissipate heat.


Your bed's durability depends greatly on how often you use it and how light or heavy you are. That said, just looking at Zoma Hybrid's construction and materials, it won't sag easily, and you can expect it to last 6 to 8 years.

Off Gassing

There's some off-gassing to be expected with the Zoma Hybrid due to its multiple foam layers. Off-gassing is usually the result of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) being released into the atmosphere. This is often amplified when a new mattress is rolled and packed for shipping. It won't have any chance to air out until it's delivered and unpacked by the buyer.

That said, the Zoma Hybrid CertiPUR-US certified foam layers are low in VOCs. So, any initial smell is minimal and should fade quickly. If you find the odor unpleasant, consider letting the mattress air out completely in a well-ventilated room before adding any bedding.

Sleeping Styles and Body Weight

The Zoma Hybrid is an ideal pick for nearly all sleeping positions and body types, as it boasts a medium-firm feel and sturdy support system that works to meet a wide variety of preferences. However, there are special considerations for each weight category and sleep style, which we'll break down further below.

Side Sleepers

Generally, side sleepers need a contouring surface that relieves painful pressure points, and the Zoma Hybrid delivers. It's especially a better choice for side sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds, thanks to its medium-firm feel. The memory foam and polyfoam layers should cradle your hips and shoulders, while the zoned comfort system should help promote good posture.

Back Sleepers

If you're a back sleeper, you should opt for a mattress that offers proper lumbar support to keep your body in a neutral posture as you sleep. The Zoma Hybrid is highly rated for back sleeping, as its contouring foam layers help relieve pressure on the lower back.

While the gel-infused memory foam conforms to your body's unique shape for pressure relief, the supportive transition layer keeps you from sinking deep into the surface. The coils also offer plenty of support for back sleepers. However, back sleepers weighing over 230 pounds might prefer a firmer mattress for extra support.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need enough support beneath their hips and abdomen to align their spine. The Zoma Hybrid offers a perfect balance of cushioning for the upper body and support for the lower body. Its foam layers conform to the shoulders and chest for pressure relief while keeping the hips and abdomen from sinking in deeply.

Stomach sleepers under 130 pounds are highly likely to benefit from Zuma's medium-firm feel. Those who weigh more than 130 pounds may find this bed feels too soft. Although they'll still be supported by the coil and comfort system, these individuals usually benefit more from a firm mattress.

Zoma Start Mattress

Zoma Mattress Review - Zoma Start Mattress

Zoma Start's Air cloth cover and the Triangulex™ Zoned gel memory foam are designed to offer maximum cooling, while the Reactiv™ layer provides excellent body contouring and pressure relief without causing excessive sinkage.

What We Like

  • Bouncy and very responsive
  • Gel memory foam infusion provides excellent ultra cooling
  • Reactiv ™ offers maximum body contouring while limiting excessive sinkage into the mattress' top layer

What We Don't Like

  • It isn't great for heavier and back sleepers

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Zoma Start Mattress Review Breakdown

Zoma mattress review - Zoma Start Mattress Review Breakdown

Zoma Start is a 10-inch-thick memory foam mattress comprising three layers. This mattress is encased in a breathable mesh cover, similar to Zoma Hybrid's.

Underneath the mesh cover is the comfort Triangulex™ zoned memory foam layer. The foam is responsible for pressure relief and body contouring. More importantly, this layer can instantly return to its original shape faster than classic memory foam.

Reactiv foam transition layer comes next. Not only is this material resilient, but it also offers unmatched body contouring that eases you down the support layer beneath. The high-density poly foam core is at the very bottom, which is the mattress's primary support layer and foundation.

The high-density poly foam core is at the very bottom, which is the mattress's primary support layer and foundation.

Zoma is running a sale on their mattresses, active today June 17, 2024!

Mattress Performance

Below is how the Zoma Start performs in different categories, including temperature regulation, pressure relief, motion isolation, and more.

Temperature Regulation

Though this is a memory foam mattress, its temperature regulation features are top-notch compared to ordinary cooling mattresses. Its ventilated AirCloth and the cooling gel-infused memory comfort layer all work together to ensure you stay cool throughout the night.

Pressure Relief

Zoma Start performs quite well in various areas to deliver excellent sleep comfort, but on the pressure relief side, its performance is slightly above average, mainly because of the thin comfort layer. That said, if you need a mattress with a thicker comfort layer that aids in relieving painful pressure points, Zoma Boost Hybrid is an excellent recommendation.

Since heavier and side sleepers tend to sink more into the surface, this mattress may not cushion their painful pressure points. However, lightweight sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds can rest assured of great pressure relief on the Zoma Start Mattress.

Motion Isolation

The Zoma Start boasts above-average motion isolation. With limited motion transfer between sleep partners, sleepers can be sure of minimal disturbance from tosses and turn from their partners. Notably, its excellent motion isolation stems from its thin comfort layer and firmer support core at the bottom.

Edge Support

Zoma Start has a pretty solid edge support that is great for occasional sitting and sleeping along the edge of the mattress. Though you'll notice some sinkage while sitting at the edge, you can be sure it's supportive enough for direct edge-of-the-mattress activities like intercourse or watching TV.


Zoma mattresses are very durable, and so is this Start model. Its 8-inch thick support layer provides overall structural support for other layers above it and is also responsible for its longevity. On average, this mattress has a lifespan of 10 years but can last longer under great care and maintenance. For instance, you can limit the frequency of sitting at the mattress edge to prevent premature sagging.

Off Gassing

Upon unpacking this mattress, you should expect some slight Off-gassing. But since the memory foam construction contains less volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the off-gassing is pretty much harmless.

Sleeping Styles and Body Weight

Though most mattresses are designed to fit certain types of sleepers, Zoma Start tries as much as possible to accommodate virtually any sleeper; below is a highlight of how different sleeping styles on the Zoma Start affect your sleep comfort.

Side Sleepers

The zoned memory foam layer of this Zoma Mattress makes it ideal for side sleepers weighing below 130 pounds. If you fall in this category and pressure relief is your top priority, this mattress is an excellent pick.

Back Sleepers

Zoma Start's 10-inch thickness profile makes it suitable for back sleepers. Its polyfoam base layer stabilizes the sleep surface for proper spinal alignment.

Stomach Sleepers

Zoma Start is also ideal for stomach sleepers weighing less than 250 pounds. You risk developing back aches and spinal misalignment if you're a heavier stomach sleeper weighing over 250 pounds.

Zoma Boost Mattress

Zoma mattress review - Zoma Boost Mattress

This mattress has a 15" luxurious thickness with 6 layers designed to improve your sleep. Also, its base layer is designed to provide overall support and enhance the mattress' longevity.

What We Like

  • Reactiv™ Foam helps prevent motion transfer between co-sleepers
  • Triangulex fabric and the tall coil layer help keep hot sleepers cool
  • Zoned edge coil system gives it a solid edge support
  • Reactiv™ foam transition layer adds some bounce making the mattress responsive

What We Don't Like

  • Too soft for overweight sleepers

Zoma is running a sale on their mattresses, active today June 17, 2024!

Zoma Boost Mattress Review Breakdown

Most mattresses that offer exceptional sleep comfort always have a unique construction, and so does Zoma Boost.

First up is its Triangulex knitted mattress cover, designed to keep hot sleepers cool.

Immediately underneath the cover is the hyper-cooling graphite-infused memory foam. Together with the breathable cover, this layer's innovative technology helps keep you cool all night. The layer also gently hugs your body, offering pressure relief on painful pressure points.

Up next is the Reactiv™ foam layer. The layer limits motion transfer between you and your sleep partner, granting you undisturbed sleep. And thanks to its responsiveness, you won't feel stuck on the sleep surface.

Mattress Performance

We've put Zoma Boost under numerous sleep tests to see how it performs in different areas, such as pressure relief, motion transfer, temperature regulation, and edge support, among others. Here are the details.

Temperature Regulation

Zoma mattress review - Zoma Boost Temperature regulation

Zoma is running a sale on their mattresses, active today June 17, 2024!

With its multiple cutting-edge cooling technologies, including its cooling cover, this Zoma hybrid mattress gears toward keeping hot sleepers cool. Aside from conforming to your shape closely, the cutouts on the Triangulex cover also help maintain breathability while wicking away body heat.

Zoma Boost hybrid mattress also features graphite-infused memory foam construction that helps dissipate body heat, ensuring the sleep surface remains cooler all night.

The tall coil construction layer is Another feature that assists with the cooling. This is thanks to the spaces within the pocketed coils, which help boost air circulation, keeping the mattress much cooler than an all-foam mattress.

Pressure Relief

Thanks to the mattress' graphite-infused memory foam layer, you won't have to worry about painful pressure points. This layer offers excellent pressure relief, and its responsive nature ensures undisturbed rest and recovery. Also, the ultra-responsive Reactiv™ layer offers maximum body contouring without causing you to sink into the sleep surface.

Motion Isolation

Zoma Boost excels in the motion isolation department, making it an excellent choice for buyers with sleep partners.

Reactiv™ foam layer is primarily designed to prevent motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other. So if you have a sleep partner who often tosses and turns in their sleep, you can be sure of fewer disturbances on your side throughout the night.

Edge Support

Good edge support mainly helps sleepers get in and out of bed easily, sit comfortably at the edge, and also increase the sleeping surface.

Zoma Boost features zoned edge coil support. The coil reinforcement makes the mattress edge studier and therefore prevents premature sagging. Also, if you're a couple looking for more sleeping surface, this hybrid bed's solid edge support ensures you can sleep securely and comfortably on the mattress edge.


Like most hybrid mattresses, this Zoma Model ranks high among the most durable beds. As a shopper, you want a mattress that will last longer and is worth spending your money on. The durability of this Zoma hybrid model primarily stems from its polyfoam base layer.

This layer reinforces the two layers above it, which helps extend the mattress' longevity. Overall this Zoma Mattress has a lifespan of at least seven years. And with great care and maintenance, it can even last more than a decade.

Off Gassing

Like most beds in a box, the Zoma Boost hybrid releases some slight off-gassing upon unpackaging. The off-gassing isn't harmful since the mattress is made of high-quality foam free of VOCs. Before using the mattress, wait at least 48 hours for the gas to dissipate completely.

Sleeping Styles and Body Weight

The Zoma Boost Mattress is tailored to accommodate virtually any sleeping style. Below is an outline of how this mattress influences comfort in different sleeping positions.

Side Sleepers

With a medium firmness feel of 6.0/10, the Zoma Boost is a suitable fit for side sleepers seeking great pressure relief. If you often sleep on your side and weigh over 230 pounds, Boost's thick comfort layer should feel pretty comfortable.

Back Sleepers

Zoma Boost's 15-inch profile may be ideal for all lightweight sleeping positions, but it's unfit for heavyweight back sleepers over 230 lbs due to the risks of excessive sinkage. Average-weight side sleepers weighing 130-200 lbs should also experience decent support and comfort balance.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach Sleepers weighing 130lbs and below should receive an excellent balance of comfort and support for deep slumber. However, those weighing more than 130 lbs should seek a firm option with a supportive sleep surface. The medium firm feel of this mattress may cause these sleepers to sink excessively into the surface, which may cause backaches and spinal misalignment.

Zoma Mattress Company Policies

A company's policies always play a pivotal role in the decision-making process. Zoma's policies are unique, so make sure you review them before you buy any of the above-mentioned Zoma mattresses.


Zoma mattresses are available online through the Zoma website. Currently, the company doesn't operate any showrooms or brick-and-mortar locations.


Zoma offers free ground shipping to customers living within the contiguous U.S. Shoppers who live elsewhere can coordinate delivery through freight forwarding services. Most orders are processed and delivered within 3 to 7 business days.

Sleep Trial

Zoma mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial, which starts the day the bed is delivered. Zoma requires a 30-day break-in period to give shoppers enough time to adjust to their new mattress before initiating a return. If you request a return within the first 30 days, you'll be charged a $99 early processing fee.


Zoma mattresses are covered by a 10-year warranty, which is non-transferable and starts at the time of purchase. The warranty offers replacement or repairs in case of a defect, including visible indentations over .75 inches.

Closing Thoughts

Well, that does it for this definitive guide into the world of Zoma mattresses. Whether you like the all-foam design of the Zoma Start or are more interested in the coil support system of the Zoma Boost and the Zoma Hybrid, you're well on your way to sleeping on the mattress of your dreams.

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