Weighted Blanket for Couples

Last Updated: July, 2024

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It's no secret that weighted blankets have taken the beddings industry by storm. While anyone may use these weighted blankets, they're also suitable for couples so long as you consider your partner's personal preference. So If you're looking for the best weighted blankets for couples, then you're in the right place. For those familiar with these beddings, you already know that an Individual's body weight is a crucial factor when selecting the right weighted blanket.

But that doesn't mean you can't snuggle with your significant other under one ideal weighted blanket for you. If you're scrapped the Internet for the best high quality weighted blankets, you're in luck. Suppose you are used to a bedding brand such as a gravity weighted blanket and would like to try something new; this article has the best weighted blankets to select from.

Our Picks For Couples Weighted Blankets

GhostBed Weighted Blanket

GhostBed Weighted Blanket

If you are looking for one large weighted blanket for you and your significant other, with a guarantee of premium comfort, then GhostBed is a viable option you should add to your list of considerations. Not only does it help you fall asleep faster but also makes you feel relaxed—relieving you of stress and anxiety.

Puffy Weighted Blanket

As one of the best weighted blankets for couples, puffy goes far and beyond to ensure you get a full rest night by offering multiple weight color and size options. If you want to experience the deep pressure stimulation while you snuggle next to your partner, don't forget to add puffy to the list.

Nolah weighted blanket is what you and your partner need if both of you are avid fanatics of uniqueness. The material construction of this blanket is super soft to the touch, making it a suitable weighted blanket for couples with sensitive skin. 

Anchor Weighted Blanket

Anchor Weighted Blanket

From hypoallergenic properties to deep pressure stimulation, there's no doubt that this bedding is among the top best weighted blanket for couples on the market. Purchasing it means a long-term premium comfort for all-weather seasons.


Layla Weighted Blanket

Layla weighted blanket for couples has a precise thread count of 300, making it affordable and comforting. The blanket's weight is just right to deliver enough pressure to trigger the release of feel-good hormones (serotonin and dopamine) to make you feel relaxed. 

GhostBed Weighted Blanket

What We Like

  • It's made of a breathable material
  • It's 100% complete Tencel duvet cover material
  • Best choice for hot sleepers
  • Best for people with pressure points

What We Don't Like

  • It's sometimes lighter for heavier persons

Overall Thoughts: 

Unlike most weighted blankets, the GhostBed blanket can comfortably accommodate two sleepers. Suppose you're the type that likes snuggling next to your significant other, then this is the best go-to blanket. 

GhostBed weighted blanket only comes in one weight option, 15lbs. The company's design team settled for this as the ideal weight for the blanket because it offers gentle deep touch pressure. The pressure provides relaxation best for improving your and your partner's sleep quality. Moreover, the weight offers a balance so that you don't get night sweats but sleep soundly throughout the night. 

The most significant contributor to the blanket's pressure component comes from the micro glass beads sandwiched between its layers. One striking feature you'll notice on the blanket immediately you set your eyes on it is the elegant gridded stitching, which give its magnificent appearance. The stitches also prevent the tiny glass beads from bunching and ensure a perfect, evenly distributed weight across the blanket.

This one large item is primarily designed to be one of the best cooling weighted blankets. Not only is the blanket's Tencel material moisture wicking but also breathable. So, if both you and your partner run hot most time, then the GhostBed weighted blanket is the game changer missing in your bedroom.

The blanket's Tencel material ensures sweat evaporation from your skin, leaving you feeling cooler. Due to its hypoallergenic nature, individuals with allergies should expect less than average allergic reactions to none. The same also applies to victims of respiratory problems like asthma. Amazingly the Tencel material is soft because of its modal and fiber sets. And because of it's super soft, you can use the weighted blanket as natural comfort enhancer. Unique properties of this material include; moisture absorption, biodegradability, extreme flexibility, and color retention. 

Like many weighted blankets for couples on the market, GhostBed also employs deep pressure therapy—a therapeutic technique which helps people with stress, anxiety and even autism feel calm and fall asleep faster. This technique offers a "hug" like sensation which triggers the release of feel good hormones, serotonin and dopamine to make you feel secure and at ease.

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What We Like

  • The blanket is non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • It can improve sleep quality on patients with sleep disorders.
  • It has nano-ceramic beads fillers that offer a relaxing experience

What We Don't Like

  • It may not be suitable for younger children.

Overall Thoughts: 

Unlike the Ghostbed weighted blanket, which comes in one weight option, puffy comes in three weight options. So depending on your combined body, you can easily decide on the ideal weighted blanket for both you and your partner. King, Queen, and the full sizes are the available options. These weight options are 15lbs, 20lbs, and the largest one –king size. According to sleep experts, the best weight option you choose should be 10% of your body weight. 

The comforting and calming property of this weighted blanket is quite commendable. If both you and your partner are looking forward to improved sleep quality, then you should consider choosing a puffy weighted blanket. Factors such as the material's nature, craftsmanship, and thread count are the blanket's primary determinants for how comfortably you'll sleep under it. As one of the best high quality weighted blanket, Puffy's 'hug' like sensation helps people with sleep disorders achieve a quality goodnight's sleep. If you or your significant other fall under this category, it's best to create a suitable sleep-friendly environment to ensure you get the most out of this blanket. 

Puffy's deep touch pressure makes an anxious or a stressed person feel relaxed by triggering the release of feel-good hormones (serotonin and dopamine). The blanket's weight primarily comes from the micro-ceramic beads between its layers. Not to forget, the striking, glamorous look of this weighted blanket is because of its diamond pattern stitching. Like other blankets, these stitching help keep the micro-ceramic beads intact, preventing them from bunching. Moreover, the beads ensure an evenly distributed weight across the blanket.

Surprisingly, the Puffy weighted blanket comes with a removable cover which is easy to take off. The good thing is it's a washable cover making it easier to keep the weighted blanket hygienic. With its two sides —one side being soft, warm, and mink and the other side,  a cooling organic cotton quilt— you can flip the cover depending on whether you and your partner are feeling warm or cold. With this feature, you don't need to buy two separate blankets. With its odorless, non-toxic, hypoallergenic properties, neither you nor your partner needs to worry about asthma, allergies, or skin irritation because of the blanket's overall soft texture. This feature also makes it one of the good weighted blankets for teens.

What We Like

  • It has glass beads that ensure even weight distribution across the weighted blanket
  • Its top-notch construction is high quality
  • Its super soft bamboo fabric is highly breathable
  • The blanket's weight makes it an enjoyable heavy blanket
  • It has a unique yet sophisticated design.

What We Don't Like

  • The weighted blanket isn't machine washable.

Overall Thoughts: 

One of the best yet unique weighted blanket for couples is the Nolah bamboo weighted blanket. Nolah weighted blanket has a super soft texture, which leaves a soft feel upon touching your skin. Like puffy, this weighted blanket has a cover with two sides. The blanket's duvet cover has two sides, with one smooth side and the other with a feeling almost similar to a comforter's. The soft touch of either side of the cover can make you feel completely relaxed, even when sleeping on the couch.

Despite having a cover, the blanket's design doesn't limit your on which cove to and not to put on your weighted Nolah blanket. That means you can put any comforter cover of your personal preference to match your bedroom's decor. Since the blanket has two sides, you can choose either depending on the level of comfort you're looking for. Because of this, you and your partner don't need two separate blankets for hot and cold weather. Instead, you can flip this dual-purpose shared weighted blanket for all seasons throughout the year. 

Note that the blanket's outer cover is made of 100% bamboo viscose. This makes the blanket the best and most breathable weighted blanket on the market. The Nolah blanket consists of many layers sewn together to form a quilt. On the interior are the sleeve compartments stitched to form a waffle-like pattern. Fillers sandwiched between the blanket's layers are small glass beads that ensure an evenly distributed weight across the blanket. The glass beads' are the primary contributors to the blanket's deep touch pressure therapy, essential for relieving stress, and relaxation. They also makes this the best weighted blanket for anxiety.

Nolan company manufacturers these weighted blankets in three distinct weight options. So people weighing less the 175lbs should opt for the 15lbs blanket. Those weighing between 175lbs and 220 lbs should go for the 20lbs options. However, if you plan to lounge under the Nolah weighted blanket with your significant other, then the 25lbs is the right weighted blanket option to go with. Since the 25lbs option is a queen sized blanket, it is only suitable for a queen bed or a king size bed.  

Anchor Weighted Blanket

What We Like

  • It has a removable duvet cover
  • It encourages relation and restorative sleep
  • Its fabric material is 100% pure organic cotton for all-season comfort, including summer months

What We Don't Like

  • It might be a bit lighter for some people

Overall Thoughts: 

Another great weighted blanket option worth considering is the Anchor blanket. If you or your partner suffers from anxiety, stress, or restless leg syndrome, then rest assured the Anchor weighted blanket won't disappoint. The blanket encourages deep slumber to improve your sleep quality, making you feel at ease through its hug-like feeling. That's due to its silky soft organic cotton finish. 

Between the blanket's layers are a series of glass beads that not only contribute to the deep pressure stimulation therapy but also ensures an evenly distributed weight across the blanket. Like other weighted blankets, Anchor's super soft cover microfiber cover may be stain-resistant and hypoallergenic but also washable. Such superior properties make this best weighted blanket suitable for asthmatic people and couples with skin sensitivity and allergies.

Like other related beddings such as the gravity weighted blanket, Anchor also has stitchings that give its flawless, elegant baffle-box design. Moreover, the stitches ensure the micro-glass beads stay intact in their chambers to prevent bunching. The inner blanket is 100% organic cotton fabric that assures you the utmost comfort throughout the year, courtesy of its 10-tier secure fit design. From is three weight options, it'll be convenient for you to choose the option that fits the entire bed in your matrimonial bedroom.

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What We Like

  • It has an option for an oversized weighted blanket (king size)
  • It is very easy to wash
  • Its micro glass beads are non-toxic and noiseless
  • The construction of Its fabric consists of two sides

What We Don't Like

  • Its fabric material might seem a bit fuzzy at first

Overall Thoughts:

If you are looking for the right weighted blanket of the right fit for your entire bed, then this one blanket is the right choice to go for. As one of the best weighted blankets for couples, its material construction is a significant deal-breaker. Its material is 100% pure organic cotton fabric with an ideal thread count of 300. Layla's design team ensured the blanket's 300-thread count was just right for its pocket-friendly price. 

With this weighted blanket by your bed, you can rest assured of sleeping soundly through the night. The fabric's breathability is astoundingly exceptional to help you, and your significant other achieve an excellent sleep quality. An eye-catching feature you'll notice upon seeing this weighted blanket for couples is the hexagonal stitching. 

Micro-glass beads are the fillers in this weighted blanket. The beads not only offer deep pressure stimulation but also contribute to this best weighted blanket's overall weight. The hexagonal stitches ensure the blanket's weight is distributed equally across to help you feel relaxed through therapeutic stimulation. As the best weighted blanket, it's what both you and your partner need to stay snuggly throughout the year.

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Buyer's Guide: Choosing A Couples Weighted Blanket

When selecting one weighted blanket from a vast array of collections, it's best to consider a wide range of factors so that you don't end up buying two separate blankets for every weather. Some of the factors to keep an eye on when selecting a weighted blanket for couples include; 

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Your Body Weight and that of your Partner

Remember to account for your and your partner's body weight differences, as it matters when selecting the best weighted blanket for couples. On the other hand, if both of you have similar body weight and size, then making a suitable pick should be a walk in the park. In such a scenario, it is ok to stick to the 10% rule—choosing a blanket that's 10% of either person's weight. If the weight difference is large, for example, one weighing 110 pounds while the other 170 pounds, it's best to go for two separate blankets. Read more on how heavy a weighted blanket should be.


Because these weighted blankets for couples feature unique and sophisticated designs in their construction, their prices are incomparable to ordinary varieties. Compared to regular blankets, these ones offer world-class premium comfort, which is worth the investment you'll be putting into it. None of our best weighted blankets costs less than $100. If you're considering purchasing one of these top picks, ensure you have a budget ranging from $100 to $300.

Fabric Material

When choosing a weighted blanket for couples, aesthetics matter a lot. Whether it's Tencel, bamboo, or pure organic cotton fabric you've decided to settle for, ensure your partner's preference also features in the picture. High quality weighted blankets from other brands, such as a gravity weighted blanket, may consist of high-end construction, but still, nothing beats our top five picks. Whether you're cold or a hot sleeper or suppose you are a victim of anxiety, autism, or stress, you can be sure to get something from our top picks. 

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Final Thoughts

In General, weighted blankets have a wide range of benefits, such as helping certain individuals cope with sleep disorders like insomnia. Unique features such as hypoallergenic properties, soft texture, and deep pressure stimulation therapy make these weighted blankets for couples suitable for anyone with conditions like anxiety, stress, and even autism except younger children. if you want to ensure that you and your significant other get quality sleep throughout the year while snuggling next to one another, you can rest assured that none of our top picks will disappoint.

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