5 Best Weighted Blanket For Teens

Last Updated: July, 2024

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With their amazing benefits ranging from; dealing with anxiety and other disorders with medical associations to sleep to snuggling up to a cozy sleep, there's no denying that weighted blankets are a deal-breaker. Since there's a wide array of different kinds of weighted blankets on the market, e.g., the gravity kids, there's always something for everyone; grown up's, young adults, and even small children. 

Generally, quality sleep is essential, especially for small kids and teenagers as they grow. That's why it's necessary to be keen when selecting the appropriate beddings to ensure they sleep better. Compared to an ordinary blanket, a typical best weighted blanket has sophisticated technological features like deep pressure touch. Such a feature not only helps kids deal with anxiety or stress but also helps them drift off immediately after they retire to bed. 

Suppose you have a teenage kid with severe health conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, and you're looking for the best weighted blanket for them; this article is for you. However, it's essential to check with your kid's doctor if a weighted blanket is a suitable preferable solution. Once you have the go-ahead, feel free to explore our top best weighted blankets below.

According to our tests, the best weighted blanket for teens in the Aricove Weighted Blanket, but there are a few others that are great as well. 

Our Picks For The Best Weighted Blanket for Teens

Aricove Weighted Blanket

Aricove Weighted Blanket

If your kids weigh between 26 and 45 pounds and usually sleep hot, the Aricove Weighted Blanket might be all they need. This blanket is designed to keep your kid warm and cozy throughout the night. Weighing about 5 to 20 pounds, the Aricove Blanket feels like a secure, comforting, and soothing hug that offers deep pressure stimulation to help alleviate sensory overload, reduce anxiety, and promote healthy sleep patterns.


GhostBed Weighted Blanket

Though available in a single weight option, the GhostBed weighted blanket is perfectly balanced to give any teenager a comforting feeling of a warm hug. Also, due to its deep touch pressure, you can bet that your autistic, anxious, or stressed teenage child will benefit from it significantly. For safety reasons, don't buy this blanket for kids aged less than six years old. Otherwise, they might suffocate due to the weight of the blanket. 

Puffy Weighted Blanket

With its rather simplistic design, your teenage child is yet to experience the fantastic benefits of Puffy weighted. For example, the gentle pressure feature ensures just enough pressure to make a teenage kid drift off fast. Moreover, the blanket offers a comfy relaxing sensation to help teenagers with anxiety and stress fall and stay asleep comfortably. 

If your teenage kid is experiencing sleep issues, then this weighted blanket is the solution they need. The Nolah weighted bamboo blanket swaddles and snuggles them as they sleep in turning, helping reduce anxiety and make them feel calm and relaxed. Like many weighted blankets on the market, this one offers a therapeutic sensation that helps teens deal with stress and anxiety. 


Anchor Weighted Blanket

Like most weighted blankets, this is the best weighted blanket to buy for your teenage child to transform their sleep experience. The blanket replicates a comfortable, warm hug-like sensation that makes the body release anxiety and stress-reducing hormones, i.e., melatonin and serotonin. Since these hormones encourage sleep, it helps them to fall asleep faster and also improve a teen's sleep quality. 


Layla Weighted Blanket

Layla is one of the best weighted blankets on the market that holds physical and mental benefits. The Layla brand might be new in the industry but has also features similar to other weighted blankets. The sleep experience Layla's blanket guarantees are akin to therapy. That means teenagers with anxiety stand to benefit more from it. 

Aricove Weighted Blanket

What We Like

  • Bamboo-derived viscose cover feels cool
  • Glass beads enhance cooling
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and fatigue
  • Provides calming comfort and security
  • Machine-washable, making cleaning easier

What We Don't Like

  • You can't use it with other blankets because it absorbs body heat, and you may end up sweating at night

Overall Thoughts: 

Most weighted blankets on the market come in a two-piece design with a machine-washable cover with an inner weighted blanket and a removable, machine-washable cover. Aricove's innovative cover combines both components into one blanket you can wash and dry in your household. The price point is reasonable, making it a good alternative for parents who want a top-quality weighted blanket without a luxury price tag.

Its multi-layered cooling design gives your kids' blanket heft without overheating them. The blanket is filled with microfiber that promotes softness and glass microbeads, which help keep the weighted blanket cool. The fill is wrapped in two layers of viscose which feels soft to the touch and enhances the blanket's moisture-wicking properties.

Aricove Weighted Blanket is machine-washable, and users can tumble dry it in their home machines. The easy care makes it a viable option for parents with kids who wet their beds during the night. It has a zippered tote, so you can easily store it away or pack it if you plan on traveling with it.

The Aricove Weighted Blanket is reasonably priced, given its premium materials and innovative design. It also ships for free for all the orders within the contiguous U.S. Customers who don't like the blanket may return it within 30 nights, as long as it hasn't been torn or stained, and is otherwise in a decent working state. Full review https://thesleepshopinc.com/aricove-weighted-blanket-review/


What We Like

  • The blanket cover is 100% Tencel
  • It's suitable for teenagers dealing with stress and anxiety.

What We Don't Like

  • Available only in one weight option

Overall Thoughts: 

The soft feel of the 100% Tencel cover of the GhostBed weighted blanket will most definitely leave you mesmerized. Not only is it suitable for young adults, but also grown-ups. Like any best weighted blanket, Ghostbed applies deep pressure stimulation—a therapeutic technique that makes you feel calm instantly. Not to forget, the weighted blanket's hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking features are among its significant selling points. So, if your teenage kid is prone to allergic reactions, then the Ghostbed blanket will be a suitable choice.

With the weighted blanket's hypoallergenic feature, your allergic teenage kid will experience less than average to no allergic reactions. The moisture-wicking property prevents night sweats—courtesy of its super soft cover material leaves a cooling effect on the skin by ensuring complete sweat evaporation. For more comfort, the weighted blanket's layers consist of tiny glass beads responsible for even weight distribution across the blanket. The GhostBed blanket has a premium double stitching design which gives it its elegant look. The stitching also keeps the microbeads intact in their chambers to prevent them from bunching. 

Remember, the Ghostbed weighted blanket is available in multiple weight options but only one, i.e., 15lbs. The company's design team settled for 15lbs as it offers a perfectly balanced gentle pressure, excellent for relaxation. Rest assured, your teenage kid will enjoy the blanket's weight without the feeling of being compressed to the point of sweating, making it one of the best weighted blankets for summer. GhostBed weighted blanket might be available in a single weight option. But its size is perfect for accommodating not only one but two sleepers. So, if you'd like to snuggle up next to your teenage daughter or son, then this weighted blanket option will suit you best. 

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What We Like

  • It's ceramic microbeads
  • It's available in three different weight options
  • It is machine washable
  • It provides a better sleeping experience thanks to its gentle pressure stimulation
  • The blanket is easy to keep clean

What We Don't Like

  • Only one out of three weight options are best for most teens, i.e., (15lbs)

Overall Thoughts: 

If you're looking for the best weighted blanket for your teenage kid, then puffy is one of them. The blanket has a super-soft material made of 100% natural cotton fiber. Weighted blankets with plastic pellets and glass beads are an excellent pick for teens who are hot sleepers. Surprisingly, a puffy weighted blanket doesn't fit in either category. Instead, it has ceramic beads, which keeps your teenage kid cool and comfortable as they sleep. 

Like glass beads and plastic pellets, the ceramic beads also help ensure even weight distribution across the blanket. The puffy weighted blanket has premium diamond pattern stitching, which gives it its magnificent outlook design. The diamond stitching also helps ensures the blanket's weight is distributed evenly. Moreover, the stitching also makes it a suitable option for teens dealing with health conditions requiring treatment by a weighted blanket.

The blanket is hypoallergenic, toxic-free, and odorless—a beneficial feature for teenage kids with respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies. As an added perk, the blanket is best for teens with sensitive skin, courtesy of its silky soft texture. Your teenage child's weight is vital when shopping for the best-weighted blanket. The puffy weight blanket is available in; 

  • 15lbs variants
  • 20lbs variants
  • King and queen size variants (25lbs)

Generally, the blanket's weight should be 10-12% of the teenage child's weight. The 15lbs variant is the best option for a teen weighing 150 pounds. Since most teens don't weigh up to 200 pounds, the 20lbs and the larger variants might not be best for them. Suppose you aren't sure of your child's weight. It's best to go with the lighter option, i.e., 15lbs.

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What We Like

  • It's suitable for all-season use
  • It has antibacterial properties for allergic people
  • It's relatively easy to wash
  • It's made of silky soft and cozy bamboo fabric

What We Don't Like

  • It's not machine washable

Overall Thoughts: 

It's no surprise that bamboo materials are gaining notoriety in the beddings industry, with a typical example being Nolah weighted bamboo blanket. So, if you're looking to improve your teenage child's sleep, then the unique superior features of the best weighted blanket will grant you just that. Construction-wise, regarding its double side cover, one side is a bit shiny than the other (not the removable cover). The good thing is that the company designs the blanket to make it easier to add any removable cover you like. 

As previously mentioned, the cover is flippable, and each side has a different texture. No matter the feel, it will be bamboo touching your skin so long as you don't use a removable cover. The shiny side feels way lighter with a similar texture to Nolah bamboo bed sheets. Moreover, this side is silky soft and cool on touch, leaving your teenage child's body cool and sweat-free during summer. The less shiny side has a fleece-like texture making it suitable for colder weather. 

Sandwiched between the weighted blanket's layer are glass beads sealed off with stitches to prevent bunching and ensure even weight distribution across the blanket. The extra weight exerted on your teenage child's body is just enough pressure to ensure they not only fall asleep but stay asleep.  As a general rule of thumb, the ideal weight option for any blanket should be 10% of your body weight. In this case, it should be 10-12% of your teenage child's body weight. For younger children, weight options can be as high as 30% of their entire body weight. Generally, this blanket is suitable for handling health conditions like stress and for those looking for weighted blankets to soothe anxiety.


What We Like

  • It promotes sleep restoration and relaxation
  • It has a removable silky soft stain-resistant duvet cover
  • Its inner blanket is 100% cotton fabric—grants all-season comfort to teens

What We Don't Like

  • It might bundle up all some beds

Overall Thoughts: 

Like any best weighted blanket, this Anchor blanket is what you need to suppose you want to help a teen reduce anxiety or stress. Also, if you have a teenage kid with sleep issues, this blanket will help them fall and stay asleep. Aside from falling asleep, your child will like its deep pressure stimulation that'll help them feel calm—the more reason it's best for teens with anxiety.

The outlook of the Anchor weighted blanket is a baffle-box design with channel stitches that encases tiny glass beads—the stitches creating the baffle-box appearance seal off the glass beads' chambers to prevent them from bunching. Generally, the channel stitching gives the weighted blanket its glamorous look. While the outer blanket might be easy to wash and even machine washable, the inner one should never be machine washed. 

The removable silky microfiber cover is not only silkier and breathable but also hypoallergenic and stain-resistant. So, if your teenage child has medical conditions such as asthma, allergies, or any other respiratory problem, this blanket will be best for them. 

Unlike the gravity kids weighted blankets —available in 4 weight options—the Anchor weighted blanket is only available in 3 weight options and two spectacular color options. 

Here the rule of thumb for selecting the appropriate weight (10 -12% of the bodyweight) also applies. The weight options include 12lbs, 15lbs, and 20lbs. The best options for most teens, in this case, would be 12lbs and 15 lbs. And as previously mentioned, it's better to go lighter if you aren't sure about your child's weight, preferably the 15lbs option. 


What We Like

  • It's is relatively easy to wash
  • It has a double side fabric construction
  • Its glass bead fillers are non-toxic and noiseless

What We Don't Like

  • It's mink-side may be a bit hot

Overall Thoughts: 

The most surprising thing about this weighted blanket is the different material combinations for its two sides. The top side features cotton material with a thread count of 300. This count ensures the construction isn't too flimsy, and the weighted blanket is not too expensive. Also, this side is silky soft and pleasant to the touch unless your teenage kid decides to use a cover. The other side has a fleece-like texture; however, this side may initially feel slightly off for teens not used to a fleece blanket. Compared to a gravity blanket with a duvet cover and an inner blanket, Layla adopts a comforter-style design without a removable cover.

Note that every side of this weighted blanket consists of a hexagon design pattern. And sandwiched between the layers in the hexagon pockets are tiny glass beads. The hexagon stitches prevent the glass beads from bunching and ensure even weight distribution across the blanket. The two sides of this weighted blanket guarantee your teenage child two unique sleeping experiences. The additional weight will most definitely benefit teens seeking a warm and heavy sensation to help them fall asleep quickly. 

Due to its deep pressure stimulation, the weighted blanket applies just enough pressure to help young adult adults such as teenagers drift off comfortably. Also, the deep touch pressure (DTP) makes the weighted blanket best for teens with anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, PTSD, ADHD, stress, etc. Some teens not used to sleeping under a weighted blanket may find it challenging to get used to this one. However, after some time, they'll find Layla to be a soothing weighted blanket with a relaxing sensation for drifting off into a wonderland. 

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How to Choose a Weighted Blanket For Teenagers

If you're lucky to get a green light from your teen's doctor to purchase and enjoy the benefits of a weighted blanket, then consider the following factors when browsing the varieties. 

Blanket's Material and Performance

If your teenage kid constantly complains of night sweats, cooling weighted blankets are the best solution. Choosing from our top five picks will yield such benefits—courtesy of their silky soft, breathable fabric. All our top picks are fitted with cooling technology and hypoallergenic features, making them suitable for teens with;

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sleep issues

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Weight of The Blanket

Sleep is essentially a compromised state where you don't have complete control over your faculties. For safety reasons, you should never buy your kids any weighted blanket if they weigh less than 20 pounds. Consider going for other options say; a gravity kids weighted blanket for children if you have kids weighing between 40 -120 pounds. The adult size weighted blanket any typical teen can use weighs 12-15lbs. Overall, don't forget to apply the rule of thumb for selecting size whenever necessary. 

Price of the Blanket

Unlike most weighted blankets for kids, the ones in this review are above $100. So, if you're considering purchasing one of our top picks and you're tight on budget, go for Layla. However, if all you're looking for is quality irrespective of the price tag, definitely go with Anchor.

Closing Thoughts 

Weighted blankets have tremendous benefits for teens. Aside from helping them relieve anxiety, autism, stress, and other medical conditions, it also improves their academic performance. Good sleep means an excellent functioning of the nervous system, including the entire body, to help the teens grow healthy. That's why it's best to select the best weighted to assure your teenage kid of a fantastic journey to a magical dreamland. Generally, these weighted blankets work well when cared for properly and carefully. 

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