5 Best Cooling Weighted Blankets For Summer

Last Updated: March, 2023

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Though it might seem illogical to consider weighted blankets suitable for summer, the sleeping benefits of specifically designed models for summer are quite astounding. Most manufacturers of cooling weighted blankets make their models with thick insulating filler materials responsible for trapping body heat.

However, for hot sleepers and those residing in warmer climates, weighted blankets with such heat retaining properties are not a suitable option. At the same time, it might be logical to reduce bedding, to avoid feeling hot and sweaty as you sleep. But, what's the essence of using a cooling weighted blanket during summer? 

Most People require the feeling of being wrapped to help them drift off. That's where the best cooling weighted blankets in this review article come into play. If you want in-depth info on these best cooling blankets and how they'll improve your sleeping experience, then continue reading. 

6 Best Cooling Weighted Blankets

GhostBed Weighted Blanket

GhostBed Weighted Blanket

If you are looking for a moisture-wicking, stress-relieving, comforting cooling weighted blanket, then you'll absolutely love the ghostbed blanket. It's cover is 100% Tencel with premium double stitching that gives the blanket an elegant look. The cooling weighted blanket helps you feel comfortable as you sleep through its deep pressure stimulation feature, which promotes the release of  'feel-good' serotonin and oxytocin hormone. 

Puffy Weighted Blanket

The puffy blanket is the perfect weighted blanket; suppose you desire to relax first before retiring to bed, courtesy of its dual feel. If you're having trouble falling asleep after waking up, say at midnight, this blanket is a perfect choice. Essentially it helps improve your sleep quality.

Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket

With a cover made from Bamboo, the Nolah weighted bamboo blanket offers magnificent breathability. And like the Ghostbed cooling weighted blanket, it utilizes the deep pressure stimulation technique to help improve your sleep quality while reducing anxiety. The glass beads inside it offer an excellent feel of being hugged to help you relax.

Aricove Weighted Blanket

Aricove Weighted Blanket

Constructed with superfine glass beads, natural bamboo fiber and hypoallergenic microfiber, the Aricove Weighted Blanket boasts a double-diamond design with plenty of airflows to reduce heat build-up. It offers enough cooling during the summer season while being comfy and heavy enough to insulate heat throughout the winter months.

Anchor Weighted Blanket

Anchor Weighted Blanket

The exterior of this comfort weighted blanket is a silky soft removable outer blanket with a high-quality channel stitching design that gives it an elegant look. The inner blanket features 100% breathable Cotton that makes the blanket comfier as a whole. 


Layla Weighted Blanket

You'll absolutely love the therapeutic comfort the Layla weighted blanket has to offer whenever you're feeling stressed and want to cuddle up under a blanket. The blanket is designed to make you feel calm through its deep touch pressure, which offers a hugging sensation. 

GhostBed Weighted Blanket

What We Like

  • Suitable for individuals suffering from pressure points
  • It's cover material is 100% Tencel
  • It is breathable
  • Suitable for hot sleepers

What We Don't Like

  • It might be too light for a heavier person

Overall Thoughts: 

The first thing you'll notice once you touch this blanket is its cool feel. That's because its outer cover features a Tencel fabric—a material; cool on the touch. Apart from your bed, you lounge comfortably on the couch with this perfect weighted blanket. 

The blanket comes as a single piece, and its super-soft, high-quality material is hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Underneath the Tencel cover is glass beads which give the blanket its weight. To ensure weight is evenly distributed, the stitching prevents the evenly distributed glass beads from bunching. 

Ghostbed company ensured they made weighted blankets that fit just about anyone's preferences. Generally, Ghostbed only sells the weighted blankets at a 15lb option. Their argument behind it is that it's a weighted blanket 'sweet spot,' as some like to call it. Weight options may be entirely a personal preference, but the 15lb option is primarily suitable for adults. 

A ghostbed weighted blanket is a good entry option for individuals who've never bought a comfort weighted blanket. For those with no idea what the ideal weight options would suit them best, simply add or subtract 10% of your body weight to about 2.0 pounds. Note, Adults weighing between 150 and 170 are better suited for this blanket. However, this is just a recommendation and not a fast rule.

What We Like

  • It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and odorless
  • Its 'hug' feeling improves sleep in people with sleep disorders.
  • Its nano-ceramic beads have a calming sleep effect

What We Don't Like

  • Traveling with it is an issue because of the weight.

Overall Thoughts: 

If you are looking for a weighted blanket for summer that can help you stay calm and relieve stress, then Puffy is a perfect weighted blanket that'll ensure just that. The blanket has a diamond stitching that ensures weight is evenly distributed—an ideal choice for people with certain medical conditions they are treating using the weighted blanket. 

Compared to other weighted blankets, puffy is one of the best cooling weighted blankets that come with a removable cover that is easy to take off and put on. Keeping the bedding hygienic helps prevent health conditions such as asthma and skin allergies. 

The removable cover is has two sides; one side feels warm mink while the other feels cool like a breathable cotton quilt. So, you can flip the blanket over depending on whether you want a cooler or a warmer feel. The temperature on either side will depend on factors like; room temperature and your health condition.

Puffy's soft texture is one of its major selling points. The cooling weighted blanket has two sides, plus it consists of breathable cotton that'll massage your body without inducing skin irritation. As one of the best cooling weighted blankets, it provides a gentle deep touch pressure stimulation suitable for a comfortable and relaxing sleep experience. 

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What We Like

  • It has a high-quality construction
  • Its bamboo fabric is soft and breathable.
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • It has a simple and sophisticated white design

What We Don't Like

  • It's not washing machine washable. 

Overall Thoughts: 

Nolah bamboo blanket is among the top comfort weighted blankets with a soft feel currently on the market. And like most weighted blankets, this one utilizes a therapy technique known as deep touch pressure stimulation that helps you feel more relaxed and calm as you sleep. 

According to research, the therapy technique helps boost melatonin and serotonin levels which promotes sleep. While serotonin, i.e., the 'feel-good' hormone, helps regulates your mood and anxiety, melatonin is helpful in your sleep cycle, letting your body know the right time to retire to bed. So, if you're looking for the best weighted blankets for anxiety, Nolah got you covered.

The Nolah bamboo weighted blanket has two sides; one side offers a smoother texture than the other, with a feel similar to a comforter's. Generally, the weighted blanket is soft on both sides and suitable for lounging on a couch. 

The internal construction consists of glass beads chambers, sealed off to prevent bunching or clumping. White is the only color this perfect weighted blanket comes in. However, it is available in 3 different sizes, i.e., 15, 20 and 25 pounds. Note that the heaviest ones are better suited for king beds. There's no doubt that you'll fall asleep faster with this weighted blanket's silky and cooling properties during the summer months.

Aricove Weighted Blanket

What We Like

  • Highly breathable design with cooling glass bead fill and cover
  • Fully machine-washable for easy care
  • Available in five weight options

What We Don't Like

  • Not suitable for heavy sleepers weighing over 45 pounds

Overall Thoughts: 

The Aricove Weighted Blanket comes in five different weights, which ensures compatibility with most individuals who weigh 220 pounds or less. It boasts a shell designed with moisture-wicking, bamboo-derived fabric that's smooth and soothing for patients with conditions that cause sensitive skin, such as acne and rashes. Certified free from harmful elements, it gently calms your body, senses, and mind to help you sleep with ease.

For weighted fill, the Aricove Weighted Blanket uses glass beads to help retain minimal body heat. Its small diamond-shaped baffles will evenly distribute the fill to minimize clamping and shifting at night. Another advantage of using this weighted blanket is that it's quick and easy to clean.

You can wash it in any household machine with warm water and mild detergent before you dry flat or tumble dry it on low heat. Before your first laundry cycle, check your washer to ensure it can comfortably hold your blanket. If you don't want to clean it often, you can use a duvet cover to effectively protect your blanket from dirt and spills.

If you're a value seeker, you'll love Aricove Weighted Blanket for its approachable price-point and free shipping for consumers in the domestic U.S. You also get to receive a travel-friendly tote bag that can help you carry your blanket whenever you're on the go.

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Anchor Weighted Blanket

What We Like

  • It promotes restorative and relation sleep
  • It comes with a removable microfiber duvet cover
  • Its fabric material is 100% pure cotton for all-season comfort, including summer months

What We Don't Like

  • It might be a bit lighter for some people

Overall Thoughts: 

Like other comfort weighted blankets for summer months, the anchor is suitable for people with stress, anxiety, and sleep disorder. Other factors it promotes are athletic recovery and deeper sleep.

Individuals with sleeping disorders should consider purchasing the Anchor weighted blanket since it's a drug-free treatment solution, returning wellness and balance to life. Simple, refined, and elegant are the attributes possessed by this silky soft luxurious blanket. 

It has a neat-looking, 10-tie, neutral color pallet and modern channel stitching system that gives it its spectacular look. The Anchor blanket is available in three weights per size. Like the ghostbed weighted blanket, choosing the correct weight option is relatively easy. 

The weighted blanket should be about 10 to 12% of your body weight within approximately 2 pounds. For example, suppose you weigh 150 pounds; the ideal weight option would be 15 pounds. 

While the queen size can cover two sleepers, the throw size can only cover one. Scientific proof indicates that the Anchor weighted blanket can ground you to feelings of safety, security, and stability. 

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What We Like

  • It's relatively easy to wash
  • It is available in King size
  • Its fabric construction is dual-sided
  • It has non-toxic noiseless glass beads inside

What We Don't Like

  • Its fabric material might seem a bit fuzzy at first

Overall Thoughts: 

Whether you are a hot sleeper, who desires a cool night's sleep or simply; a cold sleeper, rest assured that this weighted blanket won't disappoint in both ways. Like other weighted blankets, the construction and properties of this blanket model are a deal-breaker. 

Unless you're using a duvet cover on this weighted blanket, the outer material is super soft that it leaves a pleasant touch on your skin. Generally, at the top layer is a single fabric with a different fabric combination for the bottom layer. The top fabric layer is cotton and bears a thread count of about 300.

Depending on the side you consider top or bottom, the other side has a fleece-like feel. During a first full night's sleep under this blanket, the plush-like feel of this side may seem off. While some can tolerate this and get used to it, others can't. Also, the cotton fabric has maximum breathability, which offers hot sleepers a good night's sleep. This also makes it the best weighted blanket for couples since it's breathability means that sleeping in twos won't make bed heat up. Using this weighted blanket is one of the solutions for better sleep.

Located at the core of this weighted blanket are tiny glass beads. These glass beads don't contain any harmful chemicals. Plus, they're sewn-in in pockets to not only distribute the blanket's weight but also prevent them from bunching. Since the blanket is easy to wash, that means it's machine washable, so you can use your home washer. Also, you can use your home drier, just ensure the temperatures don't exceed 85°F. 

How To Choose a Weighted Blanket For Summer

Weighted blankets are far too sophisticated than ordinary blankets with significant benefits. Moreover, there are certain medical conditions they can help you deal with, such as anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders, e.g., Insomnia. 

The price of most of these weighted blankets is no less than $100. That's why it's essential to know the key factors to consider before shopping to ensure your investment is worthwhile. These factors are; 

Fabric Material and Fillers

When looking for the best materials and fillers, it is best to consider the weight—which the plastic or glass beads are responsible for—the interior and the exterior materials. And also if the weighted blanket is machine washable. 

While your material choice may depend on your preferences, micro glass beads, however, are more popular with most cooling weighted blankets. These glass beads make most best cooling weighted blankets machine washable, make them look elegantly compact, and ensure the blanket's weight is evenly distributed. 

The best and super soft, cozy fabric materials that you can snuggle up to for these best cooling weighted blankets are cotton, Tencel, linen, and fleece. Avoid weighted Blankets with plastic poly pellets as they may contain traces of harmful chemicals. 

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As previously mentioned, most of these blankets cost more than $100. However, the price range is between $100 and $300. The prices depend on various elements such as weight options, size, and material. Essentially, high-quality weighted blanket materials might be expensive but are a long-term investment since they are durable. 

You might spend more if you buy from a retail company that doesn't offer flat rates or free shipping. Also, you might get a fair deal on the prices if you purchase the blankets in bulk from one retailer.

Material Quality 

The performance of any typical cooling weighted blanket significantly relies on the material quality. Apart from the material, fillers also significantly impact the blanket's temperature regulation, feel, and breathability. Notably, glass beads are popular with weighted blankets because they retain less amount of body heat—a feature that may not suit a cold sleeper. Wool, cotton, and bamboo-based are the best materials to settle for when buying a removable cover. 

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Final Thoughts

When deciding on the best cooling weighted blanket out of the above five options, there is no such thing as one being better than the other. It all depends on your personal preferences. For example, puffy and anchor weighted blankets will guarantee you the first full night's sleep with no need for sleep medication. Rest assured that once you have these weighted blankets as part of your bedding arsenal the summer months nights for your whole family will be indeed spectacular. 

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