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Last Updated: June, 2024

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Haven Mattress Reviews: In-Depth Analysis

The Haven Boutique mattress is an all-foam, cooling mattress designed for back, stomach, and side sleepers (all sleep position options). In this Haven mattress review, we're going to dig into everything you need to know before deciding whether or not to purchase this mattress. You'll learn how this mattress performed in a variety of tests, who this mattress is best suited for, and who should avoid it.

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Quick Summary:

The Haven Boutique mattress is an all-foam, cooling gel mattress that's a whopping 14 inches thick. This is at least 2 inches thicker than most other comparable memory foam mattresses. It excels at isolating motion, temperature regulating, and build quality.


  • 14 inches of foam is ultra-supportive
  • The thick, cool cover is great for hot sleepers
  • Motion isolation is incredible
  • Industry-leading 18-month sleep trial 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Notably cheaper than other mattresses of the same quality level


  • Since its thicker than most memory foam mattresses, you'll need sheets with deeper pockets
  • Not as easy to move around in as other  foam mattress options

Haven Mattress Models

As of the time of these mattress reviews, Haven has two mattress models, the Premier and the Boutique mattress. This mattress review is going to focus more heavily on the Boutique mattress, but here's what you need to know about each. 

The Haven Premier Mattress

The Haven Premier mattress is the less expensive of the two models and comes in at 12 inches thick. It's slightly firmer than the Boutique and is best suited for strict back or stomach sleepers. It features the same cool-to-the-touch cover but has one less comfort layer of cooling buoyancy foam and a slightly thinner support core foam layer and helps with heat retention.

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The Haven Boutique

The Haven Boutique is the thicker, premium mattress model. It's a full 2 inches thicker than the Premier, and is suited for all sleep styles. It has a soft-medium feel, coupled with a cool cover.

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An In-Depth Look At The Haven Boutique Mattress

The remainder of this review will focus primarily on the Haven Boutique, the premium and softer of the two mattress models. When doing mattress reviews, we look at a few different key areas of interest. Here's what you need to know.

Motion Isolation & Motion Transfer

If isolating motion transfer is what you're most concerned about, the Haven Boutique has you covered. It has some of the best motion transfer isolation abilities of any mattress or bedding products we've tested so far, especially at this price point.

If you have a smaller bed, like a queen size or a full, you may still feel some motion when your partner moves around, but it'll be damped drastically when compared to a traditional coil mattress. If you have a King or larger, you'll barely feel anything when your partner moves around.

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Haven Boutique Motion Isolation

Haven frequently runs sales on their memory foam mattresses, check to see current discounts available right now.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is critical for any mattress. The Haven Boutique is soft enough on the upper layers for you to sink in but supportive enough to provide great pressure relief.

Strict side sleepers may want something a little softer, but if you're a combination sleeper or sleep primarily on your back, the pressure relief this mattress provides in your hips and back will be noticeable for anyone but side sleepers.

Temperature Control

The cooling cover on this foam mattress does a lot in terms of keeping you cool. It's cold to the touch, in the same way that silk would be if you left it in the refrigerator. With that said, if you live somewhere that gets cold and you're looking for something with more body temperature regulation, you'll want to look elsewhere.

The cooling buoyancy memory foam of this mattress, combined with the cooling cover, makes it great for keeping you cool but poor at overall temperature regulation. It won't be very warm if you live somewhere with cold winters.

Edge Support

Edge support is a mattress's ability to keep you from feeling like you're going to fall off if you sleep near the edge. The Haven Boutique performed about average with this test.

While the actual edge support is great thanks to the support core with gel infusion, the cover is slick, which makes it easy to feel like you're about to slip off which we haven't seen in many other mattress reviews. If you have a good, thick set of sheets, this won't be an issue. This also won't be an issue if you don't sleep near the edge.

Haven Boutique Edge Support

Ease of Movement

As with most memory foam mattresses, what you gain in motion isolating capabilities, you sacrifice in ease of movement. Since the Haven Boutique is the softer of the two mattress models, you'll sink into it more.

While you don't feel stuck as you would on traditional memory foam, this mattress does contour to your body shape a lot, making it tricky to move around easily.


Since it's a memory foam mattress, it's no surprise that the Haven Boutique mattress has little to no bounce. Whether or not this is a good or a bad thing is up to personal preference, but this is about average with a foam bed.

If you like the solid, soft feel of a memory foam bed, the lack of bounce is a welcomed feature. However, if you like a more traditional feel, like what you'd get with an
innerspring or hybrid mattress, the lack of bounce can be offputting.

Haven Boutique Pressure Relief and bounce


Off-gassing is the amount of chemical smell a mattress has after being unpacked. Off-gassing is typical with bed-in-a-box style mattresses, so some chemical smell after setting up this type of mattress is expected.

With that said, the Haven Boutique didn't have much of a chemical odor, but the pillows that came with it did. We had to wash the pillows before being able to use them, but we didn't have those same issues with the mattress itself.

Haven frequently runs sales on their mattresses, check to see current discounts available right now.

Sleep Style Analysis Of The Haven Mattress

The way you sleep plays a HUGE role in whether or not you'll find any particular mattress comfortable. The Sleep Shop has a group of mattress testers, all with different sleep style preferences, whose job it is to give feedback specific to each style.

Combination Sleepers - Buy It:

If you're a combination sleeper, you'll love how this mattress contours to your body when you sleep on your back, provides great support when sleeping on your stomach, and provides great pressure points relief for your hips and shoulders when you're on your side. (Click here to check for discounts)

Back Sleepers & Stomach Sleepers - Buy It:

Back sleepers and stomach sleepers tend to like a medium feel, and the Haven Boutique is exactly that. It has enough cushion on the top layers for your body to sink in but enough support for your lower back to prevent aches and pains. Back sleepers rejoice! (Click here to check for discounts)

Side Sleepers - Consider It: 

While this mattress is comfortable for side sleepers, if you sleep on your side all the time, you may find something that's softer to be a better choice. If you sleep on your side most of the time, this mattress could still be a great pick, especially if you're trying to stick to a lower budget.

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Who Is The Haven Mattress Good For?

The Haven Boutique mattress is incredibly versatile. It's suited for multiple sleep style preferences, but here's the type of people who will love this bed the most. This mattress brand is very versatile.

Light Sleepers Who Sleep With a Partner

If you're the type of person that doesn't like to feel when your partner moves around, the motion isolation that the Haven Boutique provides will be a great feature.

Those Who Sleep Hot

It seems like the Haven Boutique is explicitly made for hot sleepers. Everything from the cover to the proprietary buoyancy memory foam used in this mattress helps keep you cool. If you struggle with night sweats, pair the Haven Boutique with a set of cooling sheets for an incredibly chill, restful night of sleep.

Those Who Don't Mind Minimal Bounce

The amount of bounce a mattress has is one of those things that's neither good nor bad. It's all about preference. If you don't like a bouncy bed, the Haven Boutique is a great fit. If you're looking for something with more bounce, consider a hybrid or innerspring mattress instead.

Haven frequently runs sales on their mattresses, check to see current discounts available right now.

Who Should Avoid The Haven Mattress?

While the Haven mattress is incredibly versatile, it's still not the ideal mattress for everyone. 

Those Who Like Bounce & Responsiveness

As with just about every memory foam mattress, you're not getting much bounce with the Haven Boutique. Once you plunk down on this mattress, you're down. You won't bounce back very quickly. Instead, you'll feel the mattress contour to your body. 

Sleep Trial, Warranty & Free Shipping Information

Haven is incredibly generous with their sleep trial, warranty, and free shipping. It makes buying a mattress online a lot less scary. 

Sleep Trial Period

Most mattress companies offer a 30-90 day sleep trial period. Haven absolutely blows this out of the water with an industry-leading 18-month sleep trial period. This means you can get the Haven Boutique mattress delivered and sleep on it for a year and a half before deciding whether it's a good fit for you. If it's not, just send it back. This is by far one of the longest sleep trial period windows we've seen for a new mattress.

Lifetime Warranty

If you're looking for a company that has confidence in their products, look no further than Haven when shopping for a new mattress. The Haven Boutique, as well as the Haven Premier, are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

If you're curious about exactly what this warranty covers, make sure you check their website directly. Warranty information can always change, so it's best to get the exact information direct from the source. 

Free Shipping

Foam mattresses are heavy, and shipping them may seem expensive, but not with Haven. They'll ship your new mattress directly to you, free of charge. This free shipping policy extends to returns as well. If you decide you don't like your mattress for whatever reason, just let Haven know, and they'll coordinate return free shipping as well. Free shipping has become standard in the mattress industry, especially with bed in a box. If you like the idea of free shipping, you should feel good buying a mattress online.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to buying a mattress online, it can be incredibly hard to settle on a single product. Without being able to lay on the mattress before buying, it's understandable if you're hesitant. 

With that said, if you fall into any of the categories where this mattress is a great fit for, it's a pretty safe bet that you'll love the Haven Boutique. It's a very versatile mattress that's suitable for multiple styles of sleeping and comfort layer preferences. 

By choosing a company like Haven that backs their products with such a long trial period and warranty, you should feel confident making such a big purchase online. 

Haven frequently runs sales on their mattresses, check to see current discounts available right now.

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