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Finding The Best Soft Mattress

Last Updated: October, 2020

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Finding the perfect soft mattress can feel a lot like trying to find a unicorn. There are myths and rumors about them, but do they exist? We made it our mission to find out if the perfect soft mattress does exist, so we went through a ton of mattresses to test them out. We found some great mattresses along the way, but we only included the best mattresses on our mattress reviews list.

Here's our top picks. 

Our Picks For The Best Soft Mattresses


Idle Hybrid Mattress

The Idle Hybrid Mattress is the perfect combination of a plush top layer, with a soft supportive core. If you like the feeling of a soft foam mattress but want the longevity of a traditional mattress, this one is a great choice.

Nolah 12 Signature Mattress - Small

Nolah Signature 12" Mattress

This ultra-soft, all foam mattress is great for side sleepers who need added extra support. 

Layla Sleep Copper Infused Mattress

Layla Sleep Copper Infused Mattress

This Layla Sleep mattress uses innovative materials for better sleep. It's also really easy to set up.

Purple Queen Mattress

Purple Queen Mattress

This Purple Queen mattress is a softer mattress, but with plenty of support. It has a nice, cradling feeling.

Casper Sleep Essentials

Casper Sleep Essentials

The Casper mattress is a durable mattress, but it's a softer mattress too. Hot sleepers will love how breathable it is.

Tuft and Needle Bed In a Box

Tuft Needle Bed In a Box

This is a mattress that’s great for pressure relief. It's dense and well balanced.

Sweetnight Queen Mattress

Sweetnight Queen Mattress

This Sweetnight mattress is designed to suit everyone. Just flip it over to change the firmness.

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam Layer Green Tea Mattress

Budget-friendly and quality, you’ll love this Zinus memory foam layer mattress. It naturally keeps microbes away too.

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Idle Bed

What We Like

  • Super soft top layer, followed by a supportive buoyancy foam that cradles your body
  • Flippable, which drastically extends the life of the mattress
  • Ideal for all sleep types
  • 18 month (540 day) trial period
  • 0% APR financing
  • Free shipping and retuns
  • Lifetime warranty

What We Don't Like

  • The coils in the middle are great for support, but cause less than ideal motion isolation.

Overall Thoughts: 

The Idle Hybrid Mattress is an incredible mattress, there's no way around it. It features a combination of foam and coils to give you the perfect mix of softness, without compromising on support or the lifespan of the mattress. 

With traditional memory foam mattresses, you can expect to get roughly 3-5 years out of them before you start to get body impressions and sag. That isn't the case with this mattress. The buoyancy foam offers a soft cradle to sleep on, but won't wear in over time. 

The Idle Hybrid Mattress is a unique mattress in that it's designed "old school" because it's flippable. When mattress companies decided they could make twice the profit by providing half of the mattress, they stopped making mattresses flippable. Idle isn't like that. You can flip this mattress to help extend the life of it, and keep it feeling like new over time.

The Hybrid mattress is a premium mattress, and it isn't cheap. However, it's a mattress you won't have to replace after 3 years, and Idle offers you an unmatched 18 month trial period, with a lifetime warranty on the mattress. As far as buying a mattress online goes, this is about as risk free as you can get, and one of the main reasons this mattress is our top choice.

Nolah 12 Signature Mattress

What We Like

  • Plush yet supportive
  • Great motion isolation so you won't feel if your partner gets out of bed
  • Designed for side sleepers, so it's main focus is effective pressure relief
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping and retuns

What We Don't Like

  • It's an all foam mattress, so you won't have the bounce you may be used to if you're sleeping on an innerspring or hybrid mattress

Overall Thoughts: 

When it comes to soft beds, Nolah should be one of your top choices you're considering. All of their mattresses are designed for side sleepers, which generally need a softer mattress that provides excellent pressure relief. With this being said, their 12" signature mattress provides just that, but with increased durability over some of the thinner models, making it a solid choice if you're looking for a good quality soft mattress.

Since this mattress is all-foam, it has great motion isolation. This means that you won't feel your sleep partner moving around, or if they get in and out of bed. This bed isolates motion well, but at the same time, it doesn't make you feel stuck.

If you're hesitant about buying online, you should be happy to know that Nolah provides a generous 100 night trial period, free shipping and returns, and a lifetime warranty. All of these combined should give you confidence buying from Nolah. 

Layla Sleep Copper Infused Mattress Review

Layla Sleep Copper Infused Mattress

What We Like

  • Flips for different firmness
  • Copper-infused with gel top to keep you cool
  • Easy to find a comfortable spot for any sleeping positions
  • Hybrid mattress design takes advantage of the benefits of multiple materials

What We Don't Like

  • Packaging smell takes longer to go away

Overall Thoughts: 

This is an innovative hybrid mattress, from the materials it’s made with, to how the firmness is designed. Since it’s infused with copper, hot sleepers can get more relief than ever, which was a pleasant surprise. The feature that will get your attention is its dual-sided design.

To put it simply, one side is medium soft, and the other is firmer. So if you want to switch up the firmness levels you’re getting, just flip the mattress over for your perfect fit. No matter what position you sleep in, this mattress ensures you can do it comfortably while having all the support you need.

Purple Queen Mattress

What We Like

  • Naturally antimicrobial and keeps allergens at bay
  • Has a very soft comfort layer, but keeps important support for your back
  • Ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers

What We Don't Like

  • Edges tend to sink

Overall Thoughts: 

Sometimes when you need a softer mattress, you don’t want to give up the support layer that a firmer mattress gives you. That’s why this Purple Queen mattress is such a gem. It offers next level sleep experience. 

You still get that wonderful cradling feeling that comes with a soft mattress because of the comfort layer, but with the support you need to keep your back and shoulders and hips well supported. This is one of the overall best luxury mattresses and is a great overall investment. This mattress offers a great combination of soft support and quality materials that ensure the mattress will last for years. 

You’ll keep good spinal alignment, and prevent those aches from coming up in the morning. You’ll find great support for your pressure points, and it’s especially ideal for side sleepers. It’s hypoallergenic too, so if you suffer from allergies, you may want to check this mattress out.

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Casper Sleep Essentials Mattress Review

Casper Sleep Essentials

What We Like

  • Expands very quickly, with little work for setup
  • Keeps even support along with pressure points
  • Soft in all the right spots, and a firmer mattress where needed

What We Don't Like

  • Could be thicker

Overall Thoughts: 

Casper mattress is a brand we’ve trusted with our sleep for a while, so we were excited to see how their Sleep Essential mattress would stack up. It does feel soft, but also breathable too, which is a nice bonus for those of us that often wake up sweating. You can tell there’s plenty of support in the lower layers, but the soft upper comfort layer doesn’t feel like it’s ‘bottoming out’ either. You’ll also appreciate the zip-off cover since it’s easy to clean and machine washable. Since it comes with a 100 night sleep trial, you can make sure it’s the right mattress for you.

Tuft Needle Bed In a Box Mattress Review

Tuft and Needle Bed In a Box

What We Like

  • Includes 100 night sleep trial and 10-year warranty
  • Comfortable for sleepers in all positions, including combination sleepers
  • Relieves pressure points and sore backs

What We Don't Like

  • Somewhat firmer than most soft mattresses

Overall Thoughts: 

Tuft Needle has been a growing brand, and for good reason. This mattress uses an innovative foam that outperforms the other foam in mattresses you’ve seen before. It keeps a nice even temperature, but it’s more on the cool side which is a bonus for hot sleepers. Another nice thing about it is that while it is soft, it’s also supportive.

The Tuft Needle mattress is supportive enough to accommodate all types of sleepers, whether you sleep on your side, back, are stomach sleepers, or just roll around a lot during the night. If you move a lot, it has just the right amount of bounce to allow it and make it easier to get out of bed in the morning.

This mattress also includes a 100-night sleep trial, so if you don't love the mattress, just send it back. 

Sweetnight Queen Mattress

What We Like

  • Great motion isolation for next to no motion transfer
  • Flippable from soft to medium-firm
  • Contours perfectly to your form

What We Don't Like

  • The firm mattress side gets warmer at night

Overall Thoughts: 

This is a hybrid mattress that gives you that perfect cradling feels, without making it difficult to move when you need to. On the topic of movement, the other nice thing about this mattress is how well the motion isolation works for minimizes motion transfer. Someone can get up and off of the mattress without any other part of the mattress moving. So whether it’s a partner or pet moving around through the night, it’ll never wake you up again.

It’s ideal for providing back support, no matter how you sleep, but it does a little something extra too: it’s flippable, so you can customize the way your mattress supports you. One side is medium-firm, and the other side is soft, meaning you practically get two mattresses for the price of one!

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

What We Like

  • Uses green tea to keep bacteria and odors away
  • Good edge support, no sinking or collapsing
  • Quick, responsive contouring and memory foam
  • Hybrid mattress design takes advantage of the benefits of multiple materials

What We Don't Like

  • You cannot remove the mattress cover

Overall Thoughts: 

The Zinus green tea hybrid mattress is a great way to bring some natural boosts to your bed. The green tea added in the mattress keeps it feeling fresh since it’ll keep bacteria and odors at bay. This best memory foam mattress is a soft bed and feels pretty cushy, but you can tell that you’re well supported at the same time.

Something that stands out is the edge support. Unfortunately, a lot of soft memory foam mattresses have edges that sink and seem to roll you right off. This mattress was the one to break the mold since the edges are just as sturdy and well supported as the rest of the mattress.

Who Needs to Sleep on a Soft Mattress?

Because our weight affects how deeply we push into a mattress, our weight also affects the kinds of mattresses we prefer (especially the firmness). Since lighter people don’t sink as much, they often prefer softer mattresses for good spinal alignment. For instance, many people that weigh around 150 pounds, or somewhere under that, will feel more comfortable on a soft bed.

However, sometimes sleeping position also affects how comfortable we are on a mattress because of things like spinal alignment and joint support. When it comes to a softer mattress, side sleepers and combination sleepers are often the most comfortable. With all that said, sometimes the firmness levels of mattress simply comes down to preference, and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

Qualities of the Best Soft Mattress


Materials will affect not only how a mattress feels and supports you, but also how much body heat stays in the mattress while you sleep. If you sleep hot, you know how important this can be.

If you sleep hot and need relief, you have a variety of materials, ranging from an innerspring mattress, to full memory foam or hybrid mattresses to choose from. A lot of softer mattresses are constructed with foam, and hot sleepers may find the amount of body heat there uncomfortable so opting for a cooling mattress is recommended. If you’re a hot sleeper, but need a soft mattress, consider finding the best hybrid mattress or latex mattress that won’t get as hot. Latex mattresses and hybrid mattresses better disperses body heat.


Just because a mattress is on the soft side, doesn’t mean it should skimp on support. While you want that soft, cushy feel (especially stomach sleepers!), you still need proper support for your back and pressure points. Of course, you don’t want to feel the fluffy top layer ‘bottom out’ on the more supportive foam layers underneath either.

If possible, try out the mattress in person. Always look at the edges. Even the best mattress should still have good edge support. Otherwise, it’ll seem like the bed leans when you side on the sides of it.

Height and Layers

These two factors go hand in hand, most of the time. The more layers of padding or foam your mattress have, the more likely it’ll be taller too. A lot of people that prefer soft bed also like a fairly tall mattress, since there’s more cushioning as they lay on it.

However, there’s still a limit to how many layers will keep improving the feel of the bed. After a handful of layers, there’s only so much you can add without stacking thinner, less soft layers one upon the other. So when looking at the layers, up to a handful or less is usually ideal to get the cushiest feel.

When you’re looking at height, you’re also looking at the result of the different layers on the mattress. However, if you’re looking at a mattress with 8 inches of height and five layers, don’t expect it to be on the soft side. Ideally, you want the mattress to be at least 10 inches thick if you like a soft feel. If you like a plush feel mattress though, it’s worth trying to find a mattress at least 12 inches thick (or as close to it as you can find).

Warranty and Guarantees Come With The Best Mattresses

A mattress is a big purchase, and it’s worth knowing you’ve made a good investment. When shopping for the best mattresses, always consider a warranty. Any time you can find a mattress with a good warranty, you know it’s a product the company will stand behind. Likewise, if you can try it risk-free for a month (or longer!), then it’s worth a shot to see if it’s the one for you.


Get the Right Pillows

One way to make the most out of a soft mattress is by making sure you have the right pillows. Soft mattresses have a lot more cushion and padding, so you can skip the super thick pillow. A thinner pillow will allow you more enjoyment of your cushy mattress.

Thickness Changes

The best mattresses get a lot of use, and it can be hard to understand exactly what the warranty covers. It’s worth measuring your mattress when you first get it, so you can see when sagging is a problem. Often, manufacturers will honor a warranty for sagging, but you need to measure how low it’s gotten.

Look for a Multitasker

Couples don’t always agree on firmness, and that can mean one person sleeps poorly. Some people are back sleepers, others are side sleepers, and some are side sleepers. Everyone has different needs. Now there are mattresses than can be flipped to change the firm mattresses to be softer mattress. Usually, that means one side is fairly firm, while the other is between soft and medium soft. Firmer mattresses are great for back sleepers, but not for everyone. So, go for a mattress that works best for everyone that's going to be sleeping on it. 

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If needed, you can also opt for mattress toppers. These can help make firmer mattresses softer. You can a get firm support layer, while the mattress toppers provide a soft top layer. 

Check the Directions

Aside from warranty information, you need to read the manual that comes with your mattress. For instance, some memory foam mattresses will be ruined if you remove the cover, or can’t be flipped over. In short: even if it’s boring, read it anyway.


While finding the perfect soft mattress can seem difficult, we’ve proved it isn’t impossible. Of course, with a list of every contender for the best soft mattress out there, you should be able to find your perfect fit in no time. Whenever you’re in doubt, just check the sleep trial and guarantee to make sure you can test it yourself!

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