GhostBed Vs. Purple: Which Mattress Is Better For You?

Last Updated: June, 2024

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There are tons of great mattresses out there—including both the GhostBed and Purple. Both of these brands are known for producing high-quality beds, and that’s the problem: which one should you choose? When it comes to a GhostBed vs Purple comparison, we’ll look at each mattress in detail, analyze what makes them great, and why you might want one over the other to sleep on.

A Quick Look At Purple Vs. GhostBed

Purple Hybrid Small

Purple Mattress

The Purple Hybrid is a mattress made of multiple materials. Like the original, the top layer of the Purple Hybrid is made of a 2" layer of the grid, followed by transition foam, then coils, then another layer of support foam.

GhostBed Mattress

The GhostBed Original is one of three different models offered by GhostBed. It's the most affordable and firmest of their mattress options. This makes the GhostBed original a great pick for back and stomach sleepers but a little on the firm side for strict side sleepers.

Purple Mattress

What We Like

  • Excellent support and pressure relief
  • The whole mattress feels consistently supported
  • If you choose a larger sized mattress, motion isolation works well
  • The elastic grid design helps with cooling
  • It’s a sturdy mattress; durable over time

What We Don't Like

  • It’s quite heavy, so it may be difficult to move it with just one person
  • The bounce reduces over time
  • You may notice an unpleasant smell after unboxing

Overall Thoughts: 

The Purple brand has made a name for themselves in the mattress industry by creating a product that people have never seen before. Put simply, there's nothing out there quite like a Purple mattress. The thing that makes Purple so unique is the material they use on the top layer of all of their beds - a hyper elastic polymer built into a grid pattern.

The hyper elastic grid is designed to compress and spring back when pressure is applied, making it a great material to build a mattress out of.

If you're just here to find out if Purple is a good mattress brand, we're here to tell you YES. Their products are all quality built, and their design team has clearly worked very hard to create a mattress that breaks the rules and provides next level comfort. (Click here to jump straight to Purple's site)

However, you should know, not everyone likes how a Purple Hybrid mattress feels. Some lightweight people don't activate the hyper elastic grid enough to feel good pressure relief. With that said, most people end up loving their Purple mattress, and I'm one of them.

If you weigh over 115 lbs, keep reading because a Purple Hybrid mattress might be perfect for you.

In this review, we'll break down everything you need to know about Purple, including the construction, model options, sizing, performance, comfort factors and more to help you decide if this unique mattress is a good fit for you.

What We Like

  • The latex gel foam makes the bed both cooling and responsive
  • It’s easy for you to move around on it, and to get up
  • Perfect for people who sleep more firmly

What We Don't Like

  • The GhostBed isn’t the type of mattress that works very well for side sleepers
  • It won’t isolate motion well compared to all-foam options

Overall Thoughts: 

Built with an innovative mix of gel-infused memory foam, cooling technology, aerated latex foam, and poly-foam/support foam, the GhostBed mattress breaks the traditional mold of bed-in-a-box style mattresses.

This ghost bed mattress is an affordable, high-quality memory foam mattress that's suitable for a variety of sleep styles. However, this bed might not be for everyone. 

If you're considering purchasing the GhostBed original, or one of their other three models, make sure you read this whole review to find out if GhostBed is a good fit for you.

Ghostbed vs Purple

There are tons of great mattresses out there—including both the GhostBed and Purple. Both of these brands are known for producing high-quality beds, and that’s the problem: which one should you choose? When it comes to a GhostBed vs Purple comparison, we’ll look at each mattress in detail, analyze what makes them great, and why you might want one over the other to sleep on.

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Overview of Ghostbed Vs Purple Mattress

First, let’s talk about the Purple brand. Purple makes mattresses that are quite unique—more unique than any other mattress out there. That’s because Purple uses a hyper elastic polymer made into a grid pattern, which is made to compress and spring back when you lie down and get back up.

It’s a good material when it comes to a mattress then, although those of you who are a little more lightweight might not activate the grid feeling to really give you some good pressure relief.

Then we have the GhostBed, which is also an innovatively designed mattress. It’s made with gel-infused memory foam, so it’s made to help you sleep cool when you combine that with the aerated latex and the support foam.

It’s definitely different from your usual boxed mattresses while still being affordable and high-quality. But do make sure that it’s still a mattress that works for you if you’re a side sleeper, since these do tend to be a little firm.

Who Should Pick the Purple Mattress?

  • People who weigh over 115 pounds
  • Side sleepers get more pressure relief with this mattress; combination sleepers prefer it too
  • Hot sleepers who need something cooling

If you’re a sleeper that’s looking for pressure relief or that tends to sleep in multiple different positions, the Purple mattress is the one for you. Especially for side sleepers that need a little more support, this mattress will keep your shoulders and hips feeling good.

It also works for combination sleepers thanks to that grid. If you weight over 230 pounds though, the Purple doesn’t necessarily have the support you’re looking for.

We also appreciated that the Purple has some solid and constant cooling. If you tend to sleep warm for the entire night, or you always have to have a fan running to keep you cool, the Purple is one of the best options to help you with that. If you have an average weight and need to keep cool, this is a great option for you to test out.

See if the Purple mattress is right for you with their 100 night trial!

Who Should Pick the GhostBed Mattress?

  • People who sleep better on a firmer mattress
  • Stomach sleepers and back sleepers
  • Hot sleepers who would like a cooler, yet still memory foam option

Ultimately, the GhostBed is great for people who sleep on their back or on their stomach, mostly since it’s made to support your neck and lower back, and also prevents aches and pains over time.

You might also like this GhostBed mattress if you’re looking for something that has great edge support, especially if you’re buying a smaller mattress or if you tend to get pushed to the edge of the bed.

We also appreciated that the GhostBed mattress doesn’t give off the feeling of being stuck in the mattress—meaning that it’s very responsive. This is one of the best reasons to buy this mattress: it’s memory foam, but it won’t make you feel like you’re stuck in the foam. Those of you who really enjoy the feeling of memory foam will appreciate this mattress.

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Mattress Similarities

When it comes to GhostBed vs Purple mattress, each of them may have their own unique compositions and materials. But let’s face it: they’re still both mattresses, and they still do have some similarities between them.

Before you even buy them, you’ll notice that the GhostBed and Purple mattress are similar in terms of price point. You won’t need to make your choice on the basis of price then, or on the basis of your support foam. Both mattresses have a bottom layer of stable and supportive foam, even if they are made with different general designs.

That being said, both the GhostBed and Purple mattresses are also highly responsive. This means that you’ll feel them move beneath you without you sinking into them, although it’s true that the GhostBed is firmer than the Purple.

Mattress Differences

The GhostBed and Purple may both be mattresses, but they’re also made with different foam, different designs, and a different feel to them.

For example, the Purple mattress is softer than the GhostBed mattress. This makes it better for combination or side sleepers that need more support, since the foam it’s made with will provide better pressure relief.

That foam is unique to Purple mattress, and will make this mattress feel a little bit different than any other mattress out there—including the GhostBed, which is made out of different materials.

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See if the Purple mattress is right for you with their 100 night trial!

The GhostBed, by contrast, is made using their own combination of foam, and gel foam as well, so you can get that feeling of memory foam without getting the heat of memory foam. This makes it firmer than the Purple, and better for stomach or back sleepers. This isn’t so great for you side sleepers though, so just be aware.

Let’s go into detail about more of the differences.


For the most part, it’s true that the GhostBed is firmer than the Purple mattress. Now, Purple isn’t a mattress that you’ll just sink into, but it’s also softer. It’s also made to subtly adjust the firmness depending on how much pressure it on top of it—so depending on the weight of the person.

When it comes to sleeping then, the Ghostbed is better for sleeping on your back or stomach. That being said, if you’re lightweight, the GhostBed might be too firm for you. If you’re used to sleeping on your side, it might also be too firm. You’ll prefer the bouncier layers of the Purple if you need something to support your hips and shoulders.

Still, the Purple is also great for back sleepers. We felt it sink at pressure points like the hips, but everything else felt very well-supported. If you’re of an average or heavier weight, you should feel lots of pressure relief thanks to the grid pattern. If you’re too lightweight, the Purple might be too firm to sleep on your side.

Mattress Feel

Knowing all of this about the firmness, you might be able to guess how each mattress feels. The GhostBed is more balanced, so you won’t feel uneven pressure on your body when you lie down. When we tested the GhostBed, we could feel the pressure relief in it, but some bounce in the top layer too.

The Purple is a bit different. Their special grid pattern feels bouncy when you lay down, but unlike memory foam, it doesn’t tend to isolate motion.

Of course, the feeling of the mattress is impacted by the weight of the person laying down. If you’re around the 130-pound mark, you’ll likely find the GhostBed firmer than you’d prefer. If you’re closer to 200 pounds though, the GhostBed will really support you nicely. Just make sure that you’re okay sleeping on your back or stomach.

Those of you who are of an average weight will also benefit from the Purple, but unfortunately, if you’re really light, this is also not a great choice for you. You might be too light for the grid to do its work and let you sink into it a little. If you’re over 300 pounds, you might not be too comfortable on either option, if only because you’ll want a little more support.

Ghostbed vs Purple Mattress Construction

Ultimately, the difference in feel of these two mattresses comes down to the construction of each mattress. They’re made with different layers, starting with the cover.

The cover of the GhostBed is made of a stretchy, polyester material, which might not be as cooling compared to the SoftFlex cover of the Purple. The Purple cover is soft to the touch, and also able to circulate air and remain cool in general.

Then we have the layers. The GhostBed, as you know, is made of gel latex—with multiple layers. It has a comfort layer of 1.5 inches of the aerated latex foam, made to keep you cool throughout the night. Then there’s the 2 inches of gel memory foam, also made to prevent you from overheating and to provide you with some pressure relief when you lie down.

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Now, let’s look at the layers of the Purple. The Purple is made specifically with its own proprietary grid, which is made from this elastic polymer material. That means that it’s bouncy and it will feel softer when you apply pressure. Around this is thick foam for some edge support, and a foam transition layer that will prevent you from sinking too deeply into the mattress.

At the bottom of both mattresses, there’s that high-density foam that will keep you supported throughout the night. This means that they’re fairly thick, so do be aware that the GhostBed will clock in at 11 inches tall, and the Purple 9.5 inches tall.

Mattress Types

Both the GhostBed and the Purple have a few different mattress options, so what you get depends in part on which mattress you pick.

You can choose a Hybrid mattress with the Purple, which means that there will be pocketed inner coils that will provide you with more support. If you’re a little heavier or if there are two sleepers in your bed, having something with this type of support may be more beneficial to you.

There’s also a Hybrid option with the GhostBed, along with a Flex design that is only made of the foam. Which type of mattress you choose for either of these options depends on the type of support you’re looking for and if you need the coils to help you get a better night’s sleep.

See if the Purple mattress is right for you with their 100 night trial!

Sizing Options

You have quite a range of sizing with both mattress options, from twin to a split king option. For a twin mattress, you can get your mattress for about $650, with is fairly good compared to other mattress options.

The prices of your mattresses rise depending on the size, with the GhostBed clocking in at around $200 more expensive by the time you get to the biggest sized mattress, being the Split King. If you’re looking for an especially large mattress, you may choose the Purple then if only to save yourself a few hundred dollars, but do make sure that you’re still getting a mattress that you can sleep comfortably on.

Testing the Mattresses

We tested each mattress to see how they felt—and to give you a more complete image of how you might feel when you lie down on your mattress.

Cooling Factor

Ultimately, both mattresses are made to be cooling. They each have layers in them to prevent you from overheating during the night, and you might prefer the GhostBed if you’re looking for a foam option specifically that’s made to keep you cool. Foam is often difficult to keep cool, after all.

If you really want something cooling though, we found that the unique structure of the Purple kept us cool for hours at a time. That’s thanks to the grid pattern that lets a lot of air pass through it at once, which makes up the top layer of the mattress.

We would choose the Purple for the cooling factor then, as long as you’re comfortable enough on the grid structure.

Motion Isolation

When we tested each mattress with multiple people, we found that neither mattress was all that great at motion isolation. They’re bouncy options that make it so you’ll feel it when your partner gets up in the middle of the night. This means that you might want to buy a mattress made specifically for couples if you or your partner might be disturbed by someone moving along in the middle of the night.

Going into more detail about how they felt, the Purple had a couple of feet of motion isolation. So, if you’re not right on top of each other during the night, it’s entirely possible that you won’t be bothered by your partner climbing out of bed. Close up though, you’ll definitely feel the motion of another person, so sleeping close or having a smaller mattress might not be too restful for you.

In terms of the GhostBed, it doesn’t quite have the motion isolation that you would usually expect out of memory foam mattresses, meaning it’s not the best in terms of isolation. The GhostBed top layer is made of latex, so you’ll have more responsiveness, but you’ll have more motion transfer. Granted, the motion isolation is better compared to an innerspring option, although you’ll still feel your partner get up.

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Both mattresses have their own layers of support, which we’ve talked about already. You can even get hybrid options to improve the level of support.

In terms of edge support though, the GhostBed and Purple tie. You won’t feel like you’ll fall off the bed with either of them, which means that you can get in and out of the bed comfortably.

All of this support does help with the durability of the mattress, so truly, both mattresses should generally last over time. To be honest though, the Purple is a little more durable thanks to the grid design, so you might find that it ends up lasting longer.

Pressure Relief

You might want or need a mattress that helps with the pressure on your hips and shoulders—most people do want something that supports the curve of the body. That was why we considered how each mattress felt underneath.

Well, the Purple has some great pressure relief, largely thanks to the grid pattern of the foam. It’s made to cradle your body well without the feeling of you sinking into it, and without you sinking only in one spot. It’s very consistent in the pressure relief, although we should mention that this isn’t the case for people of all weights. People who are too light might not activate the relief part of the foam.

The Ghostbed had some pretty good pressure relief as well. It’s made of all foam with that latex layer on top, so it’s responsive underneath you without it feeling like you’re sinking. With the firmness of this mattress, you’ll definitely notice that it supports you, but we would say that it might end up irritating your hips and shoulders if you sleep on your side, and is definitely too firm for some people.

New Mattress Smell

Let’s talk quickly about the new mattress smell too. That’s off-gassing, and that’s what you’ll probably notice right away when you take either of these mattresses out of the box. Most mattresses have this smell, including both the Purple and the GhostBed.

Honestly, we noticed no real difference between the smell of these mattresses. The Purple needed a few hours of ventilation before we no longer noticed the smell, and we could still smell it even after a few days sometimes.

The GhostBed was the same, with a mild kind of chemical smell that lasted while the mattress unfurled, but disappeared in a few days at the most.


Buying a nice mattress like either of these two is an investment, so you’ll be glad to know that you have a 100-night sleep trial for both of these, along with some solid warranties. The GhostBed does beat out the Purple though, with a 20-year warranty over Purple’s 10-year warranty.


For the most part, you’ll get a great mattress either ways when it comes to the Ghostbed vs Purple mattress comparison. Each one feels good, has good responsiveness, and sleeps well, although which one you choose might change based on your weight and on what you’re looking for in terms of responsiveness for your sleeping position. Pick the one with the firmness and feel that will work best for you.

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