Finding The Best Mattress For Sciatica Suffers

Last Updated: June, 2024

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It’s impossible to sleep when you can’t get comfortable. You might think that you’ll never be able to get comfortable when your sciatica starts acting up, but a good mattress can make all the difference in the world. Replace that old mattress you’ve had for years, and take a look at these options that are made to specifically help with your sciatica pain. 

According to our tests, the best mattress for sciatica is the GhostBed 3D Matrix. This soft yet supportive mattress redistributes your weight to relive pressure while keeping you cool and promoting quality sleep.

9 Best Mattresses For Sciatica

GhostBed 3D Matrix

The GhostBed 3D matrix is a great fit for sciatica sufferers due to its soft feel and great back support and pressure relief.

Nolah Signature 12

This super soft mattress is designed to help relieve pressure and help with sciatica pain, especially for side sleepers. It's a plush all foam mattress that's built to last.

Natural Foam Euro Small

Natural Form Euro

The Natural Form Euro is a luxury hybrid mattress that features a memory form over a support core of a patented pressure-relief system.

SleepOvation Mattress-small

SleepOvation mattress

The Sleepovation mattress is a memory foam and individually pocketed steel coil mattress that delivers excellent cushioning to people who experience pain in their lower back, which travels through their butt and leg. It also comes with a medium-firm feel that provides above-average support compared to other all-foam mattresses, not to mention a reasonable price point.

Nectar Queen Mattress

Nectar Queen Mattress

Pick out the Nectar Queen if you’re looking for an option to mold to your body just right. This comfortable mattress will keep you cool and dry all night.

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

This Brooklyn Signature Mattress is special because it’s adjustable. You can pick out a version that keeps you stable depending on your comfort level and it’s great for side sleepers.

Casper Sleep Foam Mattress

Casper Sleep Foam Mattress

You have four layers of foam in the Casper Sleep Foam Mattress. This mattress isn’t hot by any means though, not with all the little pores in the foam to keep you cool.

Classic Brands Cool Gel Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Mattress

The form on this Classic Brands Mattress is specifically supposed to support your back. It helps that it’s gel, which keeps you cool all night too.

Lucid Hybrid Queen Mattress

Lucid Hybrid Queen Mattress

The bamboo charcoal infusions in this Lucid Hybrid Queen make this both a great hypoallergenic option while wicking away sweat efficiently every night.

What We Like

  • Thermal conductive gel polymer adjusts to your body while keeping you cool
  • Reinforced edge support
  • Made by a company that was founded by a man who underwent spinal surgery
  • Hybrid design makes the mattress last longer
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 25 year warranty

What We Don't Like

  • It may be too plush for strict stomach sleepers, but great for all other sleep styles

Overall Thoughts: 

If you suffer from sciatica, you know how hard it can be to get to sleep at night. The GhostBed 3D matrix mattress is a perfect fit. It's a 12" hybrid mattress that uses thermal conductive gel polymer that adjusts to your body shape and temperature. 

The GhostBed 3D Matrix mattress also has excellent shoulder, hip and back support, making it easier to redistribute your weight and relieve pressure points on your body. This also makes it a viable option if you're sleeping with broken ribs. The 3D matrix is a hybrid mattress, which means it utilizes coils in the center of the mattress which helps with support, while the soft foam upper layers give you a cradled contouring feeling without overheating.

As a company, GhostBed stands out. The company began when the owner, Marc Werner struggled with back pain after enduring multiple spinal surgeries. He couldn't find a mattress that helped with his pain, so he decided to create his own. 

As far as sciatica goes, you can't get a much better experience than you'll get with GhostBed.

What We Like

  • Super soft which offers great pressure relief, especially for side sleepers
  • Excellent motion isolation so you won't wake up if your partner moves around or gets out of bed
  • Great value for what you pay
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Lifetime warranty

What We Don't Like

  • It may be too soft if you like a firmer feel

Overall Thoughts: 

When it comes to relieving the pains associated with sciatica, it's all about pressure relief. When you take the pressure off of your sciatic nerve, your body gets a break and can recover. The best pressure relief comes with a soft-top mattress with great underlying pressure. The Nolah Signature 12" mattress is exactly that. 

It's designed for side sleepers, but back sleepers and combination sleepers will find it comfortable as well. It provides excellent pressure relief in your neck, hips, and spine. It also has great motion isolation. This means that once you fall asleep, you won't be woken up if your partner gets in and out of bed or moves around while they sleep. 

If you're looking for the best possible bang for your buck to help with sciatica pain, try out the Nolah Signature 12" mattress. If you're not happy with it, you get free shipping and returns, as well as a 100 night trial and lifetime warranty. Want to know more? Read the full Nolah mattress review

Natural Foam Euro

What We Like

  • Targeted pressure relief in the lower back
  • Outstanding motion isolation
  • Ideal for both firmness and softness

What We Don't Like

  • It may be too firm if you like a softer feel

Overall Thoughts: 

The Natural Form Euro is a luxury hybrid mattress that features a memory form over a support core of a patented pressure-relief system. The merino wool cover has moisture-wicking properties, and it's thick enough to cushion pressure points and reduce motion transfer for those with sciatica. Its denser base layers stabilize your mattress and prevent you from sinking excessively.

The mattress provided a perfect balance of pressure relief and enhanced lumbar support suitable for various body types and sleeping positions. What's more, we found out that it has a quick reaction to pressure and great edge support thanks to the dual-sided firmness controls. This comes in handy when you get in and out of bed.

Many all-foam mattresses absorb body heat and trap it, creating a sleeping environment that you may find uncomfortably warm. But that's not the case with the Natural Form Euro mattress. It remedies this problem with adjustable helix air pods in the top layers. Also, the breathable Merino wool cover promotes cool temperatures.

Couples with sciatica will sleep soundly on the Natural Form Euro due to its excellent motion isolation. Both sides of the mattress share the same comfort layers and support core.

Natural Form Euro guarantees the mattress against manufacturing defects with a 10-year warranty. Another nice thing is that it comes with a 100-night sleep trial. Generally, side sleepers with sciatica who seek spinal alignment and pressure relief are most likely to experience Natural Form Euro's benefits.

SleepOvation Mattress

What We Like

  • “700” tiny mattresses support each area of your body seperately
  • Sleep cool
  • Great for relieving pain
  • No off-gassing
  • Removable, washable cover

What We Don't Like

  • The cover fits loose and can slide
  • Average edge support

Overall Thoughts: 

If you want to soothe your sciatic nerve while still feeling supported, you should definitely check out the hybrid construction of the Sleepovation mattress. Built with a combination of foams and springs, this 700 in one mattress should give sleepers struggling with lower back pain the cushioning and pressure relief they need from a memory foam comfort layer. The knit polyester and elastane cover features a quilted mattress pad for added plushness and support.

It boasts 700 pressure relief points, thus giving it superiority over other hybrid foam mattresses. Below these foam pieces lies an individual pocket spring suspension system, which can evenly distribute your body weight, relieving stress on your spine to provide absolute comfort. Since the pocketed coils are individually sealed, they create air channels for a sweat-free sleep so you wake up pain-free and feeling refreshed.

The base layer is comprised of 8-inch carbon steel cushion pocket springs to provide easier compression and movability. This high-density base layer also enhances durability and provides stability to your bed. As a medium-firm mattress, the Sleepovation bed provides a balance of pressure relief and support that's suitable for various body types and sleep positions, save for side sleepers who weigh 130 pounds or less.

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5. Nectar Queen Mattress

Nectar Queen Mattress

What We Like

  • Extremely comfortable; perfect for staying asleep
  • Great quality and firm
  • Perfect for back problems; helps with pain and best for sciatica
  • Works to relieve pressure and expel body heat throughout the night

What We Don't Like

  • It may be too firm for people who prefer a softer mattress

Overall Thoughts: 

There’s a reason why Nectar is one of the fastest growing brands when it comes to mattresses. First off, when you buy it, you get two free premium pillows, but that’s just extra. What you really want is the mattress. This queen is meant to support you in any position with the best firmness, coolness, breathability, and comfort all at once. It’s made to mold to your body while still being firm enough to support you properly. Relax on both cool and warm nights, since Nectar is made to regulate your temperature all night long.

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6. Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

What We Like

  • Supports your pressure points well
  • Great for dealing with hot nights
  • Soft and comfortable to sleep on

What We Don't Like

  • While we had no issues, other customers have reported poor customer service

Overall Thoughts: 

This Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress is designed with breathable materials and patented cooling technology, not to mention the 1024 individual pocketed coils that should help you get a great sleep experience. It helps that this mattress comes in three comfort levels to fit to your individual sleep style. Pick out your firmness depending on your sleep style and comfort level, but no matter what firmness you pick, you’ll still be getting a quality mattress that fits most bed frames and your back perfectly.

7. Casper Sleep Foam Mattress

Casper Sleep Foam Mattress

What We Like

  • It is very comfortable when sleeping alone
  • Very supportive
  • Helps with staying asleep

What We Don't Like

  • There’s a lot of movement if you don’t sleep alone

Overall Thoughts: 

Check out this Casper Sleep Foam Mattress if you’re looking for something soft underneath you. There are four layers of premium foam after all, in addition to the zone support for comfort and alignment. Don’t worry about being too hot either, since all the foam is made to be breathable, with tiny pores that will let hot air out so that you’ll stay cool at night. You’ll sink into this mattress pretty well at night.

8. Classic Brands Cool Gel Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Mattress

What We Like

  • It’s very easy to get this mattress set up
  • Great for people of all kinds of weight
  • Great for getting a much sounder sleep

What We Don't Like

  • Its a medium firm, which may feel too firm for lightweight sleepers

Overall Thoughts: 

If you’re looking for some premium pressure-relieving memory foam, look no further than Classic Brands Cool Gel Mattress. With the aerated cool gel memory foam, you can relax with just the right amount of support and no more hot nights keeping you awake. The layers of foam are made to help align your back while giving you a high-density base that conforms to your body for the best support possible. It’s great that this is a hypoallergenic option too with an impressive durability.

9. Lucid Hybrid Queen Mattress

Lucid Hybrid Queen Mattress

What We Like

  • Firm and comfortable to lie on
  • Low cost but high comfort level
  • Keeps you cool through the night

What We Don't Like

  • The fiberglass protection layer leaks through the mattress; very unsafe

Overall Thoughts: 

One thing you won’t find in any other mattress are the bamboo charcoal infusions that the Lucid Hybrid Queen Mattress has. These infusions are made to eliminate odor and pull moisture away from your skin so that you won’t be waking up in a cold sweat. This also means that this bed is naturally hypoallergenic, with high-quality transition foam infused with aloe for a calming, and very comfortable, sleep. Lie back on this foam bed to feel plush support underneath you as you get to bed.

What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatic nerve pain comes from the sciatic nerve in the back, which happens to be the longest nerve in the body. All of your nerve roots come together to form the sciatic nerve, which extends down your hips and into each leg. So, when you have sciatica pain, this is the result of your nerve roots pinching together or pressure on those roots. There are many other causes of sciatica though. Choosing the best mattress for sciatica can help reduce pain while you sleep, and when you're awake.

Herniated Discs

The discs in your back have support in them which keeps them stable, so when you slip a disc, there’s a tear in the support that causes the disk to bulge and bump into the nerve. Any other issues with your discs will lead to sciatica pain too.
Usually though, in this case you’ll feel anything from slight numbness to a tingling or stabbing pain. This pain can be all the way up your back, butt, and leg. This is why having the right mattress is so important

Abnormal Growths

If there’s anything in your back that shouldn’t be there, those will also cause trouble with your sciatica. Think of tumors, internal bleeding, infection, injury, or a few other options like bone spurs or spinal stenosis. Be sure to visit a doctor to handle these issues, and hopefully your sciatica will improve as a result.

Additional Factors

Beyond physical pains, there are a few risk factors that may cause sciatica, such as being older or obesity. There are even jobs which may contribute to sciatica, like things that involve heavy lifting, pulling, or manual labor. Jobs that require prolonged sitting can cause problems too since they tend to put pressure on your spine.

Mattress Factors to Consider For People with Sciatica

Sciatica can possibly go away on its own, meaning that you don’t always need a doctor to help you. Especially if you have the right latex mattress, you can see a huge improvement in your pain when the foam relaxes your back. Consider these factors before you make your choice.

Support and Durability

Think about your bed based on the support it has, since the best way to help your back is to ensure that better spinal alignment. All the support in the world won’t help you though if it’s not a durable mattress and the support doesn’t last. You don’t want a mattress that will lose support, sag, or become irritable quickly.


Firmness and support are different things, so firmness is how soft or firm your mattress feels. Most mattresses are a little more firm than soft, but firmer mattresses are generally great for heavier people or two people sharing a mattress since they prevent you from sinking. Lighter people may prefer something softer, since a firmer mattress won’t conform enough to your body shape. As a general rule, a medium mattress is best for most people, but if you like a firmer feel, a medium firm may be best. If you like a softer feel, a medium soft mattress may be best. If you're buying a medium firm or medium soft mattress online, make sure you go with a company that allows you to test it out and return the medium firm or medium soft mattress for a new mattress if you don't like it.

Pressure Relief

When you lie down, you want something that will conform to your body so that your spine will be in alignment. A mattress without proper pressure relief won’t help your body sink at a good angle, which will only make your pain that much worse. Think about how well a mattress will conform to your body then and if it’s made to fit your shape.


For the most part, you’ll want a thick option when you’re picking your mattress to help you handle sciatica pain. The thicker the better, since this will provide you with better support compared to thinner models.

Motion Isolation and Motion Transfer

This is very important when you have someone else in your bed, whether that’s your pet or your partner. Either way, having a stable mattress will isolate the motion so that you don’t feel it every time someone gets up to go to the bathroom or shifts during the night.

Sleeping Tips

Your mattress will go a long way in helping you feel comfortable throughout the night. The right option will keep you sleeping properly, but it helps to have a few tips to make sleeping that much more possible.

Sleeping Positions

For stomach sleepers with sciatica nerve pain, think about potentially switching it up. Sleeping on your stomach tends to lead to more irritation and back pain, so while it’s hard to change positions, sleeping on your side or back will help you sleep better in the long run. Sleeping on your back with your knees elevated is the best position, or you can try propping your knees up on a pillow to help reduce pain. If you're a side sleeper, you can also try looking for the best mattress for side sleepers to help with sciatic nerve pain. Mattresses for side sleepers are normally softer and can help you sleep through the night.


It can be a little bit difficult to sleep alone when you have sciatica nerve pain, but it’s not always easy to find a new mattress that will work for both you and your partner if one or both of you is dealing with pain.

Try to look for an option that has motion isolation so that your partner won’t feel it when you get up, or when you move around in your sleep. You should also try an option that’s stable even at the corners so that the both of you can sleep well.

Trials and Warranty

Having a mattress with at least a 5 year warranty is preferable, however, most companies offer a 10 year warranty or longer. The longer the warranty, the better protected your investment is. Generally speaking, hybrid mattresses last the longest, due to their construction, but you should still look for a good warranty. If you're opting for one of the all foam mattresses, make sure it has at least a 10 year warranty before purchasing online. All foam mattresses are great with motion isolation, but they don't always last as long, or have the edge support that hybrids do.

Trials are also important so you can do your own mattress review. You should use websites like ours as a guide, but you shouldn't  blindly trust our mattress review outcomes. Everyone is different, and a mattress is a very personal purchase. Most companies will offer at least a 3 month trial, with others going as long as a year or more. Make sure you're comfortable with the trial period so you can make sure you love the type of mattress you purchased.

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Sciatica sufferers don’t have to suffer from broken sleep. Not when you have the best mattress for sciatica sufferers on your side. Pick out your mattress based on how much support you’d like, how much foam it has, or how cool it keeps you at night, but no matter which one you get, you’ll hopefully be getting a much better night sleep. With options like these, your sciatica will feel much better in no time.

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