Best Mattress For Back and Neck Pain: Beds For Bad Lower Back & Neck

Last Updated: May, 2023

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According to our tests, the best mattress for neck pain is the GhostBed. It's made out of multiple foam layers encompassing 1000 smart coils that give you the perfect combination of soft support to help relieve pain

A Quick Look At The 9 Best Mattress For Back and Neck Pain:

  1. Best Mattress For Neck & Back Pain: GhostBed
  2. Best SleepOvation mattress for neck pain: SleepOvation mattress
  3. Best mattress for side sleepers with neck pain: Nolah Signature
  4. Best for spinal alignment: Amerisleep AS2
  5. Best affordable hybrid mattress for neck pain: Zoma Hybrid
  6. Best mattress for sleepers neck pain: Natural Foam Euro
  7. Best side sleeper mattress for neck pain: Puffy Lux
  8. Best affordable mattress for neck pain: Sunkiss Sweetnight Memory Foam Mattress
  9. Best pillow top mattress for neck pain: Nolah Evolution
Ghost Bed Classic - Small

GhostBed Classic

This all foam mattress is a medium firm mattress with 4 layers of comfort. It's great for relieving back and neck pain. The owner of GhostBed created the company after having 3 neck surgeries and not being able to find a mattress suitable for relieving pain.

SleepOvation Mattress

SleepOvation mattress

The SleepOvation mattress is a luxury hybrid bed with a medium-firm feel and a plush quilted surface. It combines great support and excellent pressure relief to keep your spine aligned and neck supported, making it a solid choice for those suffering from neck pain. It also offers a compelling mix of springiness and contouring, thanks to its memory foam and coil layers.

Nolah Signature 12”

Nolah Signature 12"

This medium soft 12" mattress has next level pressure relief and is created for side and back sleepers. It's by far the bang for your buck when it comes to premium mattresses.

Amerisleep AS5 - Small

Amerisleep AS2

The Amerisleep As2 is a medium firm mattress that's designed to help keep your spine in alignment, which reduces pressure on your body and helps relieve back pain.

Zoma Hybrid

This zoned support mattress is considered the best mattress for athletes. It's also great for relieving neck pain! It has excellent support and cooling features at a great price point.

Natural Foam Euro Mattress Small

Natural Foam Euro

The Natural Form Euro is well-designed to suit specific individuals based on their sleeping position, body type, and firmness preferences. It offers the best balance of comfort and support to alleviate neck pain.

Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy Lux Hybrid

The Puffy Lux is a great option if you sleep hot and have neck and/or back pain. Its a hybrid mattress with varying support systems and an emphaysis on keeping you cool.

Sunkiss Memory Foam Mattress - Small

Sunkiss - SweetNight 10" Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to value for your money, SweetNight is one of the best brands out there. This mattress is the least expensive option on our list, but still great for relieving neck pain (It starts at just $318)

Nolah Evolution Hybrid

Nolah Evolution Hybrid

This pillow top/euro top mattress feels more like a traditional mattress, but without the drawbacks. It's a 15" hybrid that's built to last. 

You’re all ready to lie down and sleep. You’ve got your pillows stacked up and a comforter over top of you and… your neck hurts. It’s impossible to really get a good night’s sleep when you just can’t get comfortable, but that’s where these mattresses just for neck pain come in. Choose one from our mattress reviews to alleviate your pain and help you sleep comfortably all night, especially with so many options including features like memory foam for support.

Since starting The Sleep Shop, we've had the chance to review dozens and dozens of mattresses. Not many people get this luxury, and buying a mattress online can be confusing. We've put together a list of the best mattresses for back and neck pain to help you get relief while saving money. 

Ghost Bed Classic

What We Like

  • Very affordable for the quality
  • Gel-memory foam helps keep you cool
  • 20 year warranty
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Family owned business

What We Don't Like

  • If you like a softer mattress, this one may be too firm (7.5/10)

Ghost Bed is running a flash sale on this mattress, active May 31, 2023!

Overall Thoughts: 

This all foam medium firm mattress is specially designed to relieve back and neck pain. It's built to combat stiffness and pressure points while providing great balance and long term support. 

It's worth noting that as the best smart mattress on the market, the GhostBed Classic is fairly specialized. It has multiple cooling features, and comes in at a slightly firmer level than other mattresses on this list. We rated it at a 7.5/10 on the firmness scale, which may be too firm for some side sleepers. 

GhostBed stands out among other mattress companies because of how they came to be. The owner of GhostBed created his first mattress company out of pure frustration with the industry. He had 3 neck surgeries and struggled to find a mattress that relieved his pain. The GhostBed mattress is the ultimate result of that passion, mixed with years or progress and innovation.

If you sleep on your back or your stomach, the GhostBed original mattress is a great option, and very budget friendly. If you want to learn more about this mattress, read the full review.

SleepOvation Mattress (1)

What We Like

  • “700” tiny mattresses support each area of your body seperately
  • Sleep cool
  • Great for relieving pain
  • No off-gassing
  • Removable, washable cover

What We Don't Like

  • The cover fits loose and can slide
  • Average edge support

Overall Thoughts: 

Finding the best relief for neck pain has a lot to do with getting the perfect balance of comfort and support. The SleepOvation mattress is a luxurious bed that features support coils, foam comfort layers, and cushion pockets, thus making it a great match for side and back sleepers who struggle with neck pain. The pocket springs on top of the SleepOvation mattress will relieve pressure on the shoulders while the pocketed coils will also help hold up your body.

While memory foam is mostly known for hugging sleepers' bodies, SleepOvation has designed it to prevent concerns that often arise from foam sleeping too hot or being too soft. Breathable knit polyester and elastane cover, airflow through the pocketed coils, and gel infusions in the memory foam work together to ensure your mattress sleeps cool throughout the night. The mattress has a quick response to pressure and an excellent edge support thanks to the pocketed coils, which may be beneficial when moving around the bed and getting in and out of it for sleepers with limited movement.

SleepOvation guarantees their bed against workmanship and manufacturing defects with a 10-year limited warranty. Plus, the mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and ships free in the contiguous United States.

What We Like

  • Soft, contouring support is incredible at pressure relief
  • Great motion isolation. You won't feel your partner move
  • Competitively priced without skimping out quality
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam

What We Don't Like

  • It's a full foam bed which means it will feel more like you're sleeping "in" it rather than "on" it, which may take some getting used to if you currently have an innerspring or hybrid mattress

Overall Thoughts: 

When it comes to value, Nolah takes the cake. The 12" Nolah Signature mattress is geared towards back and side sleepers, especially those who suffer from neck and back pain. This mattress is 100% foam, which gives it great motion isolation, but it doesn't have the bouncy feel you're probably used to if you have an innerspring or hybrid mattress. 

The mattress comes with a thicker-than-average comfort layer along with a transitional layer, which helps it to conform closely and relieve pressure.  Its organic cotton cover is eco-friendly and perfect at wicking away moisture. If you're hesitant about buying a mattress before you get to feel it, it should be comforting knowing the mattress you buy comes with two different potential feels. 

When it comes to neck pain, this mattress is great because it contours your body, which drastically reduces pressure points, especially if you sleep on your side. The Nolah Signature 12" mattress comes with free shipping and returns, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Want to know more? Read the full Nolah mattress review.

Amerisleep AS5

What We Like

  • Medium-firm mattress keeps your spine in alignment
  • Cooling foam is great if you sleep hot
  • Durable base prevents tagging over time
  • Great motion isolation
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 20 year warranty

What We Don't Like

  • If you like a softer feel, this mattress may be too firm. Consider the Amerisleep AS5 instead if you want a softer feel

Overall Thoughts: 

The Amerisleep AS2 mattress is designed specifically to combat back and neck pain by facilitating the best possible spinal support and alignment while you sleep. Back pain is caused from excess pressure and improper alignment. The AS2 helps with both of these two things. 

Amerisleep is one of the mattress companies that have been around for a while. They have a track record of great products and great customer service. 

The AS2 is an all foam mattress that has great cooling features and motion isolation. If you sleep with a partner, you won't feel them move around much on this mattress at all. Unlike traditional mattresses, or hybrid mattresses with coils in the core, this all foam mattress won't transfer motion and disturb you while you sleep. Once you're in a comfortable position, you'll stay that way throughout the night. 

Consistent support is critical for relieving back and neck pain, so this mattress is an excellent choice for doing just that.

Zoma Hybrid

What We Like

  • Good bounce while still having whole-body contouring
  • Hybrid construction is designed to last
  • Zoned foam has customized pressure relief for different areas of your body
  • Won't sink over time
  • 10 year warranty
  • Great value for the quality of mattress

What We Don't Like

  • Not designed to work with a box spring

Overall Thoughts: 

This mattress is called the best mattress for athletes. Its a hybrid foam construction with a cooling cover. What makes this mattress unique is the zoned support. This means that the cushion you get around your neck and shoulders is different than what you get on your back and hips. This helps target the specific needs of each part of your body for a more restful sleep. It also makes a great mattress choice if you struggle with neck pain. 

The Zoma Hybrid is an absolute steal in terms of what you get for the price. It has a construction quality that's comparable to other companies that charge 2x as much for the same size bed. 

If you're in the market for a cooling mattress that's designed to help relieve neck pain, check out the Zoma. If you don't like it, you have 100 days to return it with free shipping both ways.

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What We Like

  • Offers a balance of comfort and support, keeping your spine in a perfect neutral position
  • Good for relieving pressure, especially on your shoulders
  • Low motion transfer
  • Won't sink over time

What We Don't Like

  • The mattress may be too firm if you prefer softer mattresses

Overall Thoughts: 

The Natural Form Euro is well-designed to suit specific individuals based on their sleeping position, body type, and firmness preferences. It offers the best balance of comfort and support to alleviate neck pain. If you're a side and back sleeper, then you'll find the Natural Form Euro comfortable thanks to its memory foam comfort layers which cushion the hips and the shoulders to align the spine and minimize pressure.

Like many other competing air mattresses, the Natural Foam Euro sleeps quite cool. Its hypoallergenic merino wool topper generates steady air circulation, thus helping the mattress maintain comfortable core temperatures. The patented pressure relief system also reinforces the perimeter, preventing deep sinkage whenever you sleep near the edges.

We tested the mattress and we can strongly agree that the high-quality materials combined with a firm base and a cradling cover will keep your spine well-aligned. Besides protecting you from dipping too low, the overall firm feels along with the tightly stretched cover are both comfortable and supportive.

When it comes to neck pain relief, memory foam is among the best materials. This is because it perfectly eases pressure on key areas including hips, shoulders, and even the neck. Remember, coils alone can't give you enough contouring and pressure relief. That's why opting for a Natural Foam Euro with comfort layers can help you meet all these needs.

Read More: Natural Foam Euro

What We Like

  • Emphasis on cooling properties
  • Hybrid design is great for back, stomach, and side sleepers
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • 101 night trial and lifetime warranty

What We Don't Like

  • It could be too soft for heavyweight people or strict stomach sleepers

Overall Thoughts: 

Many people would agree that Puffy produces the best mattresses out there. They don't have a ton of different mattress models, so they're perfected the few great options they have. The Lux is their staple hybrid mattress and has some of the best pressure relief in the industry. 

The Puffy Lux has multiple layers to create an overall very supportive hybrid mattress. Every layer but the support layer also has cooling properties, which is one of the biggest reasons to buy this bed. It uses a body adaptive foam combined with a ClimateComfort layer that helps keep your body temperature stable. This means that during summer, it helps keep you cool, and during winter it helps keep you warm. 

For neck and back pain sufferers, this mattress offers excellent spinal support. It works specifically to target different pressure points along your neck, shoulders and hips. This mattress is best if you have neck and back pain, but also have issues staying cool at night. It's an investment that will last a decade or more.

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Sunkiss Memory Foam Mattress

What We Like

  • Incredible value for the price
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Flippable
  • Starts at just $318
  • 100 day trial
  • Free shipping & returns
  • 10 year warranty

What We Don't Like

  • It's a 7.5/10 firmness, which may feel too firm if you like a softer feel

Overall Thoughts: 

SweetNight is a brand known for their value. They undercut most of their competition on price, without skimping on quality. Flip this SweetNight 10-inch mattress when you’d like a different sleeping experience. It really is just that easy. You have four unique layered zones in this mattress that ensure you can sleep on either side, along with 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam right on top to keep you cool, 5 more inches of comfort foam, and 3 inches of support foam that are meant to keep you feeling balanced in this durable mattress. Thanks to the motion isolation and the support, you can leave back and neck pain in the past, and can sleep comfortably with a partner or pet. Add code SLEEPSHOP at checkout to get the best discount available

Nolah Evolution Hybrid

What We Like

  • Pillow top has a more traditional feel
  • 15" is notably thicker than the industry average
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Cooling layers help draw away heat
  • Orthopedic support core is great for alleviating pain

What We Don't Like

  • It may be too thick for standard sheets, so you'll need sheet with deep pockets

Overall Thoughts: 

If you're not a fan of the way that memory foam feels, the hybrid mattress may be a great fit. It's a euro top/pillow top design that's centered around keeping you cool. The first layer of this mattress is 2 inches of a quilted pillow top, the next layer is 2 inches of Nolahs AirformICE. This foam layer adds incredible pressure relief and cooling features. 

If you're looking for a hybrid mattress that feels more like a traditional mattress, but with a huge upgrade, the Nolah Evolution Hybrid is an excellent choice. It comes with free shipping and an impressive lifetime warranty. Nolah really stands behind their products and has a reputation for excellent customer service.

How to Choose a Mattress for Neck Pain

You have eight strong mattress choices to help relieve your neck pain. But after reading about so many inches of foam and support and pressure-relieving materials, your mind might be spinning about which option is really the best. Finding a mattress for back pain and one for neck pain isn't easy. No matter which one you choose, you should hopefully feel some pain relief and get a better rest as a result, but let’s go more in depth about what to look for before you make your purchase.

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Sleeping Position

Side sleepers might find it tricky to find a good mattress. But regardless of your preferred position, you’ll want an option that supports you well. This means that even if you sleep on your side, you should have a mattress that will keep your neck and spine in proper alignment. Try to get a good mattress, but add in a thicker pillow to keep your neck in a straight line too.
In contrast, stomach sleepers should try a thinner pillow. No matter what position you sleep in though, make sure that your neck stays centered. The right amount of support will help a lot with that.


You need something that’s made to support you, which is where the firmness comes in. Your mattress needs to have just the right amount of firmness to suit your sleeping position and your needs, so consider what kind of firmness you like depending on how you like to sleep. If you can try out your mattress, that’s even better, but a firm option will often help a lot and you can add mattress toppers as needed.

Support Level

You’ll need something that has a lot of support if you’ve been experiencing back pain. This is true regardless of your sleeping position or mattress toppers used, since neck pain is connected to the support you feel on your back and the alignment of your spine.

If you’re pregnant, you’ll want to be sure that you have a mattress that helps with some of the pressure on the lower portion of your body. In this case, a good body pillow will help you out. A good pillow is a smart option for any kind of neck pain though.

Causes of Neck Pain

If you’re dealing with neck pain, it’s usually the result of either poor posture or the weakening of neck muscles due to misuse. You might not even notice it until you’re lying in bed and your neck feels stiff. It might feel even worse since a lack of sleep tells your brain to experience pain a little more strongly.

This is why getting a good night’s sleep is so important, but you don’t need to think only about a mattress for your neck. You’ll also want something that’s good for your spine, you’ll need a good pillow, and will want the support to keep your neck supported.
The wrong pillow can feel horrific on your neck after all—it’s not just the mattress. Pick out a pillow that’s just right, meaning a pillow that feels good on your neck and that doesn’t leave it out of alignment.

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Don’t blame everything on your pillow either. You might experience neck pain due to injury or just poor posture over the years. Try relaxing these muscles to help you get a good night’s sleep. Sadly, you can’t relax to alleviate the pain in herniate discs, but you can get a supportive mattress to help put pressure on the right points of your body.

How to Reduce Neck Pain

Sleeping on the right mattress will definitely reduce neck pain, and having the right pillow will help too. If you’re looking to reduce neck pain too, there are a few other things you can try.
For instance: don’t text in bed. Yes, you might not be tired yet, but when you look at your phone in bed, you’re straining your neck at an angle that won’t help you in the long run.
You don’t even need to be in bed to do something to reduce your neck pain though. Something like proper posture during the day while you’re working at the computer can help with neck pain at night. Also try rolling your shoulders, or even getting a massage to keep your muscles in place. It’ll be more than worth it when you experience some relief.
If you don’t want to go out to get something like a massage, try something like a hot or cool pack to loosen your muscles and reduce any swelling in your tissues. Some short-term usage of neck collars might go a long way too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mattress for back pain and neck pain?

There is no singular answer to this question thats suitable for everyone. The best option for you is going to be a bed that you personally find comfortable, and one you can stay asleep on. With that said, you should look for a mattress that has good support, especially around your shoulders and hips.

What is the best type of mattress for neck pain?

Generally speaking, a hybrid mattress is ideal for neck pain and sleeping with sciatica or any other conditions that result in chronic pain. The coils provide extra support that foam alone can't provide. Make sure you get a mattress that you personally find comfortable for the best results.

Can a bad mattress cause neck and back pain?

Absolutely. A bad mattress is one of the leading causes of neck and back pain in adults.

Which is better for back pain, a hard or soft mattress?

A medium mattress is actually best for back pain relief. The soft aspect of a medium mattress helps relieve pressure, while the firmer core provides the support you need to relieve pain.

Is memory foam good for neck pain?

Memory foam alone isn't good for neck pain. You should opt for a mattress that's either a hybrid with coils, or a mattress that has different types and densities of foam for the best results.


There’s nothing worse than lying in bed with a stiff back and a smarting neck when you’re trying to just lie down and go to sleep. The best mattresses can go a long way to help with that. Pick out the option that works best for you and just lie down and go to sleep. You’ll be so excited for your new mattress that you won’t even want to put on sheets before you go to bed! Most mattresses also come with a sleep trial.

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  1. It’s good to learn that you should look for a mattress that has a lot of support if you have back pain. My wife is getting older and she is wondering how she can make her back feel better when sleeping. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should look for a new mattress that has firmness and a lot of support.

  2. Hi
    I’m a side and sometimes stomach sleeper. But I have 3 herniated discs near my upper neck. Which type of mattress is good for me?


    1. Hey Caroll, generally side sleepers like a softer mattress, but stomach sleepers like firm, which puts you in a bit of a unique category. For your case, I’d suggest checking out the Puffy Lux. If you don’t like that sinking feeling of memory foam, they have a hybrid version of it as well that gives the mattress a more traditional, springy feel. It’s medium soft, yet supportive and well built. It has a 101 night trial and lifetime warranty as well, so it’s a pretty safe bet. If you’re interested, we did a full review on it that you can check out here:

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